What Is to Be Realized? – Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be announced by the White House!

Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be Announced by the
White House!

Chapter 11: Beyond Doubt

What Is to Be Realized?


There is only the Radiant Transcendental Being, Who is
One. All beings and things and worlds are ultimately and
Really only identical to That One, Who is God, the Divine

Only God is Alive as everyone and everything. All beings
and things and worlds are arising as spontaneous
transformations or modifications of That One. God eternally
Transcends the world and all beings, and yet the world and
all beings are nothing but God. It is a Great and Passionate

The individual being, manifest as the body-mind, is only
a transformation or modification of the Radiant
Transcendental Being or Divine Person. Wherever or whenever
there is a psycho-physical being, the Radiant Transcendental
Being is conscious as that limitation and feels Itself to be
a particular being.

There is no internal self or soul within and independent
of the body-mind. The individual body-mind is a modification
or Play upon the Infinite, All-Pervading, Transcendental
Being. The body-mind itself, in its contraction or recoil
from the universal pattern of relations, suggests or implies
the subjective internal self or independent soul idea. And
once the body-mind or self-pattern arises, it tends to
persist, as a process of transformation, lifetime after
lifetime, until there is Awakening to the Truth, or
Translation into the Divine Domain-the Condition of Radiant
Transcendental Bliss.

As the being adapts and evolves and achieves Ecstasy in
the Divine, it Realizes its eternal inherence in That One
and, ultimately, its Identity as That One. Such is
Enlightenment, Liberation, or Salvation. Therefore,
Enlightenment, Liberation, Salvation, or That which is to be
Realized, is not a form of “status” or egoic achievement in
this world, the after-death world, or the next lifetime, but
it is the Condition of Love and Happiness, which transcends
the body-mind, its experiences, its relations, and the
world, even as the world continues.

The “being” that is Awakened to the Truth may abide
simply as that Identity, excluding participation in the
active pattern of the body-mind, its relations, and the
world, and excluding as well the self-transcending gesture
of Ecstasy in the Universal or Total Divine. Such is the
disposition in the sixth stage of life. Just so, the being
that is only beginning to understand its circumstance in God
may embrace the lesser disposition of abiding in a state of
simple absorption of self in the Radiance of the
Transcendental Being. Such conditional Ecstasy characterizes
fulfillment in the fourth and fifth stages of life, and it
arises when the self or body-mind becomes contemplatively
absorbed in the Divine Power that is experientially
perceived by or within the body-mind itself. But in the
Fullness of the seventh stage of life there is perfect,
total, and most profound recognition that the total
body-mind, all beings, and the total world of possibilities
inhere in an eternal Condition of perfect Identity with the
Radiant Transcendental Being. Then there is no reaction
either toward inwardness or release of self through internal
or external experience. The total body-mind and its
conditions and relations are recognized to abide in inherent
Identification with That One. Therefore, there is simple
persistence as Transfigured Bliss or Love, whatever arises.
Every moment of experience is Realized to be equally and
totally Profound. This continues, through all the acts and
moments and transformations of the body-mind in Love, until
the body-mind and its experience are dissolved, passed away,
or Outshined by the Radiant Transcendental Being.

The Living God, the Beloved of all beings, has, from
eternity, become a Great Sacrifice. The Radiant One has
become the process of all possibilities. We are not merely
the creatures or victims of God, created and set apart to
suffer for some inexplicable reason. We are the very
Sacrifice of God. God is Alive as us. Our lives are the
creative ordeal to which God is eternally submitted. We need
only Realize the Living One and thus become capable of this
Divine Sacrifice, which is an eternal creative ordeal of
Love that leads, step by step, toward a Most Wonderful
Transformation. Once we transcend the illusion of our dark
separate selves and enter into the Divine Process, we see
clearly that the existence and destiny of the world and
every being is the Fullness of Love-Bliss in a perfectly
Transformed state that has become One with the Person and
the Domain of the Transcendental Divine.

This is my Testimony and my Confession. And it is the
same Testimony and Confession proclaimed by all the Adepts
who have appeared to serve mankind on Earth.


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