Klik-Klak – A Beezone study


A Beezone study of ‘Klik-Klak’ in the teaching of Adi Da Samraj


The following material in this study of the term ‘Klik-Klak’, comes from many different materials (talks, books, etc) by Adi Da, spoken and written over a number of years. Most of the material is exactly as he said or wrote it. But there are other parts of this study that are additions by Beezone. Much of what Beezone has added has been put in parenthesis {()}, but not all. So, if you’re reading with ‘an exacto knife’ then you will be disappointed.

What follows is Beezone understanding. You can read (and study) as you wish, but I firmly believe this to be a very useful tool in understanding the term ‘Klik-Klak’ and how Adi Da uses it.

“To mistake our perceptions (particularly our sensory perceptions) of things for the thing itself is an unjustifiable assumption about reality. This is of course reminiscent of Kant’s warning and all forms of phenomenalism about the difference between reality and our perceptions of it.

The fallacy of misplaced concreteness is largely responsible for the modern worlds and modern sciences denial of the reality of time, of experience and of mind and the perception. That such “hard core common sense intuitions” which we all utilize in practice (even if we deny them in theory) are mere illusions. That the world as represented by science is “the real world” rather than a partial and incomplete picture of a world which has aspects and features which can not be captured by objective observation, sensory perception or quantified by measurement.” – Philosophical Forums, Prothero

See Alfred North Whitehead


The Study


“The situation in the world is dreadful, but why? Because of what has traditionally been called sin or ignorance, the absence of response to the Living Reality. Where there is no such response, where in fact there is only this contraction, there also are all kinds of problems, all kinds of limitations, all kinds of cause and effect motions established by contraction and thereby creating limitation and suffering. We can observe what causes suffering – the actions of contracted people but the ultimate and fundamental cause, which often so does not influence conditions directly in a play of cause and effect, the ultimate and fundamental cause is the lack of surrender to the Divine. The force of contraction moves and causes effects of all kinds. in its bewilderment finding itself trapped in a great machine in which everything and everyone are similarly reacting rather than responding, contracting rather than surrendering.”
The Law is Absolute – A Talk by Da Free John (Adi Da Samraj) – 1982


Klik-Klak – Part One – Contents

I Am Here


The Bright

The Mirror

The Checkerboard




Mechanism of Torque

The Heart Disposition

Truth and Beauty

The Mummery and The Fire

Energy and Consciousness

The Call to the Divine, not Religion


Perfect Practice


Part Two

True religion must retire to Light!!

The heart must be permitted to achieve a universal feeling-ecstasy!

And Beauty is not in the matter-world of thing and death—but only in the singled universe of the True Loved-One!

Where everything that lives will be dog-withered by the pack of time, fear arises—at the crown and bowel, where time’s orderly extinctions twist the heart between the North-and-South!

And sorrow fills the mind, between the eyes—and feels the belly suck the danger of all the unwanted changes made by time!

And anger burns a laser-breath of all-destroying speeches—helpless in the klik-klak dark’s resistance to all wanted change of time’s unwanted changes!

Therefore, the Cosmic universe of temporal and all-destroying Nature must be Transfigured by undying Love!

Undying Love Is the universal Principle of re-“Connect”, in the rush-to-dying world of Natural heaps of yes-and-no!

The world of Man is an eternal shift of necks—a shuttle of Love’s own faces, floating in a drown of moments—until the “He” and “She” of Me, like the fingertips of lovers, Touch, through the infinite transparency of a single tear’s True Water—and Touch away, Together, at the Single of Infinity, Where “We” were so deeply Torn!

I Am the Icon of Unity – Adi Da Samraj


 A Beezone study of ‘Klik-Klak’
in the teaching of Adi Da Samraj


Avatar Adi Da uses key expression in His Wisdom-Teaching, Klik-Klak, which He uses to describe the mass of conditions that are only constantly shifting and replicating patterns, that never manifest any fixed “objects” or “entities”. He explains that the fundamental error of the presumed separate self is the attempt to superimpose the characteristics of Consciousness Itself onto the Klik-Klak realm. Ultimately, we must Realize That Which is Always Already the Case, Prior to the illusion of Klik-Klak. 



