Adi Da’s Summary and Final Teaching Word

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Adi Da’s Summary and Final Teaching Word

August 2008



Beezone Summary

Since 2000 Adi Da’s teaching is fundamentally entirely a new teaching.  It is not a revision.  It is exactly as the teaching was before.  Its root teaching is the same.  It was Given because the previous ‘method’ of teaching was not fully understood.

‘The Aletheon’ is this new Avataric Divine Teaching – simply, The Divine Teaching.

Hi Avataric Process shows itself in this change.  His Process is reflected in The New Summary Teaching. 

After Lopez (April 2000) there was a failure to understand, recognize and respond to His Avataric Divine Translation.

It could be said that His work began at Lopez in 2000 because of its Purity.

The submission work and teaching were necessary but now His work is over and devotees must respond to His Pure and Fully Revealed Presence which is a Divinely Avataric Unfolding Process.

The Lopez ‘Event’ was a culmination of His Work.

This is the necessary leela of his lifetime that must be understood and told so people will understand the Process He Has Revealed and what its meaning is – and what its great significance is.

It is the proof and the demonstration of His Divine Avataric Intervention in the World.

This IS the culminating time on earth for All and all.

He must be Recognized for this Great Transformation to Happen rightly and fully – straightforward as possible

What is required is necessary and difficult but is rightly positive.

There must be right coincidence with Him to have this rightening be straightforward as possible. 

The purification process is happening.  But the process does not have to be prolonged and filled with prolonged negative dimensions and purifications that are generated in its course. 

All of this (purification process) is happening on its own.  He is just pointing to it.  Telling everyone what it’s about and why it is.

It is time for Him to be Recognized Everywhere.  This is The Great Help.

This is the work of the devotee.