Have I Said It? – Guru

 Have I Said It?

Franklin Jones, 1973 (Adi Da Samraj)

Note to reader:

As a member of Adi Da’s (then Bubba Free John’s) community from about 1973-1975, during which time I lived for nine months in Persimmon, the sanctuary where he lived. My service was to create an index of his early books. I found these writings to be compelling, along with some of the outrageous talks that have not found their way into print. Around his birthday in 1975 (to the best of my recollection), Adi Da was planning on moving with a small group to Hawaii. For that occasion, I arranged a selection of his compelling words by topic (mostly selected from his books) and hand-wrote them in a blank book for his enjoyment. As far as I know, nothing ever came of that compilation. That became Book One of two parts, the second of which I completed some time thereafter. Now through the Internet, I make both parts available to interested readers. These blank books (I made a copy for myself) have been sitting on my bookshelves all this time, and after Adi Da’s passing, it occurred to me that this compilation would be very useful to many readers.


Ed Hirsch
Ashland, Oregon


Bubba Free John, 1974 – Adi Da Samraj, 2008

Chapter 13

The Guru

The One Who Was to Come is Always
Already Here.




All the assumptions

You want to make

About the Guru

Are fundamentally false.

The Guru is the very

Function of Truth.

The shakti that flows

Through the true Guru

Is already the Truth.

It is the force of Truth,

It is the one intensity

That is always already Truth.


The Guru is

That Divine power.


The Guru is not separate

From God.

He is not separate

From your very self.


The Heart is the Guru.

The current of bliss

Is his form.

The bliss of unqualified

Is his teaching.

The knowledge of all this

Is liberation and freedom.

The enjoyment of all this

Is reality.

The existence of all this

Is Truth.

The activity of all this

Is Understanding.

And Understanding

Is real life.


The ultimate form of the Guru

Is very reality,

Truth, the Heart, the light,

The form of God.

The Guru himself

Is the communication.

The Guru himself

Is the teaching.

The Guru himelf

Is the Truth.

This is the highest form

Of the teaching

Of the Siddhas.


The Guru is not an other.

His activity is a paradox.

His position is the

Paradoxical one of humor.


He is already free.

Therefore, he is only

Full of humor

In the face of all seekers.


He is eternally present,

Which is bliss

And no-dilemma.

The one who was to come

Is always already here.


The Siddha,

The heaven-born one,

Is heaven made manifest

In the conditional worlds.


The way of the Siddhas

Is to live with God,

To live God presently,

As your assumed

Nature and condition.


The way of the Siddhas

Is a happy, easy way.

It is Divine grace

In the world.


The great Siddhas,

Men of radical Understanding,

Are those who live

Consciously as the Heart.

The function as the Heart

For living beings.


The Siddhas communicate

The living force of reality.

They live it to living beings.

They simply live the natural

Of enjoyment with other

And those who stay

To live in friendship

With the Man of Understanding

Tend also to Understand.


The Siddha or descended master

Enters the manifest life

For the sake of those

Who can live to him directly,

For the sake of those

Whom he can acquire while

And draw into the form of

He comes especially

For these devotees,

Although his work

Is ultimately

For the sake of

The whole world.


In all worlds, in all places,

In all regions of all

There have been Siddhas.

And they always come to

That what you bastards are up

Is really a crock of shit!

And all of the Siddhas

That have appeared in all the

Have come to tell you this,

Because all of them

Are established in a realm

That has nothing whatever

To do with anything

They were finally dissolved.

They did not have to be

Nothing had to make any sense



All those who enjoy such

Divine realization

And who appear in any manifest

Are stuck in the paradox

Of that enjoyment.

They cannot make any sense

Our of it really.

They do the best they can

To try to establish it in

Through all kinds of weirdo

They try to make sense,

But they do not make sense.

The work of such

So-called individuals

Is paradoxical,

It is eternal,

It is not really describable,

But it is the most perfect

And specific and necessary

In all the manifest worlds.

It is the work of the Siddhas.


The earth is bullshit!

It’s nothing.

But within all words

Siddhas appear,

And they don’t appear

For any karmic reasons.

