Address Me – Adi Da Samraj – January 5, 2005

A Beezone Study

Beezone was interested in understanding Adi Da’s continual address to the ‘beginners level’ of understanding – and thereupon cultic response – of his devotees. It became clear in its investigation; he was not “throwing the baby out with the bathwater.” Nor was he saying that the ‘beginners level’ of practice was not necessary. What he was addressing was the lack of any real spiritual response – over time – that his devotees were able to sustain and genuinely manifest.

After his Mahasamadhi, what did that leave the gathering with? It left a community of ‘beginners’ without any spiritually acknowledged devotees. With this seeming summary statement, it would be easy to “throw the baby out with the bathwater” and resign oneself to the apparent impossibility to satisfy the Guru’s admonition and continual call to “follow his instructions.”

What follows is an attempt to bring an understanding that his ‘call’ and eventual ‘collapse’; and admission of his failure, is only the beginning of a challenge his devotees are left to face and hopefully respond to with the real gift of self-understanding.


“No matter how much you know about the Way of Adidam, until it becomes Full of Me, literally, in this Yogic devotion, it’s only a beginning. The beginning is necessary, because there needs to be a foundation in every aspect of life. There needs to be responsibility for the gross aspects of the character, the egoic presumption, the ego-asana, “Narcissus” looking at himself.”
Adi Da Samraj

Address Me & Understand

“The Mummery is a mockery of you, in some sense, you see. But, instead, it should be something you could truly laugh at and be clowns in because you’ve transcended it.”
Adi Da Samraj

Understanding and Accountability in the Way of Adidam


“How could you turn student-beginner practice of this Way into nothing more than lifestyle patterns that fulfill the social ego through various modes of money, food and sex practice? What does that have to do with Me? What does it have to do with this Way?”

“I Call You to Consider this Very Seriously”

Adi Da Samraj, October, 2005



ADI DA SAMRAJ: What is all this you’re under vow because you are purposed to Realize Me, you’re purposed to Divine Self Realization? Where is that? It’s over three decades later and I have yet to see a sign of this in any one at all – not one.

All I see is refusal, non-compliance, indifference, people preoccupied with themselves, wrapped up in their own egoity, making no use of the fact that I am here, making no use of My Instruction. Talking about it is not using it.


“There are two ways to engage Spiritual life: the Way of Satsang and the way of egoic struggle in response to instruction. I do Give you My Instruction, but only in the context of Satsang, only in relationship to you. Therefore, practice of the Way of the Heart is realized in relationship to Me. I do not merely Instruct you and then leave you on your own to fulfill My Instruction. I am steady in My Transmission of My Spiritual Heart-Presence. I am always Available to you.”


So being members of the Lay Congregationist Order, under vow and accountable, is as sannyas as you all are going to get for now. And until the reality of accountability is added to this, nothing is going to be right.

And for accountability to be added to it requires more than an office somehow putting out management communications. It requires that everyone who is under vow accept that they are under vow, now, and accept that they are to be accountable for all the aspects of their practice, the fulfillment of My Instruction in the optimum sense for each one, in each case.


“You must begin a politics of mutual responsibility, accountability, and creativity at the level of intimate, cooperative and cultural community.”


Most of My Instruction that belongs there at the beginning is not being fulfilled. You’re simply ignoring it, struggling within the first three stages of life. You’re remaining weak and independent, you’re not turned to Me, you’re not surrendered to Me. You’re not moved to Me. You’re self possessed. Rules, formalities, lifestyle arrangements—these are not sadhana.


What is both expected and possible is that My every devotee practice each and all of the by-Me-Given functional, practical, and relational disciplines truly, seriously, consistently, and with full and consistent cultural accountability.”


The actual demonstration of the recognition-response to Me is sadhana. It is demonstrated by living according to My Word of Instruction relative to all aspects of Ruchira Avatara Bhakti Yoga, all aspects of the associated disciplines that I have Given.

And it requires a consistent and ongoing dialogue in each case, a dialogue that’s about the actualities of applying and resisiting My Instruction in your own life.

….and by the way

Understand the Criticism and Don’t Take it Personally!

Adi Da Samraj, January 05, 2005


So this organization that is the Adidam gathering in its various dimensions, the Pan-Communion, the Ruchirasala, cooperative entities you generate and the Samrajya which is fundamental to all and completely set apart, is a, well, as I say of The Mummery Book performance, the performance assisted subjective process with a capital “S”. The performance assistance is the culture in all of its necessary institutional or organizational and bottom line requirements and obligations, yes, but the core of it, that on which it’s all founded, that which it is about, is not all of that necessary performance or institutional obligations and so forth.

