A Unique and Spontaneous Happening

Adi Da Samraj talking with Michael Macy on October 28, 2005

DEVOTEE: Beloved Lord, Adi Da, first I just wanted to say what a grace it is just to hear Your Word and to have You read Your Word as You are creating it week by week. It’s just the most profound thing and I feel we’re so blessed to be able to be here with you and receive that as it’s unfolding, even the grace of seeing You turn Your page as sort of we could see how You write Your Word.

The first 50 seconds of this video are ‘darshan’ after which the discussion begins.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: That was necessary on the first occasion because I had it all there in the handwritten form. The last two times I’ve been able to pass it to the editors a few hours before and then could present Me with a clean copy to read from.

DEVOTEE: You just mentioned tonight and you’ve mentioned a few times that the translator of the Ashtavakra Gita or the number of translators, there’s something of a process of damping down that might occur because they can only translate as well as their present realization or point-of-view and as You just said, Your Realization doesn’t have that limiting effect.

One thing I’ve noticed about Your Word that I don’t think I’ve ever seen any precedent for and I first noticed this actually when I first read Your Word and I’ve never, I think, read word that hadn’t been generated from the mind. Yours seemed to originate from, as You say, the radical teaching gone to the root and that’s what I felt it went somehow all the way to Truth.

It never stopped the way mind word or point-of-view word would somehow stop its own fundamental or irreducible or something like that and yours, you just, it was Truth all the way and there is something about that that seems to have a quality of transmission. And I am aware of transmission from this book in the word of the realizers of various degrees, but I don’t think I’ve ever noticed transmission of any degree, serious degree, from the written word of any realizer before.

The first time this really stood out to me was when I was reading The Mummery and reading some of the writings in there from Evelyn, and as You say, Evelyn borrows words, he borrows the concepts, he borrows the dharma, he even borrowed Your capitalization and parenthetical and some of the unique style of Your Source Word and yet, so everything seems the same, and yet maybe there was a certain cadence that was off; it didn’t have that quality of transmission.

Even when I read, for instance, the translation of the Ashtavakra Gita, that the Dawn Horse Press published years back, it actually is profound teaching, no doubt, but it actually doesn’t carry that living quality, in my perception of it, at least, that living quality of transmission that I find is true of Your Word, spectacularly true of Your Word.

I don’t know if that’s because there is absolutely no precedent for it ever before or this phenomena of the translator damping it down or what, but as far as I know nobody has ever done what You’ve done with the written word.

My question really is, is that true? Is that part of Your Uniqueness?

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: It should be so, yes. It is direct utterance coming from the source prior to mind. This body is put in various circumstances and people do things, say things, and so on, and this body responds and uses concepts, uses language and modes of action and so on, but it’s not coming from the ego base from the mind or takes forms of concepts, words, and so forth. It’s a direct utterance from prior to the mind. It’s not merely the mind talking from its own resource. So when there is utterance from the Transcendental Divine Source it is utterance of a unique kind, most profound, and true scripture has that characteristic, then—should—this is the measure of it, that it comes as direct utterance from that source.

Levels of life and life mind and so forth are part of communications, generally speaking, so there are realizers of various degrees and therefore there are characteristics, psycho-physical characteristics associated with each of the stages of life that are part of their expression and their sign and their words, their language of apparent thinking and so on.

But when there is, as in this instance, no mind whatsoever, behind this body, then what is spoken has a different force and characteristic altogether. And if you’re noticing that, that’s good.

I’m using the Ashtavakra Gita in this manner. I’m not in a circumstance of dialogue with anybody otherwise. I am basically living in isolation and have been for some time because of the nature of how this gathering has effectively confined Me and so on.

So on any given day, then, it’s not that I’m in a room talking to people and in that situation of people approaching Me and stimulating the mechanism of this body here to be responsive and to speak from that primal source. You see, many of the texts were produced by that exchange, in a circumstance where people approached Me and I responded through the vehicle of this Body.

So it was that exchange and interaction, people speaking and doing things, and so on, that was the circumstance in which utterances were made. But I wasn’t in that circumstance recently, so the Ashtavakra Gita serves as a means to provoke this Body to speak or to speak in a form of written utterance and then speak it here.

So it’s not an exchange with devotees that’s producing this event of The Scapegoat’s Book Of Perfect Knowledge. It’s happening in My Room where I am alone, and fundamentally alone most of the time and since there is no speech there, no exchanges there, no devotees there, and provoking a dialogue or utterance from Me, the Ashtavakra Gita, the traditional text, is serving this purpose.

