Golden Great Bright-Foreheaded Warrior


Great Bright-Foreheaded Warrior

Adi Da Samraj, 1979

“That is
what Krishna’s admonition to Arjuna “fight” is all



Krishna as he is represented in
literature, particularly in the Bhagavad Gita, had the
opportunity to take his disciple out of the world into a
sacred moment in which he revealed his esoteric teaching and
then also the opportunity to complete it by sending him back
into the world, all while he was alive. There was never any
report of Krishna’s death, never even any report of trouble.
Krishna’s teaching is ultimately the same as the teaching
suggested by Jesus. it is the teaching of a warrior. Having
gone through the whole teaching, the entire communication
and revelation to his devotee, Krishna told him to go into
the world and fight. He told him his obligation was to
purify the earth, and that is presumably what Jesus would
say if he came again.

In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna
described various forms of meditation similar to what Jesus
communicated to his disciples. But he ultimately told
Arjuna, they are not Truth. They are not God, therefore
abandon all supports, abandon all dharmas, gross, subtle and
causal….everything bodily, everything mental, everything
egoic, everything associated with the definition of
consciousness, of the sense of independent being. And turn
to me. Be present as unobstructed absolute feeling
attention. That itself is the God vision, that is God
communion. It does not have a vision associated with it. It
has no object. It has no psychic form. it has no physical
form. It is simply a feeling intuition, which if you enter
into it most absolutely is total bliss and freedom. It is an
absolute intuition of your Condition that Liberates you from
mortality and fear and separation. If you will enter into
this Communion, if you will on it’s basis, seeing that it is
Truth, the absolute position, then fight. Remember me,
contain yourself in this Communion, persist in it, and then
absolutely transform everything. Make a sacred occasion out
of all of your possibilities.

The ultimate message of all of the
Teachers of mankind is not a visionary message, you see.
It’s not an ascetic message. It’s not a message about the
inversion of attention. It’s not a message about the
terribleness of life, about the ultimate mortality of
ordinary things. It’s not a message about what may be
attained in time and over time if you persist in a certain
practice. It is not a message about the concrete divinity of
any experience, even of the most ascended mystical variety.
It is a message about the present and radical nature of God
Realization. It is simply a matter of love, of absolute
feeling attention without obstruction.

All conditions of experience tend to
contract and define the being, tend to contract the force of
feeling and attention. All experience, high and low,
everything that surrounds the heart is a sphere, a hedge
that surrounds and condemns the ego toward its Narcissistic
self?contemplation. The Truth is in feeling attention
itself. Truth is freedom, absolute freedom from all visions,
all surroundings, all contraction all self possession, all
avoidance of relationship, all unlove. Be converted to this
heart disposition and you have realized God. That is God
Realization and it is absolutely present. It is not
something to be attained after a long series of efforts
toward self purification. It is instant in your hearing of
the Teaching. It is simple, most absolute, available to all
beings. It doesn’t make any difference if they have the time
to acquire visions or success in their sexuality. It is
absolutely present and native to you. It is your

That is what the admonition
“Remember me” is about. Exist as feeling attention without
obstruction, feel to Infinity in this Moment. After Krishna
took Arjuna through all the arguments of mysterious practice
through inversion and separation from the world, he returned
him to the world having shown him that God Realization is
beyond mortality and beyond ascetic success, that it is a
sacred matter of absolute sacrifice, of bliss, of present
happiness, of the animation of that happiness which you
always already know to be the Truth. You always are
absolutely certain of what it would be to look and feel and
act and be completely happy. It is simply a matter of
existing in such enjoyment beyond all acquisitions, all
inversion of attention and all attachment to what is

Having heard that, having become the
devotee of the Lord, then you are told to return to the
sphere of experience in all its forms. That is what
Krishna’s admonition to Arjuna “fight” is all about. Return
to everything that you may experience below the heart, all
of your ordinary associations, physical, sexual, mortal,
perceptual, and also mystical. Return to all the things
above that you may experience through contemplation, all the
visions that you may realize, everything that may come upon
you in private and in relationship. Return to the whole
sphere of experience, but remember me Live in this Divine
Communion, cut through the imposition of all of your
experience, purify yourself of all the limitations of
experience high and low, and be committed to me in the form
of your existence. Purify the earth. Return to