Yes, all that’s there, but it’s about realization of Me, renunciation, real devotion, real practice, real sadhana, not being explained to forever by some parental authority figure or oedipal other combined with whatever, you see?  You should not be relating to Me and approaching Me, therefore, through egoic conventions or the patterns of habit that belong to your worldly life. I’m no such one. There is no such state alive in association with This Body here.

You must recognize Me in order to relate to Me rightly and you must govern your behaviors as a gathering and as individuals in accordance with that recognition and therefore in accordance with the right cultural pattern that is not merely egoic in nature, not merely conventionally religious in nature, not about showing up empty-handed and just being ordinary people or relating to someone you presume to be an ordinary like yourself ego because it’s in front of you in a recognizable human form, you see. You think there’s a difference between this skin and this space there. There’s none.

I’m the room talking to you, the room you cannot see except this appearance is generated to be revealing and to provide a focus for your practice so that you can be eased out of your bondage by attract–, attract–, attractiveness of that which is inherently real, true, always already the case, Self-Bright.

Therefore there are no doings with Me that are appropriate except on the basis of that recognition. Everything else is an abuse and an offense and you all are showing yourselves to me in a profoundly offensive manner, have always of course, but it’s in some sense been accepted by Me because of your immaturity, but it can no longer be accepted. And it has now become so burdensome that I really can’t live with you anymore and endure it. So it can’t go on.

I’m simply speaking plainly to you. If you want Me to persist in your company any longer, you MUST embrace the laws of right relationship to Me and that means you must accept your responsibilities altogether, all the responsibilities I’ve given you for this performance, so to speak, that is the necessary organization, the mission, the culture, the institution, all of its forms, all of your obligations in practice that I’ve thoroughly already given you, that I’ve made available to you, taking GREAT pain, literally, made GREAT effort to put in summary form so that it’s accessible to you so that you can approach Me rightly, make use of this Body here, now alive to Bless by THIS means animated here and forever after the lifetime of this Body when that time has its appropriate moment. You MUST not destroy this vehicle. You have to discontinue this abuse that you are all habituated to through your worldly life, egoity in the world, and through the habit patterns that you have indulged as a gathering in My Company during all this revelation time, of now about to be 33 years.

And in a few days 19 years since the initiation of My Divine Self-Emergence work; in other words, it was from that time I told you The Way is given, you must now relate to Me as devotees to their Avatarically Born Divine Master. That’s The Way. That’s what you must do now, and stop the teaching years mode of approach.

That was 19 years ago, about to be in just four or five days, whatever. In other words, almost two decades already and you still are living as if in the teaching years, where virtually everything is allowed, and I’ll consider anything, and just come to the microphone and let’s chew the fat about any damn bullshit you want to bring up, you see? Or, you know, you can dump anything on Me every morning. Since you’re empty-handed, why not dish out some shit and tell Me to wait and just keep Me in My room for another day, you see? It’s that slick and that is what you’re doing and there’s a lot of attempt to deceive Me that goes on and it’s rather dark, very dark, in fact, and I’ve said enough about it. I’ve exhausted Myself raising My Voice at you.

It’s not worth My doing it anymore. It’s all up to you now. I just mustn’t do this anymore. I can’t survive it anymore. I’ve told you This Body is ill, it’s been made ill. You have to understand, I CANNOT continue this Incarnation much longer, strained as I am. You can take that as serious as you like or not. I am not threatening you, I am just telling you plain that I know you have exhausted Me, exhausted This Body and I cannot do this anymore and so that means this is finished.

This mode of association with Me in which you don’t have the obligation of practice and do not have the obligation of gifts or rightness and can simply relate to Me casually and act like the dumb buffalo demon, you see, and just talk absurdities at Me and carry on your absurdly ordinary subhuman existence, even your lowness, non-devotional, undisciplined, lives obsessed with money, food, sex, and social ego and social religiosity.

I’ve said really all that’s necessary to say about all of that. It’s not it. I’ve suffered you in it and said what needed to be said. I did what needed to be done to make the lesson for you. The lessons are given, the lessons are there in the form of My Leelas for all these years. My instructions, fundamental and sufficient for everyone, are given and summarized in the source texts, in the instructions given to be preserved by the Ruchira Sannyasin Order and so on.

