Purification and the Stages of Life – Adi Da Samraj

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The Brighten Heart Series – 1995


Adi Da: The first five stages
of life in the Way of Heart are done from the point of view
of the body mind or in the position of the body mind. The
sixth stage of life in the Way of the Heart is done from the
point of view of the in-depth self, transcendental dimension
of self and so it has gone beyond and the seventh stage of
life is not a part of the psycho-biography of the ego. It is
the divine demonstration.

That demonstration rather than
sadhana is done from the divine point of view in the divine
condition recognizing awe in everything. So there are three
fundamental stages to the process you see. Everything is
done in the context of the body mind. The first two
dimensions of the perfect practice or its done from the
point of view of the conscious witness and such and then the
seventh stage of life.

So everything preliminary to the
perfect practice is really about one thing. Its this process
of being purified of entanglement so that tension can fall
or dissolve in its source, the native stage. All the
agitations, entanglements, functional, practical, relational
limitations, all of this must be purified in me when you
have concentrated in me altogether and

This process of purification of
becoming established in the source position is to simply and
straight forwardly establish all the basic practices so you
can exercise them profoundly. You can’t exercise them
most profoundly until you’ve got all of them intact
covering everything.

So all the struggling with
disciplines and that sort of business, instead of being
straight forward, just keeps the practice superficial and
prolongs it at a superficial level. It makes the listening
process superficial. So a devotee should urgently embrace
all of the practices and consistently practice



Then it’s this profound
intensity of consideration examining your act, your what are
you doing. You see all of the this is in various areas of
your life where you dramatize something or other, have a
limitation as such and take some discipline on about

But it’s still kind of research
to find out the source of this seeking of all of these
disturbed patterns and so forth and then the arms of hearing
are awakened, the fundamental grasping in the place of the
self-contraction, a fundamental understanding.

Suddenly you have the capability to
flower and be the open hand in communion with me. It’s
from that point you have the fullest foundation of equipment
to then move on to seeing me and be established in the most
profound practice that precedes the perfect practice.
Effectively it’s all purification.

You can see that it’s also
about getting subtler, more refined, recollecting yourself,
achieving a balance in equanimity in your disposition
because you are focused in this moving beyond contraction
into the radiant disposition in communion with me.
That’s the exercise and the effects or purifications of
all kinds. You don’t need to be necessarily outwardly
very dramatic about this and that, whatever it takes. People
get purified.

The frontal spiritual yoga purifies
the entire body mind. It is my crashing down. It opens up
everything from above to the base. It does all kinds of
physical purification, emotional purification, mental
purification, subtle energy level purification. Sometimes it
occurs very subtly in dreams or in the back of the mind so
to speak. It just passes.

It’s the process of releasing
energy and attention so you can be attracted by me
spiritually to the source position. It is also why the
purification takes place. That’s the very important
reason why it takes place. Secondarily of course it
generates positive signs in the life.

In the ascending course there are
purifications of the same kind but it is associated with the
pursuit of ascended samadhi which is conditional samadhi. In
this way in the way of the heart which I have given you
purification is from above downwards. It does all of the
purifying of ascending yoga but it is not associated with
this search for that conditional samadhi.

Instead it is done in communion with
me such that you are drawn into the capability of the
perfect practice. So practicing stages four and five are not
in general necessary. There may be an unusual case here and


Devotee: How can you tell the
difference between someone practicing in the various stages
of life, as it relates to their indivdual

Adi Da: Purifications can
occur anytime even in the sixth practicing stage. You may
still see some signs of apparent purifications going on in
the body mind or in some dimension or other of the
character. It’s not perfection that moves you to the
perfect practice, not perfection of the body mind. It’s
efficient purification and contemplative emersion in me to
realize and stand of the witness position.

So it’s not that the individual
has to become a perfect character according to some model or
other. It must simply be purified to the point sufficient
for that awakening. Purifications occur before the perfect
practice but some may be in evidence even afterward. Even in
the Seventh Stage of Life someone cuts their finger,
they’ve got to heal, take in some toxins, they’ve
got to purify. Ordinary disturbances do not cease, take a
bath, all that pain in the ass stuff.

Sometimes the ascending yoga becomes
necessary, not to realize anything but to release energy and
attention to enter the perfect practice.