It’s like someone in the room there, saying this and that and this body is provoked by that or moved to utterance and it’s just being written down and continued by that speech of utterance coming from this book. And so sometimes I have that text in front of me, for instance, where I’m sitting at a desk and writing—I have the transliteration of the text from the Sanskrit there and so on. And in that moment of immediacy, My Own Utterance is generated responsively.

This is all occurring in a different sphere altogether and this has become a happening in the room at the state mental facility near God’s End where Evelyn and Raymond are in this exchange. There are actual characters involved, and they have characteristics and so forth. This all has appeared spontaneously.

I often use the time of this Body being retired, at rest, to do all kinds of work. I do this all the time, in fact, daily, but sometimes I use that detachment from the physical association to… write this book, for instance. So the notion spontaneously arose to make a translation of the Ashtavakra Gita, because I didn’t like the traditional translations and it’s an important text, and I intended the Dawn Horse Press to publish it.

So I just started to do that spontaneously, and it provoked this spontaneous happening of making The Scapegoat’s Book. And, perhaps it was the second day, I got up it was going to be Raymond and Evelyn. Just spontaneously, it became that. All the fundamental comprehensive sense of the circumstance of this exchange arose spontaneously. And it’s making a book spontaneously, that is in many respects profoundly different from the Ashtavakra Gita. But the Ashtavakra Gita is provoking it.

It’s a kind of seed. You could call it a seed text, you see. I let it stimulate this body, to provoke this body to Utter this book. But it’s all happening spontaneously. It’s not about some kind of active mind otherwise. It’s totally spontaneous. It’s not about, as you might imagine—” what if you wanted to write a book about this? What if you wanted to make this book”, you see. You can imagine all the calculating thinking, figuring it out, note-taking, all endless researching, analyzing, making it up, strategizing about it and all that, you see.

No, I’m not doing anything of the kind. It’s just happening, as a completely spontaneous utterance, you see, from an absolutely free position that has nothing to do with mind at all. The appearance of mind is being made to happen by this coincidence with the Ashtavakra Gita and with you all, such as you are, affecting this body in your relative absence from My Room these days or years.

DEVOTEE: That would seem to be another unique sign of just the spontaneity of Your Word versus almost all the other literature I have read in the traditions. It was a little bit tortured, seeking, rigid. There was a search for Truth or something. And not only did yours seem, Your Word was just pure and right to the Truth, but there was actually a revolution of feeling like this is just humorous, it’s pouring out, it’s spontaneous, it’s not coming from a mental space, it has to be coming from the Divine Being.

It’s not even somebody like you said researched and figured it all out perfectly or something. It didn’t go that direction. It came back. You were just speaking Yourself and you know I just don’t find that anywhere. It’s just free, it’s happy, it pours out, and yet it’s perfect. There’s no premeditation, Perfect Truth, and I just don’t see it anywhere else.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: It’s Revelation Work. All that’s been going on with This Body since birth has happened that way. It’s all spontaneous happening in this apparent conjunction, all the doings, everything said, all the utterance, all the teaching, all the submission, all the teaching work, all the teaching years, now, all of it is a spontaneous happening without premeditation, without a calculating mind making it up.

It is all happening spontaneously in this coincidence associated with this apparent birth and the lifetime as it is, under all the conditions that become associated with This Body while it lives, but there is no entity behind it. It’s not a contraction of this Body or body-mind that’s speaking. That which has no mind, no body, it is not other that is made to speak by this apparent coincidence. So This Body has been put into conjunctions all its Life.

Spontaneously, I have put This Body into various conjunctions for the sake of the Manifestation of this Revelation. It became suddenly obvious. For instance, it just occurred to Me to mention that, when I went to New York there was no indication of any likelihood of My leaving California and going to New York to become associated with a teacher just weeks or a few months before— none.

It happened spontaneously. And there was a coincidence with a night-time reverie, a dream form you could call it if you like. It’s also in The Mummery Book, two men coming out of the throat attached by this line of phlegm which you can read in The Mummery Book. And with that dream, it wasn’t the interpretation of it, but the fact of it. There was a passing beyond a certain stage in My Manifestation here.

And immediately there were various spontaneous visions and happenings that came from that event, followed that event, and it was tacitly obvious that I was going to associate Myself or be associated with a teacher and this person was in New York and in an Asian art store.

