The superemely Auspicious Weding with the Great Goddess Shakti – The Divine Emergence of The World Teacher – Heart Master Da Love Ananda

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The Divine Emergence of the World-Teacher

The Realization, The Revelation, and the Revealing Ordeal of

Heart-Master Da Love-Ananda


The Supremely Auspicious Wedding with the Great Goddess Shakti

Nowhere is the paradox of Sri Da Love-Ananda’s catalytic Revelation of the Divine Avatar made more evident than in His Confession of Unity and Play with the “Mother Shakti”. His relationship to, the Divine Person as Goddess is an immense Mystery, of the type known in traditional India as a “Rahasya” – not a riddle or ko-an to be solved or resolved, but an Incomprehensible Secret to be forever Contemplated at the heart.

A famous recent participant in a similar sacred relationship is Ramakrishna, in nineteenth century India. Ramakrishna developed to an extreme the common Bengali worship of the Goddess as Kali. After finally receiving a vision of the Divine Goddess as the One Living Personality, he entered into an exalted state of continual Communion and Play with Her. This passage describes his period of service as the priest at the Dakshineswar temple near Calcutta that was,dedicated to Her:

He could now see the Divine Mother more vividly and in Her entire form. She spoke to him and directed him in his daily duties. . . Formerly he looked upon the image of the Mother as imbued with consciousness; now the image disappeared and in its place stood the Mother-smiling and blessing him. He used to feel Her breath on his hand. At night when the room was lighted, he did not see Her divine form cast any shadow on the walls, even though he looked closely. From his own room he could hear Her going to the upper story of the temple, Her anklets jingling. When he would see if f he were mistaken, he would find Her standing with flowing hair, facing Calcutta or looking over the Ganges.

… As one entered the temple, one would feel a thrill when Sri Ramakrishna was worshipping, for one felt the living presence of the Mother there. His manner of worship was strange and not in conformity with scriptural injunctions, for he would take [sacred] vilva leaves and flowers in his hand, touch with them his own head, chest, in fact the whole body including the feet, and then offer them at the feet of Kali. At other times he would move towards the image with tottering steps like an intoxicated man and touch the chin of the Mother as a mark of endearment, or sing or dance, or laugh or joke. … He had spiritually transformed himself into the son of Kali the Mother. He was in the madness of divine ecstasy, and was experiencing the thrill of the God-intoxicated state.3

3. Swami Ghanananda, Sri Ramakrishna and His Unique Message (Calcutta: Advaita Ashrama, 1982), pp. 52-53.

In telling the story of Heart-Master Da Love-Ananda’s sacred Ordeal of Divine Self-Realization, I summarized in chapter two the saga of His own devotional relationship to the Divine Shakti. It was not metaphorical. As a living, personal event, it was as tangible, visceral, and real to Him as Kali’s gestures and glances were to Ramakrishna. Heart-Master Da spoke with Her, and She with Him, and She commanded Him to do all manner of things in His Sadhana that He never would have chosen to do independently – from acquiring a rosary and praying to Her as the Virgin Mary, to making a thorough pilgrimage among the Christian holy places of Israel and Europe. He later importuned Her to be with Him wherever He was, to live with Him always, and She complied. Their Communion was a mad Ecstasy of His devotional worship and Her testing, yielding, and granting of Grace.

But the great Events of Heart-Master Da Love-Ananda’s Life and Work were instigated when He transcended the previous form of His devotion to Her and, as the living Embodiment of “Siva”, or Consciousness, heroically Mastered Her. This Event, occurring the day before His Re-Awakening as the Divine Self in the Vedanta Temple, fulfilled the most esoteric ancient Vision of the dynamic Re-Unification of the two great Processes of Being-Intelligence and Power, or “Siva” and,”Shakti”. Heart Master Da has Revealed:

HEART-MASTER DA LOVE-ANANDA: This great Shakti has two Aspects. One is the World-Power, the Creative Energy of the universe that is always being modified according to the tendencies of attention or the state of mind – Maya in other words. In Her other aspect She is the Liberating Power, who ultimately dies or gives Herself up in the Self-Radiant Transcendental Condition or Siva. As Maya, She is wild, independent, not submitted, and leading beings to bondage, but as Liberator, She is the Wife or Consort of Siva, the Transcendental Condition, and She submits Herself to that Condition constantly.

