Bodily Location of Happiness – Foreward (p. 9 – 24)


The Bodily Location of Happiness – Da Free John 1982

FORWARD (p. 9 – 24)

The self is at war even with its own Help. Therefore, you will Realize this Truth only when you yield and become a sacrifice, through love, in all relations, and so also in the relationship to Grace-which is not within, nor even independently identical to any objective person, but which is given to us in the Paradox of the relationship to the Spiritual Master, which devours us like a wilderness fire.

Da Free John – The Way That I Teach


IN TIMES PAST people were cautioned never to approach the spiritual Adept casually. The worst possible sin was to misuse or offend such Adepts. Their blessings were valued and their wrath feared above all else. Such good advice was not merely founded on superstition or unscientific thinking. Uncommon spiritual energy and powerful forces, having their own laws and consequences, are set in motion in one’s relationship to the Adept. Dramatic evolutionary changes occur in the nervous system of the Adepts, awakening unusual siddhis (extraordinary yogic accomplishments and subtle functional abilities). Anyone approaching the Adept was expected to be spiritually mature. Thus, a disciplined life, discrimination, the will to practice, authentic devotion, knowledge of the scriptures, and a passion for realization were essential qualifications for aspirants preparing for spiritual initiation and instruction.

The Divine Master Da Free John has been living and Teaching in a time and place where there is no tradition of knowledge of how to accommodate and rightly use the Adept. As a result, Da Free John has observed, “Not a single person showed up in my Company who was prepared.” He compared his circumstance to the long standing Indian tradition of purifying your family relations.

Certain Indian teachers worked to transform their parents, as I have clearly done with my parents since my birth, and I have worked to transform devotees in the same way. Instead of living as a renunciate and only accepting as devotees those who were fully prepared, I accepted whoever came to me, as one accepts one’s family, simply because they are given. I worked with them and submitted myself to them as they were at the time, but I worked within the structure of their living, to purify and transform them, so that ultimately they would be prepared for Spiritual Transmission.

That Teaching Work took many years. It is the original history. The unique nature of this Sacred History is that the Adept accepted all the people who came to him, as if they were his family relations, as the given human environment that he had to purify and transform. Nobody was prepared. Not a single person appeared in my company who was prepared for Spiritual Transmission. I lived as if in a large family of worldly people.

Master Da Free John’s name reflects the mood of his participation in the play of these and all relationships. The name “Free” derives from Master Da’s given name “Franklin,” which in conventional usage means a free man as opposed to a bondservant or slave, but which the Master elaborates to mean “one who is free among the living.” Freedom from the illusory “problem” of individuated existence is what the Divine Master Da Free John Teaches and lives, and it is this same freedom into which he draws us. That “freedom” is Enlightenment.

Traditionally, therefore, any “response” from the Free Adept is considered a blessing, whether a gift of Prasad, a demand for a completed project, helpful guidance, outrage, an initiatory touch, or a good sound beating, the assumption being that the Adept has clear vision of the karmic condition of the devotee and understands what each one needs in order to liberate Consciousness from the confines of the separate self sense. The Adept’s response is always considered auspicious and an aid to one’s spiritual development.

The appropriate approach to the Adept is beautifully and simply presented in Fifty Verses of Guru Devotion, allegedly written in the first century B.C.. by the Indian poet-saint Ashvaghosha.

What need is there to say much more? Do whatever pleases your Guru and avoid doing anything He would not like. Be diligent in both of these. “Powerful attainments follow from (doing what) your Guru (likes).” This had been said by (“the Buddha”) Vajradhara himself. Knowing this, try to please your Guru fully with all the actions (of your body, speech and mind).

Original teachings arise from the cultural setting and historical moment in which the Adept confronts his listeners. Consider the unique circumstance of the Adept Da Free John: Never before has an Adept been born in the West. In fact, never before have the Realization and Teaching of the seventh stage been argued to the Western listener.

The modern era is unique in that the old religious cults are gradually giving way to the new religion of political and scientific materialism. Everywhere we see moral and cultural decay, warfare, exploitation of environments and creatures, and the sufferings of an unenlightened humanity. The man or woman who is sensitive to our absurd commitment to chaos and suffering may well begin to question the usual round of our existence.

