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Adi Da Samraj


“Human awakening is the product of a
inherent biological urge. This process of awkening is
inherent in the psycho-biological structures of every human

Unfortunately awakening,
spirituality and religion are associated with archaic belief
systems, and illusions of mystical flight from the world and
therefore tend to remain at an infantile and adolescent
level of understanding.

The future possibilities of the
awakening of ‘Man’ lies in the biological structures of the
human body-mind itself. And that evolutionary mechanism is
present in every human being. It is only more consciously
activated or served in more awakened individuals, but it is
present in everyone, and it may be awakened in anyone
through self-critical insight and higher disciplines of the

The higher evolutionary mechanisms
in the nervous system and brain have yet to be studied and
understood from a modern scientific point of view, and thus
the future evolutionary and higher religious culture of Man
has yet to receive its scientific justification in the
popular mind. Humanity in general is now in a period of
transition from the childish cultism of archaic religion and
the adolescent exclusivism of scientific materialism to the
future age of higher and evolutionary-religious and
spiritual culture.

The human individual is natively or
structurally disposed to grow beyond his present limits of
understanding. This wisdom is not a new invention of my own.
It has been the basic presumption behind esoteric societies
all over the world for countless centuries.

Adi Da Samraj

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