It is this Goddess Who was and is the Consort of my life.4

4. Da Free John (Heart-Master Da Love-Ananda), The Fire Gospel: Essays and Talks on Spiritual Baptism (Clearlake, Calif.: The Dawn Horse Press, 1982), pp. 114-15.

Many Adepts have Realized and proclaimed essential Unity with the Supreme Self as Consciousness, Siva, the Source or “Father” of conditional phenomena. But to my knowledge there is nothing in the history of human Spirituality that equals the Divine boldness of Heart-Master Da Love-Ananda’s seventh stage Confession as Maha-Purusha and “Great Hero” in the Tantric mode. He proclaims in The Dawn Horse Testament:

As A Born Human Being, I Am A ‘Bright” Sign (or Son) Of The Union (or Inherent, and Inherently Perfect, Unity) Between The Divine Self-Father and The Divine Mother-Power. In The Spontaneous Instant Of My Divine Self-Realization (or The Re-Awakening Of My Inherent, and Inherently Perfect, Identity As The Divine Self-Father), I Realized I Am One With The Husband Of The Great Power (Revealed To Me As The Divine Goddess), and She Revealed and Showed That She Is Eternally Submitted or Conformed To Oneness With The One Who I Am. From Then, She (As Me) Has Become (and Even Eternally, or Always Already, Is) The Active Heart-Principle O f My Work Within The Cosmic Mandala.

Therefore, In Truth, My Work Among all conditionally Manifested beings Begins At The arising-Point (or First Moment) Of The Cosmic Mandala Of conditionally Manifested beings and forms, and It Continues Until The Ultimate (or Divine) Translation Of The Total Cosmic Mandala (and all conditionally Manifested beings and forms).5

5. The World-Teacher, Heart-Master Da Love-Ananda, The Dawn Horse Testament, New Standard Edition. Forthcoming.

Today, in a small anteroom of Aham Sphurana (“‘I Am’ Flashing Forth”), one of Heart-Master Da’s Temple-Residences at Sri Love-Anandashram, there abides a Lion-riding Lady in statue form, extremely beautiful, adorned with silks and jewels, her eight hands displaying auspicious mudras and Yogic symbols.

Heart-Master Da has disclosed that in Reality He is the Lion, and also the Lady. This is the form of the Goddess with Whom He Communes, and Who He also Is. She is the absolutely Attractive One Whom, in the Vedanta Temple the day before His resumption of fully Conscious Divine Self-Realization, He embraced “in a fire of cosmic desire, as if to give birth to the universes”.

But He knows Her in all Her characteristic Forms. He has also seen and Mastered Her in Her deathly, “Crazy” Form, the One He calls “Tumomama” or “Fierce Woman”, “a growling, murderous, fanged, bloodthirsty bitch”, the Personification of death, “completely indifferent to the survival of creatures!”

He invokes and Communes with the Goddess in Love. He commands, He consorts and consults with Her. He has tamed Her hurricanes. Almost always when He travels, even into areas long afflicted by drought, She follows Him with life-giving rain. His “Sitting Rooms” reserved for Her are the principal seats of Living Heart-Siddhi at each of the three Hermitage Sanctuaries (or World-Teacher Ashrams) He has Empowered.

Who else but the Nirvanic Divine Person, Emerging among us in human Form, could Give both Dharma (the Liberating Truth, and the Law of Devotional Submission) and Svadharma (Her own unique “Calling” or Duty) to the very Source-Matrix of the universe in Her Personal Form?