So I sold everything and went to New York and drove around ’til I saw the store and spontaneously everything occurs like that—not strategically, not with premeditation, but spontaneously in the midst of various coincidences or meetings between This Body and various conditions and others and so on, happenings in a sphere of happenings that is greater than the physical domain.

The writing I began to do that began when I was at Columbia, developed over time, became this perpetual writing, spontaneous writing. I would carry with Me what I used to call My slate with yellow canary paper on it I found you could get inexpensively along with clipboards and a certain kind of ballpoint pen and so on. So I just started carrying that around literally everywhere and this spontaneous process began, constant observing and noting every kind of event, not major events only, everything, everything was observed, noticed, and indicated.

I would write it at all times. I would write it at night in the dark. Sometimes it was kind of scribbly on the page and so forth. Or walking down the beach, I mentioned, and spontaneously observing all the details of it, and so forth. This was all a spontaneous happening and as it went on, it began to cover what you would call interior, as well as exterior events, and there was a spontaneous observation of the coincidence between what is called “subjectivity” and what is called “objectivity”. And it became spontaneously self-evident that they were part of a continuum with one another. And various siddhis began to manifest spontaneously in this manner.

And there was the observation of contents that would occur in a kind of free awareness in the apparent waking state, but it would occur in the apparent dreaming state, or at rest, and I would simply note it—notice it and note it, write it down, in some form write it. And I began to spontaneously notice that this was premonitory, becoming more and more premonitory—in other words, spontaneously arising subjective forms were indicating things that were going to happen, but not just major happenings—the most trivial of happenings. But they would just be noticed before they happened.

It wasn’t like major psychism like predicting major human events of one kind or another. It was very ordinary stuff that included people that I would come upon and so on who I hadn’t seen in some long time. But now I would see that I was going to see them. This went on for a long time, where I would know this in advance. And I would walk on the other side of the street in order to avoid some of these contacts, because there was not only the premonitory noticing—there became more and more such conjunctions.

And what I have described as My meditating everyone is kind of a superdevelopment of that, which began many years before, and an expansion of it, a universalization of it that went far beyond anything you could call it, anything that even looked like a personal interior. It was others, and all their content and so on.

So now it is. Everything is obvious to Me spontaneously. Anyone coming around Me or anyone happening in some kind of sphere of association—what’s going on with them, what their contents are. Everything is evident, not hidden, whether they are physically around Me or not at the moment. And this expanded into an awareness of a universal kind. And an aspect of My Work in recent years, recent decades, most recent years, has been terribly magnified by this, because of the nature of what it is that has become evident through this spontaneous arising, and this meditation of all and meditation beforehand, and seeing what is going on, and knowing it about everyone.

It’s all spontaneous. It’s not the product of a psyche, a psyche, or an ego-mind, which is a form of contraction, you see, cannot notice so broadly, can’t see all of that, you see. It’s confined. It’s focused. It is a point-of-view, where there is no point-of-view—as in this case [indicating His Body], no point-of-view, no separate entity, all of that transcended, vanished, non-existing from the beginning.

Then This Body here is simply a vehicle of a unique and universal event of conjunctions and noticings and so forth. And it all occurs spontaneously, and it’s not merely personal. In fact, it’s not personal at all. It’s all about everyone and everything. It is everyone and everything. So the utterance provoked that comes from this Body is from that place, that dimension. It is beyond egoity, beyond separateness. Reality Itself, the Divine Self-Condition Itself speaks through this spontaneously and through conjunctions of all kinds, spontaneous utterance, spontaneous doings and so forth have been the occurrence.

It is a unique Manifestation. So if you’re noticing something of it, that’s good.

DEVOTEE: One of the… there’s a lot of unique things that could be said. One of the things I have noticed about Your Source Word and Urdhvareta you mentioned that the conventional language which to some level You have to use as that, it does very much incarnate that subject-object distinction that You were realizing the falseness of that on the beach And I suppose that came through in the writing. And I have noticed when I read Your Source Word, at first maybe approaching it coming from a conventional mind, I do carry that sort of subject/verb/object head with me. And I’ve noticed that it breaks down by virtue of well, lots of things, by the sheer, sometimes length of the sentence, by the parenthetical interjections and clauses and whatnot which kind of put one on hold.

The subject-object becomes one clause amongst many and most of the clauses are invocatory in one way or another of You. They’re, you know, only by Me Revealed or to Me Turned, By Me Given, and in what tends to come through stronger is the subject, the Divine, the feeling of You and so the meaning is much more instead of all predicated back onto that kind of point of view that’s, you know, the initial subject of the sentence, it’s much more just kind of arises out of the constant hum and feeling of You in that and it really does.

