Why Should I Not Search for the Lama?

Khenpo Könchog Gyaltsen

The Great Kagyu Masters

The Golden Lineage Treasury

Translated by Khenpo Könchog Gyaltsen


The mind, deluded by the appearance of samsara, Sees the faults of others with the senses.

It is darkened by the prison of samsara;

It is made intolerable by the fire of samsara;

It is caught in the spider web of samsara;

It is stuck in samsara as the bee is in nectar;

It is encased in samsara like a silkworm in a cocoon.

There is no substance to the hollow tree of samsara.

Samsara is like the moon’s reflection in water, without essence;

Samsara is like an animal chasing a mirage;

He who desires samsara falls into a pit.

Samsara is like being trapped in the jaws of a crocodile;

Samsara is like wandering in the land of the rakshas;

Samsara is like a poisonous snake which destroys anyone who sees or touches it;

Samsara is bordered by the precipice of karma;

Samsara is like a wave in water, or fog;

Samsara is tied by the lasso of karma;

Samsara is bound by the seal of karma;

Samsara is the density of darkness;

Samsara is the deep mud of the three poisons;

Samsara is the dance of impermanence;

Samsara is the enchantment of this life;

Samsara is the shadow of birth and death;

Samsara is a merciless hunter;

Samsara is snared by the hound of death;

Samsara is a vast, sorrowful field of grasping and fixation;

Samsara is the galloping horse of the eight worldly dharmas;

Samsara is caught by the iron hook of desire;

Why should I not search for the Lama while I have this precious, impermanent body?