The Western Way of Bodily Self-Sacrifice – Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be announced by the White House!

Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be Announced by the White House!

Chapter 9: The Western Way

The Western Way of Bodily Self-Sacrifice

Part I

The conventional and traditional Eastern or oriental ideal or path is a specific design for attention in the body-mind. It is characteristically oriented toward mind, or the subtle subjective realm of the interior self. And this orientation itself is a direct result of a basic disposition of recoil from the bodily self, its relations, and its world. (Even the Buddhist schools, which reject the notion that there is an ultimate concrete or substantial and eternal inner self, retain the fundamental disposition of recoil from the bodily self and its relations. The body, or even the total body-mind and its experiences is interpreted negatively, as suffering. Even the Mahayana ideal of accepting birth as compassionate service to all beings in order to awaken and enlighten them is based on this negative interpretation rather than on bodily positive enlightenment.)

The conventional and traditional Western or occidental ideal or path is not inherently founded upon or disposed toward ultimate spiritual enlightenment or even a positive philosophical interpretation of the body-mind and the world. Rather, it is oriented toward bodily existence in the world simply because it conceives of individual existence only in the basic terms of matter, body, and outer-directed bodily motivation through desire and will. The Western orientation, or the typical orientation of “worldly” people and industrial societies, tends to be precisely that which is criticized and avoided in the Eastern path. Just so, the Eastern orientation and tendency toward inversion is criticized in the Western path (wherein recoil from this world seems to reflect an attitude of fear, loss of nerve, weakness, and abandonment of responsibility or duty, as well as a refusal of the basic or given pleasures of existence).

The Way of Life, which I have Realized, and which I propose, is founded upon equanimity, or prior transcendence of any and all conceptions of a dilemma or inherent problem of existence. Likewise, it is founded upon transcendence of the mood of recoil from bodily existence, or preference for confinement to the mental, psychic, or non-bodily illusion of self. I call the Way that I Teach the “Western Way,” because it is free of the disposition of recoil or subjective inversion, and also because it is (not merely or conventionally but positively) oriented toward (or, rather, as ) the body and its relations. However, the Western Way (in contrast with the conventional Western or occidental path) is altogether a spiritual process. It is positively oriented toward the evolutionary spiritual growth of human existence, but its disposition and practice are oriented toward Ecstasy, the spiritual sacrifice of the total psycho-physical self, or self-transcending Love-Communion with the Radiant Transcendental Being, the Divine Person, Who is the Identity and Condition of all beings and conditions. The Way that I Teach is characterized by the practice of love-surrender, as the whole bodily being (or total and single psycho-physical self), in all relations, to the degree of Ecstasy, or Transfiguration and Transformation by the Radiant Transcendental Being (even to the point of Translation or Emergence, wherein the present body-mind is forgotten or Outshined by the Radiant Divine).

This Western Way that I propose is a new and radical conception of human existence, practice, and destiny. It is supported by many aspects of both the Eastern and the Western traditions, but it is also critical in its interpretation of those traditions. The Western Way is a spiritual Way of Life-oriented entirely toward the All-Pervading Transcendental Divine. However, it is founded upon present Communion with the Divine, not any search for or progressive attainment of such Communion. Just so, it is based on constantly reawakened understanding and transcendence of the habit of recoil from manifest and bodily relations (which recoil produces the typically oriental tendency to embrace a process of reductive inversion toward bodiless and even mindless subjectivity). Rather, the Western Way is established in the vision or presumption of the human self as a psycho-physical unity. The actual self is the total body-mind (not merely the inward part-called mind, psyche, soul, or essential Self). And the Way of Life is a matter of surrender of the total body-mind-or whole bodily worship of the All-Pervading, Total, and Transcendental Divine-to the degree of Transfigured Ecstasy.

The Western Way is not fulfilled in self-knowledge (or the experience of internal states, mental quiescence, psychic stimulation, soul visions, or essential Self-Consciousness). The Western Way is fulfilled only in Ecstasy, or self-surrender to the degree of self-transcendence. And the self that is to be surrendered is the actual and total psycho-physical self, or body-mind. The process involves constant transcendence of the habit of recoil, inversion, and the illusion of confinement to an independent internal self.

Part II

The condition that is our suffering (and which is, therefore, to be transcended) is not a fixed, objective, or subjective “thing” that is the self or ego. Rather, the condition that is our suffering is the habitual action of self-possession. The action of recoil toward self (whether bodily or internal) is always a form of contraction, or withdrawal from the universal pattern of relations. That action ultimately leads to disintegration of experience, possession by illusions of mind, reduction of phenomena to Chaos, and, finally, reduction of the dynamic self to Zero.

I have engaged the conventional patterns of both Eastern and Western experience. I have explored the internal and the external dimensions of our human possibilities. And I have been Awakened from confinement to the problems, reactions, illusions, and limitations of our yet self-divided and unevolved humanity. I have Awakened from the separate motions of East and West, and this Awakening established me in the true Equanimity and Unity of the body-mind, so that I have become moved as a single sacrifice in Love.

The “I” that is each one of us is not merely a mysterious internal self. The self or “I” is indeed mysterious-since we do not ultimately know what it is – but it must be understood to be not other than the total, obvious, and dynamic body-mind. “I” is the body , or the total body-mind process (whatever that is , altogether and ultimately).

