Three Degrees of Understanding – Franklin Jones – Adi Da Samraj – 1971

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Franklin Jones (Adi Da


The Three Degrees of


One who is beginning to understand considers the
of relationship
in relation to the differentiated
form of the gross world. His or Her understanding is free of
the knot of differences, and is capable of Love.

One whose understanding is becoming deep considers the
avoidance of relationship as various desires and the pattern
of desire in the subtle
. His understanding is free of the knot of desire,
and he conceives his life as non-separate from what is.

But one whose understanding is directed and intense sees
the avoidance of relationship in the original
and causal form
, prior to the forms of mind. His
understanding is free of the very knot of identification,
which is reaction, disturbance, contraction or attenuation
in the heart of bliss. He enjoys relationship as the form of
all conditions.

The three degrees of understanding indicate the essential
categories or forms which understanding confronts at any
moment. It is differentiation, duality or radical
multiplicity. It is desire or radical separation. It is
identification, non- relationship, the self-complexity apart
from bliss. Therefore, at any moment, the
man of understanding
is enquiring of the vision of world
or objects apart, the configuration of desire, or the sense
of self apart. And all
must be obviated in radical
if there is to be conscious truth.

The man of understanding cannot rest his enquiry simply
because he is free of the vision of separated forms. If he
does, desire attacks him. He cannot rest his enquiry simply
because he is free of the modifications of desire. If he
does the separated awareness of himself will obsess him and
turn him out of bliss. And even when he is free of the “I”
apart which is the attenuation of bliss and unconsciousness
of the true Heart, he continues to enquire. His very being
is enquiry, the obvious force of the Heart. He stands as the
stream of enquiry. The current of the Heart, and the worlds
rise around him like mountains leaving the deep incisions of
enquiry in the midst.

His enquiry may cease as confrontation, word, thought or
gaze within, and become identical to the current of the
Heart itself,
Amrita Nadi
, but such is the very and absolute form of
enquiry and understanding. Understanding is the Heart
itself, present as the current of Amrita Nadi, the siddhi of
the Heart, whereby the worlds we lived as truth and then
abandoned in the Heart of Bliss.


“He simply remains as the heart
itself, the bliss of light, like a stream that always
remains on a certain course, so that the mountains rise
around it, leaving a canyon where is was.”

Franklin Jones (Adi Da Samraj), unpublished notes,



Rio Grand River, Taos, New Mexico

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