The Absorptive Samadhi of Devotion to Me




Santosha Adi Da (1995-1996) – Gathering “Considerations” with Beloved
Adi Da Samraj, at Sugar Bowl Ski Resort and the Manner of Flowers,
December 29 and 30 1995, and January 3, 1996.




The Yajna Discourses of Santosha Adi Da (1995-1996)


The Absorptive Samadhi of Devotion to Me

A Gathering “Consideration” with Adi Da Samraj

Sugar Bowl Ski Resort, California

December 29, 1995


DEVOTEE: Beloved, I wanted to talk to you about what has
been happening in my life. One of the things that I’ve been
feeling very profoundly since You’ve returned to California,
and actually more and more just in these last couple of
weeks-and I think this is true of me, but I also feel its
true of many individuals-is that You have Given us
everything, and that we have really seen what we are doing,
and You have Given great understanding. You have shown just
about everything that’s possible at a certain level, and the
futility of that has become very apparent. And it feels like
we are entering into a new moment with You, coinciding with
the establishment of true Hermitage. This is the great
Calling. As You have said, there are certain signs that have
to come into existence, and one of those is the Lay
Renunciate Order. I feel the urgency of that also-

ADI DA SAMRAJ: [blandly] “Urgency of that also.”
[laughter] [Beloved laughs.]

DEVOTEE: He has a way with words.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Ah. Good. Very boringly put, Dennis. You
really got the “consideration” started. [laughter]
Well, that’s good. I’m almost ready to “consider” something
about that. [laughter]

DEVOTEE: Beloved, what Dennis is saying-a lot of devotees
have been saying the same thing. Its only by Your Grace that
we can transcend ourselves. I really feel the miracle of
what You’ve created. And along the lines of what You
described last night in terms of asking You, being fully
submitted to You as the Master-it isn’t a matter of anything
else. It is a matter of taking full responsibility. And in
doing that, an LRO is created. You recently asked us to
submit our names to You and ask You what our practice is.
Its not a matter of us somehow monkeying ourselves up to
becoming LRO or level 0. We feel how nothing more has to be
done except we must give ourselves to You. And that’s what
Your devotees are feeling tonight.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Just about as boring as Dennis.

DEVOTEE: We collaborated on this, Beloved.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Relative to the LRO-I don’t know what
you’re going to propose to Me tomorrow, but it cant simply
be another restatement of the gathering of the insiders who
are maintaining the status quo. That’s another reason why I
said that the LRO must be made of those level 0 and beyond.
There must be real maturity and profound practice.

You, Brian, and Dennis too, are talking about “Narcissus”
and how, as “Narcissus”, or the ego, you’re helpless, bound
by your tendencies, and so forth. Its true enough, but
that’s not an expression of hearing.

My discovery of “Narcissus”, the nature of the ego, or
the nature of bondage, was liberating. I didn’t simply
notice something and then thereafter simply have some
description of Myself that explained why I was so bound. The
understanding, the realization was utterly transforming,
liberating. It wasn’t, “Meaculpa, I’m the ego, I’m
Narcissus, I am bound, I am all kinds of tendencies, I am
boring, I’m limited and a seeker and I cant get out of

The understanding of “Narcissus” is not a
self-description. Its a liberating understanding. To come to
this understanding doesn’t merely give you a means to
describe yourself and your bondage. That understanding
itself is profoundly clarifying, and its coincident with

If someone has heard Me, they would speak in different
terms than the two of you just did. You could perhaps say
some other things, but the language that you have used in
this conversation so far is not the language of hearing. Its
something of the language of having observed yourself,
experienced your life in bondage, and you are somewhat tired
of that and see what a bind it is.

DEVOTEE: Beloved, that’s part of it, but I think the
thing that is more dominant is the matter of the attraction
to You and the liberation of that attraction, and the
movement to be in Communion with You, feeling You.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Its about actually being in Communion with
Me, though. To do the sadhana of Ishta-Guru-Bhakti, it turns
into Samadhi. Its not merely to feel a little bit freed up
on your social personality. Its to enter into this Samadhi
that is My Condition. Ultimately its a matter of Identifying
with Me Perfectly in the sadhana of the “Perfect Practice”.
In the earlier stages its the Samadhi of moving beyond self
in Communion with Me, an absorptive Samadhi, rather than the
Samadhi of Identification. But it is Samadhi. It is to enter
into the unconditional Domain of Being. It is not an
ordinary state. It is not so you can meditate twice a day
and relax more and feel refreshed and become more functional
in your daily life. There is that of course, but it is not
merely that. Samadhi is a state coincident with Reality. Its
a different Domain of Existence, a Free Domain of Existence.
Having entered into it, then more and more profoundly you
devote life to that , rather than to ordinary purposes. You
definitely would still be involved in human life, of course,
in all functional terms and serve and so forth, but none of
that is an end in itself. Its not that the Way is purposed
towards being a better social personality, more benign in
social relations with others and so forth. Its not merely a
matter of enjoying life more. Its a matter of enjoying the
Divine Condition instead.

So for those who grow profoundly, you become serious
about Realization of the Divine Condition. There is the
motive to be purified, to be simplified, the motive to
acquire even more time for this Contemplation. The
community, then, becomes a cooperative community rather than
being just a social order. It becomes a gathering in which
everyone helps everyone else maximize the effectiveness of
their sadhana and the time they have for profound

Without this Divine Impulse to Realize, this impulse to
Samadhi, religious life becomes rather conventional and
socially oriented. It is organized around the first three
stages of life. And that’s another way of describing what
has been going on with the community such as it is. It is
not a gathering purposed to Realize Me. There are words to
that effect, but there isn’t a quality, a disposition in
your living where this is so. You are all struggling with
life-business matters instead of handling life-business. You
are all using more and more time to seek ordinary ends,
ordinary conditions-functional, practical, and
relational-basically the domain of “money, food, and sex”.
“Money, food, and sex” occupations are not Samadhi. They are
organism conditions.