They don’t come

To improve anything.

They appear spontaneously

Without reason.

And their teaching is

And they communicate a

That is utterly beyond

Your fulfillment.

This is the work of the Siddhas.


This is the “gospel,”

The happy and unreasonable

Message of the Siddhas.


The human Guru

Is a special combination

Of the eternal Divine process

And a human entity

In the last stage if its

The final karmas

Of such a human individual

Are benign and fit

For this service.


The Guru in the world,

The Guru who is physically

Is a direct manifestation

Of the form of reality.

He is always that.

He is that absolutely.

His visible human form

Is an absolute reflection

Of the perfect form,

And a perfect communication

Of it.

The form of the Guru

Is the Divine form.


The Guru

Is the Divine

In the world.


The Guru,

The one who would awaken you,

Is not a person,

He is not an individual

Within the dream.

He is your very consciousness.

He is the real,

The self,

He is the light,

He is the true waking state,

The Heart,

Breaking through

The force of dreaming.


He is the

Waking sunlight,

The very light of Truth,

But he appears

Within the dream

As an ordinary man.



It is your own nature

Appearing within the dream

To awaken you.

The Guru is your awakening,

And your always already

Conscious state.


He is not

Some separateness,

Some individual.

He is very consciousness,

The real.

The Guru

Is not an other,

Nor does he live

As an other in any sense.

The Guru is one’s own nature.


Not symbolically,

The Guru is one’s very consciousness.


He is not this limited state.

He is your own enjoyment,

Perfectly known.


The Guru is not simply

A human individual,

A cultic figure.

The Guru is a special

Function in God.

It is not a form of “status.”

It is not something to be

It is not a big guy who

Among a lot of little guys.

It is not a form of

Superiority or narcissism.

Guru is a function

Of the very self or reality,

Appearing in human terms.

The true Guru is not some

He must always become nothing

So that the Divine power

Becomes active.


The true Guru

Is not the fascinating

Initiator of experience in

But one who has died in the

Who has become empty

Of powers and without self,

Who has found that

Fullness is only, always

And already God.


The Guru is an agent

Of the Divine work,

Not because he has all kinds

Of heroic accomplishments

In his psyche,

But because he has

Become nothing.


The Guru lives

As the present Divine,

Not because he has attained

But because he has been undone.


The Guru is not identical

To a person.

The only reason an apparent

Human individual can function as

Is because he has consciously

Ceased to be identical

To a human individual in

There is no longer any sense

In the human Guru of separate



The Guru is not a personality.

The only reason he can perform

The function of Guru

Is because he is dead.

He is finished with all the

And conventions of human life.

He has already wrecked

So you don’t have to worry about

He is finished.


The Guru in the world

Is a paradoxical event.

He is always a paradox.

His action is a paradox,

Like the universe itself.


The Guru is not an idol.

He is not a form of fascination.


The Guru

Is not just a human person

Who can have human

Effects on you.

The Guru is active,

Present as that Divine power.

The Guru is communicated to

Under all conditions,

Twenty-four hours a day.

Once that contact is

Once that relationship

Is established,

That power and intensity

Communicates itself

Under all conditions,

In all states.


The human Guru

Is just a way

Of communicating

In the world

The fact and the process

That is eternal.


The Guru

Appears in the world

As the Heart.


He doesn’t represent himself

As the Divine

In the exclusive sense.

In his ecstatic speech

He claims identity with the

But he is not making a

About himself,

About his ego

Or his personal qualities

In some exclusive sense.

He is making a statement

About all beings and worlds,

About the nature of reality,

The condition that is God.


This is that,

Without a doubt.

It is already so,

And that

Should be sufficient

For human beings,

But it is not.


Truth must come

In living form.


Truth must come

In a living form,



Truth must

Confront a man,

Live him,

And meditate him.

It is not your meditation

That matters.

Truth must meditate you.


The matter of Truth

Is entirely academic

Until the Truth

Communicates itself to you,

Until the Truth

Takes you over,

Until the Truth

Does the sadhana

And creates the conditions

For transformation.