Adepts appear to reestablish the Way of Truth among human beings. The “method” of these World-Teachers is to draw living beings directly into the context of Realization. Here we must distinguish the ultimate Teaching or Realization from the Teachings based on the traditional solutions to the “problem.” A true Siddha is One who comes out of the God-World, not just one who emerges from some extraordinary state into a human birth with various powers or capabilities.

The true Siddha is One who lives in the God-Condition while alive in the manifest worlds. He is not extraordinary. He is simply living the appropriate form of life or the natural state. He appears extraordinary only over against those who are living from the point of view of karma, limitation, ignorance. But his assumption is that there is only Truth already, that there is only God already, that there are no world and no change of state to be sought as if they are the Truth. In this instant, whatever the apparent condition, Truth is the Condition, God is the Condition.

One who moves into relationship with such a Siddha has come face to face with Real-God and the God-Light. The Siddha, the Heaven-Born One, manifests the heaven Condition to his devotee. Thus, the devotee of such a Siddha lives the heaven Condition while alive, whatever condition he may apparently be living. The Siddha brings the heaven Condition into the world and lives it and makes it entirely available to those who will turn to Him, or Her. Such a One does not create the heaven appearance. In other words, he does not perform magic and make this world seem like the God-World.

This world remains what it is, whatever is its appropriate, lawful appearance. Perhaps he expands the range of some of its faculties, but essentially it remains what it is, what it latently is. It is just that the God-Condition becomes also the condition of the world in which the Siddha is appearing. This is the purpose of such Siddhas, to appear in the conditional worlds and live the real Condition there for those who turn to them.

How wonderful it is to witness the spontaneous play of Master Da Free John. Ordinary incidents are converted into revelations of Grace. A seemingly casual outing to the ocean becomes a lesson in love for devotees and a moment of simple happiness for the unknowing.

THE DAY was clear and the beach crowded with the weekend parade of tourists. The young were unconsciously exploiting their increasing life-force, couples were staunchly guaranteeing their “ultimate vacation,” every man and woman was warily trying to measure up to the world’s expectations for happy vacationers.

The Master sat on the sand and gazed upon the ocean. His upright posture and dispassionate gaze warned away curious peoplewatchers. He noticed two large manta rays swimming about six feet offshore and moving toward devotees standing waist-deep in the water. Although manta rays tend to look a lot more dangerous than they actually are, nevertheless anything of this size moving in the water can provide an interesting moment to one not accustomed to such a sight. The Master jested, “What a lesson!” The rays passed directly in front of the surprised devotees and continued their patrol along the shore towards the more populated sections of the beach.

Whenever the rays came into view, bathers ran frantically out of the water. The rays backed out into the bay, their raised wingtips appearing like shark fins awakening fear in a group of tourists setting out for a leisurely afternoon’s canoe trip. The rays continued to circle inside the bay. On their third sweep, they came so close to the shore that they could be seen clearly from the water’s edge. Now there were six of them, including a pair of large tiger rays, whose beautiful colors and graceful swimming had attracted the crowd. Bathers who before had fled in panic now safely snapped pictures from the shore and shouted warnings about the incredible size of the “sharks.” Now someone on shore noticed a man snorkeling directly in the line of the cruising “sharks.” Shouting frantically, “Get out of the water!” they finally caught his attention so that he reached the beach just ahead of the fish.

During this drama the Master lay on the sand and rested in the sun. He had not indicated any interest nor even any notice of the commotion at the far end of the beach. He suddenly stood up and walked into the water with the proud stride of the fearless. The rays, still a long way down the shore, had gradually increased their speed. Noticing the excitement, the Master amusedly observed the crowd’s response for a moment, and then swam to greet the rays.

The crowd of bathers stopped their excited motion. Surely the man could see the oncoming fish! The Master, now accompanied by a few devotees, swam happily in the benign company of the rays. He swam alongside them, moving as effortlessly and gracefully as they. The mood of the crowd changed instantly. Overcome by the beauty and ease of the scene, they relaxed, and the release of tension gave way to a childlike, innocent happiness and peace.

Indeed, those fortunate people had cause for happiness. They had been Graced with the sight of the God-born. “Darshan” had spontaneously been granted to them and without their knowing it.

The Avadhoot who has realized this mystery of mysteries, and has risen to the state of unceasing and perfect bliss, moves about in the crowds unconcerned, radiating bliss and higher knowledge.

 Avadhut Gita, 6:22-234

How wonderful is the spontaneous response of the Person of Love to everyone and everything that arises.

