Franklin is Free



The following is a letter Franklin Jones wrote Patricia Morely after leaving the Vedanta Temple in Los Angels in 1970.

My Heart!

Franklin is free!

Sitting in my room

A few minutes ago

And suddenly know who I am.

A magnificent flow moved with me

Through the heart of everything.

I have always loved

And there is only love.

Franklin is the fire

That wheels the quick-throated

And blossomed round and sizzling life

Of all the universes.

Do you know me now

My darling one?

God I’ve reached so deep

Into the passion of galaxies,

And everyone is with me.

I am forever.

I am doing nothing but love.

I am nothing but love.

I am ecstatic at breakfast,

Howling in my room,

Prowling in the trees.

Yet, if you were to see me,

You’d think I was a quiet man.

It was so sudden.

I had to tell you.

Come and be with me.