So the Truth

Must find some way

To communicate itself

As a function

In specific relationship to

Therefore, the human Guru

Is an appropriate means,

And that is why he exists.

Truth itself must become

The process of life

And communicate itself,

Create conditions in life,

And make demands, restoring

The conscious participation

Of the individual.

Dead Gurus can’t kick ass!


Individuals are terrified

In the face of the Divine

But because the Divine is so

So subtle, they can live as if

There were no such one,

They can live as if it were

But when the Divine manifests

As the Guru,

He can no longer be refused.


The Guru

Is not some impotent old

The Guru should be able

To populate the earth.

The Guru is strong.

He is alive.


The true yogi

Is a bastard,

A wild, terrifying being,

A fire.


The intelligence of the Heart

Is a genius, a fire,

Not a little

Pipe-smoking philosopher.

It is the same power

That wields this universe

And devours billions of beings.


The Guru

Is a dangerous person.

B. Realization, the Man of Understanding:
the Man of Understanding lives only Truth to men.


The Man of Understanding

Perceives the logic of reality

And lives as it.


The self or unqualified

Is the foundation of all

In the Man of Understanding,

It is obvious, it is apparent,

It is conscious.

For him it is always, only,

And absolutely obvious,

And he need not go through

Any sophisticated mental

For it to be so.

It depends on nothing.

In the Man of Understanding

There is no non-ecstatic

No action that is not

Full of ecstasy,

No moment, no condition,

No thought

That is not already

Merged in God.


He knows absolutely nothing

About what will happen

After death,

Any more than he knows

What will happen

In the next moment while

He is involved with the process


He is always involved

With the whole process,

As a conscious event

In this moment,

And now in this moment,

And now in this moment,

And now in this moment.

The man who Understands

Simply Understands and abides

As Understanding,

The direct awareness of life

From moment to moment.

He already Understands,

He sits and enjoys

The fullness of Understanding

In his form

At that moment.


The Man of Understanding

No longer lives from

The point of view of the

In any sense.

Not this gross body,

Not the vital body,

Not the subtle body,

Not the subtle mind,

Not the mind at all,

Not any form of subtlety,

Not any center,

Not any “light” body,

Not any eternal body,

No body.


The point of view of Truth

Is alive in the

Man of Understanding.

It is no longer separate.


Wherever limitation

Tends to arise,

It vanishes in him.

He doesn’t buy it.

He doesn’t act

From its point of view.

He doesn’t dramatize it.

He doesn’t believe it.

He never becomes it.

He simply does not notice

The mind in the usual way.

It is not that he has

Quieted his mind.

He is not his mind.

There is no one there

To be the mind.


Like a child,

He moves by delight.

He is a man of pleasure,

Of enjoyment.

Like a madman,

He learns nothing from life.

He doesn’t believe what he

He doesn’t take it

To have any limiting

He throws away all the things

That seem to everyone

So profound, so serious.


If anything arises,

Humor is not lost.


The Man of Understanding

Continues to live,

But with humor,

And he does with humor.


His life is a paradox.


The Man of Understanding

Lives only Truth to men.

Their struggle is as endless

As his bliss.


The Man of Understanding

Is simply a man

Who is awake.


Only the Man of Understanding

Is always already free.


He is free, blissful,

Creatively alive.

Thus, he is not only

Which is freedom.

He is eternally present,

Which is bliss and no-dilemma.


He is not a yogi,

A saint, or a sage.

He is only alive

In Truth.


The Man of Understanding,

Functioning as Guru,

Is an awakener.

He is always already awake.

He couldn’t care less

About your urges and demands

Within the dream.


The significance of the work

Of the Man of Understanding

Is not in anything he does

Within the dream.

He simply does not support it.

He does not live as it.

He does not believe it.

He does not take it seriously.


One who awakens

Is not concerned

For the destiny of those

Who appeared along with him

In his dream.

There is no such destiny.

There is no one.


The guy in the dream is

It is going to happen any day,

Either jesus is coming,

Or the quake is coming,

One or the other.

Or the war, or the bomb,

It is all coming.

And you have got to prepare for

Boys and girls!