I Am Here,

Spontaneously (Avatarically and Divinely) Appeared.

And, just as you do what you do by tendency,

(habit, karma and conditionality)

I Do What I Do In Truth

—As Reality Itself—


in this conditional realm,

(shinning from and through all manifestions, all planes, all sheaths)

and Utterly Free of “point-of-view” bondage.

In Appearing here,

I am surrounded by the checkerboard

—shifted around in this maze

of squares, of stops, of limits

in time and space.

(appearing in mind as a grid)

(The grid of attention is

the mechanism for the perception

of conditional existence. )






Shift, shift, shift

—but always the same.

Attention itself is that fracturing.

The objects are representations

of the results

of that fracturing,

worked out

in every possibility of duality.

Attention is the feeling of relatedness.

Attention is the fundamental gesture of self-contraction,


of the torque

(the twist or turning force)

(tendency of a force to rotate an object about an axis)

The ultimate form

of my Teaching Work is

Transmission –

the awakening of devotees to the

Current of Love-Bliss

or Happiness


upon which the body-mind is set

(as a wheel is set upon its hub).

I Teach understanding

so that people will become serious

about the Lesson of life  )


the lessons



I Am

the Hole in the universe,

Perfectly Prior

to all this mummery.

I Am here,

to Break the spell,

to Make Right Life

and the Real Reality-Way possible,

in an otherwise

deluded context

of “world”-happening.


the ego’s impulse

is to avoid My Divine Imposition,

to casually “play around”

in this infinite


field of the grid

of conditional appearances


not “Bright”,


without a clue.


“Klik-klak” is a term

which I am using

to somehow

give you a symbol

for the sound

that is there

in the whirring core,

the replicate-shift-change cycle

that is constantly happening.

That cycle literally makes a sound like “klik-klak”.

The Whirling core

(gone mad

without regard)

(Ocean of Motion)

(lawful in its chaos)



In its Source

of its own


Which when seen


the results




attention itself


makes the prism,

the refracting gesture

that displays the colored lights

of pattern

(and patterning)

in their discreet sectors,


or worlds. )

That time-and-space domain

of klik-klak is



with all kinds of limitations.



is a domain

in which,


My Free

Divine Avataric Appearance

can be Self-Manifested.




Shifted around

In this maze of squares

of stop

in time and space








“to divide, change, separate,”

I have Visited

the “tower room”

where klik-klak

is happening.

I am Telling you

that is what is happening.

It is dreadful.

It is hell.







(and beginningless)

In and of itself,

it is dark,

and deadly—

and you are caught

in it,

as if drifting along

in some giant intestine,

waiting to be crapped out.

In the meantime,

what are you doing?

You are “hanging out”

in that dark “shit-pipe”.

That is all you are doing here

—because you will not accept

the Prior Principle

That Is Reality Itself.

You will not bend the knee

—and subordinate separate “self”

(or the presumed “shadow-self”,

or “knowing-self”)

to What is Perfectly Great.

The klik-klak checkerboard

is the actual nature

of the conditional apparition

of the all-and-All

-Reflecting Reality.


The Bright

The Bright

is the intuition

of the uncreated

Consciousness-Light of God.

Prior to Fracture

Perhaps various phenomenal manifestations

of this Light may be associated

with this intuition,

as I have described.

In the Highest Planes

The God-Light is the reflection of Real-God.

The Bright is the reflection of the Heart.

It is all a duplication of the ultimate structure.

Bright is described

in terms of the whole mechanism of the intuition

(not visualization)

of the God-Light,

the reflected Light

or Creative Consciousness-Force,


as it appears

in the various functions

of the descending

and ascending mechanisms of man.


When you get up close,

(in Klik-Klak)

then you can see the checkerboard,

the field of repetition,

the field of appearance



The black and white squares of the checkerboard

just shift into different patterns,

making pictures.

When you stand far back,

you see the pictures

—but when you get up close,

all there is is the checkerboard

(or the “grid”, as I have also called it).

