The Way of Divine Grace Study Course


The Way of Divine Grace

A New Revelation of Spiritual Practice for Modern Men and Women.

An Introductory Course on the Wisdom-Teaching of Master Da Free John.

Prepared by the Education Department of The Johannine Daist Communion.
Only edition: 9/84.
©1984 The Johannine Daist Communion.

Before You Begin Your Study (The Five Principles of the Way).
A Practical Note to the Student.


Session 1: The Good Company of the Adept Spiritual Master.


Session 2: The Early Life of Master Da Free John.


Session. 3: The Critical Argument: Narcissus and Understanding:

‘Happiness, Truth, or God Is neither Within nor Without’ (12/23/81).

Anybody Can Be Transformed by Paris Panico.

Death of a Fascination by Crane Kirkbride.

“God Is Not an Alternative Reality” (11/14/77).

“Vital Shock” (excerpt, 11/9/72).

“The Baptism of Immortal Happiness” (12/17/82).


Session 4: I Am Offering You a Whole Way of Life:

“Come to Me When You Are Already Happy” (11/28/81).

‘The Law in My Company’ (9/20/78).

“Moving beyond the Techniques of Eastern and Western Man” (2/12/78).

‘Truth or God May Be Sought inside or outside the Body, but Only Radiant Sacrifice or Love As the Whole Body Is the Way of Truth and God’ (6/9/78).

‘Surrender Your Heart’ (5/11/78).

‘The Way of Radical Understanding or Divine Ignorance Is True Religion, or the Sacrifice of Self in God’ (9/30/78).

‘The Four Kinds of Practice’ (3/6/78).

‘The Essence of Devotion’ (6/4/78, BP, bk 11, chap. 14, ver. 22-25).

‘The Essence of Practical Living’ (6/7/78, BG, chap. 17, ver. 5,6,8,, chap. 6, ver. 16-18).

“I Am Offering You a Whole Way of Life” (9/14/77).

‘Our Defense of the Body in God’ (2/82).

“Beginners, Spiritual Fans, Enlightened Egos, and Pop Buddhism versus Radical Understanding” (3/17/82).

“The Impulse to Realization” (3/25/83).

“The Domain of Love” (6/29/83).


Epilogue: ‘Pondering and Preparation’ (8/25/84).