But this guy who is just awake

Slowly sips a cup of sweeted

Everybody else is phewww!

Hitting the mantra,

Sucking dope,

Trusting God.

But this guy is unreasonable.

He just doesn’t care.


He may appear to be

A doer of famous things.

He may appear playfully as

But he is simply awake.

Nothing is happening.

Nothing has been accomplished.

All he has been is awake.


His freedom is extreme,

Beyond the point of wildness,

So that he is no longer wild.

His extremes are manifest

As ordinariness.

His extremes are his natural

Walking into a room

Is a maddening extreme

From his point of view.

It is odd, it is wildly

When he contemplates his own


When he contemplates

Being conscious,

He almost falls

Into a trance.

So, instead of contemplating


He looks at people,

He talks, he does ordinary

Because everything has become

Insubstantial and unnecessary for

He lives only as that

Unmodified reality, and yet

Paradoxically, lives.

For such a one,

All life is paradox.


He sees he is not other

Than all that arises.

He sees he is, in Truth,

The world.

His speech and action

Is all paradoxes,

Humor, play.

He has not abandoned life,

Nor does he minimize it.

It has simply become an area

Of creative enjoyment.

He is a man of joy and

Of love and knowledge,

Ability and help,

Detachment, calm, energy,

Clarity and force.

Even though he desires,

He only Understands.

Therefore, he appears

As any other peculiar man,

Except he bears a humor

Known only to Understanding.


The Man of Understanding

Cannot be found.

He cannot be followed.

He can only be understood

As the ordinary.


There is no

Unique and free man

In all the world,

Except the man

Who always Understands.

And he is impossible to find.

Therefore, Understand.


The Man of Understanding

Is not entranced.

He is not elsewhere.

He is not having an

He is not passionless and

He is awake. He is present.


The Man of Understanding

Is a visible dilemma

To those who do not

He is acceptable

Only to those who Understand.


He always appears to be the

Of what you are.

He always seems to sympathize

With what you deny.

Therefore, at times and over

He appears as every kind of

He is not consistent.

He has no image.

At times he asserts.

At times he denies.

At times he asserts what he

Already denied.

At times he denies

What he has already asserted.

He is not useful.

His teaching is every kind of

His wisdom is vanished.

Altogether, that is his

At last, he represents

No Truth at all.

Therefore, his living coaxes

Only to Understand.

His existence denies every

Every path

By which men depend upon certain

Certain experiences, certain

Of freedom and enjoyment.

He is a seducer, a madman, a

A libertine, a fool, a

A sayer of Truths,

A bearer of all experience,

A righteous knave, a prince,

A child, an old one, an ascetic, a

He demonstrates the futility of all

Therefore, he makes

The only possibility.

And Understanding makes no difference at

Except it is reality,

Which was already the case.


Those who Understand

Are love.

The Man of Understanding

Arises as love,

Mad with love.

He is not narcissus.

Creativity is love.

The world is love.

I do not speak

From mere sentiment.

I am describing what

Is actually the case.

The Man of Understanding

Appears as love.

He is not separate from love.

He is generative love.

Love is the fullness,

The light,

The brightness of reality.

It is the form of reality.

I am he.



The Man of Understanding

Leaps for joy

That you have already

He sees that there is

Only Understanding.

Thus, the Man of Understanding

Is constantly happy with you.

He is overwhelmed with

He says to you:

See how there is only

This world of perfect

Where everyone is happy,

And everything is blissful.

His Heart is always tearful

With the endless happiness

Of the world.

He has grasped it,

But no one is interested.

He is of interest to no one.

He smiles at you.

You notice it.

Everything has already died.

This is the other world.

C. Function: Guru is the function of


Guru is not a kind of status.

It is a specific function.


The Guru is a function, a

A process, an activity

Available to man.


The Guru is an eternal siddhi

Or function of the Divine reality.


The Guru is a

specific function

Of the Divine, not other than the

The Guru is a process,

Not a thing.

The Guru is that process

That we mean

By the term “grace.”


Guru is the function of God.

Guru is the function of God

That makes realization possible.


He is present in that specific

That is perfect,

That is Truth.