There is a grid

in the Energy-Field

That Is Consciousness Itself

—and all of this appearance

of universe

is merely bits on that grid.

In and of itself,

the grid is a terrible illusion,

a mere reflection.

The question is not

“What is being reflected?”

The question is

“What is reflecting it?”,


“What is the Condition in Which the reflected image is appearing?”

The Mirror Is Reality Itself,

Which Is Acausal.

As the ego-“I”,

you function

as the body does

with reference to Consciousness Itself

—in ignorance of the Consciousness-Position.

It is as if the cells of the physical body

“meet” together

in order to determine

how they are going to “dictate”

—in an entirely insubordinate manner

—the pattern of existence

for Consciousness Itself!

Then, Consciousness,

without direct

and intuitive understanding

of Its Own Condition,

“goes along”

with these “demands”

—as if the body were,

in fact,

the Identity of Consciousness Itself.

Such is the essence of egoity.


The Mirror

The Mirror

Reality Itself

does not “cause”

what appears reflected on Its surface.

The Mirror Is Perfectly Prior

to what appears reflected on Its surface.

Before you look in the Mirror,

you Are the Mirror—

not a “thing”

appeared as separate “knowing-self”.

(there is no need to clean the surface of the mirror)

you remain fascinated

by a little reflection on the Mirror surface.

The Mirror does not change

what is reflected on Its surface,

and It does not “causatively” originate

what is reflected on Its surface.

The klik-klak checkerboard

is the actual nature

of the conditional apparition

of the all-and-All-Reflecting Reality.

In and of itself, it is dark, and deadly

When you get up close,

then you can see the checkerboard,

the field of repetition,

the field of appearance


The black and white squares

of the checkerboard

just shift into different patterns,

making pictures.

When you stand far back,

you see the pictures

—but when you get up close,

all there is is the checkerboard

(or the “grid”, as I have also called it).

There is a grid in the Energy-Field

That Is Consciousness Itself

—and all of this appearance of universe

is merely bits on that grid.

In and of itself,

the grid is a terrible illusion,

a mere reflection.


The Checkerboard

The checkerboard

(in and of itself)

is limitation,






and mortality.

The checkerboard

—in and of itself

—is intolerable.

You are supposed to notice this!

You are supposed to notice

—with every breath,

every morning,

every day

—that this orderly universe,

in and of itself,

is hell!


in and of itself,

is bondage.

The checkerboard does not have

good intentions

—and neither does it

have bad intentions.

The checkerboard has no intentions.

The checkerboard is simply

a pattern replicating,



that are totally arbitrary,


and merely

apparent modifications

of the all-and-All


(or Acausal) Condition

That Is Reality Itself.

If you remain

in the checkerboard pattern,

it inevitably becomes

more and more complex

—because the checkerboard

is an infinite field,

without center

or bounds.

There is always


and more

and more

and more

and more.

As “Narcissus”,

you live in the checkerboard field,

where everyone is gaming,


looking for a goal

at one end of the checkerboard

or the other,

or even just “messing around”.

You are not even working toward

getting out to the edge of the field

—and, in fact,

there is no edge of the field.

There is no center

on the checkerboard.

You simply move around

within it.


there is no separate “self”

—but there is also no edge.

The Sphere of the Mirror

Is Centerless

and Boundless.

The Mirror has no edges—

and, therefore,

the Mirror has no center.



You are “Narcissus”.

You project

all kinds of things

onto klik-klak

to make it

desirable to you,

and thereby

fail to notice

all kinds of things

about klik-klak.

This Temple of Laughing Mama

is a means

for Me

to remind you

of something

very fundamental

which you forget

in your “Narcissistic”

(and religious)


of the heart-presumption

onto conditions.

You think

klik klak

loves you


or you expect it

to love you,

or care about


or care about



You like the notion

of the parent deity.


The conditional domain,


does not care

in the slightest

about ego.


There is

no real




just deals with the pattern.


and Process).


The ego

is just

an action

in the pattern,

from patterns

point of view,

it is just



It is not



to be allowed

to be enshrined

in permanence.