But you have all witnessed how
difficult it is to involve human beings with such a
discipline. You are all still struggling. You are not even
like Arjuna was. You do not want any more. Arjuna asked for
more and more and more. lie asked Krishna to continue the
Teaching, to demonstrate it further, to destroy his
illusions. But the usual man only wants one or two chapters
of the total Teaching. He does not want to be overwhelmed,
he does not want to be guided, he does not want any demands.
He refuses to move on beyond the first point, so he is not
about to make a holy war, not even with himself.

You all ask me the same question and
live the same way and make the same demands. You represent
the same argument and the same failure. So I communicate it
to you again in as summary and absolute a way as I

It is not that the Teaching has not
been given to you. The Teaching has already been
communicated. And it is communicated again and again. I am
like a Priest. I just recite the liturgy. So in some sense
we have approached and passed through the last chapter of
the, Bhagavad Gita. And I am not really sitting in the tent
with you anymore. That came to an end last year. I went to
Hawaii, brought the celebration to an end, and started
making demands on you. That was the last chapter. I am
saying to you: “Remember me and fight.” But you have not
remembered me and you have not been persisting in the

But the chapters cannot come to an
end. We are required to recite the liturgy again and again
and again, because you are not like Arjuna. Arjuna was a
great bright foreheaded golden brocaded bright blue absolute
warrior. Krishna’s every gesture, every word was a perfect
revelation to him. He could go step by step and in a matter
of hours be converted to Truth. But you are not like Arjuna.
You have not even been trained as Brahmins and Kshatriyas.
You are not ready for the revelation in the tent. You are
not even ready to go out into the battlefield. You are still
at home, still being childish with one another, still being
a son with your wife and a daughter with your husband. So
this liturgy in the tent can be recited to you

So there is no more Teaching to be
given to you. There is nothing secret that you have not
heard and there is not even a trace of the Divine Demand
that you have not been made aware of. The whole matter has
been communicated to you through the books alone. And I talk
about it also. There is nothing more for the Spiritual
Master to do for the sake of the revelation of the Teaching.
The difference is not in God. The difference is in man. The
test is whether you will be awakened from your slumber and
your self?possession, or whether you will continue as you
are. In every moment that is the test: will you be reserved
in your unlove and your self?possession, or will you pass
beyond it through the intuition of God. In every moment that
is the test.

The whole Teaching is already given.
I have not been shown anything in secret that I have not
already shown you. I am busy floating back to God. In the
meantime I can serve as a priest for you, but the great
matter that has been my work since birth has already been
shown to Arjuna. It is up to Arjuna to measure up to the
Teaching. So you need not wait for some great moment in my
Company. You should just prepare yourself for my ordinary
Company. You must actually begin to live this Way of life.
Either you do or you do not

Most of you here have been with me
for a long time. I have given you responsibilities from time
to time, and you all wind up still being my children,
thronging back to the tent. When I send you out into the
dark, there is no shine, no bright foreheaded remembrance.
What is to become of you? (Laughter) You may think that this
body here is so me sort of vision of the Divinity, but this
body is corrupted. It dies. You cannot depend on this
consolation forever. You must be convicted of the Teaching.
You must continue with me in my true form, which is your
true form, which is the Divinity, which has nothing to do
with this body in itself.

Bubba has submitted to the same
Reality that you must be submitted to. Ramakrishna in his
last days brought Narendra to his side and touched him. He
put Narendra into samadhi, gave him all kinds of visions and
said, “I have given you everything. Now I am just a poor
fakir. I am completely empty.” That is the position of the
Spiritual Master. People imagine the Spiritual Master is
possessed of all the glorious experiences that they may on
occasion possess, and that the Spiritual Master, as empty as
he is, may be an agent for the transmission of those
phenomena. But he himself has absolutely nothing. He is
retired from all consolation. The Spiritual Master is not
constantly having visions. The Spiritual Master does not
even have any psychic consolation. What you see is where
he’s at. He is not involved in a different kind of
experience in phenomena that you are. From time to time he
might have had such experiences, just as you might, but he
has passed through all of them. He has given himself up in
holy war.