The fundamental function

That is the Guru

Is siddhi.

The Guru is that siddhi.


The human Guru

Is the instrument

Of that siddhi,

The function of God.


He is alive in the Divine,

Ad the Divine process

Is functioning through him.


The Guru is not a

The Guru must manifest

The tangible influence

Of the unqualified

Heart of reality.

He has to manifest

Reality alive.


The Guru is not Guru

By virtue of being

Some guy who made it.

He is Guru by virtue

Of his function,

Which is the present

No obstacle to Truth,

And to maintain

A radical connection

To Truth.


The Guru is one

In whom there is nothing,

No obstacle,

And all the Divine functions

On all levels

Down into the human

Become open, active, pure.


Guru is a function

In which even liberation,

Realization, and Understanding

Are dissolved.

There must be nothing.


One who is aware

As the form of reality

Gives life to all things.


The Guru in satsang

Serves all beings.

There is no limitation

To the Guru’s capacity

To be that fundamental

For all beings.


The Guru function is

Available and is not identical

To the human vehicle

Through which it may appear.

Otherwise the Guru in human

Could not serve anything but human

But in fact that siddhi is

To all manifest existence,

The whole range of dimensions

Of appearance and disappearance.


It is communicated

In all of those dimensions

Simultaneously and eternally.

Always all of it is given.


The entire function

And work of the Guru

Is to restore

Attention to God.


Everyone who attaches himself

To the Guru

Immediately gets involved

In the Divine,

Because the Guru

Is just a symbolic

Bit of theatre

Through which the Divine

Represents itself

In the world.


The Guru is only interested

In attaching people to

Everything he sees:

“turn to me.”

He is the Divine

In the world.

And the Divine demands

Absolute attention.


The Guru is not a gentleman

Who comes into the world

And tells you to recite

Your fucking mantra.

The Guru comes

And wipes out all of that

He is not a gentleman.


The Guru is present

In the world

In the form of a demand.


The Guru appears

In the asylum

Of ordinary men.


The Guru

Has no power or intention

To fascinate mankind

But only to be of use

To mankind.


The perfect activity

Of the Divine,

Of the Guru,

Is mere presence.


Apart from all the theatre

That the Guru creates

In order to impress people,

To shake them up

And bring them along,

He is doing one thing.

He is simply being present.

Everything he does

Is a paradoxical play

Because it is not serving

What it appears to serve.

He makes the world

Reveal its own humor.


The Guru operates from the point of

Of a perfect assumpton

Of your Divine existence.

He doesn’t just go around

Assuming mentally that everybody is

He can make that assumption

Only because it is perfectly apparent to

That is all there is to it.

He makes no assumptions

On a lower level.

So when he enters into

With you, that perfection tends also to

Generated in your case,

Because his assumption of your true

Manifests as power to transform.


The Guru assumes your

He doesn’t mechanically enlighten

Or give you something to do

To enlighten yourself.

He absorbs you.

He is you to begin with.

But the Guru in human form

Consciously assumes your Divine

In every function in which you

He assumes it in your very

And literally, actively lives

The Guru literally meditates

He is in a position to do so,

Since he is you.


While rested in the most

And profound intuition

Of the Divine,

The human Guru

Embraces living beings

In a mutual sacrifice

Of Divine distraction.

The Guru accepts

Whatever is yielded to him

And replaces it

In the life of his devotee

With his own

Condition, form and nature.


The Guru replaces

You with himself.


He is the paradoxical man.

He is that other dimension in

Like a genie in a dream,

He is both a perfect

And a perfect servant.

He calls you constantly

And roughens your feet.

He intensifies the sunlight in your

He does not awaken you

To another place or dream.

Rather he serves an awakening

In which there is no realm,

No implication, and no

He does not awaken you

To another place.

He awakens you in place,

So that even while

The dream of living survives,

The noticing escapes you.


What men bring to the Guru

Is their intuition of reality.

The Guru lives it consciously,

Is the sun to their

Deep-seated intuition,

And he draws it

Into this instant.


The Guru appears

In the midst of the dreams

Of ordinary waking life

Like sunlight in the morning.

