The Incarnation of Love – Adi Da Samraj


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Serve the Person Who Makes You Angry

SRI DA AVABHASA: You may have particularly strong
resistance to certain people in whose company you feel
anger, righteousness, or other strong and negative feelings.
Serve those you have conflict with, rather than engaging in
gossip, complaint, and righteousness in their company, all
of which are forms of withdrawal or contraction-reaction.
Really serve. That is, direct your attention and energy to
their good and well-being.

When you have conflict with someone, it will not help you
to try to identify and analyze the reasons for your
difficulties. There are no reasons. There are only
justifications for withdrawing your life-energy. And it is
not simply a matter of not loving the person. Observe
yourself in that relationship, and you will see that you are
actively manufacturing non-love toward the other person.

Your appropriate activity, then, is not to try to create
love for the person. You will only create self-consciousness
and not love. You need not love the person at all. Simply
direct your energy to that person, serve that person,
sacrifice your refusal to share lifeenergy with that person.
The more you understand under the conditions of such
service, the more such service will itself be revealed to be

* * *

There is no true Awakening without a change of heart, a
literal purification, a redress of wrongs, and a change of

* * *

You will notice that in the face of any difficulty you
resort to a sequence of devices and strategies. You must
discover the root of all of that and see what you simply
need to do. Understand that there is no resolution until
there is the release of the selfcontraction.

In the face of the difficulty, you might try various
psychological devices, various ways of thinking about it and
knowing about it to make you feel better-including, perhaps,
wishing you could punch somebody in the teeth. But you will
realize eventually that the only way you will feel full and
Happy under such circumstances is to no longer contract from
the difficulty.

This is why I have told you, for example, that you should
never become involved in a destructive intention when
dealing with people who oppose what you are doing. Obviously
you must deal with the situation, but your dealing with the
situation should not be unlike your blessing of others. In
other words, it is not by contracting from difficulty and
doing evil deeds but by transcending the self-contraction
that you become effective in adversity.

All the negative feelings that arise because of
self-contraction must be transcended. You will notice that
the reason you feel bad about a difficult situation is that
you are contracting from it. When you stop contracting from
it, you will feel Happy in Divine Communion. Nevertheless,
the situation will still exist to be dealt with

* * *

You Must Not Withdraw From Grace-Given Divine Communion
(or Become Degraded By Un-Love) Even When Circumstances
Within Your Intimate Sphere, or Within The Sphere Of Your
Appropriate social Responsibility, Require You To Make
Difficult Gestures To Counter and Control The Effects or
Undermine and Discipline The Negative and Destructive
Effectiveness Of The Rituals Of Un-Love That Are Performed
By others.


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