The Yoga of Light

The Yoga of Light

Hatha Yoga Pradipika

(The Classic Handbook of Kundalini Yoga)

Translated into German by Hans-Ulrich Rieker, Eng trans. by Elsy Becherer.

©1971 Herder & Herder Inc.

First Dawn Horse Press edition: 5/74, reprinted: 10/74.

ISBN: 0-913922-07-2.

LOCCCN: 79-167868.

Translator’s Note.


I. The Fundamental Principles:

1. Prerequisites.

2. Yoga and the Art of Healing.

3. The Asanas.

4. The Way of Life of a Yogi.

II. The River of Life:

5. The Purification of the Nadis.

6. Kumbhaka.

III. Active Yoga:

7. The Mudras.

8. The Nectar.

9. The Bandhas.

10. The Shakti.

Passive Yoga:

11. Samadhi.

12. Mind and Breath.

13. The Dissolution.

14. The Shambhavi Mudra and the Inner Light.

15. Nada, the Inner Sound.


Recommended for Further Reading.

Index of Yoga Practices.

Index of General Terms.


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