The purpose of all the previous
stages is for purification and release of energy and
attention such that the perfect practice can awaken. In
other words, wherever the karmas are, they have to be
purified. Sometimes a purification process can occur on the
grosser level and will affect that in-depth level so the
frontal yoga as I said covers the entire body mind.
It’s just done through the mechanism of descent like
crashing down.

So if there is a lot of karmic
content and impulse relative to the things that can be
experienced in the ascending process then maybe in some
cases that will be necessary because as I said purifications
on that level occur in the course of the frontal yoga and
the sadhana altogether.

You’re doing the frontal yoga
in the sense that that’s how you concentrate the
practice, the meditation practice and all the rest. That
doesn’t mean you can’t have any ascending
experiences during the course. I’ve known devotees who
are beginners who have spiritual experiences of

It’s not like forbidden because
they’re not practicing Stage 2 or 3 or beyond it. The
frontal course is a specific yoga. That’s your
responsibility, spontaneous movements, spiritual movements
in the body frontal or spinal will happen spontaneously
anyway, whatever has to take place.

So it’s very possible then that
during the course of the period when you do the frontal yoga
sufficient purification altogether can occur even in the
case of someone who has a lot of subtler level or ascending
kinds of karmas or attachments.

So people who are practicing Stage 3
do have ascending experiences potentially as many devotees
who are not even at 1.2 have such that you must do the
responsible sadhana in these stages whatever ones are
necessary for this particular sadhana to be fulfilled. It
doesn’t really matter having experiences that are in
the likeness of what might be expected at some stage.
It’s a matter of doing this ego transcending sadhana in
the context of that stage.

Then there’s the real
purification and transcendence. The power of hearing and
seeing releases that. There’s no bind on attention,
attention getting fixed in this or that drama or function or
whatever. When that process has gone on sufficiently the
attention is collected, not wandering. That doesn’t
mean that in the process the psycho-physical personalities
become some sort of ideal figure absolutely perfect in every
way that anyone might imagine. No, it’s a matter of
when has this purification taken place

So you must do the sadhana in
spiritual terms but you don’t necessarily have to do it
in practicing Stages 4 and 5. Everything that has to be
purified anywhere descending or ascending will in general
take place in most cases at practicing Stage 3. That’s
the stage of spiritual purification. The yoga is frontal but
the experiences can cover the entire circle.

So you don’t have to do the
specific yoga of concentrating in ascent in the general
case. There’s no need for concentration. The
purification has already occurred in the entire mechanism
descending and ascending. So for the perfect practice to
begin establishment on the right side of the heart is what
must have been allowed or accomplished by the previous
sadhana so it’s freedom from the entire

There’s nothing prior to
witnessing it probably even to attention. So it’s not
that if you pass from practicing Stage 3 to practicing Stage
6 that you have somehow avoided some part of sadhana or your
enlightenment is going to be limited or something
ultimately. No, as I am telling you, I hope it was clear
before, the frontal yoga is simply the

The effects are in the circle
entirely. That’s totality so that there can be passage
out of the circle into descent into Amrita Nadi until the
awakening stages in which there is the call for regeneration
of Amrita Nadi and the enlightenment of the circle, literal
enlightenment of the circle. You know what I mean. (Audience

That which is realized radiates
freely in the body mind whereas before it was pursued.
Ultimately that ascent and onward to samadhi that is the
sign of enlightenment or divine self-realization remarkably
so because originally on the origination of the ego tour
ascending in Amrita Nadi onward samadhi locking the heart
behind, the right side behind and taking on the circle was
the very basis for unenlightenment so what’s the

Well, the tour of egoity required
you shut to the door on the right side to the heart. So you
had to go back and open it up again and then it’s fine
to allow the light of self to pass into the entire body mind
and everywhere because you don’t lock the door and you
recognize everything that arises.

If you lock the door and travel
onward into Amrita Nadi into the circle you’ve left God
behind. People imagine the divine person as above and beyond
altogether outside the sphere of human existence. You have
to somehow get out of at least the lower part to be happy or
get to a very high part to be happy.

So the usual purpose is in the
fourth, fifth and sixth stage of life to get outside in one
sense or another. The fourth stages get from gross
embodiment to a kind of saintly aspiration and the fifth is
a matter of ascending into subtler levels of experiencing
and after death to pass into subtler planes. It’s all a
matter of getting out of some level or other and the sixth
stage wants to get out of everything altogether.

