The Incarnation of Love – Adi Da Samraj


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Your Relationship to Me Is Sufficient to Overcome All
Reactive Patterning

SRI DA AVABHASA: The emotional force of the individual
being is like an infant. It has no ability to change merely
because your mind has other plans or because you change your
physical habits. This very primitive emotional reaction was
created before your sophisticated mental and physical
development. You have accumulated years of physical and
mental development, but the emotional development, the
disposition or range of your emotional existence, was
determined much earlier, in infancy when you were in a
totally unsophisticated state of perception, and at a time
when you perceived things in an exaggerated fashion.

The primitive, infantile emotional reaction is a reaction
to the perception of how things are, not simply to what
might actually have occurred. From the infantile,
unsophisticated mental and physical point of view, very
simple little intrusions, which, from the point of view of
adults, are part of the ordinary social involvement of human
beings with one another, can be perceived to be profoundly
threatening and suppressive. And such intrusions do affect
the individual emotionally in a very profound and
suppressive fashion.

The emotion of the human being is the primary controller
of the very condition of mind and body, the very condition
of the chemistry of the body-mind, the blood stream, the
nervous system, the endocrine system. All the systems of the
body-mind are controlled by emotion and, therefore, all of
those systems are controlled by a very primitive, infantile,
emotional reactivity. Thus, if you would develop the
Spiritual process, you must be drawn into a fundamental
responsibility while your emotional life is still in a very
primitive condition.

The other aspects of the body-mind that are appealed to
in the process that is the Way of the Heart the mind and the
body – are in a more highly developed state than the
emotions, but they are dissociated from the fundamental
emotional force of the body-mind. Therefore, although you
may change mentally and physically, nothing fundamental
changes in you because it is the emotional force that must
be brought into the sphere of your practice of the Way of
the Heart.

That emotional force is held in place by very primitive
kinds of reactions that are not informed by sophisticated
thinking and high levels of physical development.

* * *

SRI DA AVABHASA: The heart of every individual Stands
Free. This is what must be Realized. The apparent impurities
of the feeling being are impurities in the functional Circle
of the body-mind. They do not belong to the heart. Even so,
the heart of the individual may seem to be confused by

Reactive and ordinary emotions are not the expressions of
the heart, or the feeling being, but of the complex
personality, the extended personality, the functional
personality. The feeling heart does not exist in space. It
is the free, feeling dimension. The bodily locations are the
extended personality, and they are peripheral to the heart,
just as everything that seems to be objective is.

DEVOTEE: A way to say this is that the Heart Itself is
Consciousness, Which is Prior to all conditionality.

SRI DA AVABHASA: And all conditionality is only an
apparent modification of It. This all becomes clear in the
seventh stage of life, which I Reveal and Give to you. Even
so, from the beginning of his or her practice of the Way of
the Heart, My devotee must function from the heart, which is
simply the free, feeling characteristic of devotion to Me
and commitment to the ordeal of sadhana in My Company.
Everything observable is peripheral to that devotional

* * *

Whatever her experience of being abused as a child, it
amounts to absolutely nothing in comparison to all the ways
one may suffer in this world. In some sense, it seems she is
even clinging to this problem, so that having been abused is
part of her self-image. The events themselves are long past.
Only the ego is left behind.

To presume that these past experiences can limit her
practice of the Way of the Heart is to presume that other
life-experiences can limit her practice in the future. This
is not the presumption of My true devotee. My true devotee
does not struggle with “case” or the past in any form.
Therefore, My true devotee does not require therapy to heal
the heart and the mind. All My true devotee requires is

Satsang with Me, devotion to Me, moment to moment, is
sufficient to relieve My devotee of the limiting effects of
all the sufferings of the past, and the limiting effects of
all the sufferings that are possible in the future.

Truly, then, it is not therapy that this woman is
lacking. Truly, she is not lacking anything. The most that
can be said is that she should magnify her devotion to Me
and allow herself to relinquish her past, her “case”, and
her reactivity.

She is no longer suffering from being abused in her
childhood. She is suffering from her own activity. She is
suffering from her own avoidance of relationship, and that
is what she is dramatizing in relationship to Me. She can
utterly relinquish this dramatization and easily practice
beyond it if she will give Me her heart for real.

This is My Recommendation, not only to this woman but to
everyone who would embrace the devotional relationship to Me
and practice the Way of the Heart in My Company. I do not
recommend therapy, or conversations with others of a similar
past, or any other kind of involvement in “case”. This woman
may choose counseling, if that is her intention, but it is
not My Recommendation.

She should “consider” My Instruction to her and decide
what she will do. It is time for strength of heart and not
indulgence in reactivity and weakness. The heart was not
abused. She should stop pretending that it was. It is time
she stopped abusing men with her reactivity and the activity
of avoidance.