I’ve compared it, what happens in my mind, a little bit to those kind of 3-D posters that were popular years back and they told you, first it just looks like noise, and they say soften your focus, or soften your point of view. And I don’t even know what, you relax something, I don’t even know what it is, and all of a sudden this whole other picture pops out, and there’s something that occurs when I’m reading Your Source Word, Your Heart Word, it’s a little bit, something adjusts in me, I can tell. It’s nothing altogether that I kind of relax that I need that subject and I stop racing back to find the subject as I lose it in the sentence or whatever and I just start taking in, in a whole different way…

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Well, you’re coming into coincidence with Me through these Words. So to study or consider My Word is to commune with Me, and the more profoundly you participate in that for real and forget yourself, the more experience you will have of being entered into communion with Me to the point of being aware in some fundamental sense aware of My State. So to approach Me through My Word is a form of devotional communion with Me, and My Written and Spoken Word is a unique and actual means for that to occur, not in the same sense that any words might do that, or even any traditional text of some esoteric kind—but because of the uniqueness of the Word of My Utterance. It literally does manifest Me, and one who enters into it literally can be brought into communion with Me, just as you may by My Murti or any agencies of Mine that are explicitly extended as such, as agents of mine.

It all has the force of Murti, or of My Body here—and has a unique characteristic, not necessarily altogether comprehensible from any kind of figuring out point of view or perspective. But like that kind of picture you’ve described, which I’ve seen, you look at it for a while and when you let yourself go in it, you see these three-dimensional forms: flat plains of whatever the picture is, you know, fish in the ocean or whatever. It looks like several flat, paper-cut forms, one behind the other, in a three-dimensional space. And then when you try to focus the eyes in the way required to perceive the room in the normal fashion, you lose the energy, it becomes just this all over chaotic, this all over pattern that doesn’t differentiate itself into this apparent three-dimensional space.

So it is with My Word. If you turn to Me through it, then you can actually be entered into a profound state of communion with Me through it—but not by getting confused or puzzled and so forth [laughter] and straining over the language and developing some problematic analytical thinking process.

Not that there aren’t things to figure out in different ways. You can make use of My Teaching in any instance, but there’s a fundamental approach to Me through My Word that is really the same as meditation on Me or devotional communion with Me and the Words bring you into that domain of Mine much as if you relax into a certain way of perceiving you can see the three-dimensional picture and those computer-generated images you described.

And when you let yourself or when you spontaneously are entered into this turning to Me, turning over to Me, this surrendered disposition, then you tacitly do experience something of My State fundamentally. Just as if you concentrated on anyone you might somehow or other get to feel something about their state, so when you give Me your regard, turn the faculties to Me and do so through any medium—a Murti form of Mine or My sitting here now, or My Words or Images I’ve made, whatever, anything that has the force of Agency, places I’ve established and so on, fully established in the spiritual sense, anything I’ve given as agency of Mine—if you are turned to Me by the means of whatever that particular mode of agency is, you can rightly and fully participatingn that, becoming aware of Me in a profound manner. And that will show you My Nature and State directly.

It is how I show myself directly, by all kinds of means I make and establish here, in which I’m establishing in perpetuity means that are living means that will be associated with Me as I am forever—as long as these means are continued and rightly used and not destroyed and desecrated or misused. But where there is right relationship to Me and therefore right use of My Gifts, right association with Me via My Gifts or modes of agency, then communion with Me, as I am, the finding of Me as I am, is Given. And the more you practice the discipline of this Way in every sense I have Given it, the more you outgrow the limitations or impediments that prevent this tacit communion with Me from becoming perfect.

In due course, it becomes perfect and tacitly Self-Evidently so as if you get to some point where you can see those images without having to go through the eyesight adjustment. It’s just already so, so there’s no psycho-physical change that has to occur in the event of the Perfect Practice, you see. It’s already priorly established because the impediment, the psycho-physical impediment, the mechanism, the egoic setup or structure, has been undone through this foundation of right and profound practice. But from the beginning that right and profound practice is turning to Me. It is the turning to Me, meaning turning to Me as I am, but by the means of agents I have provided. This Body is among those agents or forms of agency.