But all these pursuits including the
first three stages of life in their usual egoit form are
based on separation from the divine condition, the
presumption of egoity. They are motivated to find the divine
condition because they can’t recognize anything.
They’ve lost the divine condition. They locked the
door. The ego locks the door. That’s the knot on the
right. So when the door is opened and there is the
realization of the true inherent state and then the current
passes and then ascent into Amrita Nadi and the circle,
there is little enlightenment of the body mind and
everything is recognizable in all the purposes previously
pursued and the first six stages of life are

There’s no further karmic
embodiment, no further history but that of the divine
person. Well in that condition of a full awakeness,
everything is recognizable as the very divine self-condition
and it is the divine self-condition. All this is nothing but
that right now. It is entirely me. If you would recognize it
you would have no sadhana to do. So you must realize the
divine self-position and condition.

So it’s nothing the body mind
can presume to the degree you are attached to the body
self-presumption. You must serve me and contemplate me in
every kind of service and in meditation. When the process of
your contemplation of me becomes more profound and even
subtle, then you’re in the aspiration of becoming one
with me, united with me, a part of me so you can be one with

So the disposition of the aspiration
to being one with me, communing with me utterly, grows
beyond the servant stage. The servant life remains. The
depth of the process becomes one of entering into
contemplative communion with me. You enjoy undifferentiated
union with me; ultimately non-separation from me and then
the contents of the perfect practice is from the point of
view of that. I am your very self. I am you and that is what
the perfect practice is about and this culmination is as I
have revealed it to you and never shown before. This
culmination is the 7th Stage demonstration of open

Did that cover all of that then? The
thing of it is, we haven’t even spoken yet. You’ve
just had one half a line to get in all of this. I should
congratulate you on what you were going to say

(a long winded question is asked by
a devotee about the self contraction….)

Adi Da: I feel a little
commentary coming on……..(laughter)

…..your way of stating that
illustrates the difference between listening and not yet
hearing and hearing. You were talking about in effect you
were relaxing the self-contraction. Looks like it’s a
knot in your solar plexus or something in communion with me.
That’s how you were using the exercise and that’s
how it would be done from the point of view of

The point of view of hearing is at
the point of the self-contraction, the point of the act of
self-contraction and in communion with me passes beyond
directly as flowering truly. It’s not merely a
sensation that you’re experiencing. It is an act you
are performing. You’re doing the self-contraction.
It’s not merely happening to you.

I’ve used the illustration
since the earliest days of a man pinching himself. You all
know that one right? He’s uncomfortable and so forth.
He tries to shake it off, whatever he does and then
eventually discovers he’s been pinching himself all the
while and takes his hand away and all his problem

Well I’ve used that little bit
to try to describe to you what hearing is about. It’s
not a matter of dealing with something that is subjective to
you in the context of your human existence. It’s not
objective to you. It may seem to be so until you hear me. In
some sense that’s the fundamental description of the
difference between non-hearing and hearing.

In the case of the non-hearer you
don’t yet at the place itself understand most
fundamentally that your search, your disease, your struggle
and so on, your pain of existence is something that you are
doing so that’s hearing from that point you can be in
communion with me pass directly from the self-contraction
act itself and you can do this then under all circumstances
in every context of experience. But other stages evolve from

The same hearing gesture is your
capability and your responsibility and immediately very
quickly prepares you to do the yoga of seeing me such that
the hearing process is taking place in the full dimension of
spiritual existence and the purification is more profound,

You are referring to the
self-contraction. You are having some experience of it but
as if you are outside it somehow, somewhere and don’t
quite have the key then to get rid of it. So you examine
each piece of your life. You see how you do it there in some
behavioral or other terms or what not and you work on that
same discipline and so forth and that gets better but there
is still this disturbance, this stress, this pursuit and so
on and your examination of all that becomes summary because
you are it. You’re being it. You’re doing it as an
action. You’re in that very place and you know all
about it just like you know how to open your hand instead of
pinching yourself or open your hand instead of making a
fist. It’s the core of all your doings, your thinkings,
your feelings and so on and you’re doing it right at
its root all the time and yet you act like it’s totally
mysterious to you. I might point this out to you and
it’s totally mysterious to you.


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