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edit from Aletheon, Adi Da Samraj, Ancient Walk-About

general, what the “world” wants and therefore what
“religious” institutions tend to provide is social
association and optimistic talk, perhaps in combination with
“self”-applied “techniques”, that people can use as means
for consoling themselves. Therefore, in the “modern world”,
instead of cultures of right practice, there are “religion
businesses” and “workshops”. The “modern world” is a
fragmented “world” full of individuals who regard their own
separateness and independence as “absolute”, who demonstrate
no profundity, and who are not moved by profundity. In this
“modern world”, human beings are becoming progressively more
and more preoccupied with “self”, and with all of the
“whatevers” that can be pursued within the framework of
egoity and “worldliness”.

True human culture is the esoteric
culture of Reality-Realization and the process of
Reality-Realization requires a true understanding of
yourself and ultimately devotion to a genuine Spiritual
Master and Teacher. However, people in general are not
interested in truly observing themselves or even closely
interested in becoming devoted to a Spiritual Master and
Teacher. People in general are interested in finding out how
to work things out for themselves and are not interested in
finding a Realizer or True Teacher – nor do they understand
or are interested in the fact that the Realizer Is
the “Who” and “What” to be Realized, and therefore can truly
serve them.

In the “modern world”, people are
obsessively interested in what is “out there”. What they do
with one another in the common “world”. If that is your
disposition, you remain involved in mere exchanges of words,
socializing with one another, and relating to the other
aspects of the common “world” with which you are associated.
In that case, you either refuse all involvement with
“religion”, or else you merely make token gestures in the
direction of “religion”. Such is the institutionalized
exotericism of what is conventionally called

The exclusive preoccupation with
what is “out there” is a disposition that is now manifested
everywhere on Earth – with dreadful results. Listen to the
global “daily news” of terrible violence and threats. Look
at the absolute emptiness of “consumer egoity”. It is

Who has seen the madness of this

Who is disenchanted enough with that
madness to want to find a Wisdom Master?

For whom is this “world” so much of
a dead-end that it cannot be accepted on its own terms, or
for its own sake?

Where is someone for whom there must
be a greater Reality, someone who will be utterly devoted to
finding It?

Where are such people?

You can’t have your Vivekananda
and Realize Him too

edit and adaptation from a 1996 talk by Adi Da

You can’t go any further or deeper
than you’ve gone, as I’ve told you so many times.

What epitomizes this identification
with egoity in the body-mind is this sorrowful
clinging-to-the-threat-of-death stuff, this fear you have.
What’s the point of this process if you’re going to cling to
such a notion, or a position in which that’s your concern?
You meditate on your fear and you spend all you time running
away from it, building your defenses. That whole thing is
what there is to be transcended.

You cannot get a perfect
circumstance in the body-mind or in this world. As soon as
you get something you like, you want to cling to it, build
walls around it, savor it, suck it dry. That’s the ego-game.
And yet it’s all going to be snuffed out. You can’t very
well pass that on to your children….the sand castles of
fear. That is the trouble.

You enter into this spiritual
process, all of this deeply to Realize the Condition that is
Prior to it. Then the Yoga is Identification with
That, not with the body-mind or the world. But if you do
that, it changes even the quality of mind. You see right
through it. Then the real process can take place. The
Spiritual Process.

You can’t have your Vivekananda and
Realize Him too. If you consent to drop (forget) the
Realizing for a while in order to do the having
(Vivekananda), it’s not permanent anyway. So it does not
sound like the wisest course.

The Torque of Attention –
Adi Da Samraj – The Brightening Way Talk Series

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