There is no true Ruchira Sannyasin Order yet apart from My Person, but there are two people under vow that have at least the responsibility of the maintaining of what I have passed on to be preserved by the Ruchira Sannyasin Order. It is to be seen how much they otherwise are able to do in service to Me in the form that the Ruchira Sannyasin Order is supposed to perform in the role of culturally governing authority, or extending of My Authority in this gathering.

That’s to be seen. So far it has been defeated. But as I’ve been telling you now and as I’ve said to people in various circumstances, very vigorously, even this day, and for a long time, even from the beginning, in fact, certainly in a very concentrated way and in just recent years, over and over and over again, day after day, I have made the points and I have said what I have to say and I have been telling you very clearly and am now telling you, I have to stop and you have to change and you must not presume to relate to Me in this manner anymore.

That doesn’t mean you have no relationship to Me anymore. You have this great Revelation. That’s IT. Do THAT and you’ll have more to do with Me, in fact, than you ever did. But what you do with Me will preserve this Body and I don’t mean just mean in a crypt, you see. Your right relationship to Me through gifts, cultivated over the lifetime of this Body, cultivates My Blessing of you, enables your process of devotion to develop as renunciation and realization of Me. Not renunciation of Me, renunciation of self and realization of Me.

That’s the purpose of coming into My Company, not any of the other modes of disposition and exploitation and so forth that you have indulged in, that you have tried out in approach to Me in the course of nearly 33 years now. That’s enough of a history of that. You’ve tried everything and I have addressed everything.

I have submitted to you in everything so that you could be instructed and now you ARE instructed and you’re responsible for living according to that instruction and I really just have to step out of the man in the middle position. I have even recently been trying EVERY DAY to bring about the changes necessary in the organization, The Hermitage. I am truly exhausted, really at the end of it bodily and if I just insist on demanding of this Body that it be submitted to you and I go on and do this some more, even tomorrow get up and get on the phone or have people come and address Me about these things again, it’s just a very short period of time, I’m not going to survive. I know it, so don’t do it.

But not only must you not do it, I have to do something that’s in the mode of stepping aside. So understand why I’m going to be doing what I’m doing. It’s not dissociating from you. I call you to come to Me, you see, with gifts, come to realize Me. I am NOT trying to make Myself absent. I am simply drawing the line. This stops here. This is the end of it. It truly is. It is even life and death now.

It HAS to stop and YOU won’t stop it. It’s proven again today. I just tried with a group of people today to get them to deal with these various issues, five issues, and just everything altogether. It’s just, it’s just too much. There’s NOTHING coming of it. It’s just immovable and I am assured by everybody in these discussions, yes, everything HAS to change. We WILL change.

Well, I’ve heard it all before. I’ve been hearing that for more than three decades, you see. It IS true. It DOES have to change and now. I’ve said what has to change and you have My Instruction. Understand – I have to step apart from this now, not to be unavailable to you, but simply requiring that you approach Me lawfully. That’s all.

So I’m basically going to discontinue the dialogue, so to speak. It’s your business. You must preserve Me, this Hermitage, this institution. You must do its mission, fulfill your cultural responsibilities, approach Me through gifts. I’m available for gifts only.

Accessibility, that’s a matter I have defined for you already. You MUST come to Me through the narrow gate of the Samrajya. That’s just all there is to it. The Hermitage can’t be made up of student-beginners and so on. At least if some student-beginners are all that there is for the moment, well, they can’t have access to Me period. And access to Me is in the circumstances of the Samrajya, right relationship to Me only, with gifts, with all the foundation signs and with the whole gathering demonstrating those signs in the form of what I call the Five Issues. I needn’t repeat what those are. It’s required. It’s required that the Hermitage be right and I’ve told everyone what that is, it’s all recorded along with a few New York colorful words for emphasis. I don’t care. I like them actually [laughter].

So it’s stated, it’s all clear. There’s no questions about it to ask Me anymore. It’s too many words, in fact. It gets to be like all those words in tens of thousands, piles and piles and piles of material back in ’65 or whenever it is when I burned everything cause that was the only way to have it be just whatever it was, walking and writing it in one shout, you see. Once it all got out all over the floor in however many tens of thousands it was, I couldn’t get it back in again. It’s like getting the toothpaste back in the tube, you know [laughter].