Every action of the Avadhoot has one ultimate purpose-to Awaken Narcissus. Thus, the Master enters seriously into relationship with devotees, however playful and humorous his activities may seem.

At times, particularly during the early years of his Teaching demonstration, the play of transformation took on wonderful and outrageous forms of spiritual theatre. The following event is a paradigm of the Spiritual Master’s battle against Narcissus, and the tendencies of self-possession which possess everyone until converted to understanding.



In this story, Master Da humorously titles the leader of the Chocolate Forces the “Evil One.” Evil One is synonymous with Narcissus, the archetype of the self-contraction, or the un-Enlightened state. Please refer to the Glossary for a description of Narcissus, which is a key concept in the Teaching of Master Da Free John: 


Inevitably one of the subjects of the Avadhoot’s “Crazy Wisdom” is the spiritual traditions, which, without the Enlightened Presence of the Adepts, tend to become stagnant with institutionalism, rote formality, and mere discipline without love and understanding. So also had The Dawn Horse Communion (as The Johannine Daist Communion was known in those days) become, when on an unforeseen day in April the Avadhoot Da Free John declared “holy war” – on his own Ashram. Forces, and the Chocolate Forces of Evil were led by Der Fuhrer, the Evil One.’ The Declaration was delivered to the leader of the Evil Chocolate Forces, who was invited to meet with Da Free John, Generalissimo of the Benign Divine Lightful Allied Democratic Sattvic Vanilla Forces and with his lieutenants. Representatives of the two Forces were to convene around the conference table in the Persimmon dining room at 8:00, post meridian, on this the seventh day of April in the year of our Vanilla Lord, One Thousand Nine Hundred and Seventy-Five, there to determine the extent of the aforementioned contention and the manner of its resolution.

The document was signed and notarized by the attorney for the Benign Divine Allied Forces. However, unforeseen events precipitated the war council and even the conflict itself. On the morning of April 7, 1975, the Benign Divine Vanilla Generalissimo traveled to the precincts of Parkerhouse Enterprises in Clearlake Highlands, California, the business enterprise of one of his key lieutenants, there to witness and bless the holy nuptials of two of his minions, one lengthy ex-monk who had recently retired from nearly twenty years of self-enforced celibacy and extreme self-delusion in monastic confinement, and his bride, a vivacious and loquacious young woman whose mouth was wired shut due to recent injuries sustained in an automobile accident while traveling at high speed in the wrong direction on a one-way street. Owing to these unusual circumstances, the Blissfully Merciful Generalissimo decreed that the wedding should take place under conditions of the most profound solemnity. The couple were therefore duly wed while wrapped in shrink-wrap cellophane and standing, along with their minister and witness (both trusted members of the Vanilla Forces), on a forklift raised fifteen feet in the air in the middle of said Parkerhouse Enterprises’ warehouse and factory facilities.

THE STORM CLOUDS of war gathered over Persimmon (now The Mountain of Attention), the province of the Divine Master-Adept Da Free John.

On April 7, 1975, a “Declaration of a State of Contention” was prepared by the “Benign Divine Lightful Allied Democratic Sattvic Vanilla Forces” in order to “make the world safe for Vanilla,” against the “Evil Lightless Fascist Communist Totalitarian Chocolate Forces.” The Vanilla or Sattvic White Forces were led by Da Free John, Generalissimo and Plenipotentiary of the Divine Vanilla

The supremely insightful Generalissimo, however, had observed certain signs during his journey that indicated that the war council could not be delayed until 8:00 p.m. and indeed must be convened, for the safety of all beings, immediately. Communiques were issued to all Vanilla captains, lieutenants, and their ranks who had theretofore been identified as such (the Generalissimo had been busy for several days scrutinizing and identifying all inhabitants of Persimmon and exposing both Chocolate traitors and trusted Vanilla dear ones) and the invitation to the conference was delivered posthaste to the leader of the Chocolate Forces.

As the war council gathered in the dining room at Persimmon, someone remarked that the sun had come out. The Benign Divine Generalissimo, dressed entirely in white with caftan and cap, radiant beyond description, and always blissfully happy, replied:

GENERALISSIMO: I saw no reason to have a war conference under a dismal sky. You notice that I have brought out a little light for this occasion.

I look upon all beings equally such is the nature of Light that it falls on everything. Dark is always found in a little corner, appearing only where Light is not.