You are


your sense

(of yourself)

and seeking

(all kinds of things)

in klik-klak.


(is) not



It doesn’t care

about the


of yours.


don’t belong there

You are from


This is klik-klak-land.


doesn’t care

about the illusions

of those

who wander

from Consciousness-land,

because all klik-klak deals with

is the material

of klik-klak.

Consciousness is not

the material of klik-klak.

Your illusion

about klik-klak

is not material.


Klik-klak has

no notion

of permanence,

So your desire to be loved,

to be permanent,

to have your desires


that’s your interest.

Klik-klak doesn’t give a shit

about egos.


Your complaints

are of no interest.

They are not


in the pattern.

It keeps klik-klakking

regardless of your pleas

and your complaints.



Where is the Freedom from this intolerable bondage?

If you look at your actual situation

in this “world”,

and truly observe

and understand

what it is,

how could you possibly

be naively enthusiastic about it?

In and of itself,

your situation

in this “world” is hell.

In and of itself,

your situation

in this “world” is terrible.

If there is anything potentially

beautiful about your situation

in this “world”,

you must be (apparently) associated

with the “world”

from a different position

—the Truth-Position,

the Reality-Position,

the Intrinsic Self-Position

That Is (Always Already)

Free of the implications

of the machine of klik-klak-happening.

If this “world”

is only repetitive activities

and replication

—perhaps with a little shift,

a minor change,

accompanying each gesture,

and with the inevitable ending in death—

how can that be accepted,

except that it is imposed

on you by force?

What is there of delight in that?

You will not be able to take

My Words from this “world”.

Either you will Realize Me

or you will not.

Either you will remain

bound up in your patterning of words

-and live and die on that basis,

constantly drawn through the conditional robotic mix

of the universal program of klik-klak,

mere pattern patterning-

or you will Realize Me.

It is one or the other.

There is no “objective” paradise after death.

There is klik-klak,

pattern patterning-

and it is utterly non-necessary,

and can be perfectly transcended.

If you Find Me,

and practice devotion to Me,

then devotional Communion with Me

becomes your destiny.

And you will notice

—if you haven’t noticed already

—that it doesn’t take long to live a life.

And you shouldn’t waste it.

You should be here to duplicate My Pattern

(Which is God-Realizing),

rather than to replicate your own

(which is about ego-bondage

and perpetuation,

the illusions of waking,


and sleeping

in the realm of opposites,

of klik-klak

which ultimately,

and in its laws,

is utterly indifferent

to your concerns

and objections about anything at all).

(Your struggle

With all the righteous demands

of ego

Do not hold water

(In the face of Klik-Klak)

There is never any fixed anything.

It is all “klik-klak”.

It is constantly shifting.



If you observe,


the body,

the body-mind,

all conditions,

you find no such fixed identity,

fixed anything,

fixed person in the form of anything



It is nowhere.

There is never

any “object” so-called,

any complex of objects,

any pattern in time and space.

You find no permanence,

just “klik-klak”,

just shift-replication and shift-

and many different kinds of apparent timings and so forth.

How it appears,

how you judge it and so forth,

depends on point of view,

or how it seems from some point of view.

That is not the nature of the organism.

The organism is all change-shift, shift, shift, replicating.

It’s shift, klik-klak.



Consciousness Itself, Feeling-Awareness, has no relation to time.

It neither begins nor ends.

It is Prior, Constant.

It has no content.

It has no “itself”,

no object,

no center,

no bounds.

It is not in the context of the body-mind,

or of objects,

because everything else

is constant replicate and shift, klik-klak.

Consciousness is none of that. 


Mechanism of Torque

So there is this mechanism of attention

which lies as if it were

in a grid.

But it never moves.

It can appear at any point in that grid,

but it cannot go from place to place.

But it is the point of association

with the domain of klik-klak,

with replicate and shift, pattern patterning.

All processes and everything changing,

nothing permanent,

modifications ad infinitum,


but without comprehension.