So for there to be a Lay Renunciate Order, it cant just
be the group of people who do the principal cultural service
and so on, labeled as “the LRO” because they do that. Those
people could just as well be in the Lay Congregationist
Order. Just to serve in that capacity, in others words, is
not itself an indication of profound practice. In fact, if
you look at the quality of the gathering served by those
very people, the service of those people is simply
reinforcing the disposition of the gathering to be focused
in the first three stages of life, the egoic disposition,
the organism disposition, the ordinariness, looking for
various kinds of social results-whether it be the intimate
society of the emotional-sexual relations or the larger
society of friendships, family, and community.

The motive to reduce the religious life to such terms is
ingrained in you all-politically, socially, culturally and
by your religious experience, by upbringing and so on.
Common religiosity is social religiosity. It is purposed to
improve the social personality sign in human beings. It not
about God-Realization. Common religion is not about
God-Realization. It is basically a political and social
matter just determined to govern human behavior according to
moral principles, which ultimately are legal and political
principles and so forth to make you all better citizens,
productive citizens, benign characters in relation to

DEVOTEE: That’s exactly where I think our orientation has
been. I think we’ve been trying to-

ADI DA SAMRAJ: You are all over the place relative to the
foundation conditions of practice, even in functional,
practical and relational terms. In other words, you haven’t
yet completed the process of adaptation that could justify
0.0 as your level of practice. And then in addition-I’ve
made these observations of all of you numerous times, I’ve
given you notes about these things, so its not anything
new-to that area of handling life-business to complete the
foundation adaptation relative to money, food, and sex,
functional, practical, and relational matters and so on, I
have not been observing the true signs of Ishta-Guru-Bhakti,
that true Yoga, true self-surrendering and self-forgetting,
by granting Me all the faculties moment to moment.
Ishta-Guru-Bhakti is a profound Yoga. It is not just a
matter of being a fan of Mine or granting some love-feelings
towards Me and feeling some love-feelings from Me. That’s
not Ishta-Guru-Bhakti-or it is merely an aspect of it and
not really one of the most profound aspects of it. The real
Yoga of Ishta-Guru-Bhakti is as I’ve said. You grant Me the
four principal faculties moment to moment. It is a
self-surrendering, fully self-forgetting matter to the
degree of Communion with Me, and therefore you are involved
in absorptive Samadhi.

So what I am observing about the gathering in general is
that you do not truly practice Ishta-Guru-Bhakti and you
have not yet handled your life-business.

DEVOTEE: I know in my own case, I haven’t applied for the
LRO because you have made it very clear what the process is
for LRO practice.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: But I have been making that clear for
quite a long time. One would expect that if you were as
serious as you just said you are, that you would have gotten
your act together by now and not just be coming to Me
twenty-one years later or whatever and just starting to feel
a little serious or getting a little bored with your act,
that kind of thing. That’s not hearing. That’s not
renunciation, that’s not great devotion, that’s not
maturity, that’s not Samadhi.

DEVOTEE: I feel, Beloved, how even handling the matter of
life-business is Given to me as a Gift of Grace by You.
Because, for instance, six months ago I was embroiled in my
relationships to my family in Ireland, to my children, and I
felt it would be a good long time before I could handle all
of that, and my health. And I felt there were so many things
hanging out. And I feel that through the process of Your
Instruction that You made it possible for me to literally
handle all those things.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Yes, of course. In your case, and in the
case of many, many others-at least those who responded to My
Instructions, and did what I told them to do. But there is a
lot more for you to do and a lot more for everyone else to
do also. It is said that Shirdi Sai Baba once remarked that
he gives people what they want in order that they will want
what he wants to give them. I deal with you all in reality
to serve you according to your readiness, your seriousness,
and what’s hanging out at the moment.

For twenty-three years I’ve been working on such service
to you all. All you’ve really wanted however is some sort of
influence on My part relative to these rather ordinary
things. And on top of that you want Me to be ordinary too
and be sarvadhikari and manage the religion business. You
even tend to think of Me as some kind of a householder, an
ordinary man in some basic terms-not noticing the difference
between Me and all of you. You say things like “You are the
Avadhoot, the Atiashrami, Crazy-Wisdom Master, Tantric
Sannyasin” and so on-you use these descriptions because I
have communicated them to you My Self. You don’t really have
a sense of what it means except that it is true. In My
life-mode, these are precise descriptions as a matter of

You want Me to be satisfied with the social religiosity
game and just be a slightly unconventional worldly person,
even an ordinary householder. So in other words, not only
are you all persisting in the common mode, but you even
interpret Me as such. You not only interpret Me as such, you
oblige Me to live as such by confining Me in an environment
and circumstance that forbids My need to Work, prevents My
Work. You give Me nobody to Work with, in fact, except
perhaps if I will comment endlessly on your ordinary
life-business stuff. And of course I do that because that is
your current level of practice, that’s your current sign. I
cant Give you any more than that even though I am here to
Give you everything. I cant effectively Give you anything
more than you will receive.

I am not suggesting that there is no seriousness, no
devotion, no good heartedness, and no service. I am not
saying there is none of that. There is a lot of that – and
the ability for the gathering to survive has been magnified
profoundly in the last few years. So yes, I could say lots
of positive things about you all and I hope you know that I
do so. But by comparison to what the real sadhana is and its
true advancement toward Realizing Me, its just an ordinary
religion business, even a relatively unsuccessful one.

What time is it?

DEVOTEE: Midnight.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Midnight already? This is actually New
Years Eve. Midnight. First of the year in Fiji-at 0 AM. By
the time we celebrate it here in California, it will have
been January first in Fiji for almost a whole day. Being
Fijian then, its New Years Eve to Me. [laughter]

DEVOTEE: Beloved, did your family celebrate New

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Well, yes-My parents really weren’t
party-goers or anything like that. But I do remember when I
was a little boy people going from house to house in the
neighborhood, having a few drinks with people around the
neighborhood. But basically they weren’t party-goers or
anything like that. So New Years Eve wasn’t a party night or
anything. Wed stay up until midnight and hit pots and pans
from the kitchen, and clap them with spoons outside the
door. And that was that. And New Years Day, the relatives
would come around and have a special meal.