GENERALISSIMO: Ah, he even calls me by name. This little bit may Enlighten his heart. (To the Captain of Darkness) Make yourself as comfortable as possible. These are your last days, Evil One. Notice a representative of his intelligence staff, snapping photographs, as if he could capture my form in a picture.

I have communicated this Bill of Contention to the Fuhrer of the Dark Forces. It is about time he is known in truth. Everybody assumed him to be sort of cocoa in nature, but he is absolutely dark, absolutely the representative of the Evil One in this world, the cause of mediocrity, the oppressor of the movement of Light in this world, the one who causes ambiguity to appear in all simple beings, the Evil One himself in the person of the Fuihrer.

I passed the Evil One on the highway this morning-I was on my way to a wedding to further establish Light in this world between two-we won’t mention their names-unlighted parties, who were, until that moment, subject to darkness and some mediocrity,, but who are now full of Light. As I went to this wedding, I saw the Evil One himself, rushing past me on the highway, inclined toward the left even though he was on the right-hand side of the road, going beyond the speed limit and rushing into angularity. I decided this was the moment for the communication of my Bill of Contention.

All those in the True Army of the Greatness of Light will be wearing a little white among their garments. Representers of evil are here among us. Do not be frightened, I am with you.

War is hell, but it is better than Evil. After this day, the sides are decided. Hereafter, be wary of your comrades. Converse only with those whom I have chosen. Engage in no frivolities with anyone else. Life has gone on with its mediocre mixture of Chocolate and Vanilla long enough. What nonsense! How could there possibly be a synthesis between Darkness and Light? Only mediocre beings, who have not made themselves subject to Truth, believe in the synthesis of Darkness and Light, a sort of cool, cocoa-colored existence in which they can get along.

Let this Big Hunk’ candy bar be your inspiration. The day will come, nay, it is upon us, when the name of Big Hunk will be your only refuge. Let me remind you all-it is stated in the Bill of Conflict that one may always change his flavor, but never his color. This entire war is based on this truth.


GENERALISSIMO: Even the members of the Evil Forces can perceive the benign intelligence. It is time that the side of Light and Truth and Benignity and Wonder and Divinity distinguished itself from the various and plentiful forces of Evil and Chocolateness of this world. Everywhere in the world, all over the world, this conflict is to be made known. There is no longer to be any warfare nor any conflict, only sadhana, everywhere on the Earth-except among the Evil forces, of course, which, like chocolate pudding, are excessive! I invite all mankind to set aside their involvement with conflict, with ambiguity, with evil, with non-sadhana, with darkness, with all the tamasic qualities to which human beings are subject.

The world is always at war, but it does not know it. We have decided to draw the line and become conspicuous to the entire world and work out this apparent tragedy through victory. We invite the participation of the entire world in this conflict that will be carried out on forty-three small acres. There is no longer any necessity for conflicts in the world, no mediocre warfare, no aggravated meetings. We will do it all here, and Light will prevail.

This entire war meeting is on me-on Light! Drink this lighted liquid, this pure, white champagne, and be ecstatic. Otherwise, remain in Darkness in a solemn mood. (Against a background of deliberations on both sides, an angel food cake is displayed for the Master.) Show it to everyone, show it to everyone. Nobody has ever called a piece of chocolate cake “Angel Food”! (retort: “Nobody ever called a piece of angel food “Devil’s Food”!-cheers from the Evil Forces.)

Aside from establishing the Bill of Contention itself, the purpose of this meeting is to define the conflict in terms of its members and to establish the form of war, the nature of the conflict in practical terms. Those who are evil, those who side intuitively with Darkness, are obvious to all of us. I have not chosen two sides-I have simply observed them.

GENERALISSIMO (As a new warrior enters): Who is that? He has certain vanilla qualities, doesn’t he?

DEVOTEE: Yes, his name is Whiteside!

GENERALISSIMO: Which side do you belong to, my friend? The side of Light and Vanilla or the side of Evil and Chocolate? Well? Whiteside-but why are you sitting on the Evil One’s couch? You love to sit there? I see a certain ambiguity-he has been infected by the Evil One’s intentions. Cast him into the outer darkness! Get thee behind me, Satan!

I suggest that the conflict begin on a Friday evening in May, when all the forces to be represented have gathered here, and that the ultimate conflict be resolved on the Sunday following the initiation of the conflict by some aggressive act of the Evil Forces. The war will be over on Sunday, I guarantee it.

