Surrender Bodily in the Spirit and Merge Attention into Its Source – “I” Is the Body of Life – Da Free John – Adi Da Samraj

Surrender Bodily in the Spirit
and Merge Attention into Its Source


The “I” in the mind is not really
within. It is merely a reference to the body, “I” is the
body in the universal Life-Field or Spirit of Nature. If “I”
is not lived as the body, surrendered in the Life-Current,
then it is lived as bodily and psychic contraction from the
field of relations. Therefore, recognize and confess the “I”
or self-sense to be the body. Surrender as the body into its
Source, which is the Divine Life-Spirit, the Source or
Matrix of all forms, and be Happy, doing the works of love
and joy.

The consciousness that calls itself
“I” and tends to live as the self-contraction is not in fact
the “I” or the mind or the body. It only witnesses these.
Attention is the primary form of that consciousness in the
embodied state. Therefore, transcend attention in its Source
and Identity, prior to the “I,” the separate self sense, the
body, all relations and conditions, and all states of
knowledge and experience. Thus, surrender or Realize
attention in Transcendental Consciousness or Being

These are the two primary
disciplines founded on Divine Ignorance or radical

(1) Surrender bodily into the
universal Life-Current or all-pervading Spirit, feeling in
all directions from the heart, relaxing bodily, from the
vital center or bodily base, toward the crown of the head,
and constantly breathe or circulate the Life-Current

(2) Surrender attention, via the
exercise of the conscious process, into the prior
Consciousness or Transcendental Being, rather than casually
surrender attention to the objects and states of the
body-mind. Do this in meditation and daily life, thus
economizing the degree to which body and attention are
directed toward phenomenal states and relations, until the
eyes open in the Realization of the Identity of
consciousness and the Condition of the bodily self and all
of Nature.

There is only One Divine or
Transcendental Being, Self, or Consciousness, and the bodily
self, the mind, and all of Nature are unnecessary,
conditional, and ultimately nonbinding or un-Real
modifications of Its Own Radiance or Love-Bliss.

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