DEVOTEE: Did You eat a traditional meal with Your family
on New Years Day?

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Yes. I think it was generally ham, like a
baked Virginia ham.

DEVOTEE: Lima beans?

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Yes, lima bean casserole.

DEVOTEE: Black-eyed peas?

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Maybe sometimes, but you had to have
lentils, lentil soup, even at midnight on New Years Eve. The
lentils represent coins, money, wealth, prosperity for the
New Year.

DEVOTEE: Beloved, I really enjoyed the new Knee of
Listening . I enjoyed the completeness and fullness of it. I
was wondering if Your fullest edition of The Knee of
Listening was even more complete and more full?

ADI DA SAMRAJ: This is it, this is the ultimate edition
of it.

There are things I added to this new edition. And then I
eliminated a long section of Essays-not that they wont be
published, but they will be published in another form with
other Essays from that period, sometime in the future. But
they didn’t seem to be necessary to The Knee of Listening .
The basic interest in it was the Autobiography and some
basic “considerations” relative to meditation and so on.

DEVOTEE: The thing that was most inspiring to me was Your
intention towards the discovery of the nature of Reality,
and Your unwavering devotion to just that as the only
approach in life.


So, what were we talking about?

DEVOTEE: We were talking about the Lay Renunciate Order

ADI DA SAMRAJ: The Lay Renunciate Order, or any
renunciates in My Company-I’m there to do them some good,
obviously-have to do service for the sake of others. You
must be one-pointed in that. Fidelity to Me in devotional
terms must be absolute, and the sign of fidelity in their
life-practice must be unwavering. They must be totally
stable in their emotional-sexual situation and so on, and
not just bound to it in the householders sense. It must be

So, members of the Lay Renunciate Order who are involved
in intimacy are not householders. They are Yogis, male or
female. So there is nothing that they are up to in
emotional-sexual terms that’s not about Realizing Me. You
cant have any people in the Lay Renunciate Order who are
bound to their intimate. Renunciates don’t have time for
that sort of thing.

The Lay Renunciate Order has to make a difference , not
just be people who can practice now or soon at level two.
They have to be in place in the regions, in the mission, in
the culture altogether, and the community, and make a

DEVOTEE: Beloved, I really felt, over the last couple of
months of Your “consideration” about the Lay Renunciate
Order, that we have to demonstrate to You, as You just said.
You’ve said many times that we have to do You some good,
that it has to be something You tangibly feel in a persons
practice and in terms of their service, where it actually
affects You Personally.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Absolutely. I must be pleased by them. Why
should that be remarkable to you? You all tend to think in
“religion business” terms, in which I am kind of an
honorific character in your midst. But really the culture of
practice is something you are all doing with one another in
your self-“guruing” game. That I should approve of, or have
to be pleased by somebody before they could become a
renunciate is sort of alien to your entire character as
devotees of Mine. When you’re abstracted from Me, You don’t
understand the Way in terms of being pleasing to Me and
proving the Way in My face.

But that’s the way it is, and that’s the way it will
always be-even after the physical life-time of this Body.
There will be those in place who will make these kinds of
judgments, and they are the ones to whom you will be
accountable. The Way will never become simply some abstract
self-“guruing” game, in which you put badges on yourselves,
and so on. You have to prove it to your Master. And the
Masters going to test you. That’s the way it will always be.
That’s the nature of the Way of the Heart. So, if you fail
My tests over and over and over again, don’t expect Me to
smile at your name on the Lay Renunciate Order list.

What I have suggested to you in the past is to locate
individuals who have the most serious signs, disposition,
intention, and cultivate them by making them Lay Renunciate
Order applicants-and, therefore, part of a program of
preparation, an intensive of study, practice
“considerations”, service, and so on. So that, before all
that long, I would have an actual Lay Renunciate Order.

I don’t know what the state of this particular approach
is now, but there is supposed to be a cultural mechanism in
the gathering in which people of the greatest seriousness
are organized into a program of preparation for the Lay
Renunciate Order. And its supposed to be done intensively.
There is no way an actual Lay Renunciate Order can come
about in any future time without that program. Without it,
everyone sort of falls into the “well make you one of us”
kind of world of householders, first three stages of life

The Way of the Heart is about direct relationship to Me.
Each one of you must cultivate your relationship to Me
directly. I am the Measure of the Way. I am the Measure of
your practice. You must come to Me directly through your
relationship to Me, and by obedience to My Word-and not
obedience to some pseudo sub-culture revision of the Way
that justifies nominal practice and justifies more and more
time in practice.

I was telling you about paperweights the other night, and
a particular glass artist. If you meet this artist, he’s
just another ordinary guy, and you’ll talk ordinary with
him. What’s interesting about him? Well, its there in his
work. That unique sensibility that’s there. As a social
personality, he’s just ordinary Joe like everybody else. Its
only in the place where he throws all that away and exploits
his unique sensibility and the motive to go beyond himself
that he’s really alive and that he’s interesting.

So it is with devotees. You’re not interesting to Me in
your boring, social, friendly disposition. There’s nothing
for Me to do with it-just sitting around listening to it
turns Me off. It doesn’t allow Me to do any Work with you.
You haven’t Realized Me absolute, so there obviously are
limitations in your practice-so that’s what I ought to be
dealing with.

DEVOTEE: Absolutely, Beloved.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Getting at whatever it is that limits your
practice and advancement. That’s what you ought to do given
the opportunity to communicate with Me face-to-face, you
see. That’s what you ought to be doing every day of your
life in practice-really being on that edge, profoundly
engaging this Way.

I go out and sit in front of Seventh Gate or walk down
toward the Bath House, and devotees sit alongside the road.
Its just a moment, and so they get to do a loving,
devotional sign at Me, and they look for Me to show some
similar attitude toward them. And that’s about that. Now,
its not a negative. Its just that its not enough. And, if
you’re willing to settle for that, I suggest you get a puppy
dog or something. That’s not it, or its just a minimal,
rather ordinary aspect of it at any rate.