Through feeling-Contemplation of Me, cease to live an
invisible script and become capable of a free and passionate
life that is utterly one with the Inherently Spiritual,
Transcendental, and Divine Reality. When the unconscious is
thought to be a “something” that is literally hidden, then
you must find some way for it to reveal itself and you start
looking for inward signs. “Unconscious” is perhaps an
unfortunate word, because the patterning is not unconscious.
It is fully conscious. It is simply not mental, and it does
not have the form of mind. It is pre-mental, not
unconscious, and it is effective in every moment of
conditional existence.

Each moment of conditional existence, then, is the place
where you must observe the pattern of your tendencies.
Observe it also when you remember your childhood and when
you have dreams. But such are relatively rare experiences.
In contrast, many other experiences are arising continuously
you need not even look for them! You must simply observe
them as they arise, and you will see the pattern there. The
interpretation of life, then, is senior to the
interpretation of dreams.

The “Narcissistic”, “Oedipal”, or egoic bond is broken
not by treating it as something deep inside you that must be
rooted out and destroyed but by being completely available
to observe the pattern that is arising in every moment,
until you Stand in the Position that is Prior to the hidden
author of the hidden script. I Call you to Stand in the
Position of Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Consciousness
Itself, in Most Perfect Heart-Identification with Me,
noticing the Love-Blissful Spiritual Current of Life in the
midst of whatever form of conditional existence is arising
in this moment, and noticing also the Consciousness that is
aware of It.

That Stand in Consciousness Itself loosens every knot.
Ultimately, in the by Me Revealed seventh stage of life, It
Divinely Transfigures and Divinely Transforms everything. No
amount of mere analysis does it. No number of extraordinary
incidents of remembering your childhood or dreaming dreams
and interpreting them in Freudian, Jungian, or anybody
else’s style is such Liberation or can produce It.

You must renounce sorrow. It is not that you must figure
it out or analyze yourself or go into reveries and try to
discover when it first appeared and what is holding it in
place. No. You must sacrifice it, relinquish it, Stand Prior
to it, be in a senior position relative to it. You must
surrender it, just that, period. No mind about it. It is
just a mechanism, a level of vibration, if you will, a
thought. It is just something to be let go of. If you want
higher thoughts, greater thoughts, you must sacrifice the
ones you are tending to have right now. But you must do it
intentionally, and, therefore, consistently. You must make
it into a way of life. Your way of life must become one of
intentionally and consistently relinquishing your
association with lesser tendencies.

* * *

As you develop your practice in My Company and contact Me
through all the opportunities of Satsang with Me, all the
contents of your “Narcissistic” ego, or your karmic
personality, come into awareness, or into the view of
attention. As these contents arise, practice the exercises
of “conductivity” and the “conscious process” in daily life
and meditation, but always in direct Communion with the
Divine Power and Being Transmitted in and through and As Me,
your True Heart-Master. As these contents arise in My
Company, they are purified by My Spiritual
Heart-Transmission. They are stimulated by My Transmission
and they are lifted off, or changed either instantly, or
through a process of trial or a sequence of changes. The
contents of the ego, or the body-mind, or self-contraction,
are reduced, broken up, and in one or another way eliminated
by My Divine Work. This is literally, and not merely
figuratively, so. When I spend time with you, or sit with
you to Grant you My Darshan, I Magnify My Spiritual
Heart-Transmission to you, and It Combines with the various
contents of your conditional being. My Transmission is
Self-Radiant Energy and Self-Existing Consciousness. In
Satsang with Me, this is what you confront in your life and
meditation. This is the character of My Divine Siddhi. And
It spontaneously Works to stimulate the contents of your
conditional self, in life, in meditation, and in moments of
repose. That Siddhi also breaks them up and eliminates them
in a process that is not possible by any other means.
Ultimately these contents are eliminated by My Transmission
Work, and they are returned to the Primal Energy Condition,
or the Ultimate Condition of Divine Being.

* * *

In time, the force of negative emotions is undermined in
the process of yielding all the content and consciousness of
your life to Me. The more perfectly and intuitively you are
turned to Me and the more abandoned life is in you, the less
there is of negative emotion as a chronic, fixed tendency.
All emotion is useful. However, you are locked into patterns
that stimulate inappropriate episodes, just as in general
everyone lives in a chronic emotional state of always
manifesting characteristic emotions that are perpetually
called into being by the circumstances of life. But if you
establish your life in right relationship to Me, through the
sacrificial, or devotional, process of the Way of the Heart,
then you will also see, secondarily, the emotional pattern
of your life begin to break up.

* * *

All tendencies are simply fixed reflections of old
activities or adaptations. Therefore, all tendencies are
dissolved or made obsolete by present sacrificial devotion
to Me, or unobstructed feeling Contemplation of Me. Such
unobstructed feeling – Contemplation of Me is love. If it is
lived in the moment of any tendency, the tendency itself is
dissolved, or made unnecessary and ineffective in that



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