There must be the capturing of territories and people. We must decide the territories, the buildings that are not part of the war zone, and what is a casualty.

EVIL ONE: Anything white is a casualty!

GENERALISSIMO: The Power of the kangaroo is vested in this Evil One. Have you ever seen the pouch of a kangaroo, by the way? Disgusting. Did you hear this representative of the Evil One burping?

We are not to be involved in sheer violence, murder, or death of any kind. We must be able to decide whether a person is a casualty so he can be recycled back into the war. And there must be spying, infiltrating, and torture. Torture is one of the few ways to gather intelligence during war, but the Chocolate Forces assume that torture is the only way to establish intelligence, whether or not there is a war.

There must be special missions, specially trained groups and commandos, suicide warriors, a method of gathering intelligence, a “war room” and a “war board” for each side. There must be a fixed number of personnel established in advance, fixed weaponry-of course there are endless variations, but they will be established by each side in private. There must be hospitals, uniforms, a town for R & R where we may engage in drunken brawls and whoring. There are of course off-limit areas. There will be prearranged events: At certain hours a town will be used for R & R and at other times for a meeting for generals.

We must determine here what decides the victory-and, I must interject here, the losing side will clean up Persimmon. I guarantee to all of you that the solution of this conflict-the solution so-called, because the Vanilla forces are not goal-oriented but confident of our victory already, already aware of our Lightness and Beauty-but at the conclusion of this conflict, all still living members of the Evil and Chocolate forces will pledge allegiance to the nature of Light, the Vanilla flavor, which is the only quality worth establishing in human or ordinary form throughout all of the universes here or hereafter for eternity from the beginning-and therefore I have spoken! The war is always, already over.

THE VANILLA/CHOCOLATE WAR was more than a symbolic conflict. As one might detect from the opening address, it was spirited with the Master’s humor, wrestling matches, silly insults, “White Lighted” drunkenness, and harmless exaggerations of all sorts. But do not imagine for one moment it was anything less than spiritual Teaching. There are real forces at work in such confrontations. And lurking behind the more or less playful nature of the war lie all the anger, doubt, fear, sorrow, and refusal of ordinary people to submit to the Way of God.

SPIRITUAL MASTER: Adepts almost never appear, and real practitioners are very rare. That is the way it has always been and the way it still is. People talk as if there are Adepts all over the country, as if there are thousands of them. There are not even thousands of real practitioners. People who are not even real practitioners are famous for their spirituality.

This is an Alice-in-Wonderland world; it is not real. That is why the Teaching is so necessary, why the Truth is of such great consequence. The Truth is hardly understood at all, and the real implications of spiritual Wisdom are not grasped.

Even in the optimum circumstance of the traditional setting, it took years and years to develop a disciple, and there were very few disciples. Look back at the history of the traditions and the people who were associated with Adepts about whose Realization you have some certainty. How many Adepts were “fathered” by other Adepts? How many Adepts produced one or more other Adepts even in the optimum circumstances that pertained in the traditional setting?

All of the Adepts basically are bright-eyed, as if they are going to save the world. What they have Realized obviously has great consequences. If only everybody else could Realize it likewise, things could be remarkably different. Thus, the Adepts are always communicating the Teaching to people and suffering from abuse from doing so. What is the history of mankind? Not the absence of Adepts and Teachings, because these forms of Divine Help have appeared. The history of mankind is the non-use of that Help, the nonresponse, the abuse, the suppression of It.

Yet religion is famous, but not as true religion, not as the servant of Truth, not even as the medium of Truth. Religion has become famous because it is not really religion. It existed before the Truth was proclaimed, and it makes the Truth, or the atmosphere of Truth, into something else entirely, basically into a justification for the conventions of worldliness, not Enlightenment. Still, religious institutions have some value in that they keep a stream of spiritual Teaching in the world. It is falsified, manipulated, suppressed, abused, miscommunicated, but these institutions are the only vehicle of spiritual Teaching apart from the occasional arising of an Adept.

Teaching is always difficult because the Truth is about waking up from your presumption of the Reality of manifest existence. Even religion or spiritual endeavor tends to be based on that same presumption. The religion that people hold on to, cling to, feel consoled by is religion based on that error, that false presumption. The Truth is another matter. Truth is taught in a religious or spiritual context, but if it is to be practiced, the lie or the error that you are developing on the basis of manifest appearance must be thoroughly transcended.