I love you all. I love My children and their intimates.
But ultimately that’s not going to make any difference. I
can express a social loving sign and so forth and its
certainly true. But it is not about Realization. But it is
something that is, it seems, enough for most people, even
for devotees of Mine-a kind of a social feeling of putting
out some love emotion and receiving it back. It seems to be
the whole ball of wax.

That is the universal conventional religiosity I was
talking to you about earlier-as if that’s it. Where did you
get that from, anyway? Christianity? Judaism? It was some
conventional religious upbringing. Most of you in this room
are by birth either Christians or Jews, or otherwise
influenced by such a cultural point of view. And the basic
message, everything boiled down, reduced, when all is said
and done, is “I love you, you love me”. Even though,
basically, your ego is fiercely struggling to survive and
fulfill your search and so forth, nonetheless, insofar as
you have a religious feeling for a moment, its just this
little bit of love contact. What does that have to do with
Divine Self-Realization?

DEVOTEE: Nothing.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: And in the end what good will it have done
you apart from the ordinary purposes that it serves? I’m not
cynical about it. It is something I do too. But its not the
end of it. Its a natural human expression and you should be
free to do it. But its not God-Realization. Its not
Liberation. Its not Freedom. But for conventional
religionists, which this gathering has tended to become,
basically that’s about it. Live the ego, live the egoic life
and its search, and you can generate some sort of
love-feeling together-and that’s it.

Its like in common society, the holiday-Hanukkah,
Christmas-ceremony is: Buy presents, anticipate it, give the
presents, feel love-stuff. Within seven days, you’re back to
angular, competitive, loveless life. Its a ceremony between
Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years. There’s generally
drinking on both occasions and the emotional quality during
Christmas or Hanukkah is one thing, and its the exact
opposite on New Years. Its a different ceremony entirely.
But its a ceremony that has to do with this business of
conventional religiosity. Its what you all have been
suffering for. You don’t seem to remember, so readily, the
pain of natural existence, egoic existence, conditional
existence, the unsatisfactoriness of it.

What else?

DEVOTEE: Beloved, I feel that I’m one of these people who
constantly am not trustable in my practice in relationship
to You.


DEVOTEE: I have proved that to You over and over


DEVOTEE: And in Your conversation last night, I felt
utterly convicted of this criticism of someone who refuses
to be Mastered, and at the same time I have a great desire
to serve You, to be in Your LRO, to move on and to do
whatever it takes to do that.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Then you do what I tell you to do! I am
not going to tell you to do something weird, because I’m
amused and aberrated. I tell you what is necessary for your
practice, if you’re serious. Hm? I want to tell somebody
very personal things to do, very specific things to do, if
they approach Me really as My devotee, and ask Me for My
instructions relative to everything, and they are going to
do it-not just get Me to talk at them and then pick and
choose about it, or abandon the agreement with Me, and all
that sort of stuff. So I will instruct people personally, if
they really are My devotees, you see. And they must prove
that is true, first.

DEVOTEE: Beloved, that brings up, for me, the whole
“consideration” that our relationship with You has the force
of a vow.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Not “has the force of a vow”-there is a
practical, technical, literal, sign-on-the-dotted-line vow.
That’s how you’re supposed to live. Whatever it takes to
fulfill that vow is what you’re supposed to do. That’s what
makes your life sadhana. Its not something that you put up
for a vote to your ego every day. It is a sacred obligation.
And if you violate it, you violate your relationship with
Me, you undermine your practice. And then that must be

DEVOTEE: Beloved, I have been feeling, quite a lot since
You’ve been back, how much my relationship with Joan has to
change, and how much I have to bring the level of practice
that I cant possibly bring unless its real and true of

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Very nice, Dennis. What do you have to do
about it, then? What aren’t you doing-or what are you doing
that’s not right?

DEVOTEE: Well, I think that I’m too passive. Also,
Beloved, I remember You actually saying something once,
about my choices of women. And one of the things I realized
was that if I didn’t move into relationship with somebody
where I could be completely overwhelmed and in love, that it
was so apparent to me that I was never going to do that
sadhana. I was never going to do the sadhana of
understanding my sexuality, growing in human terms, and
learning what it is to be a loving person. At least that’s
the way it seems to me.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Yes, that’s good, Dennis. Now you’re a
loving person?

DEVOTEE: [laughing] I don’t know about that,

ADI DA SAMRAJ: It doesn’t get you into the big time.

DEVOTEE: No, it doesn’t.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: But there is some kind of growth in it, in
ordinary terms. Positive enough.

DEVOTEE: Yes, and then there’s a limitation in that

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Its not God-Realizing, but its good growth
in the third stage of life.

DEVOTEE: And there is a real limitation in that, too.


DEVOTEE: I don’t think I could have come to the point of
really becoming sensitive to that limitation without
actually being in a relationship where I was really in love
and there was that kind of energy there.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: In the beginning of relationships often
there is a lot of passion and so forth. Then, over time,
because of their individual games and so on, they shut it
down in various ways and dissociate, don’t even use what’s
there. They forget about it, complicate it so profoundly,
that then maybe they think they have to be with somebody

You have to remember the reasons for the choice and
restore the essence of what was right and positive and
interesting and loving about it. And then, having done that,
you have to start doing Yoga time, because no matter how
good it is in ordinary human terms, its not God-Realization,
its not Liberation, its not Freedom, its not Truth, its not
burning this “Narcissus”.

DEVOTEE: I’ve come to be sensitive to that in a way that
I’ve never been sensitive before. So I feel the limitation
in my relationship as a conventional relationship. I mean,
everything that is conventional about it is something that
is my responsibility.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: You’re responsibility is to go beyond all
limitations and Realize Me.

DEVOTEE: Right. And that’s the Gift, Beloved, I feel that
You’ve Given to me.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Well, its an opportunity which you
participate in.

