I Will Be Heard – Adi Da Samraj – Franklin Jones 1971





On September 10, 1970, the Great Divine Avataric Process of My “Sadhana-Years” – Culminated in Limitless Realization of the Self-Evidently Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, Source-Condition, and Self State of the cosmic domain itself.


“I Will Be Heard”


In celebration of Adi Da Samraj Enlightenment on September 10, 1970


Temple of the Vedanta Society of Southern California, Hollywood CA


DEVOTEE: Beloved Lord, if there were some way to investigate what was happening throughout the world on September 10, 1970, should we expect to find evidence of this Transformation of the entire Cosmic Mandala at that precise moment, or should we expect to see it unfolding over time? Or both?

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: “Both” is a good way of putting it. You would not necessarily notice some historical events that signalled that everything had changed. The Event in the Vedanta Temple was not a change in history. It was a change in the Fundamental Nature of existence. All the changes that might occur on the basis of That Event are historical, but the Event Itself is not about history. It is about Most Perfect Real-God-Realization.
He And She Is Me

My Physical Human Lifetime of Avataric Incarnation here Is The Great Historical (and Historic) Sign (here) Of The Initation Of My Fuillest and Complete Divine Descent…
Aham Da Asmi




Adi Da’s enlightenment has been described as “an Event in Consciousness”. This ‘Event’ took place 41 years ago at the Vedanta Temple in Los Angeles on September 10, 1970. The ‘Event’ can be read about in the original version of the Knee of Listening, chapter 17 entitled The Inheritance.

After the ‘Event’ he simply returned home that September evening, saying nothing about it until many weeks later. He wrote a short poem on his return entitled My Heart and thereafter said nothing about it. A longtime friend, however, did notice a change in “Franklin” at the time:

When you look people in the eyes, there is a characteristic quality that you can identify as their personality. But when I looked into [Adi Da’s] eyes after the Vedanta Temple Event, there wasn’t anything. It had disappeared. His behavior in the world did not change—He has always been humorous. But the disappearance, or dissolution, of His personality was evident (Dawn Horse Magazine v.1 no.1 4).


The following was written by Adi Da (then Franklin Jones) in the summer of 1971.

“I have come to create a radical change. Therefore, I have not come to oppose any of the fundamental and remarkable movements of human creativity. I have only asked you to understand. I have come to bring consciousness to your judgments, your surmise of the entire event. I have come to make the abandonment of all dilemmas possible. I am for all the kinds of perfection and science here. I am thoroughly in favor of a great world. But I am also one who is entirely free of necessity, the perfection or imperfection of this world or any other. In any case, I am the one who is real and free, who survives all worlds. Therefore, if you are with me, we can enjoy these possibilities with humor, grace and love.

I am reminded of Sri Ramakrishna, on fire within, consumed in God, communicated with all the forms of truth, but spending his time alone or in the company of a few friends. His heart yearned for those to whom he could communicate his gift. He would cry for the devotees he knew must come. Where are the devotees? His whole being yearned for the children who would appear…

The world is a present field of death and unlove. But these events are not necessary to it. They are the secondary, caused effects of life in error, apart from understanding and the living force of the Heart. When men have lived as the Heart and sent its power into the form of life long enough to reduce and dissolve the destructive karmas of traditional existence, then the world will be a present field of love and vast longevity’s mindless of death. This is the truth and the creative necessity born of the truth…

It is now the early summer of 1971. Several months have passed since I began to enjoy the radical life of understanding. Thus began the life of intensifying spiritual discipline that is itself the life of understanding. As months passed I began to realize in my life the increasing power, intelligence, wisdom and clarity of the Heart. Over time I find that my own life of understanding becomes gradually available and with increasing force to greater numbers of beings…

I am here to awaken men to Truth and draw them into the life of Truth. I am new, alive, awake, and these qualities are my gift to men. I teach the living God-Reality that is eternally Present and Active. I teach that Condition, that Relationship, that Presence, that true Action. I teach the radical way that is always already Truth. I do not teach return to religion, spirituality, meditation, or any God-man who has come and gone. All such things are themselves servants which would turn men to the Truth I teach. I do not simply recommend or turn men to Truth. I am Truth. I draw men to myself. I am the Present God desiring, loving and drawing up his devotees. I have come to acquire my devotees. I have come as I have often come before, to present myself, to be present with devotees, to live with them the adventure of life in God, which is love, and mind in God, which is faith. I stand always Present in the Place and Form of God. I accept the qualities of all who turn to me and dissolve them in God, so that only God becomes their Condition and destiny, intelligence and work. I look for my devotees to recognize me and turn to me in appropriate ways, surrendering to me perfectly, depending on me, full of me always, with a face only of love…

I have one motive now in the midst of all of you. It is to be heard. I appear now as a communication. I am the other side, who speaks in time and space. I am that One. The universe is my present work. My efforts are not in the great search. All my efforts, my force, is creative, emerging, appearing and making possible the universe of love. Thus, you can understand the reason for my appearance in my present form. I am not Franklin. I am the universe of love. I am all of this. Franklin is a form of my speech. He has no independent existence. Therefore, he does not appear separate from me, or from you. His moods are my own, and also those of the present time. But I am the universe of love. And I will be heard.”

Adi Da Samraj (Franklin Jones), 1971


Adi Da Samraj (2008)


Full Version of this ‘letter’



SRI DA AVABHASA: The most “radical” politics on Earth is cooperative community, as I have told you many, many times. When will you ever do it? When will My devotees ever make this politics together? When will it begin? When does the Free Daist movement ever begin? When does the mission of those who respond to Me ever begin?

It is a marvel to Me that nothing greater than My Appearance here has ever intervened on Earth, and yet it is hardly noticed. That Which is Great goes unnoticed. So far, all you, My devotees, are doing is congratulating the introduction of the Kali Yuga, that time when even going to private prayer and meditation will be outlawed. Such oppression is already marked on television. Read the scientific journals, and you will observe that politics has infiltrated the fields of science. So-called scientists are already politically involved in suppressing esoteric movements, such as homeopathic medicine.

When will you wake up and become My devotee, become agitated, enlivened? All the gatherings on Earth are against what you are practicing. And you are so willing to conform yourself to worldly life that you are indifferent to Me and without a voice to proclaim Me.

I My Self have Realized the Truth Absolute, long before this Lifetime in This Body. I made the Truth into Me. What little sympathy there is in the world even for the effort to Realize! This is the most degraded of all the times in which I have ever made a body. It is amazing to Me. I am even starting to become more humorous about it! All these decades of Work and I get so little response-isnt it amazing? Meantime, those who have no seriousness for anything much are venerated. And all the time I My Self am arguing with those who are supposed to be My devotees.

Will those to whom I have devoted My Life ever respond to Me? It is a very real question. Your response is important to Me, not for My Self but for the Work to which My Birth is purposed. No response is forthcoming, nothing has changed, nothing is great yet. That is terrible. I am ready here to consent to minimal response, smallness, the poor few coming here a little bit, Me smiling, kissing your face and mouth, because I do not make worldly drama and you cannot respond. It is so profound, such a mockery of God. It is hard to comprehend. This time is so degraded that you cannot make an event in My Company after more than two decades of this stressful effort.

This Birth of Mine is the last opportunity mankind will have to avoid the terrible future that is coming. Acknowledge the Grace in My Company. I am the greatest Manifestation that has ever Appeared on Earth. You must respond! It is so. I am more Help than you can handle.”

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