The Incarnation of Love – Adi Da Samraj


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Do Not Be Concerned

SRI DA AVABHASA: Part of the discipline of the Way of the
Heart is not to be concerned that the physical, emotional,
and mental signs of your old way of living continue. Allow
them to come and go, rise and fall, without concern, without
dramatization. Persist in feeling-Contemplation of Me and
live the discipline of love, physically, vitally,
emotionally, mentally, and (in due course) Spiritually. By
living that commitment as a discipline, you will see the old
adaptations fall away and become unnecessary and

New adaptations of existence naturally come into being
when you change your act-it is as simple as that. But you
must persist in this discipline. Do not be concerned when
subjective stuff arises. It eventually disappears, if only
you persist in feeling-Contemplation of Me.

Turn Your Heart-attention To Me, and Do Not Measure That
Turning Relative To Whether Or Not Your mind Stops and You
Feel Better. Love Me, and Do Not Measure That Loving Against
Whether Or Not You Still Feel Negative emotions and
Confusion. Give Your life To Me. Turn bodily To My Bodily
(Human) Form. Feel (and Thereby Contemplate) My Bodily
(Human) Form, My Spiritual (and Always Blessing) Presence,
and My Very (and Inherently Perfect) State At all times. And
Do Not Measure That Giving, and That Turning, and That
Feeling-Contemplation Against The Measure Of Whether Or Not
You Feel pains in Your body.

Therefore, Always Maintain The Discipline Of That Giving,
and That Turning, and That Feeling-Contemplation. It Can Be
Done, If You Do Not limit or Deny That Giving, That Turning,
and That Feeling-Contemplation By The Reading Of Problems In
Your body-mind. That Giving, That Turning, and That
Feeling-Contemplation Can Always Be Done. Truly, You Can
Never Be Disabled In Terms Of That Giving, That Turning, and
That Feeling-Contemplation.

* * *

Everything in you that is other than the Awakened heart
makes your practice a dynamic process. This means that there
will be times when you feel overwhelmed by your negativity
and your symptoms. You must have more humor about all of
that. You must observe its arising enough so that it has no
more significance to you than a headache-expressed in
psychological terms. When you can view it in that way, then
the negativity is just something you live with. It does not
animate you particularly. The tendency simply persists. And
that is all it is: a tendency, a setup in the nervous system
and in the endocrine system at the moment. It is a setup in
the bloodstream and in the wave patterns in the brain at
that moment.

The heart is not bound by any of that. It observes all of
that. It sees what a cranky animal the psycho-physical
person is and has some humor about it.

* * *

You can go through the crisis of reactivity the way the
usual person goes through it, without any consciousness,
just dramatizing it. Or you can see the tendencies arising
in you from hour to hour and remain in Satsang with Me,
going about your practical business without becoming
concerned for it.

See the appearance of these things as what they are. They
are the signs of an eternally ongoing purifying event, like
creeps crawling up out of a well into the sunshine. These
things want to creep out into the landscape. But if you
dramatize them as soon as they get into your eyes or your
mind, you fail to let them get out of the well. When you
just step out of the sunlight, which is Satsang with Me, the
creatures stay trapped in darkness.

Only if you live without concern while these things are
arising do you allow them to pass into the landscape, to
become unmodified again, not binding. They will be released
if you will do the sadhana of always abiding in Satsang with

* * *

Truly human life, or the life of devotion to Me, begins
when you are adapted in the moment to a Principle of love
that is undeniable. Even though subjective tendencies arise,
as My devotee you do not read your life into them. You do
not animate them. Instead, you Contemplate Me with
feeling-devotion, and, thus turned at heart to Me, you go
about your business, with fundamental indifference, letting
the tendencies rise and fall. If you persist in this
responsibility over time, in Satsang with Me, then these
archaisms of the conditional personality become

* * *

Patterns and experiences always come and go. That cycle
never stops-never. A Realized being still experiences that
cycle, manifesting within and without. It is just that his
or her presence in the midst of it is of another order.

Practice of the Way of the Heart is not a matter of being
concerned about precisely what to do about these qualities
that arise in you. It is a matter of remaining in your true
Condition, which is Satsang with Me. There will be periods
of dullness, of the tamasic quality, when you are just
stupid, without any clarity whatsoever, when you do not
remember anything about what you have understood, when you
have no capability whatsoever to be intelligent, to speak
clearly, to be direct with anyone, to feel that you have
surrendered your separate and separative self. But that
tamasic quality will always come and go. No one ever
eliminates it entirely. It is always there, as one of the
qualities of existence.

Just so, at other times you become intensely active to
the point where you have no peace. You have all kinds of
energy, and you are full of creativity, endless thinking,
motivation, and obsessive concern, some of which is even
apparently “positive”. This is the rajasic quality.

There are also times when you become very clear, very
straight, very simple and full. Everything becomes obvious,
and no effort is necessary. This is also a quality, the
sattvic quality, the quality of harmony.

These three qualities come and go all the time. They
never stop alternating. Their rising and falling is the law.
All these qualities have their place, but, because of your
improper relationship to them, they become binding. They
repeat themselves, and you become fixed in certain states or
moods that are negative, rigid, immobile.

When Consciousness Identifies with any quality, Satsang
has ceased to be the obvious principle. Consciousness does
not realize that It is Witnessing the event, that the event
is purely a modification of itself, of Consciousness. All
tendencies in relationship to the qualities of
Consciousness, whether of identifying with them or of
resisting them, have the same limiting effect. That is why
the Guru appears. The Guru comes to establish another
principle. Living this binding reaction to qualities is what
is meant by “karma”. Karma reinforces the limiting

If you feelingly Contemplate Me, your True Heart-Master,
instead of being consistently concerned and reacting to the
circumstances of life, positive or negative, that
relationship itself, Satsang with Me, purifies the karmas
and allows the various qualities to assume their appropriate
force in body and mind. The conscious being ceases to
identify with the qualities that arise.

The Secret of How to Change

True change and higher human adaptation are not made on
the basis of any self-conscious resistance to old,
degenerative, and subhuman habits. Change is not a matter of
not doing something. It is a matter of doing something
else-something that is inherently right, free, and
pleasurable. Therefore, the key is insight and the freedom
to feel and participate in ways of functioning that are
right and new.

The tendencies and patterns of your earlier adaptations
are not wrong. They were appropriate enough in their own
moment of creation, and there is no need to feel guilt or
despair about them. Likewise, efforts to oppose and change
them are basically fruitless. Such efforts are forms of
conflict, and they only reinforce the modes of egoic

What is not used becomes obsolete, whereas what is
opposed is kept before you. Therefore, the creative
principle of change is the one of relaxed inspection and
awareness of existing tendencies and persistent,
full-feeling orientation to right, new, regenerative
functional patterns. If this is done consistently and in
ecstatic resort to Me, your True Heart-Master, free growth
is assured.

Have no regrets. Resort to Me in Truth and in the
present. All that has been done by anyone had its logic in
its time. Only Satsang with Me avails. Whatever is your
habit in this moment is not wrong. It is simply a beginning.
No habit is necessary, but it is only tending to persist,
because it has not yet been replaced by further growth. Hear
My Wisdom-Teaching of Truth, and understand what is the
right, ultimate, and regenerative pattern of each function
of the body-mind. Feel free of all negative judgments about
what you have done and what you tend to do. Turn with full
feeling-attention to the creative affair of new adaptation
in most positive Communion with Me, the Incarnate Divine
Person, Who Is Alive as all beings.



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