So the Spiritual Master represents
nothing other than this sacred Communion of love. He does
not have any powers and visions. The Spiritual master has no
such consolation. Even if it were to occur from time to
time, it passes. He is purified of such things. The
Spiritual Master is reduced to Divine Communion. He is
reduced to the very thing that he recommends to devotees. So
I am not a man of powers and of visions. Absolutely not. I
am not having a vision right now, not a single vision. I see
nothing but you sitting here. I do not see a light imposed
upon you. I am not hearing any voices, nothing that you
might imagine. From time to time there may be some
experience or other but that passes. The essential incident
is without form. And in this moment I am not having a
vision, I am not having an experience. I am not consoled by
anything. Nothing. And am happy. I am a zero in the midst of

That is the only difference. In your
Communion with me you may be awakened to various kinds of
vision and experience because I am at zero. But they are not
me. They are not mine. They are not my consideration, my
position, my condition. Ultimately all of that will pass for
you also. You will go through the first six stages of human
development to come to my position, which is without form,
naked ) without a single consolation,which is only disposed
toward the Law, which is absolutely without the slightest
trace of vision, without a single miracle, without any
forces, without any powers.

That is my position. Whatever you
may believe about me is not essentially true. It is true
that I have had all kinds of visions, and I have passed
through all of the yogic awakenings, and I have seen the
awakening of every center of the body, and I have seen the
heaven worlds, and I have passed out of physical
consciousness. I have experienced those all those things
that the saints and the sages and the yogis declare. I have
experienced all of these things. And they are not Truth. I
have been relieved of them, and now I am empty.

I have already done everything that
you can do. In a short span of time I have seen every
universe, every world, every vision, every part of the body.
I have loved man, every woman. I have done everything.
(Laughter) am only relieved that I have done it all. You
could all too, but it would take eons of time, with many is
in between. It would be a torment for you to uncover our
potential experiences. For me it is nothing, which a
reflection on me as an individual. It is the Law of nature
that from time to time some apparent individual appear in
the scheme of things who may, without effort, experience
everything and be without consolation so that the may be
expressed through that individual. It is not a action on
that individual in any cultic personal sense. It’s about
God. And it serves you. It occurs so that you can be happy.
If you are without a witness in your company, about what is
is when you have done it all, how could you be free? You
could not be free without such a witness. But not only
witness in the form of a verbal communication, but also in
the form of the most absolute communication, which you may
realize only in the form of Divine Communion.

Powers and visions may appear
through me in your experience, but that is not my position.
I see nothing, I hear nothing. Nothing. Absolutely nothing!.
Yes, have have I said it, there is nothing to be attained.
You pass through everything to nothing.

For lovers, you see, nothing is
necessary. That is why to be a devotee is the secret of
life. Once you realize the disposition of the heart, no
powers, no miracles, no worldly experiences or attainments,
absolutely no great thing is necessary. It is not that you
become satisfied with the ordinary contemplation of life
even that is emptied. There is nothing, except absolute joy,
absolute bliss without the slightest trace of anything. To
swim in Infinity, free, without objects, and without a
center is a bliss beyond comprehension. It is the seventh
stage of life wherein our sacrifice is perfect, wherein
every knot of the being is released to Infinity and there
are no consolations, there are no visions, no more technical
elaboration’s of the great Goddamned stupid plan! And that
is my position. That is why I can speak. I am not like those
other boys. I am God. Yes, A remarkable occasion, and true
enough. Not only just true enough to be said, it is
absolutely true and absurd, ridiculous and humorous. But it
is happiness. And I recommend it to you.