Will You Enter into Love? – Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be announced by the White House!

Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be Announced by the
White House!

Chapter 11: Beyond Doubt

Will You Enter into

A talk by Da Free John


DA FREE JOHN: True meditation is the
transfiguration of the body-mind in the Radiance of
Communion with God. That process is love, the release of all
contraction and all the limitations to the native radiance
of the being. When you are in love, you are truly
meditating. The mind is attentive, the body is full, and you
feel blissful. Therefore, to be in love is the paradigm, the
archetype, the metaphor, of true meditation. However, love
is the process that we are all seriously trying to avoid. To
be in love is embarrassing and awkward. Our faces change,
and we become foolish, not so ready-made, buttoned-down,
cool, and strategic. We consent to be in love only on very
rare occasions, usually when we have realized some romantic
sexual association. Yet, to be in love, to be submitted into
the Radiance of God, is the native state of Man. God is
love. That is true enough.

Love is what you are all struggling with, you see. You
would sit in meditation in a cave for twelve hours a day
long before you would begin to get serious about the matter
of love. You do all you can to see that you are pleasurably
situated in your sexual relationship, in your work, in your
household, or in your automobile. You work very hard to
study and read about and think about and imagine and even
perform meditative exercises. Yet love is the most profound,
and the most difficult, activity to perform. Love is the one
single act that you are most reluctant to perform-whether in
public or in private.

The reason you are obsessed with desire to be released
and consoled by experience is that you have fallen from
love. You have become contracted and self-possessed.
Therefore, you want to be satisfied, whereas if you could be
released, if your heart could cease to be hardened, then the
whole body would become full of light, full of bliss, as it
is from time to time. Every now and then you catch a glimpse
of real Life, and the Grace of the awakening to love is
actually received and felt in those moments. But to become
responsible for love at all times, under all conditions, in
all relations, is the discipline that obliges you.

Your childish and adolescent self-possession and
withdrawal from love have produced a false motivation toward
spirituality and mysticism and all the worldly consolations
of human life. Thus, you must “hear” the Teaching before you
can begin this Way that I Teach, which is founded on a
different realization from that of the usual man. Divine
Realization is the Principle, not the goal, of this Way. To
follow this Way is to be converted from your loveless
self-possession and to struggle creatively with the
conditions you have created in your life and with which you
are confronted from hour to hour.

The test is this: Will you enter into Divine Communion?
Will you enter into love, moment to moment, under the
conditions given you? Or will you struggle with your
mechanical tendency to be self-possessed, to be isolated in
irony and fear and anger and guilt? It is not that you must
become self-conscious about emotions that may arise. There
is an exoteric religiosity in the world that falsely
requires us to have no emotions – never to feel guilt, never
to feel sorrow, never to be afraid. It is true, through
Divine submission we must transcend chronic and reactive
fear, anger, guilt, sorrow, irony, and the rest. But there
are moments when any of these responses is completely
appropriate, just as the physical body has reactions that
contribute to its survival, such as pain. If you could not
feel pain when touching something hot, you would not be able
to protect yourself. Just so, we are emotionally equipped
with survival mechanisms in the form of responsive

To be fiercely angry sometimes is good and necessary and
right. It is part of our creative capacity to deal with
things in this world that must be changed. On the other
hand, chronic and petty anger, anger that is not rising on
love and that manifests in a life that is not otherwise
enlightened, must be transcended. But anger cannot be
transcended through mere suppression – only through love,
through understanding, through “hearing” of the Teaching of
Truth, and through practical responsibility. When we become
truly responsible at the heart and whole bodily, then all of
our potential emotions attain their natural form and
occasion, as do all of the functions of the body-mind.

You must enjoy the capacity to be much more exaggerated!
The situation in the world suppresses our feeling. It makes
us want to be relieved, to go to heaven, to be elsewhere, to
drop out, to stop creatively influencing the circumstances
of life. The more news you read, the more desperate you
become. Therefore, you should continue to read the news, but
you must also constantly consider the Teaching of Truth, and
you must come to Life, you must Commune with Life and be
enlivened by the Living God. You must begin to enjoy the
capacity to be love, and, with others, you must create the
human cultural environment in which you can be love.

In the “downtown” world of popular culture, we cannot
look and feel and be happy; we cannot be lovers. We cannot
be free and full of Life. We must be very serious,
strategic, cool, ironic, and grown only to the level of the
navel. You can observe, in all of your relations, the
downtown, retarded, unexaggerated, self-possessed, Lifeless
quality, your own fear of motion and emotion, gracefulness,
and happiness. You are afraid to express happiness, and you
are afraid to be happiness. In the conventional world, you
must always be on guard, affecting immunity.

Observe your solemnity in your sexual intimacy, for
instance. It is as if you were afraid that somebody is going
to find you out. You are even afraid that the person with
whom you are intimate is going to find you out! Being seen
is one of the major problems of ordinary sexuality.
Likewise, even though you propose to be involved in
spiritual practice, you are afraid somebody is going to find
out that you are not an ascetic. You constantly participate
in cultural guilt. To presume to become involved in
spiritual life is not taken lightly by the world. You must
pay your dues for it. In worldly circles, to become serious
about spiritual life is taboo, and once you have entered
into the lesser cults of spiritual life, it becomes taboo to
enjoy yourself, to be free and happy, to be sexually active,
to have an enjoyable diet, to enjoy your relationships, to
remain intimate with others.

You must begin to live beyond your childish guilt, fear,
and self-possession. You must be confessed bodily, not only
to the Living Divine Reality, but to your intimates.
Devotional community is the theatre in which spiritual
practice is engaged. Fundamentally, true spiritual practice
cannot take place in solitude or in overwhelmingly worldly
situations. It most naturally and inevitably is realized in
the devotional community of those who are confessed in
intimacy to one another, who oblige and permit one another
to be love, to be bodily enlivened by the Grace of God, and
to be happy even though mortal.

Once you enter into God-Communion, all your seriousness
and problem-solving and thinking about birth, death, and
experience – “Do I survive death or dont I? “- wondering
about your ultimate destiny and all the time living as cool
as a dead fish, waiting for Jesus – all of that comes to an
end in true God-Communion. True God-Communion is Communion
with the Living God, not just prayer to some abstract deity
for help. The Living God is Present, absolutely Present,
Radiant as your own feeling, Conscious as your own

When you begin to awaken to this feeling-intuition and
enter into God-Communion bodily, then all this puzzling
about life and death, the meaning of the universe, the laws
of nature, all the problematic wondering comes to an end.
You may continue those investigations as an amusement, but
you will be already happy and Full. The secret will have
been realized. And in that Fullness of God-Communion,
although we are without any knowledge about what existence
is, there is nevertheless the certainty of immortality, the
intuition that existence is not threatened. Forms of
manifestation change and are threatened, yet whatever may
occur after death is not the end of existence. Everything
else may disappear, and at some point it will, but the
fundamental matter of existence is never threatened. The
future is not described or foreknown, but our existence is
absolute, already identical to God. It is love.


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