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Telling Leelas, Telling Stories

Free Daist Magazine

The Free Daist
Vol 2 Number 3 & 4
Special Double Issue, 1991

(This is an edited version of a talk Adi Da was having with a group of his devotees at Adidasamrajashram. To see the original talk click here.)


ADI DA SAMRAJ: Relative to telling the Leelas of the Teaching years, that is another matter. The Teaching years were a continuous “consideration”, a most serious matter, from My point of view. That “consideration” covered everything. There was nothing casual or frivolous about it, its meaning, its purpose, or its results. Every matter addressed then was addressed as a “consideration”. It was a process. Everything “considered” came about in due course to produce the final form of Instruction, the final Admonition.

I have noticed that some people like to talk about the Teaching years because they like talking about high energy times, and celebrations, and parties. They just like the mood of things being that way, and they like to ritually return to all of that by telling My Stories.

Of course, they are not really telling the Leela of the Teaching years by doing that, not in general. You can tell an anecdote here and there, but to tell the Leelas of the Teaching years, you must fully communicate the “consideration”. It is not enough to talk about a particular occasion, something I said, some particular moment, something you did. That is not the Leela. That is not the “consideration”. The Leela is the totality of My Address, to that matter or that person.

In general, the “consideration” was not covered in a moment or in an incident or even in a period. Those “considerations” took years. And it was not so much something I entered into with individuals – it was that certainly – but it was a “consideration” I entered into with everyone. The totality of its meanings, then, depends on everyone’s telling his or her portion of it and then putting it all together in the form of a comprehensive Leela. Cover the entire “consideration” by showing the depth of that “consideration”, all parts examined, entered into fully.

Then the results, the final Admonition, the ultimate Instruction, the necessity for that finality, becomes clear. If you just go about telling people about the celebratory events or the celebratory atmosphere of some time in the past, you are only stimulating their interest in indulging themselves in one way or another, wishing it were that way now, perhaps: “Do you still do that?” “No.” “Well, I’m not interested. If it was loose, informal, maybe I’d consider joining up now, but since you aren’t doing that anymore, I’m not interested.” Then you get the other kind of character: “You did what?! He did what?! I don’t want anything to do with it.” All the forms of mind have their angle on it.

“I would say…no single individual can properly tell (a leela)”

What is the purpose of telling these Leelas, then? It is to reveal a right understanding of life, reveal the Lesson of life itself, but also reveal a right understanding of the elements of life that make it clear what right practice is, or the possible range of forms of right practice, since there is some variation from person to person. That is what it is to tell the Leela of the Teaching years, then. I would say, then, no single individual can properly tell it, even though some individuals were present much of the time, although certainly such individuals have a unique point of view from which to tell the Leelas and describe the “consideration”. Any one individual present much of the time still represents only one point of view. I was involved in interaction with all who were there, and they were involved in interaction with one another. It was all a “consideration” in which everyone participated to the point of an ultimate resolution. You are not telling the Leelas of the Teaching years if you do not tell what that resolution is and why it was necessary.

The resolution of the Teaching years is a call to right practice, that very practice which is the Way of the Heart, summarized in The Dawn Horse Testament. This is what you have not told, you see. You are not giving others the opportunity to “consider” these things. Nowadays there are still many individuals, student-beginners or perhaps student-novices, who are just wasting months, years at a time, taking forever to adapt to the basic disciplines, indulging themselves one day and being straight the next day, indulging in their idealistic and double-minded approach. They could well use a good summary presentation of the “considerations” of the Teaching years, and not merely pictures of how some people partied and enjoyed themselves at one time or another, and also enjoyed My Company, and I Said and Did remarkable things, and they had visions. Not just that, but the whole matter of how the ego lives, what its tendencies are, what its interests are, what its points of view are, all the different arguments it makes relative to each aspect of ordinary life. And, after examining all of that, what is the right conclusion you must come to as a result? What is the fullest “consideration” of that, and what is its result? Such clarity and understanding must be conveyed through these Leelas of “consideration” from the Teaching years.

And there is obviously a lack of clarity and understanding. Almost none of My Wisdom-Teaching is in print anymore. All My Words have been buried in archives. You cannot even afford to publish My Wisdom-Teaching anymore, beyond a few things. The books that have already been Written and prepared for publication cannot be published. You cannot afford to do it, you have so undermined the organization. The resource is not there even to distribute them properly. Even the books already Written, there to be published – most of them cannot be published at the present time. And on top of that, the entire history of all My Work to now is almost entirely untold, and all the “considerations” of all those years are almost totally unknown.

In some sense, then, I have in these last few years Given you a replacement for the Leelas. I have Given you the summary Source-Teaching, in the form of The Dawn Horse Testament and several other books – The Love- Ananda Gita, and so on. Even without an extensive telling of the Leelas of the Teaching years, you do have My summary Word, and it is sufficient. It is just that it would be good if you also told the Leelas. As I say over and over again in The Dawn Horse Testament, you should communicate and make full use of My Word and My Leelas – not only My Leelas generated now in present time, but those that have already been Given and that must be remembered by you, told again and again, and kept on record for others.

To do that is part of your sadhana. And you have done very little of it so far. I do not even know what you are doing with that history. There are nearly twenty years of it now. I do not know how much of it is actively being recorded. I ask about it again and again. I keep being assured some people are doing something about it, but how much and what I do not know for sure. You certainly have not produced very much of it in the form of literature, or something tangible that can be used by others.

You cannot fullfill your Mission if you cannot celebrate Me. You are not celebrating if you do not handle your business. These are the ways whereby I will know that you are celebrating, when you make these positive changes.




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“The perfect among the sages is identical with Me. There is absolutely no difference between us”
Tripura Rahasya, Chap XX, 128-133