Over time you grant it the characteristic of

the feeling of perpetuity,

of Consciousness,

of Being.

But it does not have that,


if you inspect it.

Where is it, then?

It is in the domain of the knower.

But it is not any kind of knowing,

because that’s object, too-

constantly changing, klik-klak.

So its the one who knows the knowing, it seems.

But it is not the act of knowing.

It is just that awareness itself,

in which there is perhaps

the apparent process of knowledge and knowing.

So in the awareness that is aware

of the button of attention itself,

to grant or superimpose presumptions that are about your own Nature-

yet unexplored-

onto objects,

is to generate an illusion immediately, inherently.

 if you examine the body or the body-mind,

there is no “I” about it.

It is all replicate and shift, klik-klak,

no “point of view” in which to affirm “I”.

So “I” means the body-mind,

but the body-mind has no “the” about it,


It is process.

It is shift

-not an “I”.

But that’s what it means in the ego-consciousness,

or body-identified consciousness.

It is a meaning that is,

at the same time, an illusion,

because there is no such “I”,

no singleness,

no changeless anything there.

Its “Narcissus”.

Through the gaze of attention,

you superimpose your own characteristic on klik-klak,

and it becomes interesting to you,

desirable to you-

like the image of Narcissus in the pond.

But you don’t know that it is you.

You don’t know or notice

(the) pattern there

which you are regarding to be full of desirability,


and so forth

-is just klik-klak.

And you are superimposing

the feeling of your own Nature,


on it.

That which you are seeing to be attractive

is actually your own characteristic presumed to be there.

But what is truly attractive is only in the Being-Position,

the “you” looking at everything.

The ” it “,

the everything,

is klik-klak.

You find it desirable because

it is your own reflection.

In other words,

your characteristic,

your presumption is being superimposed on it.

But its not just some kind of “out here in the world” illusion.

It is a fundamental illusion.

It covers everything,

every moment of existence

is this illusion of the desirability,



all the rest of it,

of klik-klak.

Whereas you are just reflected in it,

by virtue of your own viewing of it.

Consciousness becoming attention

superimposes the sense of its own characteristic on klik-klak.

And then you become bound in it

because it is desirable-bound in it

like Brer Rabbit gets stuck in the Tar Baby,

or Narcissus at the pond.

That’s you.

That’s the attitude of conditional experiencing,

the attitude of illusion,

the attitude of egoity,

the attitude of attention.

But you are always looking for it anyway,


at the root of it,

you’ve become attention

“moving into” the plastic,

so to speak,

then left the Domain of Satisfaction,

superimposed its heart-remembered quality on the plastic,

klik-klak domain.

But having “left it behind”,

so to speak,

and projected it

onto the world


you are always chasing the pattern for it.

Whereas it is in the Always Already Existing Position,

not in klik-klak.


The Heart Disposition


is not

a vision

of evil.

(there is

no evil).


There is

the heart-disposition

associated with


The Heart

is benign.

and also





It doesn’t see


it is gesturing toward

a kind of deification

of klik-klak.


If you don’t

watch out,

if you don’t

wake up,

if you don’t

find the Wise Man,

you don’t find

the Way.


You’ll be worshipping

not the God

Who is ultimately

Beyond the world,

but the God

who is

the world,

the God

you can’t have

without having

(I, you


the world).

That is klik-klak.

That God is just

a teddy-bear

to console you

in the world.


Truth and Beauty

So all that is Attractive,

all that is Beautiful,

all that is Full,

all that is Satisfactory,

all that is Constant,

not threatened,

all that is Love-Bliss,

all that is Radiant,

is Always Already the Case.

It is presumed to be in klik-klak.

But it is a false superimposition

of the Feeling

of your own Nature,

an illusion generated

by the heart-

not noticing

its own Nature,

but projecting itself

into the domain of changes.

Understand this,

notice this-

then the illusion of Narcissus,

and all the search built on it,


It is not struggled with.

The illusion is gone.

And there is no longer

the pursuit of attention

and result,

but the Native Stand

Prior to attention.