DEVOTEE: Right. And the force of my practice at this time
is being so profoundly attracted to You that it becomes
natural to conform everything to the actual process of
Realizing You. And I don’t even feel it as some struggle.
Its more a matter of deepening my Communion with You and
allowing the force of that to inform everything else that I

ADI DA SAMRAJ: There are all kinds of technical matters
involved in true intimacy-sexual Yoga, and so on, and
transcending the “bonding” bondage. But its not a matter of
cooling down, dissociating, becoming frigid, impotent,
uninterested, unloving.

So a Yogic intimacy is not about dissociation, loss of
the “in-love” basis and pleasure of company. So you don’t
have to remove that. I’m not talking about that.

DEVOTEE: Beloved, I understand. One of the things that I
mentioned last night was that I felt my relationship was a
Gift from You.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: But there are all kinds of ways to use it,
you see.

DEVOTEE: That’s true, that’s true.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Its not a matter of succumbing to the
ordinary life-factors at all. Its not a matter of
dissociating from them either. Its a matter of opening the
other end of it, and pour through it into the Domain of
Realization, through this devotion to Me, and all the
disciplines associated with it so that the positive
life-qualities remain, but they are not a thing in and of
themselves, and they’re not binding. They are an open-ended
vehicle of Realization, you see. You don’t allow yourself to
be limited by the qualities themselves. You submit to Me
through them and beyond them and live a true devotional and
Yogic life.

Now that is possible for My devotees. This is why I’ve
Indicated this is one of the ways to do sadhana in My
Company authentically. But you tend to delude yourselves
about it. You don’t open the other end of it. You don’t
handle the business between you and get it straight, loving,
interested, and serving one another. You react. You stand
back. You indulge yourself. You do all these things instead.
You don’t really do the sadhana of Ishta-Guru-Bhakti Yoga
moment to moment, including in every moment of intimacy,
sexuality, all the rest of it, you see. They become things
in and of themselves. You don’t embrace the constant
discipline of Ishta-Guru-Bhakti and the discipline of Yoga.
You indulge in the things themselves. And then you want to
say to Me, though, “Thank You very much for this
relationship. Its really serving my practice.
Blah-blah-blah.” But its really not so. To make it so is a
great discipline.

In the traditions most often, because it requires so
much, its been denied as a possibility. Therefore in at
least the dominant force of the Great Tradition-its not
exclusively so, but in the general tradition-if you’re
serious about Realization, you have to dissociate from these
kinds of circumstances, even from the world altogether, and
from emotional-sexual intimacies and so forth. There are
some who have said “not so”, and have done otherwise. But
compared to the mass of the Great Tradition, they are a
relative few.

My Communication to you, Revelation to you, is that you
can Realize Me in the circumstance of intimacy and
functional life and so forth, but it is a profound
discipline. You must understand the difference between
living that discipline in such circumstances and indulging
in your karmic possibilities.

And so, Dennis, what are you going to do differently?

DEVOTEE: Well, Beloved the thing that I . . . nothing new
that I haven’t known, or You’ve even addressed Me on many
years ago. I feel that I have to be more demanding. I have
to be more manly.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: You have to do Yoga, Dennis,
Ishta-Guru-Bhakti Yoga moment to moment-Ishta-Guru-Bhakti
Yoga plus sexual Yoga and sexual embrace-Ishta-Guru-Bhakti
Yoga plus all the real fulfillment of true intimacy, to go
beyond the bondage of intimacy. Its not just a matter of
being more manly or demanding or straightforward with your
intimate. Its the whole ball of wax, the real practice
stuff. Now you may imagine, well its easier for Me, because
when I engage in intimate embrace, I don’t have to resort to
Me, [laughter] add that element. You just don’t
understand. Effectively I do have to resort to Me. I Am
Infinitely, Utterly, Inherently Resorted to Me. So truly it
is the same for My devotees, then.

You’re just lazy and self-indulgent about it, Dennis,
indulging in the modifications and the organism
self-fulfillments. You have a positive intimacy as the
context of your practice, fine. But you have to do Yoga.

DEVOTEE: Tonight, through Your Grace, Beloved, I have had
real moments of practicing Ishta-Guru-Bhakti Yoga.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Its not enough. It has to be constant.

DEVOTEE: I know. I know.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: It has to be moment to moment.

DEVOTEE: That’s what I feel. Its the whole practice.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: No compromise, no mercy, no
prisoners-moment to moment.

DEVOTEE: You have to constantly break the contract.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: That’s Ishta-Guru-Bhakti Yoga moment to
moment. And then all the associated disciplines every
moment, no compromise.

How old is it now?

DEVOTEE: I’m 00.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: 00 years old in the body and still
bargaining about sadhana. Put in another ten years of the
same, and you’ll tell Me, well, you’re too old now, you have
to settle for it, you got some basic practice there and you
hope for the best. You’ll always come up with another
argument with each decade of age.

You all are also, in your worldliness, coupled with the
psychology of age. Life is measured by decades, basically,
and seven years too. But its measured by these increments of
time, and with each such segment of time, especially these
ten-year cycles, looking at it in ordinary human terms, you
feel obliged to exhibit certain signs in your life, in your
manner, your disposition, your presumptions, your
participation socially, on and on. Its a whole complex of
changes. Every year with a zero at the end of it is another
crisis-00, 00, 00, 00, 00, 00, 00, and so on. Each is a
measure of a profound psycho-physical change you’re supposed
to be obliged to go through. Therefore, you get into your
00s, you’re supposed to be well middle-aged and calmed down,
basically not even have much sex drive anymore, be entirely
different than you were at 00 or 00. That’s just part of the
fulfillment of the doctrine of organisms.

For the Yogi, it makes no difference whatsoever.

DEVOTEE: Beloved, You are such an example of that.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: There’s no such psychology. There’s
nothing like that to be fulfilled. Hm? I’m the same Yogi now
I was when I was 00. Oh, the body goes through some changes,
fine. And then you compensate for it Yogically. You deal
with it. But you don’t have to live the psychology of social

DEVOTEE: I felt that, Beloved, very strongly since You’ve
been here in California. One of the things that I’ve really
felt is how You haven’t changed, You haven’t aged at all.
You are still the same Great, Fiery, Free Yogi. And I felt
like Your return here this time has kind of gotten me back
to my youthfulness, that there was a kind of a settling,
even an assumption of age that isn’t true in practice in
relationship to You.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Not if you really do it. But understand
just as the ego is intact in any moment you neglect to go
beyond it, so this psychology of aging is likewise, and all
the other social rituals. Only a true Yogi, moment to moment
real Yogi, transcends all of this.