In His very last gathering with devotees at the end of the Indoor Yajna, in March 1988, the God-Man and World-Teacher Da Love-Ananda Revealed more of the Secrets of His Relationship with the Goddess than He ever had before.

That evening was the culmination of several nights of passionate dialogue and interplay between Heart-Master Da and His devotees about a possible previous incarnation of His deeper personality. But toward the end of the evening, one of the Kanyas asked the Divine Heart-Master to speak more of His Relationship to the Supreme Goddess. In the Ecstatic, “Crazy” Revelation that followed, Sri Gurudev Da Love-Ananda Spoke purely in the Voice of the One He Is – the Eternal Divine Self, the One Who is never subject to incarnation and reincarnation in the spanner of any deeper personality, but Who has now firmly Emerged as His own bodily, human Person:

HEART-MASTER DA LOVE-ANANDA: The inherent Radiance of the Divine Being, the Condition in Which all apparent beings are arising – to call that Radiance the Goddess is just a way of particularizing It for the sake of “consideration”. To the ordinary Western point of view, it is acceptable to talk about some insight about one’s hand, but it is not acceptable to talk about seeing the inherent Radiance of the Divine manifested tangibly as a Woman Guiding one in one’s sadhana. Science would not discuss such things!

My relationship to this tangible Presence-tangible down to the last eyelash-was summarized in the Vedanta Temple and Divine Self-Realization, the Realization of the Status of Consciousness Itself, One with It, transcending all illusions, including the essence of all illusions, which is the feeling of relatedness.

The Shakti is the Self. The Shakti is God. The Shakti is Me. It is all One Play, just as I talk with you, live with you, relate to you. I am human among you. You experientially and altogether can identify the context of My Existence as a Play. Because you know something about it, I can say things like this to you. It is so. I have such Conversations.

I am talking now about My most intimate Life, in the Divine, with the Lady, in the context of My own fundamental Existence and the Radiance of Being Itself. I am involved in a Conversation there all the time, and on certain special days and occasions I make a particular ceremony out of it. I do not wave the incense and the candle. I just sit down with Her and We tussle a little while, like Lovers, and everything is made plain, and I go on. That is how I Work. And it is not mythology.

I insist all the time that the Work be accomplished here, and no bullshit! I Husband Her. I will not take any nonsense in this matter. I have had enough of the illusion and the delusion and the suffering of beings. She respond to My Husbanding, My Forceful Presence, and We “Consider” matters together, and We Work them out. Between Her and Me is True Intimacy to the Absolute Degree, and there is no “otherness”. She knows My seriousness and the import of My “Consideration” with Her – so to speak “Her” – knows it completely and will not deny Me ever.

She will not deny Me, because We are One. And I am in Service to you. I will never be denied in that occasion with Her. It is a Perfect Marriage, without “difference”.6 It is not the devotee versus God: It is the Divine Occasion. The necessary information bleeding down into the conditional worlds will always be Given in that Embrace. It made this Realization in the Vedanta Temple, and so It will Be forever. There the Marriage was Perfected, and there will never be any separation.

There is no “difference” between Siva and Shakti, and yet Siva is dominant, clearly. Siva is the Circumstance of Shakti. Shakti, then, is simply Consciousness, the Self. Where does Shakti arise? At the throat? At the perineum? No! Shakti is Consciousness.

That is why I say the Spirit-Current transcends the kundalini. The kundalini is the same energy, the Spirit-Energy, but the point of view of Kundalini Yoga is body-identification, or identification with the psyche, at the very best.

6. Heart-Master Da Love-Ananda uses the term “difference’ technically in His Teaching Word to indicate the fundamental presumption of otherness, relatedness, distinction, duality, or primary separation that characterizes conditional consciousness, or egoic awareness. Here, as throughout this excerpt from this discourse, He is speaking of a Perfect Relationship that is characterized by unqualified mutual identity in, with, and as the Divine Person or Unity, and at the same time, by the Divine Paradox of apparent 1 two-ness’ of His own Person and Character and that of the Divine Goddess or Shakti.