There is no longer

this game of unconsciously

superimposing the dualities

of the Consciousness Domain

onto klik-klak,

via attention.


The Mummery and The Fire

If you were

to get

to the pattern level,

(beyond the patterning)

there’s a possibility

(very real possibilities)

of confusions

and illusions.


you’re reaching


from the gross position,

toward it.

(the string is still



That Which is the Truth

is beyond the pattern.

So in all your

gesturing toward,



will only get you




Mummery is life.

Life is a mummery

unless you make it

not so.

Life is klik-klak,

‘the machine’

(it is a dark vision)

unless you magnify

the heart-principle.

There is just

this pattern patterning


many paradoxical levels,

everything is happening


You can be anywhere

you like,

but you can’t get there

from anywhere



(You are never


in one place

It’s just pattern.

There are infinities

upon infinities

of infinite numbers

of infinities of worlds.


of course,

there is only

one world.

There is only klik-klak,

and it is all



And because of klik-klak,

there are potential


or patternings

within the pattern

that is patterning,

they can become so various,

there is no end to possibilities.

As soon as there is


there is everything.

(Make the slightest distinction

and heaven and earth

are set infinitely apart)

You can’t have


and only get

what you want.

Torque makes


Torque makes



There are two things

That can’t be taken

into account






They can not be


to anything


They seem

to be


because (of) torque,

two-ness in klik-klak.


You can examine


any object –

break it down

to all it’s parts,

getting deeper

and deeper

behind it all,

going from sheer,

grossest of gross

to molecular and atomic,

break everything

down to all

of it’s

different parts

and levels –


you get to


or Light.

And you can’t

get any further.


no further anything

to break It

down into.

Light Itself

doesn’t break down

into anything next,

and there’s nothing

on the other side

of It.


the same thing

with examining anything

associated with


any so-called

“subjective” matter.

there’s the body,

but the mind

is aware

of the body.



the mind

there is

discriminative intelligence.

You go back farther

and farther,



then attention

is arising

in the view of

Consciousness Itself.

You can’t

break It down

to any


There’s nothing

behind It.

So by investigating

the subjective,

you get

to its irreducible base,

which is


By “considering”

or analyzing the objective,

you come

to it’s irreducible base

or constant,

which is





So there are these

two fundamental


evident in klik-klak.



another aspect

of klik-klak

is that

these two

are always


it seems,



You’re unable

to find

an irreducible


that is both

of those,



there would be

no difference



and Light,



and object.

There would be

no torque left.



and Light

can only be



Prior to torque,

Prior to attention.



Energy and Consciousness

One day,

Raymond Darling,

in The Mummery,

is sitting in his room.

He gazes about.

He looks at it all.

What does he notice?

There is no Consciousness in the room.

He saw klik-klak.

Consciousness is on the Raymond side,

not on the object side.

It requires Quandra-

Energy is on the Consciousness side,

not on the object side.

Energy is not known on the object side.

It is known on the Consciousness side.

In other words,


Oneness with Energy,

is there.

Whereas the pursuit of Energy,

the experiencing of It as object

in the form of changes,

is on the conditional,

or psycho-physical, side.

But Energy,

as is not different from Consciousness,

is on the Consciousness side.

Truth is the Consciousness side.

Klik-klak is the object side.


DEVOTEE: But then, about half way through The Mummery , there’s a point where Meridian Smith walks off into the woods, and that’s it. And then it seems that he moves more into the Witness, and just having that simple knot which is then totally exemplified with the death of his beloved Quandra, observing her in the casket.

AVATARA ADI DA: And what is that a reference to? This is something else profound to understand. That’s why I’ve added a quote at the beginning of The Mummery .

DEVOTEE: “This Maya is such . . .”

AVATARA ADI DA: Yes. That this, in so many words, this great Shakti Manifesting as the world reveals the Truth by dying, or by being sacrificed to the Divine Source-Condition – the Vedanta Temple Event. But that quote, not only is that a foreward or reference to the ultimate Vedanta Temple Event, but it is also a clue to the meaning of the dead Quandra. It is the Radiance, the Shakti-Force, turning in on Itself, dying so to speak, turning back in on Its Source instead of being just oriented toward the production of modifications.