Be that. That’s a great discipline. You have to get
really serious about it, and not just roll the lore around
in your head now, pretending that you’re not doing aging and
limitations and conventional disposition in intimacy, and so
forth. You are doing these things. That’s not Yogi. That’s
the ordinary man that sort of likes the lore of great
practice and Realization, and is sort of a fan of it. But in
terms of real practice, its far less than that.

DEVOTEE: I feel that during this time, I’ve been so
attracted to You, so moved to be with You and to practice
intensely that I just kick the body-mind. Id rather just
throw the body-mind down, and not give it a quarter, not
treat it as some precious thing.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: For the hearer, there’s simply the core of
practice that deals directly with egoity. Everything follows
from that. Until you’ve heard Me, you’re not dealing with
egoity directly. You’re dealing with all the peripheral
stuff. And that’s not it. That’s not Yoga.

To do the true Yoga of this Way, you have to be dealing
with the core of it. It requires true hearing, true seeing,
fundamental self-understanding, a profound central
disposition. To just deal piecemeal with this, that, and the
other thing, still wears you out. You are refreshed only by
the transcendence of egoity. And then all the periphery, all
the associations, are addressed spontaneously by that

DEVOTEE: Well, Beloved, that’s what I felt in Your
Company during this time. I really feel my impulse to
Realize You. I feel its a matter of just keeping my
attention with You and surrendering to You and then letting
these things fall away.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Good! Then there’s this fundamental
disposition, hearing and seeing Me. There’s all the details
of discipline as they apply in each kind of circumstance,
moment, relationship. There’s the fundamental practice
moment to moment, all the faculties surrendered-truly self
surrendering, self-forgetting. You’re here to do that. Tell
your lady about it. Tell your friends about it. You do it.
That’s it-flat.

DEVOTEE: Beloved, that’s what I want.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Well, do it then. Its not enough to merely
want it-I mean, wanting it, fine. You have to make a life
out it. And no compromises anymore.

DEVOTEE: I know that’s what I have to do, Beloved.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Its not a matter of getting dissociated
from your woman or anything like that. I’m not suggesting

DEVOTEE: I know You’re not, Beloved.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Its this great Yoga, moment to moment for
real. And there’s some agreements that have to be made about
that with others. So you don’t have to play any games about
it, you see? So the agreement with your intimate is one of
the important ones, one of the greatly important ones. Your
friends, the community, how everybody is going to work, how
you’re going to work, what you’re going to get down to now.
Make agreements, then uphold them. For real. Its not a
loveless matter.

DEVOTEE: No, I know that.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: With your intimate, family, friends and so
forth-not loveless. But it is very serious, very intense,
greatly disciplined. Always in Communion with Me. Always
entering into Samadhi. And no compromise about it, period.
And you serve your intimate or your friends, everybody you
know, the same way, in that very disposition which you
maintain insistently, that you are jealous of more than
anything else. Its your greatest treasure and you will not
have it be compromised. You will not violate your vow to Me.
And that’s it. And it doesn’t take a lot of time to do

DEVOTEE: No, it doesn’t.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: You have the impulse. You have the
understanding in some basic terms. Then you just have to
flat out do it and not bullshit yourself or anyone else
about it.

DEVOTEE: I feel like You’re drawing that out of me.
You’re Giving me that.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Good! Now lets see.

I’m going to be leaving California shortly. And so those
who are going to stay behind here wont be around Me
physically, but you’ll be in My Company constantly. And
you’ll come to see Me in Naitauba, or if I travel somewhere,
make use of that opportunity. But presuming separation from
Me and using that as an excuse to drop back from the
practice is total garbage.

Who else then?

DEVOTEE: I just wanted to say that tonight I was feeling
really sick, but just being with You tonight, in this
moment, I feel completely free of all the symptoms of the

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Mm-hm. When you come forward to Me and
live in My Radiance and become radiant in relation to Me,
yes the body has this and that about it and you have to deal
with it, be intelligent about it, but you don’t have to
identify with it and be overwhelmed by the symptoms and so

DEVOTEE: That’s been part of Your Gift of this time, I
feel this constant leaning into You.

DEVOTEE: Beloved, I really feel that it is difficult to
practice when we are not in Your physical Company. Everybody
in Purnashram is suffering it, and everybody in Lake County
will be suffering it in a few weeks, or whenever You leave.
It is difficult. I know you can do it, but-

DEVOTEES: No! Wait a minute! Wait a minute.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: You should always be in My Company and you
should always crave coming into My physical Sphere . . .

DEVOTEE: Its a longing, Beloved.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: . . . and that’s why you have to do what’s
now called the “Golden Bathtub agreement”, where everybody
agrees they’re going to come on retreat in Purnashram, or
wherever I may be at the time, and do so without fail. You
cant always be in My physical Company. Its not necessary for
the practice for you to be in My physical Company always.
Ultimately its not necessary for you to be in My physical
Company at all. In due time that will become an
impossibility. Devotees who are utterly incapable for one
reason or another of coming into My physical Company should
nonetheless be able to be served in being in My constant
Company by the culture of devotees-who don’t talk them into
some abstraction of Me, you see. This is also why I need
Instrumentality, that’s what the LRO is supposed to be
about. Not some goodhearted fools who want status, but
individuals doing real sadhana who can serve the function of
Instrumentality which I’ve Discoursed about, written in The
Dawn Horse Testament about, and so on. And you cant do that
without profound sadhana. Become a vehicle of Mine, to serve
my devotees outside of My physical Sphere. So I need

What else, then? We haven’t talked about any profound and
ultimate matters yet.

DEVOTEE: Beloved, You said years back in the Ignorance
“Consideration”, that the only way that one can Commune with
You is if one sat in the same position as You are, otherwise
it is only the self, only the ego that is trying

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Meditating on itself.