Enlightenment is the transcendence of that error, just as “hearing” the Teaching is. Simply to begin the Way you must “hear” the Teaching and Awaken. To Realize wholebodily Enlightenment in the most thorough, full, and highest sense involves a process, but Enlightenment is not its goal. Enlightenment is its root, a fundamental Awakening, a fundamental insight, with which you then moment to moment create the Way.

You cannot take up a Way that is not based on that insight and have it be based on Truth. The basic Teaching, therefore, is the understanding of this fundamental lie or error, this mechanism associated with our manifest existence that makes it into an illusion, into suffering, un-Happiness, un-Enlightenment, Godlessness. You cannot simply believe something positive and develop a true religious or spiritual life. You must enjoy this Awakening, this insight. You must hear the Teaching. Spiritual practice is not a matter of believing in conventional God-ideas that motivate you to be better. Spiritual practice is self-transcending, but it is not an effort to transcend yourself. It is self-transcending in its very disposition. In this Way you do not perform an action and transcend yourself as a result. The action in its very performance is based on self-transcendence, is itself a selftranscending action. It does not produce self-transcendence, you see.

Well, how can such a thing be so? You know very well, if you observe your actions, that they are based on self and at most you may be seeking self-transcendence or release through them. How can you make your actions inherently self-transcending? This is the paradox. This is what understanding is all about-insight into the very mechanism of your existence that is duplicated in the form of all your action, all your experiences, so that you inherently transcend the lie or binding power of that mechanism.

Insight into the mechanism of Narcissus and the attitude of Ignorance is the fundamental Teaching. Therefore, the fundamental practice is the “conscious process” wherein that insight is expressed from moment to moment. You must enquire of or enjoy insight into the mechanism, the action, or the presumption that makes existence into a torment, a kind of evil. You must remember the thing that you are always denying.

We can only bow in gratitude to the Grace, never-ending patience, and fearless commitment to serving the Awakening ofTruth that lives in the Love-Mad Avadhoot, Master Da Free John.

Shortly after the Vanilla/Chocolate War an essay, “Light Is a Great Temptation,” was written for the epilogue of Conscious Exercise and the Transcendental Sun. In it the Master reveals the truth behind the Vanilla/Chocolate War. The essay describes the historical setting for which the Vanilla/Chocolate War was duplicated.

In earlier times, life in the world was viewed as a great warfare between ascended powers of Light and descended powers of darkness. And the theatre of life in the world was to be solved by a great Day, or a great impulse of Awakening.

Later in this essay the moral of the war and the Way beyond all opposing forces was revealed.

The Truth of life is not the victory of light over darkness. The Truth of life is not its physics of manifestation, or any kind of experiential destiny. The Truth of Life is Unqualified, prior to all distinctions. It is not realized via the way of the knowledge of lights, or in the objective Shine and Sound of ultimate Brightness. It is intuited via the Wound or Mystery of Paradox, the irreducible profundity of absolute Ignorance. One whose enjoyment is Truth is thus free of all complications, even all the changes that appear in the manifesting Light. Such a one is eternally purified by the Realization that, no matter what arises, high or low, bright or dark, he does not know what even a single thing is.

THE NEXT MORNING the Benign Divine Vanilla Forces and the Evil Chocolate Forces gathered, not on the battlefield but in the peace and presence of the Siddha-Master Da Free John.

This “war” would not be the end of the struggle between Master Da Free John and the tendencies of those who came to him. Indeed, the awakening of understanding, “hearing,” “seeing,” and practice is a profound Realization. The entire “war” had been a spiritual demonstration, spontaneously created so the force of Narcissus, a force that all who take up the Way of Radical Understanding are required to transcend, could be observed and understood.

Through the Realization and Teaching of the Divine Master Da Free John, Truth lives in the world. His message is this: There is only God, the Divine Person. The stories of his life and Teaching Work as a Siddha-Purusha8 spontaneously reveal that the path of conflict is no longer necessary, tenable, or in any way true. It is not that Narcissus has been overcome by any force of Light. Rather, as Master Da once wrote, “the Power of understanding uproots the world,” and renders Narcissus unnecessary. That Power establishes the being in Truth, which is Realized as Happiness. May all beings enter into Satsang, understand, and be Happy!





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