That’s the dead Quandra. But then there are visions and such that follow, staring in the door, into the egg. So this death relinquishes the body, but the mind also, and there are subtle dimensions to the purification. But ultimately the egg is dropped. The ego is relinquished. The knot is smashed, the knot is broken.

So its the secret of the Vedanta Temple, the Submission of the Divine Power into the Source-Position, Outshining all illusion, all mere objectivity.



The Call to the Divine not Religion

A Call to the Divine

is a Call Beyond

(to Consciousness)

Not a


for klik-klak-land.

But that’s how

religion gets used

in the common form.


all it is

is a justification

for klik-klak-land.

right away

you start bringing in the requests.

There’s no

Santa-Claus God.

There is the Divine,

Santa Claus

God ideas

are your

own invention.

(When) you


on klik-klak,


no matter how hopeful

you are,

sooner or later

you’re going to get


Because that’s how

the machine works.

It’s not

that (it) amounts

to being punished

It’s just

that nobody,


what the hell

is happening

(no body)

is just

“all right”.

(you are excusing

this maddness

by saying

“it’s all cool”.)

(and letting


off the hook)

All this pattern patterning

and patterning


and among

human beings

– inevitably

they’re going to be spirals

rotating separate

from one another.


start intruding

upon one another

and creating disturbances.

That’s the nature

of patterning


It never

looks like unity in the world,

between individuals

or between groups

of individuals

or so-called


– all these different spirals

and patterns.

There’s no unity

in that.



And when


is used

to such advantage,

it is just pattern,

it will show signs

that overall

you would say

are positive

– Pleasure-Dome signs.

It doesn’t mean

you stay there,

it means

this (Way)

is the process

moment to moment

in which,


all this is



if you don’t introduce

the heart-disposition,

the going-beyond disposition,

the Pleasure-Dome disposition,

into klik-klak,

then you’re just

going to see




In the Domain of

the “Perfect Practice”,

it’s not subject-object, 

(I and Thou)

it’s the practice

of Non-“Difference”.

And there’s no “difference”,

between Shakti and Awareness,

Energy and Awareness,

Consciousness and Energy,

there’s no attention

No split

there at all.

Attention is what makes

the division to begin with.

(the first stroke).

Because there is attention,

everything in klik-klak

is in twos,

or multiples beyond that.


an explanation

for Consciousness,

and whatever else,

may yet come about.

(in the Religion of Science)

(or rationality)

That accounts for it,

will be in the context

of klik-klak.

You can’t reduce Consciousness

to klik-klak,

you can examine it,

account for it,

in the context of klik-klak.


explain it.


it will be in the context

of klik-klak

It will not be

the Truth.

It will just

be true.


in other words,

with reference

to the characteristics

of klik-klak.

But it will not


or be

the end

of the “consideration”

of Consciousness.


(without the heart-disposition)

is divorced


a fundamental element

that cannot be investigated

or affirmed.

And so

it is reductionistic

in it’s communication.

It makes everything seem

Everything is klik-klak.

It’s not true

that everything is


Everything objective,

everything conditional

-that’s klik-klak,

That’s not all

there is.

But if you



is nothing but


end of the investigation.



Perfect Practice

This becomes the “Perfect Practice”.

When the “Perfect Practice”

itself becomes Most Perfect

or Realizes Most Perfect Realization,

klik-klak is Recognized,

Divinely Recognized,

Recognized in the Divine

-founded in


in the Divine,

in that sense.

Because of that,

it loses all power of bondage,



(The power of MAYA


the distinction

between the


and the perceived objects

which are cognised within the body

as well as the distinction

between Brahman

and the phenomenal universe

which is perceived outside

(one’s own body).

This power (shakti)

is the cause of the phenomenal universe.

It is only “Bright”,


rather than dark,

as it is

on the attention side.

(the energy side)

(the object side)

(the split)

(of this into that)


In the seventh stage


Open-Eyed Awakening,

the domain of attention

is allowed.

