You Must – A Beezone Collection of Adi Da’s Words

You must become rooted in your natural disposition and presume again the position of the heart or the feeling being. 
You must prepare yourself for this meeting with me. 
You must be unobstructed in your feeling. 
You must approach Me without obstruction, without recoil, without self-reference.  
You must be able to feel in spite of the effects of reactions, self-possession, inwardness, thinking, and all the rest that you tend to become involved with.
You must abide as feeling-attention completely, not only on the formal occasions of our being together but characteristically, constantly, ultimately.  
If you cannot feel, if the core of the being, the heart, is not operative, not active, then at the physical level, you must be self-indulgent. 
You must persist in this discipline. 
You must constantly be refreshed in this hearing through study of the Teaching, through hearing it read, through recitations, through communication with one another, through devotional society, Good Company, right counseling. 
You must come to an understanding of this vital life, and cease to be without arms, constantly complicated, motivated by childish subconscious, unconscious urges that relate to the realm of your ordinary vital-physical, emotional-sexual life. 
You must begin to adapt in a way that you have never adapted before, never fully. 
You must adapt this thinking mind and this vital personality to the evolutionary mechanism that is in the body or the body-mind of man (or woman).
You must become stable in the third stage of life.
You must be able to Understand the Teaching and accept the discipline and accept this relationship and allow that to be the situation, the condition of existence within which you adapt, within which you live. 
You must become strong.
You must have that capacity for self-control, not like the solid, single-minded desire, you see, but like one who Understands, so that you can consistently live this discipline so that you are not always coming to me at zero wanting some sort of energy-zapping to make you feel good, and then you feel intoxicated for a little while, and then you go and do what you have always done. 
You must become responsible at life level if you are to live a real spiritual life.  
You must find the ways to overcome the stresses, to transform the chemistry of the body literally, so that you can live long and without stress, both chemical and social, or cultural. 
Sex is a heart-matter. The heart is the basis, the foundation, the seat, of your sexuality. This is what you must discover, and the sooner you discover it, the better for you.
You must maintain in a very natural way your responsibility as feeling-attention in relationship and not collapse beyond it, not get into the solitude, the brooding, the whole business, as a reason for disturbance. 
You must stop being concerned about whether or not you are loved in signs, in demonstrations by me or, anybody else. 
You must also agree to endure the changes in the other person and the difficulties in the relationship. 
You must be able to endure loss.  
You must therefore become sensitive to how this frontal mechanism works, how it changes in reaction to external circumstances and local or internal circumstances. 
You must hear me first of all. 
You must awaken, through hearing, to self-observation, self- insight, awareness of how you operate as a contracting personality. 
You must see, you must become emotionally converted. 
You must, with the total feeling of the being or the submission of the total body-mind, enter into sympathy with That Which is Transcendental and All-Pervading, and begin to practice on the basis of hearing and seeing
You must live or animate the body-mind in all its relations and functions in such a way that the living force is permitted to course freely in the body-mind without obstruction. 
You must realize (the) capacity for discrimination, or you really cannot cut it in the Spiritual process.  Surrender requires profound discrimination.

You must understandI have said to you all, you are dying while alive. Your life is about dying. You are enduring the psychology of beings and have heard they are going to die and are spending your life going through the mass of rounds of anger, denial, bargaining, depression, acceptance — every complex that could be described out it. 

You are living a death process while alive, but you are not really accomplishing it. You are not really dealing with it altogether. You are dealing with it piecemeal, and you are all the time coming up with strategies to avoid your sensitivity to it, to avoid the imposition of 1t, and that is your whole life, that is the search. Because the surrender is not accomplished, the self-contraction remains intact. It is all reactivity, desire, seeking, objects, others, drama! You allow your entire life to become just that when you could, not just on your death bed but now, in every moment of life, be so submitted as one in a terminal state and go beyond all those illusions, all those strategies.

Adi Da Samraj

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