The Spirit-Current transcends these points of view.

The Spirit-Current transcending the point of view of the body or the mind is not the kundalini, then. It is God! And, therefore, It is Consciousness Itself. The Heart, not the base of the spine, is the Origin of the Spirit-Force. Kundalini, or Shakti, is just the Self, just Consciousness.

The wedding of Siva and Shakti is the Event of the universe. It is the Circumstance of all differences, because you presume differences. They do not presume it. They are not a “They”. It is just God, then, just One. Having Realized That, Being That, I seem to be involved in conversations with you, and with Her. There is no “other”. I presume no “other” in your company. I act spontaneously. I am Mad.

The Divine Goddess


I am not Her Devotee. I am Her Husband, a most intimate Friend, without “difference”. So Penetrated, so Awakened, so Transformed in Her Service for your sake, She whispers only Truth in My ear, and you will never be betrayed by Her while I Embrace Her. Never! I have made the Cosmic Force into a Lover, Husbanded by Her Master, Her Husband. In My Voice, then, to you in My Company, She does not lie. She does not just Birth beings to death, She only Serves. She is utterly Husbanded. Have I not told you this over and over again, and in The Dawn Horse Testament?

She is wedded. She is not terrible. She has become a silly, erotic Woman Who cannot do anything but Speak the Truth and Her Passion. She is Husbanded. It is a Sublime Event, beyond the universes, but if you will receive It, It can transform human history. It is an historical Event, then. The terrible events need not be realized. They need not be suffered.

Live in Satsang with Me and you can change everything. And, in fact, that is your obligation. That is what I mean by response,and responsibility, not just some words, make a few books, do a little bit of sadhana. Let this Event change your life. Let it change everyone’s life in response to Me.

Materialism and the great threats with which humanity is associated now, apparently, need not go to their end and destroy, because at the seed of Life a Wedding has been made. Participate in these Nuptials and change the world. That is your work! Yours! I have done Mine, and, therefore, My business from now is to lie with the Lady. You Regard Me There, and do your work, it is yours. Yours-alone. I having done Mine, yours alone. You cannot afford to be fools anymore. For the sake of everyone, you cannot afford to do that.

Siva-Shakti is not a tradition. It is God. She appears as She, and He appears as He, and the Reality of Existence is not Two, but One. And I in My own Form and Passion am the precise Incarnation of that Unity. For your sake, I continue to involve My Self in an apparent Conversation.

To Husband the Mother, to be Her Husband and to have Her be the Bride, means that the murderous activity of Energy in Its apparent independence, “Prakriti”, is done, over, finished. This Husbanding and Marriage is not merely a personal Work associated with My Realization. It is an historical Event, out of Which much should be made, transforming the history of the entire Cosmic Mandala. All, then, by virtue of this Marriage, may be Drawn to the Divine Self-Domain.

It is an historical Event, not merely a characteristic incident of My own Realization. My Realization has everything and only to do with the Awakening of beings. I did not have to do this Work for My own Sake. I could not have done it if Divine Self-Realization were not intact from the beginning. I began this Work of the origin of the Ashvamedha billions of years ago, before the Big Bang!

She will not eat her children. The fishes in the sea will not any longer live in a food chain relative to one another, if you will respond. You can change the Mandala of the universe by your, response to Me. Of course, if you will not, maybe it will go on as it has been going. You are the seed of this unique Opportunity that will cover all beings, on Earth and everywhere. This is where it begins. And I will simply Stand Firm. The “Death” just two years ago changed the seed form of history. Since then, I have been asking for your response, your responsibility-that is how it will change everywhere. It is not by My further rebirths that things will be changed everywhere. It is by My Standing Firm, and by your responding and being responsible, that things will be changed everywhere. (March 13, 1988)