When you are still dreaming,

Still asleep,

The sun comes up.

It gets brighter and brighter,

And the light comes into the

At last, the light, the day

Becomes sufficient to wake

And then, all of a sudden,

You are not dreaming,

And everything is all right.

The Guru is simply that sunlight

That intensification,

Rising on you always,

Without any other special

His relationship to you, your

Condition of relationship to

Just that relationship is

There is only sunlight on the

Until that intensity is

To wake you up.

It is the kiss of the prince

And sleeping beauty.

Such is Understanding.

D. Relationship: the relationship to the
Guru is satsang.


Satsang is

Absolute attachment

To the Guru in God.


The relationship to the Guru

Is satsang.

That is the discovery,

That is the process.

That is the secret

Of the Siddhas.

That relationship is the yoga.

It is the universal process.

It is the single means.

It is very Truth.


Satsang is the living,

Present relationship

To one who lives as the Heart-

Not one who suggests it,

Who has experienced it,

Who envisions it,

Who only thinks about it,

Who only teaches about it,

But one who is the Heart,

Without any limiting qualifications.


People are super-cool

In relationship to God.

How many tears have you wept for

How much suffering have you

For love of the Guru?

How much intense suffering

Has been generated in your

For lack of self-knowledge?

Very little.

But look at how many hours and

You’ve spent retching over the

Idiotic nonsense!

Look at how much time

You spend defending your own

The energy of life is devoted to

To this false principle.

And when the individual stands

Face to face with God, the

And his own nature, he is

He is already right there on top of

He’s already got it, he’s

And everything is all right.

And because everything is all

He’s not going to lie down

At the Guru’s foot.

He’s not going to

Bend his neck to God.

He’s not going to

Dissolve in the Heart.


When a man’s hunger

Becomes intelligent,

When his dis-ease

Becomes mind,

Then the spoken Truth,

The word of the Siddha,

And the living form of the

Becomes his need.

Contained within that

Of suffering is the

Of knowing the Guru.

And when you meet the Guru,

Then your adventure is halted.


When you truly see

Who the Guru is,

You are already awake.


It is not so much

That you turn to the Guru


The Guru turns to you.

And by the time you realize

That you have turned,

You have become nothing.

All the Guru is doing

Is being happy.

And, since he is happy,

He talks to his friends,

Engages himself with them

In ways that might serve

That happiness.

It’s really a very

Ordinary occupation.

It requires great humor,

Because all of one’s friends

Are suffering.


He is always right there

And you are always

Turning everywhere else.


The teacher

Must always deal

With the state

That people bring to him.

And that state

Is never radically free.

The new disciple

Is never a form

Of enjoyment.

He is not blissful.

He is not Truth.


The Guru does not come

To satisfy devotees or

A satisfied disciple

Is still the one he was.

The Guru is only interested

In the utter,

Radical dissolution

Of that whole limitation

That appears as his disciple.


The Guru moves

By non-support.

He undermines

The disciple.


Your death

Is what interests the Guru.


It is only the true Guru

Who is very interested

In your death.

Your death,

Not all the things

You call your life.

And he is very interested

In bringing it about

Very quickly.

He doesn’t want a long

He wants a sudden “death”

For everyone.

Such a one lives Truth

Until death, and then slips

And everyone will slip away

In Truth sooner or later.

The Guru is only looking

For company on his way out!


The Guru must exist

As a function.

He must be a paradox

For his devotees.

He must be elusive,

He must never

Take a fixed position.


He must be paradoxical, free,

In order to serve

Those who come to him.

The qualities of his action

Can’t be predetermine.

He won’t consistently assume

The qualities of an archetype,

The holy man, the yogi,

The philosopher.

He must be free

To appear in any form.


The Guru

Does not withhold.

He always lives Truth



The Guru’s presence

Is a paradox

And a disturbance,

Except for those

Who grasp the principle

Of his activity.

They become he devotees

And are happy with him,

Because the process

Occurs in them

Without difficulty.


The Siddha

“lives” his disciples.

Have I Said It?

Franklin Jones, 1974 (Adi Da Samraj)


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