What Is Wisdom? – Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be announced by the White House!

Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be Announced by the White House!

Chapter 7: What Is Wisdom?

What Is Wisdom?


Experience limits, defines, and compresses the being. Experience is a contraction of the body-mind. Experience is a limiting condition on the being. Experience is a contraction or suppression of the being. Therefore, all experience is a form of stress, or psycho-physical tension.

For this reason, the longer we live, or the more experience we accumulate, the more our behavior tends to become an effort to relieve ourselves of stressful tension. Therefore, the usual individual degenerates over time, because of the effect of stressful and self-indulgent habits that represent attempts to be relieved of stress.

But all our action to relieve stress in this realm of psycho-physical experience is nothing other than an effort to relieve ourselves of experience itself. We deceive ourselves if we presume that one or another complex condition is binding us with suppressive stress. All our experience is a binding or self-limiting force. This is not a merely negative fact. It is a presumption by which all wisdom is generated.

If we presume that particular experiences are the basic cause of stress, then our lives will become bound either to the suffering of those experiences or else to patterns of effort that are themselves stressful and degenerative but that seek release or escape from the conditions or experiences that we originally presumed to be the causes of our suffering. In either case, the body-mind is corrupted by the confrontation with stressful experiences.

Therefore, we must understand experience itself, or else we will never be truly free. And if we observe and understand experience, we see that stress, tension, the sense of suppression, or a limiting compressive force on the being is always an essential component of every moment of psycho-physical experience. There is no experience that can be attained that is inherently free of the limiting conditional force that we identify as painful stress. We may pursue and attain an experience that temporarily distracts us from some present condition of painful stress, but in another moment the very experience that was first felt as relief becomes a limitation.

What wisdom shines in this understanding? Simply this: The confrontation with experience is inherently binding, self-limiting, or stress-inducing, and this indicates that the process wherein we realize freedom is not in the realm or pursuit of experience itself but in the dimension of the transcendence of experience.

True wisdom implies a self-transcending participation in the conditions of experience. The native motive of self-transcendence is the law revealed to us by experience itself. Experience and knowledge are not the basic purpose of our existence. Rather, we are mysteriously involved in a process of conditional experience in which we are inherently and constantly obliged either to transcend ourselves or be corrupted and destroyed.

Those who will not establish themselves in the wisdom or true intelligence of the being are obliged to suffer their lifetime of experience, bound to the conditional self-limits of their circumstances, and otherwise striving for release through desperate programs of degenerative self-indulgence and all the fitful politics whereby human beings seek to dominate and perfect their circumstances in the Realm of Nature. But if true wisdom awakens, then our commitment ceases to be directed merely to experience itself, but to the process of self-transcendence (or moment to moment liberation from experiential confinement) in the midst of the arising play of conditional experience.

Once we are awakened to the wisdom of a self-transcending or ecstatic practice in relationship to the process of experience, then we gradually cease to indulge the automaticities of stress, self-indulgence, and exaggerated efforts to know and to accomplish and to be overwhelmingly powerful in the world. We do not, however, turn upon ourselves and away from the relational patterns of experience. Rather, we simply feel through and beyond the stress of events-we recognize the component of self-binding contraction in every moment of experience and transcend this compressive force in direct relaxation of the patterns arising in the body-mind.

This wisdom is the intuitive essence of spiritual practice, which transcends all attachment to experiential conditions of body, emotion, mind, and psyche. The process in practice must be realized as a complete culture of existence, and that culture or Way of Life is learned by testing and instruction in the Company and the community of the Wise.

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