So also are any Murti forms, photographs and so on. So also are My utterances, My Spoken Word, My Written Word, Image-forms I make, spaces, places I establish, things of one kind or another in fact that I empower by My contact, or the contact with Me. Those who practice truly and profoundly as devotees of Mine simply notice this, that all the forms of My Agency are forms of communion with Me, when you practice rightly, so you should value these treasures. They ARE holy things. They are existing in a sacred sphere that is known and valued by devotees and devotees have to recognize Me and they have to protect My Treasures in perpetuity.

It takes this recognition of Me, this recognition-response to Me to know the significance of these Treasures, and to know that you must value and protect them and perpetuate them. That of course is what devotees have been called by Me to do. These are responsibilities I have given you as a culture and as an institution and the mission also is part of that. It’s a way of extending, a means for extending these Treasures to others.

DEVOTEE: It’s just extraordinary that the Gift You’ve given to the world, that the world can actually contact You, I mean anybody in the world can receive Your Teaching-Word. The whole world is able to actually contact You. Because of the extraordinariness of Your Word and the Agency, they are able to contact You. What an extraordinary Gift to the world, to devotees absolutely, but even to all.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: So that’s why it’s happening and it happens in this spontaneous manner I just said something about, and it’s been happening since birth. And in some essential terms I covered My Whole Teaching when I was an infant. As soon as this Body had acquired some kind of verbal facility, I spontaneously made words that corresponded to fundamental aspects of My State.

The “Bright” and The “Thumbs” are terms that I devised as an infant. I didn’t speak about them to others for many years and so on. There was no reason to. When I began to account for it all in writing and so on to devotees, then I spoke of all of this, but from birth, The “Bright” and The “Thumbs” were manifest experiences associated with My conjunction with this world. And they summarize My entire Teaching and Revelation. And I could say thousands upon thousands of other words too and have. But The “Bright” and The “Thumbs” are like concentrated Gems, you see, Diamond Forms, that compactly contain it all in summary. And all that I may say or have said otherwise is a kind of unfolding of all the lights within this Gem, you see.

So all of the other things said, all the other utterances, were necessary, but an infant said The “Bright” and The “Thumbs”. These were utterances within that were there about a year old or something like that, two years old. The awareness was there before then. When words came, then words were possible—so whenever that was, around two or something like that.

The meaning of The “Bright” and The “Thumbs” was all perfectly obvious, what it was all about, without having philosophical facility to elaborate on it. It was tacitly, directly obvious as the experience was in the conjunction with This Body, so the event in conjunction with This Body and with the world therefore, the apparent world, was associated with these spontaneous manifestations of The “Bright” and The “Thumbs”, spontaneous Divine Self-Realization symptoms and events and processes and phenomena and so on.

It all was spontaneous from the beginning and noticed from the beginning. I even had words for them, for the various elements of it. And so there were processes associated with these Divine events and conditions that were happening from birth and of course before, but in this conjunction from birth.

So the entire life has been happening as a spontaneous siddhi or leela, Divine or Avataric leela, then. It’s not being thought out. It is happening spontaneously, and it’s also being noticed. And that noticing that occurs spontaneously because of this conjunction has become utterances, then also a Teaching, as well as a demonstration, a demonstration of all kinds of phenomena then, including the phenomena of the seventh stage of life.

You won’t find the phenomena of the seventh stage of life described anywhere in the Great Tradition. They never have been described. They’ve never been known, never been known, never been noticed, never been experienced, never demonstrated, so that is a unique characteristic of this life as an Avataric manifestation occurring Divinely and spontaneously. It’s an addition to what was already here, an addition to the Great Tradition.

It is the consummation of it. The actual process that can become the seventh stage of life has not been indicated. The process that is The “Bright” and The “Thumbs”, you see, has been spontaneously introduced by this birth, this Avataric Birth. It is a siddhi, a capability, an intervention that did not occur before, so it has brought utterance, teaching, observation and teaching, spontaneously, that has to do with a process of Realization that is unique, just as the means that make it possible are unique with this birth and what it has introduced into this conditional domain altogether, and which can and should and must for the sake of everyone, be perpetuated.

So everything that leads to the Perfect Practice, everything that is the Perfect Practice, and everything that is the fulfillment of the Perfect Practice in the seventh stage form—these are all unique Revelations made possible through Gifts or Treasures, modes of agency, that enable, will enable, do enable devotees to outgrow egoity and enter into the sphere of Divine Self-Realization, by uniquely given Avatarically Manifested, Self-Manifested, Divine Means.