DEVOTEE: Well, unless I stand in that position of
Ignorance, then every effort that I make is simply adding
experience to myself.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Every ordinary effort, certainly. But
there’s the effort of Ishta-Guru-Bhakti, all the faculties
are put on Me, surrendered to Me, to the point of
self-forgetting Communion with Me. That is the practice from
the beginning. And practicing Ishta-Guru-Bhakti then in the
earlier stages is true Communion with Me, if you truly do
it. Its absorptive Communion. In other words, you enter into
Communion with Me, Realization of Me, the Samadhi of finding
Me, by submitting the faculties. Because it involves
submission of the faculties, you become absorbed in Me
rather than simply standing in My Place. But it nonetheless
is the Samadhi of Communion with Me. Its in the “Perfect
Practice”, the Samadhi without “difference”, where you do
not submit the faculties, you transcend them inherently and
stand in My Place. Now that is, of course, most profound
Realization of Me, Perfect Realization of Me-ultimately, in
the seventh stage, Most Perfect, Divinely Perfect
Realization of Me without “difference”.

But that is not to say that there is no virtue in the
absorptive Samadhis. It is the necessary course from the
beginning because there must be a purification of bondage to
the body-mind or the ego-states that are conditional, or the
conditional states altogether. Its only having been purified
by that absorptive practice that there is sufficient
equanimity, freedom from re-attachment to identification
with the faculties, the modifications and so forth, that you
can do the sadhana without “difference”. That’s the “Perfect
Practice”. And that is the practice for which you are
preparing yourselves. Everything is preliminary to the
“Perfect Practice”. That does not mean however that there is
no great realization of Me before the “Perfect Practice”.
There is, in these absorptive Samadhis, made by the practice
of Ishta-Guru-Bhakti Yoga, the submission of the faculties
to Me. What else about that?

DEVOTEE: Thank You, Beloved. That explains it.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Who else, then?

DEVOTEE: Beloved, feeling-Contemplation is a kind of

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Yes, it is. This is language I’ve used to
describe the basis and the circumstance for absorptive
Samadhi. Its another bit of language to describe
Ishta-Guru-Bhakti Yoga. You submit the faculties to Me,
truly surrendered to the point of self-forgetting
Contemplation of Me so that you locate Me, enter into My
Sphere by that submission, by that self-forgetting. You
become absorbed in Me. In that absorption you do realize Me,
you are in My Place, but you’ve gotten into My Place by that
submission, it is conditionally arrived at, conditionally
Realized. Therefore, it is conditional Samadhi. But
nonetheless, it is Realization of Me. And as you progress
through the stages previous to the “Perfect Practice”,
beginning in the sixth stage of life, the process of this
absorptive Samadhi goes through various changes, and there
are various associated signs and so forth that correspond to
the advancing stages, but its still ultimately the location
of Me because the practice is to submit the faculties to the
point of self-forgetting Communion with Me. So its the same
in the context of the first three stages, a little bit of
the fourth, then the full fourth, then the fifth if you must
do all of that. All the Samadhis are absorptive, therefore
conditionally arrived at, until the “Perfect Practice”
begins. The “Perfect Practice” does not involve the
submission or exploitation of the faculties, because you are
not in that position. You stand in the Position Prior to the
faculties, the Position of the Witness. So the Samadhis in
the “Perfect Practice” are the Samadhis without
“difference”: Jnana Samadhi, ultimately Moksha-Bhava
Samadhi, or Inherent and Most Perfect Identification with Me
in the seventh stage of life. Those are the samadhis without
“difference” because there is no faculty to be identified
with, therefore the Samadhis are not conditional. Not in the
seventh stage certainly. In the sixth, it is conditional in
the sense that the principle of Consciousness is submitted
as if it is individual. In other words, there is exclusion
of phenomena. It is to that degree conditional. And
therefore Most Perfect Samadhi is awakened only in the
seventh stage of life, when there is no more exclusion.

Nonetheless, all the Samadhis of this devotion to Me are
in some fundamental sense equal because they are realization
of Me. This grace is potential at every stage of the Way
then. But at each stage until the seventh, identification
with conditionality is part of the process of submission to

DEVOTEE: Beloved, when You were holding my face in Your
hands the other night, I felt so much love for You. I felt
like You had somehow impregnated me years ago and that
somehow this love was emerging more and more and that it was
You, and that I wasn’t loving You , but You were replacing
me, and that in some ways in the process of Realizing You,
You actually completely take over our body-minds and replace

ADI DA .SAMRAJ: Yes! That is it. The Way is not a
practice of techniques that you apply to yourself and then
get into Samadhi somehow, you see. The practice from the
beginning is Communion with Me. It is Realization of Me. The
foundation principle is that of being attracted to Me, moved
to Me. Being moved to Me, then you do this counter-egoic

The whole purpose of it all is Samadhi, rather than
conditional existence and its limitations.

DEVOTEE: Its Your Grace, Beloved.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: It is to Realize the Source-Condition of
all modifications. Now, to Realize the Source-Condition of
all modifications you must, by Grace, be identified with the
Source, be Communing with the Source to the point of
Identification with the Source. Then the Source-Condition,
the Divine Condition, becomes Existence, rather than the
tour of modifications which are in and of themselves
limited, conditional, passing, in and of themselves

DEVOTEE: Beloved, I have a question. Well, two things I
wanted to say. One is last night You were talking about
asking -if you have a Guru, you ask. You don’t say to the
Guru what you will do, you ask.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Of course not, why would it occur to you
to do otherwise?

DEVOTEE: And I found over the last period of time for me
that to be so vulnerable to just simply ask You what to do
-I had a lot of questions but actually I think Ill ask this
one. Beloved, in The Dawn Horse Testament You talked about
the Lay Congregationist Order, and the Lay Renunciate

ADI DA SAMRAJ: And the Free Renunciate Order. And
student-novices and student-beginners.

