Aletheon – The Ancient Walk-About Way – Something Greater – pp. 835 – 848


Aletheon – The Ancient Walk-About Way – (pages 835 – 848)

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In general, what the “world” wants – and, therefore, what “religious” institutions tend to provide – is social association and optimistic talk, perhaps in combination with “self”-applied “techniques” that people can use as means for consoling themselves. Therefore, in the “modern world”, instead of cultures of right practice, there are “religion businesses” and “workshops”. The “modern world” is a fragmented “world” – full of individuals who regard their own separateness and independence as “absolute”, who demonstrate no profundity, and who are not moved by profundity. In this “modern world”, human beings are becoming progressively more and more preoccupied with “self”, and with all of the “whatevers” that can be pursued within the framework of egoity and “worldliness”.

True human culture is the esoteric (and, necessarily, ego-transcending) culture of Reality-Realization – and the process of Reality-Realization requires devotion to a genuine Spiritual Master. However, people in general are not interested in becoming devoted to a Spiritual Master. People in general are not interested in finding a Realizer – nor are they interested in the fact that the Realizer Is the “Who” and “What” to be Realized.

In the “modern world”, people are obsessively interested in what is “out there” – what they do with one another in the common “world”. If that is your disposition, you remain involved in mere exchanges of words – socializing with one another, and relating to the other aspects of the common “world” with which you are associated. In that case, you either refuse all involvement with “religion”, or else you merely make token (and, inevitably, “self”-involved) gestures in the direction of “religion”. Such is the institutionalized exotericism of what is conventionally called “religion”.

The exclusive preoccupation with what is “out there” is a disposition that is now manifested everywhere on Earth – with dreadful results. Listen to the global “daily news” of terrible violence and threats. Look at the absolute emptiness of “consumer egoity”. It is madness.

Who has seen the madness of this “world”?

Who is disenchanted enough with that madness to want to find a Spiritual Master?

For whom is this “world” so much of a dead-end that it cannot be accepted on its own terms, or for its own sake?

Where is someone for whom there must be a greater Reality – someone who will be utterly devoted to finding It?

Where are such people?

In general, people are obsessed with the “world”, obsessed with perpetuating the patterning that is already controlling their lives. The non-humans also show the signs of patterning – but, in their case, the patterning is a natural genetic structure. Genetic patterning is present in human beings as well-but, in addition, human beings exhibit mental patterning (or an elaborate interior pattern of words and perceptual memories). Thus, human beings are not patterned by natural, genetically based factors only. Human beings are also patterned by mind-which has its own kind of existence, but not a substantial one. Mind has a virtual existence only. Therefore, human beings are participating in a language-“world” – and, in that sense, they are patterned not only by natural (genetic) structures but also by mind-forms.

If you are merely involved in patterned behavior, you are driven to continue that patterning. You have not yet “come to the end of your rope” – such that you are actually moved beyond that patterning, and all that it creates as your destiny.

Since the moment of My Birth, I have not had five minutes of inclination to be satisfied by the possibilities in this “world”. To Me, it has always been perfectly self-evident that this “world” is not satisfactory, and that I could not possibly choose this “world”, in and of itself. To Me, there is no argument for choosing this “world”. Choose what? Just to play this absurd game – and then drop dead? And why play, if the dropping dead could happen in any moment? Simply because you have the inclination to play the game does not necessarily mean that you will get to do so – even for one more moment.

What is there about the conditionally manifested “world” that is potentially satisfying to such a degree that human beings can accept it absolutely? In Truth, there is nothing about the “world” that is thus satisfying. Nevertheless, human beings are patterned in such a manner that, to them, this “world” seems choosable.

The conditionally manifested “world” is simply pattern patterning. Enacting their genetic and mental patterning is, in general, all that human beings do.

If you become disenchanted with the patterning “world”, you look for something Greater. If you are truly disenchanted, you cannot be consoled by believer’s nonsense. Rather, the “What” you would have is Something that you cannot yet name. It must be Something that is Inherently and Absolutely Satisfactory, Something That is Greater than all other possibilities. Even though you have things to do in daily life, and you continue to live and breathe, and so forth, you are always looking for That Which Is Ultimately and Inherently Satisfactory. And, when you find It, you devote your life to It.

That is how True Spiritual life is supposed to work. That is how it has worked traditionally. Those of the disposition to look for Something Greater would, when they found a True Realizer, fall at the Realizer’s Feet, make That One their Spiritual Master, and serve the Spiritual Master with their lives and with all that they had. Such serious people constantly turned to their Spiritual Master by means of the inner discipline of “self”-forgetting devotion and the outer discipline of “self”-forgetting service.

Such is the basic traditional Teaching. Such is the fundamental Teaching. That Teaching is not elaborate. That Teaching does not even need to be communicated in words. You turn to the Master, and you serve the Master-and that is it. That is the ancient Teaching. Fundamentally, this practice is not something that can be communicated by words. It is just something you do, having found the Master. This is a self-evident and tacitly communicated Teaching.

In the Great Tradition of humankind, there are various detailed teachings about the process of relationship with the Spiritual Master, about What there is to Realize, and so forth. My Own such detailed Instruction is fully and completely Given in My many “Source-Texts”. Nevertheless, My fundamental Instruction is very simple: Turn to Me, and serve Me. Such is the inner discipline and the outer discipline of the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Reality-Way of Adidam (or Adidam Ruchiradam).


Aletheon – The Ancient Walk-About Way – (pages 835 – 848)

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