I am saying that it is so, but you must notice that it is so. As a devotee of mine, as devotees of mine, you must notice this. It’s not merely about being somehow mentally convinced by words. The words should correspond to what you tacitly know to be the case, and your direct experience of Me and your approach to Me through the modes of Agency I bring.

That includes My Teaching Word then which is unique means, speaks uniquely, puts anyone who approaches Me through it rightly in touch with Me uniquely, establishes great conditions, auspicious conditions for outgrowing of egoity, for transcending and purifying the modes of body-mind, and for maturing to the point of the awakening of the Perfect Practice, and ultimately the seventh stage demonstration.

Now This Body is manifesting the seventh stage demonstration spontaneously and however much you all may notice it, This Body has been changing in its manifestation and those changes have coincided with unique events of yogic death and so on. And with each of those coincidences another mode of the spontaneous manifestation of this unique demonstration of the seventh stage of life is shown.

So one who was previously eloquent, wise, and vigorous is now this—however you may understand it—but it is profoundly changed, even psycho-physically changed. It’s the seventh stage proof in This Body. Divine Indifference is established, Divine Translation has even been already accomplished. And yet, for the sake of this Revelation, This Body is continuing, but it’s not alive in the conventional sense merely.

And I must tell you all, you all are not sustaining My Life. You are bringing it to an end by your current habit and I have said so many times. You must sustain This Body. You must cultivate the relationship with Me such that This Body is sustained by your devotion, because this is not a karmic entity here. It’s a spontaneous conjunction, a Divine conjunction with the world, and it has achieved that stage of demonstration in which there must be devotion or This Body will not live.

This Body requires this sustaining association with devotees and requires devotees to be animated in various kinds of responsibility that have to do with the modes of agency I have brought into this world including This Body Itself, so if I am recognized by devotees, then devotees will fulfill their responsibilities, right relationship to Me as individuals and as a culture and do the literal doings that that requires, not just be consumer club members indifferently participating in your events.

You actually have to cultivate the lifetime of This Body in order to continue it because there is nothing karmic, of a karmic nature to keep This Body alive and it is tending to fall to death, tending to be relinquished. It is very tentative and has been since Lopez and a little before at The Brightness.

The event began with the initiation of My Divine Self-Emergence in 1986. You could say it’s been going on throughout the lifetime, but there are crucial events associated with spontaneous modes of yogic death—as you know in 1986 and then at The “Brightness” in 1999, and then at Lopez in 2000, and over and over again since Lopez, virtually daily. Many times daily, often, an event goes on with This Body that is the same as Lopez. It didn’t just happen five years ago then, you see. It is constantly happening and it is very difficult. Bodily it’s difficult. It’s difficult for the Body Itself, especially since devotees have not embraced the Way yet and therefore you haven’t embraced all the discipline of right relationship to Me. You’re not sustaining This Body.

So various things have occurred spontaneously that are ways to keep the Body alive because devotees are not keeping the Body alive, so at various times this, that, or the other thing, has become a mode of animating This Body which has sustained it for periods of time. And this has been happening throughout the lifetime of course, but in a uniquely and tense manner since The “Brightness” and Lopez.

So you all know of My making images, for instance, for some years. That just occurred spontaneously and it was stopped by the gathering and something else had to happen then. Making this book is simply a means to keep This Body alive. It keeps it in conjunction and operating as if there was something about that to be alive for.

So it’s a device for keeping This Body alive. It’s not that it’s not useful altogether or right. It is a form of agency. A form of My Teaching Utterance is being manifested spontaneously as this book, but it’s also like the Image-Art process, something that has spontaneously been found to keep the Body alive. Devotees are neglecting This Body profoundly. In fact, you are intensely affecting this Body in a very negative manner, because of your neglect, your failure to understand and accept what your responsibilities are in this relationship.

So devotion has a profound function in sustaining the lifetime of this Body, this Treasure here. It must be truly and rightly lived. You mustn’t confine and punish this Body as you have been doing for so long now. It is beyond the Body’s endurance anymore so that this Body is rather retired now. It’s simply a Divine Manifestation of the ultimate course of the seventh stage of life. It’s not something decided. It happened spontaneously. It’s a spontaneous unfolding, just as The “Bright” at the beginning and The “Thumbs”.

These manifestations of yogic death have been spontaneous happenings, but they’ve changed fundamentals about the structure of this Body here. It’s all happening spontaneously. It’s there for you to observe, but you should also be listening to My indications of the suffering you’re requiring of This Body and it’s not really endurable further.