So burning it was a way, so to speak, of interiorizing it and then it took place again, not only in the form of all the writings, all the teaching, all the work I’ve done. And so there’s a lot of words in the course of the 32 plus years, in the 19 years of the Divine Self-Emergence process which has been a process going on with this Person before you.

The Seventh Stage Demonstration has been happening. YOU’VE all been back in the 70’s, but I have not and that’s also why it has gotten to the moment where it has to stop. The manifestation is so profound that the Body is just not able to do this. It’s not a Body that functions that way. It is NOT a karmic entity. It is simply “Bright” here and it can’t be doing these things and you can’t bruise the butterfly and expect it to live.

So you have more than enough words and there are a lot more than there practically be put back in your heads. There’s a lot of repetition there and fundamentals are pretty easy to get at. You know what I’m talking about, so you have to do it and that’s all there is to say and I am NOT going to do it. I am NOT going to be accessible as I have been and I am not going to enter into exchanges with the bureaucrats and so forth anymore.

It’s all your business. It’s your inheritance from Me. It’s your obligation. Now I’ll be accessible, as I have said, and I’ll continue to be accessible for devotees to have the sighting of Me, basically every day as I have been doing and that means devotees will have the access to Me through the internet, and so on.

Those who should have access here are those necessary to make it possible for devotees to have the sighting of Me, the people necessary to do it technically and to serve the occasion, to MAKE it an occasion. There have to be some people there, but I’m not even, generally speaking, going to look up at them. It’s not required anyway. You’re supposed to be sighting Me, so whoever’s going to do it for the time being, the next time I look up it should be because there are devotees who have made it through the narrow gate and My Regard is necessary.

I will also continue to respond to your requests for My Blessing there is, in your needs and that will be continued to be presented to Me every day as I’ve been doing, so that will continue. I am obviously going to continue basic things such as that, but I’m not going to meet with the bureaucrats and engage in exchanges with empty-handed people or read reports and do all that kind of thing. And I’ll expect your gifts, but I’m going to keep myself away from the exchanges.

You must preserve this Body, but I also have to be part of it by stopping going to the room where I get My daily beating. I’m just not going to go there anymore. So I’ll be where I appropriately should be and you can come find entrance there when you are prepared and pay the entrance fee, so to speak and I look for you to come into My Company when you are prepared for Me to bless you for the purpose of realizing Me, bless you spiritually in this real process. There is preparation foundation that you are responsible for and that’s what the student-beginner time is. It’s not supposed to take forever, so retreats are something that will occur here when there are people prepared in that sense.

You have to understand the Samrajashram Naitauba is NOT a business. It is a Holy Place. It must be set apart by the mechanism of the Samrajya, but it’s not a business. It simply perpetuates My Person here, the Ruchira Sannyasin Order and its given obligations in perpetuity. It does so without going into business and so it’s not in the retreat business. Retreats do not have to happen here in order to support The Hermitage and so they will NOT go on from this point until there are devotees who demonstrate the characteristics necessary and of course even to evaluate people as being, as doing that, there has to be Five Issues worth of a right gathering.

So all this can happen very soon if you all seriously and intensively get about your obligations to Me. In the meantime I’ll be available, as I said, to bless those who express their need and to bless all through the sighting of Me. And otherwise I expect to be undisturbed and have this entire island as My Domain to move about in freely. It’s not a summer camp, it’s not yours, it’s Mine, so I should move freely here and not having to accommodate the absence of devotion or give the island over to those who are not prepared.

So I hope that everyone understands what I’m saying, what I’m going to be doing, and how this is not a negative sign at all, it is simply the lawful and true beginning, actually, of the necessary culture of Adidam and the necessary organizational rightness of it. So when you celebrate My Divine Self-Emergence in a few days, it should be true. You should actually BE the culture of My devotees with the Divinely Self-Emerging Avataric Person among you.

I don’t propose having occasions like this for the time being, but there will be occasions in the future when I would instruct devotees when things are altogether right and there are people prepared to be in My Company based on demonstration and there’s reason for Me to be instructive to them in particular and occasions like that will often involve dialogues with Me or utterances of Mine that will be made available to ALL devotees because it applies to all. Whenever it does, so it will be.

But not anymore of this kind of informal sort of old days gathering except you don’t have a beer and cigarette in your hands, you see, and asking questions that really have no merit except to sort of instigate My Utterance that is revealing about greater matters. Such questions have no significance any longer. There’s no reason for Me to be, to accept that kind of approach or to entertain such questions.

