The following is an excerpt and edit from a talk by Adi Da Samraj in 1982.


“Humanity is not responding to Reality, Truth and God, and therefore humanity is living as it is and suffering a great deal of difficulty. But the solution is not that some parental God force or God State must arise and straighten everything out. That is not going to happen. The response to the Reality, Truth and God must occur at the level of every fraction of the cosmos, at the level of every individual: The coming of a force from without to change everyone is not going to happen. Neither can you wait until everybody responds and conditions change before it is the right time for you to respond. The Divine Influence is here, now, obliging you to respond.

Either you will or you won’t. If you will, you will enter into the The True Process, but even so the circumstances of life will not necessarily change. They are there to be observed, but what can we see about them? They appear to be negative because of an activity to which beings and all the levels of functional existence are devoted not the response to submission and inherence in the The Law, but rather the reaction of self possession and dissociation, cause and effect games in and of themselves in their own domain.

Only this response makes a difference, nothing else. Nothing from outside can make a difference, no order can be brought from without to make any ultimate difference. Therefore we can appeal only to this response in ourselves. We can resort only to our capacity to make this response. And then we must live in this manly fashion, male or female, the life of that response in the face of all apparent difficulties. Then it is obvious that those difficulties exist not because you are or are not responding, but because everything else is not responding. even if you respond, And it is obvious that difficulties will continue as long as the responses of all others are absent. You can, through the force of your responding, your life in God, generate the attractive Influence of the Truth, Reality and God and thereby somehow help to bring about these responses. You can do positive work in the world, but you cannot expect thereby to generate changes. In any case, change does not justify your own response. Only the Real, to That Which you respond, justifies your response, whether or not anything changes at all in your intimate life or in the world”.

The following is an excerpt and edit from a talk by Adi Da Samraj in 1982.
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