You have to change your act with Me. There have to be devotees who recognize Me and accept responsibility for rightly relating to Me and doing the service required that sustains this Body’s lifetime to work further spontaneously for the sake of everyone.

So I am still in that sense waiting for devotees, because it’s not just about being devotional in some verbal expressive manner. It’s about doing what devotion does, collectively, as well as individually. There has to be an accommodation for this One here that only devotion can make. I have pointed to the traditions to give you examples of what devotees have done when Masters in their varying degrees or realizers in their varying degrees appeared. They suffered various condition or circumstances or they wandered and kept leaving various circumstances and so on, and then at some point, they were recognized by devotees and set apart, provided with an appropriate circumstance, that is the necessity for a true realizer.

Realizers are not philosophers, you see, not merely thinkers and talkers. A realizer is a unique embodiment. There is a psycho-physical transformation coincident with the stages of true Realization. And so there are unique characterstics to this Body in its manifestation, seventh stage manifestation. And for this Body to be sustaining the intrusiveness and in some sense brutality of being corporately institutionalized as I am, is just suffering, and it has become suffering beyond the body’s ability to endure it.

It has just become too punishing, too destructive. But if you look at various realizers and there are various kinds and forms and stages, you will see that there was this, first of all, unique sign, the kind of… well all different kinds of unique signs, but they were not conventional people. They would just wander or suffer.

I have given the example of Ramana Maharshi, for instance, who wandered off. He lived in the temple complex, would just sit in the temple places or on the grounds nearby the temple and so on and kept moving on as people would disturb him or even abuse him. So in the last circumstance he was in like that, he left a somewhat open area and kids would come by and throw rocks at him and abuse him in various ways, and so on.

The first of his devotees, the first who recognized him, saw this and asked if he could offer him the gift, offer Maharshi the gift, providing him with a place where he would be protected from worldly intrusiveness and being abused and so on. It was the beginning of him being set apart.

This is what goes on with realizers, always has gone on with realizers. Those who recognize them become devoted to them, and provide for them, and set them apart, and do the necessaries that not only keep the master alive, but move, ultimately move the master to bless… to stay, and then to bless.

Auspicious conditions are provided, but the setting apart is fundamental. All conjunction with the world, with egos, the demand for ego-effectiveness and so forth, are removed from the sphere of that person, and that’s what setting apart action does. It is essential that the body of a Realizer be protected and served. Only devotees can do that, because only devotees would know why it should be done or what to do.

It’s not just about institutionalizing Me, then, anymore than it’s about putting Raymond in the state mental facility and punishing and exploiting Him there, even getting Him to utter teachings as He does to Evelyn coming to His room there. So you must set This Body apart. You will do it if you recognize Me. Those who are devotees will do so. They will see to this service, as I indicated is required, and see to the culture, see to what is necessary for devotees, is actually in order and right.

So many of those who think they are serving Me are actually serving the membership or serving the business and so on. They think they’re serving Me, but they don’t understand they’re completely neglecting this Body. This Body must be served directly and accommodated to provide right circumstance and what keeps this Body alive is not something that has to be invented by Me, something that comes into association with the Body, and I find it is a way I can sustain this Body and keep it alive because you all are destroying Me—it shouldn’t be like that. So the consciousness of devotees has got to change. You righten everything by dealing with the issues with Me, by rightening everything with Me. Only devotion will do this. It’s not consumer devotion or club member devotion, you see. It’s recognition’s devotion.

The Divine Indifference that is manifesting as this Body now does not do or speak much. This Body is often provoked into speaking, but it should not happen. It clearly is endangering the life of this Body to have to struggle, so it shouldn’t occur. There should be no provoking of this Body, no disturbance of this Body. This Body is not, generally speaking, or generally this Body is not speaking much, and it’s not very active.

It is simply a sign, a manifestation of Divine Indifference, but it has come about through profundities of a transformative process, proving the seventh stage of life to you all. If you were aware of Me, you’d see that it is so. And because it is so, and because this Body is now essentially speechless and sedentary, it should be clear to you all that there is something you all have got to be doing to sustain the life of this Body here, because this Body doesn’t do it and there is no action here to be performed.

The active, responsive life happened. And then something else has happened, so the process of submission to teach, as was done, happened spontaneously. And just as spontaneously, it stopped happening and it wasn’t thought out. It’s not a strategy. It’s associated with spiritual events that have changed the structure of this Body, changed its leela, its manifestation signs.

