Yunmen Monastery Tour

Yunmen Monastery


The Heavenly Kings Hall

Approaching the Heavenly
Kings Hall,

we walk across the bridge
that spans the “Liberation Beings Pool.”

The Buddha Hall

The temple at Yunmen
Monastery is named “Great Awakening Temple.”

The Buddha Hall, and
others buildings at the temple, were renovated by

the great 20th century
Zen and Dharma master, Venerable Xu Yun.

The Bell Tower

Within the Bell Tower,
Dizang (Japanese, Jizo) Bodhisattva presides.

Xu Yun Memorial Hall

A hall tothe left of
the main compound commemorates the great teacher XuYun, who rebuilt this

and many other of the
ancient Zen temples in China in the period after World War Two.

Notice the Buddhist swastika,
a centuries old emblem of the Buddhist religion.

Outside the Founder’s Hall

The sign proclaims, “The Unsurpassed Doctrine Passed on  by Zen


The Venerable Sasanajoti Yuen Quing, resident of Yunmen Monastery.


Lantern Before the Buddha Hall

The characters on the lantern say, “Great Awakening Temple.”

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