If “I” recoil from born experience and thus turn upon myself like Narcissus, the body-mind contracts. In that process, discomfort or dis-ease arises. The natural equanimity of the body-mind is lost in self-consciousness. A conception of dilemma arises, so that thereafter it is always as if I am motivated by some yet unspoken problem and toward some yet unrealized solution, happiness, or release. Then I no longer conceive of myself in dependent relationship with a universal Unity of relations. I am constantly disturbed by my own search for a unity of my own parts. I begin to feel homesick for the vision of unity, equilibrium, harmony, integrity, beauty, peace, happiness, pleasure, delight, and joy. In body and mind I am tempted by brief and separate illusions of what I seek, but my constant experience is deeply one of dreadful chaos, confusion, disharmony, division, fear, sorrow, anger, guilt, remorse, and torment. And the deeper I enter into the domain of self, the more profoundly I suffer a vision of everything and “I” reduced to Zero, Emptiness, and Changeless Disturbances without the slightest trace of Meaning or Love.

But it has been given to me to Awaken from this terrible Script. And the Way of Life for Man has been clarified in my heart. This dreadful destiny of recoil and self-possession must be transcended. Every tradition of Narcissus must be overlooked. We must be reestablished in the native equanimity of fearless birth. This is the Secret: We are a Universal Divine Incarnation.

Every moment of recoil from the arising experience of our birth is a recoil from Ecstatic Unity with the Radiant Transcendental Being. The Law is this: “I” must surrender or Love as the total self (the total body-mind) into and through all relations to the point of Ecstasy, wherein the total body-mind (relieved of recoil, contraction, and self-possession) is Transfigured and Transformed by the Radiance or Light that pervades the total world. And this process of self-sacrifice, or self-surrender in God to the point of Ecstasy, ultimately Outshines the experiential body-mind (or Translates it into the Radiant Divine Domain).

To recoil and contract upon the body-mind is to move away from the Ecstatic Vision of Unity and Realized Bliss. It is to rush toward Chaos, Illusion, and the Zero of self-suppression. The Way of Life is not at all a matter of recoil, contraction, and suppression or division of body, emotion, mind, or self. Rather, it is a matter of love-surrender as the total self or body-mind to the degree of self-transcendence, or Ecstatic Emergence into the Light and Delight of the Spiritual Divine.

Those who advocate the traditional ideal of soul culture, or inversion toward psychic states to the exclusion of physical states, base their enterprise on the observation that we die – and, therefore, they accept only the ideal of adaptation to that which survives bodily death (which is called mind, soul, or essential Self). It is true that death is not a terminal event. Only an aspect of the total being is discarded in death. However, I have observed that merely to die is not sufficient to become Free, Happy, or Enlightened.

In order to properly evaluate the processes of birth and death we must transcend the tendency to recoil from mortal experience, change, and death. Then we can observe that the Law and Purpose of our existence is not merely to become identified with that part of the self that immediately survives death. That part of us that immediately survives death is not itself our ultimate Condition or Destiny. That inner part of the self that observes the phenomena of body and mind is not to be identified as the total self, nor do we Realize Enlightenment or Divine Truth merely by a meditative contemplation that sees and hears and otherwise experiences the internal structures of the body-mind. The Law and Purpose of our existence is Incarnation, or birth as the total psycho-physical self, until that self is thoroughly Transcended, Transfigured, and Transformed through self-sacrifice or Love-Communion with the Living or Spiritual Divine.

It is not merely some inward or subtle part of us that survives death. To be sure, it is only that subtler part that immediately survives physical death, but that subtler part is only partial. It is not inherently Enlightened or Completed, and it does not permanently remain independent of embodiment. The subtler self is structured so that it inevitably returns to embodiment, or the pattern of Incarnation and Ecstasy, somewhere on Earth or in the Universal Realm of Nature. Therefore, truly, it is not merely a mind or subtle self that survives death. If the total cycle is considered, we must say that a total psycho-physical self survives the death of every psycho-physical self-until Translation, or Emergence into the Transcendental Divine Domain.

We are reborn again and again. We are fitted to an endless cycle or circle of manifestation. We may recoil from this process, but in doing so we contract the self, forcing it into self-suppressing patterns of chaos, illusion, or exclusion. Recoil and self-possession, which imitate the appearance of death, are in fact negations of Life. Only transcendence of recoil and self-contraction (and thus of fear, suffering, and nothingness) is the Way of Life. We will inevitably return to states of body-mind until the total body-mind or psycho-physical self is Translated into Light.

Therefore, only God-Love is the true practice of Man-not self-protection, self-possession, and all the desperate and self-deluding acts of Narcissus. We must thoroughly understand our born circumstance and our ultimate Purpose or Destiny. We must Worship the Living Divine Person in Spirit and in Truth. We must, therefore, Worship God bodily-through love-surrender as the total and inherently single or undivided psycho-physical self. We must transcend the self (or body-mind) through love, or expansion beyond self-contraction, rather than submit to self-possession, self-division, and self-negation. We must enter into the natural Equanimity of Ecstasy in God. Therefore, instead of recoiling from the pattern of relations and into the illusions of self, we must surrender directly into the Radiant Transcendental Being and depend on Divine Blessing, Help, and Grace.


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