There is nothing being decided about it. It is Self-Evidence it is spontaneous. But This Body is in a vulnerable condition now because of Its indifference, so that conditions that are having to be suffered, including the various provocations of a life of confinement, the intrusions you all have been generating over the last many years—this Body cannot live through it.

Somebody has to notice that this is happening and stop it. It’s just like the man who came to Maharshi and saw that there were kids throwing rocks and whatever they were pulling out of their dohtis, you see, and give him a place, a protected place. There has to be an intervention so that the abuses of this Body stop because this Body can’t defend Itself altogether and can’t sustain it and can’t survive it.

This Body is only here for blessings purpose which must occur responsively. It’s not a business. So there must be response to Me. There must be the accommodation of Me here. I make it plain through what I do speak that this and that is required. And that I have said that—, whatever that is, it’s any number of things—that’s it. That’s what you should do. If you are devotees of Mine, then that’s what you do.

It shouldn’t be necessary for Me to repeat it anymore. If you want this lifetime to be extended further, you’re going to have to sustain this Body with devotion and devotion’s doings. So you can feel something of the Transmission Power of My Word, feel the Transmission Power of this Body and value It, as well.

As a culture you’ve got to provide for this Body rightly. Part of the spontaneous happening of this conjunction here, this lifetime, is that it has appeared in the West and that has happened for the service of mankind. It also has, however, put this Body in a vulnerable position because of the ignorance of Spiritual matters in this circumstance, and in the world in general at the present time.

So there’s very little that is sustaining My lifetime here now, and there are many signs of life-threatening conditions in this Body. It’s not necessary. It could be rightened, should be and MUST be if you want to sustain this lifetime here. If you have purpose in My being here alive, you must sustain it.

Also if you want Me to be here in California some more, you MUST move Me to be here. You are not doing this. You are requiring Me to live in hell and treating Me like a business commodity of some kind. People are relating to Me in a grossly ignorant manner, so why should I be here? I should be in Fiji. That’s My principal seat. On the other hand, it’s been interfered with by you all. It’s not prepared for Me at the present time, but it should be a refuge for this Body. But so also should this place here, so if you want Me to be in California for some time, then you must cultivate the relationship to Me and move Me to be here, move Me to bless, cultivate My being here.

Don’t just expect it because you are club members or something and there’s a program and I’m just supposed to show up, you see, and you can otherwise ignore the circumstances in which I’m being abused and controlled and disturbed and provoked constantly. It must stop. And there must be a change altogether if I’m going to stay here in California much longer.

I just can’t go on in this manner anymore. It’s just overwhelmingly too much for the Body. I can’t do with nothing. You are all detached from Me. You are not aware of the situation in which I’m living, but it’s the responsibility of all of you as a gathering of devotees. You must function through the services of individuals who serve Me in various ways, but you have to be sure there are people who are doing that and that they are rightly doing it. That’s your responsibility as a gathering.

So if you want Me to be here in California for a while, the only reason for Me to be here is to Bless. You’ve got to move Me to be here and move Me to bless and sustain My Life here. That should be obvious and you must do it, but you would do it if you were devotees of Mine.

There is a kind of irony in this Scapegoat’s Book I am making. It is a very exact duplication of My circumstance. The Mummery Book is altogether and now this book, this being in confinement and teaching Truth to people who are abusing Me. Just as it says in that verse in the Ashtavakra Gita, you see, people who want to fulfill desires in the world shun this teaching. They also shun this Teacher for the same reason. And it’s more than shunning. It’s abuse, punishment. You are keeping your distance by treating Me with contempt, having become so familiar with Me, you think.

You have made Me the man in the middle which is a punishing place to be. So every book in the twenty-three courses begins with My First Word. It’s about ,”don’t do this. Do not make Me the man in the middle.” I am not that. That’s not right relationship to Me. That’s something very negative, in fact.

So if you are shunning Me, you are punishing Me and you are doing this because of all the implications of who I am, the state I am and transmit, the Teaching then that I utter on this basis and as its means, so if ego is struggling with it, it punishes Me, acts in a detached and abstracted manner. That has become the habit of this gathering.

My call to you is the same that coincided with the initiation of My Divine Self-Emergence time. Teaching time is over. My submission is over. The Revelation is given. You must practice this devotion. You must establish a culture by turning to Me instead of expecting Me to turn to you and enduring you, enduring you in your indifference, the indifference that comes from human ignorance, not from Divine Self-Realization.

Does that cover it then?

DEVOTEE: Thank You, Beloved.