There ARE no questions that you could bring to Me that I haven’t addressed in this period of discourses or kind of finalization of all the previous occasions of My discoursing to devotees in the beginning time of Adidam which is every time, every day until now effectively. So you have this five months of discourses that are a summary of all of it virtually and that makes it a significant period of summary communication which should always be used and should be obviously used in the mission and everything that devotees are involved in, but it should also be incorporated into the 23 source texts, at least much of it should be and otherwise kept intact and accessible in various ways in and through this culture in the future.

Understand the Criticism and Don’t Take it Personally!


AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Everything. Apart from Divine Self-Realization Most Ultimate.

DEVOTEE: . . . it is a dramatization of the self-contraction.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Exactly. It is egoity.

DEVOTEE: With all due respect, it is easy for someone to flip into a victim mentality in response to that message.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Not at all. Not at all. I Give you My whole Teaching, not just one-liners like this one. I am not a fool. Such descriptions are Given in the context of My address to you about being responsible for the self-contraction, responsible for your illusions, responsible for your dramatizations. This does not suggest a victim consciousness in the slightest, and you are deeply offending Me by suggesting so. It is not at all what I suggest. Not at all.

DEVOTEE: I have never taken it that way myself . . .

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: I do not take it personally. I am just suggesting what it is you are offending by casual remarks, by superimposing on Me more nonsense that has nothing to do with the content of My Communication to you.


“The Mummery is a mockery of you, in some sense, you see. But, instead, it should be something you could truly laugh at and be clowns in because you’ve transcended it.”


AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: There is the cup of liquid, and it is always above, concentrated above in a state of constant Fullness for My Spiritual Invasion. This is Samraj Asana, and once you have transitioned to level 1.2 it has to be practiced consistently in relationship to Me. That is the nature of the relationship. That is why you must go through this process. It is a Spiritual matter.

It’s not enough to know something about “Samraj Asana” in Yogic terms. You have to DO IT for REAL, responsively. You have to do it profoundly, consistenly, over time, for real such that the cup gets full by surrendering whole-bodily, psycho-physically. But it’s not a matter of being a cup that’s getting Filled. To be the cup you must be surrendered to begin with. There’s just this Filling. But it is about this Filling, and not merely about being in the cup position. It’s Filling by heart-Communion with Me, ego-forgetting Communion with Me. Live the Yoga, and that’s the proof of it – the capability to become full of this nectar, My Tangible Touching Presence, Love-Bliss.

You must become Filled to the crown. I in-Fill you from Above, but you become full from the bottom, in some sense. When the level of the wine rises, it gets to the top last – and, yet, it has to come in from the top to begin with. You see how it works.

And when it is full, there’s no more up or down, because it’s full. There’s no position relative to up or down – it’s the “Thumbs”, if I am allowed most profoundly, ego-forgettingly, given up in heart-Communion with Me. It is “intoxication” of life. But more and more so – not done occasionally, a little bit, and so forth, but truly, most profoundly done – it is Filled by Me. It is Me, in heart-Communion with Me, you see – all else Melted, such that there is utter transparency to Me.

Only when you accommodate Me, all the way down to the base, does the cup begin to become full. Not an impediment. It’s this in-Filled Realization of Me beyond egoity that is the Enjoyment of My devotee. All else is preparation. That Enjoyment is the transcending of that which is, otherwise, Raymond’s “problem” – all the change and mortality, all the inevitabilities and this and that. This relationship, this asana, this Way, this Process in heart-Communion with Me, transcends that. Not merely in attitude, but in in-Filling. To demonstrate the Way of Adidam truly, it must become a Spiritual matter of true devotion to Me – fully lived, and Yogically lived, to the point of becoming a Fullness of Me, Tangibly Present. And all the signs that come from that. Until then, the virtue of the Way of Adidam is not yet Full, and your Realization of it likewise. That Fullness must become Most Perfectly Realized, Most Perfectly Demonstrated.

No matter how much you know about the Way of Adidam, until it becomes Full of Me, literally, in this Yogic devotion, it’s only a beginning. The beginning is necessary, because there needs to be a foundation in every aspect of life. There needs to be responsibility for the gross aspects of the character, the egoic presumption, the ego-asana, “Narcissus” looking at himself.

How Does Consciousness Become Radiant? Overnight Revelation, March 12, 1998


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