DEVOTEE: On my last retreat, I went to Naitauba having
studied what You described about those two orders and
feeling that my practice was more the Lay Congregationist

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Well, so much the worse for you. Go

DEVOTEE: So the main…

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Prefer the slow course.

DEVOTEE: I hope not. But the main point that was brought
by You is that the Lay Renunciate Order are cultural
servers, people who actually have a cultural point of

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Well, generally speaking, its not
absolute. But the principal role of the collective of the
Lay Renunciate Order is cultural. That doesn’t mean that
there cant be some members of the Lay Renunciate Order who
do other things, but generally they must serve the gathering
very importantly.

DEVOTEE: So in reading that description I was meeting
with another other devotees on the retreat staff who felt
like my service to You has been sometimes cultural but often
in the practical domain. This area of these two orders
sounds like something I should simply just ask You. I’ve
consulted Your Teaching Word, I’ve read the two descriptions
of the two orders completely, and I’m still not fully
resolved as to which of those orders is actually appropriate
for me. I’m fully willing to accept Your Word and…

ADI DA SAMRAJ: You should practice with fullest right
intention, embrace the Way I’ve Given you, and in due course
your signs will determine which of those orders you should
enter into. So, approach Me with fullest seriousness, with
the intention to Realize Me and well see.

Anybody else?

DEVOTEE: Beloved, this is a hard question to ask because
I feel like there’s only . . .

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Just ask the question.

DEVOTEE: OK. Its regarding money. I kind of feel I
understand Your principle completely about giving it . .

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Money is human energy. And to live in the
condition of energy you must make money open-ended, be
open-ended. You have to stay with the flow of money rather
than hoard it. So there’s a lot of sharing, cooperation, and
giving that’s fundamental to the whole matter of money in
your life. If you don’t do sharing, cooperating, giving,
then you’re just hoarding, and you stop the flow, you don’t
exist in the condition of energy, and money is not in the
condition of energy.

DEVOTEE: I completely understand the principle of it and
I really value-

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Yes. And so what’s your question?

DEVOTEE: I still feel that money sometimes binds my

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Binds your attention, yes.

DEVOTEE: I try to keep enough excess so that I can not
worry about money, and serve You mostly.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Well, OK, become a billionaire then!

DEVOTEE: That’s my ultimate goal. [laughter] Not
necessarily in that ultimate term, but part of this sadhana
with You and Realization of You.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: I own nothing now, a legal renunciate, and
I have spent most of the lifetime of this Body in
circumstances with very little money . . .

DEVOTEE: I know that.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: . . . and didn’t feel deprived of money at
that time or like I had to invest my life in becoming a

DEVOTEE: I totally realize that, absolutely. I just feel
there’s something in this body-mind that feels like that’s
something that has to be worked out first in order-

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Yes, you have to be “successful as an ego”
before you can devote yourself to Me and do real sadhana.
Its all garbage!

You people are total amateurs at making money. Absolute
total amateurs. What you could do collectively,
cooperatively, intensively, creatively, the businesses,
entrepreneurial this, that, and the other thing, the pooling
of funds to do this, that, and the other project, is immense
even with the current numbers of devotees. There’s so much
more you can do with it. You’re just in the ego-position
relative to money and creativity and making money and all
the rest, even with only twelve-hundred or whatever it is
now, you see. By entering into cooperative endeavors with
one another, even just with this twelve-hundred, you could
make immense funds.

DEVOTEE: I totally believe that.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: But you don’t do it! You’re utterly
retarded about it. All living in your nests, with a few
stupid ideas, not making use of the great flow of energy
that you as a collective represent, you see. Twelve-hundred
people can make big pazoozas. And share it and give it away
and use it creatively and have fun with it, make some more.
You see? You don’t even know how to make money!

DEVOTEE: All we have to do is listen to Beloved. He’s
given us so many billion dollar ideas-

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Well, get hip to making money then, really
do it. Get together with one another, get down to business
about it, you know? Don’t be like this lady over here, who’s
got to raise a few bucks for her intimate circumstance so
she’s going to do some Feldenkrais massage. That’s not
entrepreneurial mentality. Get down and do something that
makes some real bucks. And give Feldenkrais massage for fun
to your friends. You cant become a billionaire by doing
Feldenkrais massage. Get involved in enterprise with one
another. Enterprises that supply basic needs or that are
extraordinarily creative that will create another need that
you can sell you see. Make some money.

DEVOTEE: I really only want to make money to support Your

ADI DA SAMRAJ: You all have incredible potential and you
don’t even realize, everybody needs bread-why not make a
bread business, then? Everybody needs clothes, vitamins-why
don’t you do Master Foody Moody? People get turned on with
this and that. Why don’t you make some business out of it?
Why don’t you do things together, pool your funds, get down
to it, make a few billion. You act like you’re independent
of one another and keeping it up close. Then you get stuck
in the technicalities, the legalities, the bureaucracy of
your little bit of exchange and you reduce your income that
way. You people could make immense funds just with
twelve-hundred. Do your real mission and you get thousands
upon thousands, and share the wealth with one another. So
much you people could do. You’re so separate and independent
about it, you cant figure out how to do it. All these
ceremonial reservations and limitations. That’s all I ever
hear from you. Where is the gift?

DEVOTEE: Beloved, I think the sign of my service is to
help create gifts for You or to help try to create
missionary support . . .

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Good. That’s enough, that’s good. Do

DEVOTEE: Da! I love you so much, and I want-Your Success
is really my hearts desire.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Once you’ve generated some funds, then you
put the eggs in some other basket, make more businesses,
make lots of businesses all over the place, get lots of
people involved in it. Make incredible bucks, do it for fun,
play with it, get on with it. You all relate to money like
its some kind of mystery-like its the ultimate mystery.
There’s no mystery about it, its a very practical matter. Be
energetic, because its energy. So relate to one another with
energy and you can make lots of money.

What else, then? Is it four yet?

DEVOTEES: Happy New Year, Beloved! [whoops and
yelling and clapping and Happy New Year

ADI DA SAMRAJ: When its the New Year in Fiji, its the New
Year everywhere.

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