It is not refused.

It is Radiated into.

‘from’ Consciousness.


It is not entered.

It is not sought.

It is not clung to.

It is not refused.

It is not run away from.

It is simply Recognized

in every apparent moment of arising.

It has no power to bind.

It is simply Self-Radiant Consciousness Itself.

And in any moment

of apparent associations, then,

it is clear

what any thing is

and what every thing is

-and What Is ,


That Which was called “I”-

which turned out not to be the body-mind,

but Consciousness Itself-

has Realized Its Nature,

and thereby,

Realized the Nature of objects,




-all patterns

-at last.

Just that.

You don’t have to be at any point in the pattern

to be in a position to Recognize it.

You need to be in “the” Position

in order to Recognize

any point

in the pattern

-the Position

in Which it is arising,

as it appears.

If you do not Recognize it,

you become attention

and project the illusions

that klik-klak has

the characteristics of What

is Prior to it



and Self-Radiant.

But Stand as Consciousness,


and Self-Radiant,

and Realize attention fully

-you are What Is .

Conditions allowed,

you know what any thing is ,


You know what every thing is .

It is “you”

-not by you


your characteristics on it,

from the position of contraction,

not knowing its Ultimate Nature,

your own Ultimate Nature,

but (rather)

Prior to any such conditional identifications.

Everything is simply Recognized,

even attention

in its first moment,

then everything that follows

-all the same.

No klik-klak power.

Examine the world –

it is patterns, klik-klak.

Replicate, and change, shift.

Just that.


no more purpose

in it than a wad of silly putty.

Yet within it,

any purpose can be conceived.

A drama is always purposed,

the persona is played.

Whereas if you Realize Happiness,

it just plays the pattern

of klik-klak

until the local theatre closes.

And what you like about it,

what you like about life,

and are concerned about,

is this constant Self that you presume.

Then it’s “Wake up, Narcissus!”

What you presume to be desiring is really klik-klak.

That Which is Constant,

That Which is Self,

is Consciousness

-not klik-klak,

not the objects.

Up until the “Perfect Practice”,

this is basically the “consideration”.

It is a process,

though also a sadhana,

enacted in the pattern,

always finding the Pleasure Dome

in each moment of Ishta-Guru-Bhakti Yoga.

But that itself

is just a process

of being relieved

of the burden

of the effects

of the illusion

you are constantly generating

-the self-contraction,

you see.

It is generating a constant illusion.


it is simply

the spontaneous

renunciation of klik-klak.

You renounce it spontaneously.

You are not that.

You have superimposed

your characteristic on it,

and then sought yourself

within it on top of that.

And this quality

that is constant

is you .


This Delight you seek,

by superimposing it on klik-klak,

is Inherent.

But it is found only

in the Yoga and Domain of Inherence,


rather than movement of attention,


a kind of movement of attention,

and submission to change.

It is by Inhering,


not by moving

and changing,


That Which is Constant,


Always Already the Case,

is Realized.

When this is understood most profoundly,

such that there is a relinquishment,

a spontaneous relinquishment,

of the search

and “bond”

to attention

and its process,

then the “Perfect Practice”

becomes spontaneously


It is a spontaneous renunciation

-not effort

-of the orientation

toward conditional existence,


or attention


and its results,

or the adventure of the first five stages of life,

or the assumption of point of view,

the assumption of body,

the assumption of particularity

by association with any kind of object at all.

That inclination is relaxed,


and there is simply

the Standing As Is,

As What Always Already Is.

So you don’t have to make any effort

to be

What Is already.

(surrender is not an effort)

But you are already making efforts,

and you must be purified of that,

such that you will relax it.

But when that occurs,

then the “Perfect Practice”

can begin,

because you are already then

in the Native Position

of What Is

-Whatever That Is.


That is What is Realized

in the “Perfect Practice”

when its Position is Realized.

When the first five stages of life are transcended,

you Stand in the pre-klik-klak Position.


So, if you want to know really how to do this,

then you take up the practice of the Way of the Heart as I’ve Given it.

That is how to really do it.


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