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The Heart Is in Bondage Until Love Is Incarnated in the World


SRI DA AVABHASA: The import of My Appearance here is not that I have Come into the world and that I Am Love, or that God independent of human beings is Love. The import of My Appearance here and of My Communication is that you, and every being, must be Love.

The heart is in bondage until love is incarnated in the world. Therefore, you must incarnate love. You must make room for Me in life.

The first principle of Spiritual life is God-Love, submission to the Divine Being. First you must love Me, and then you are able to love everyone. Your practice of the Way of the Heart is thus a paradox. It is not exclusive withdrawal into an orientation to the Divine Reality. There must be that orientation, yes, but your Realization of the Divine must be incarnated in the plane of relations.

* * *

The relationship to Me, the True Heart-Master, is the epitome and the primary form of relationship. And that relationship contains hidden within it the whole Mystery and Form of Truth. But it cannot be enjoyed or understood apart from the practical or sacrificial application of your life to the whole condition of relationship as it everywhere and every moment appears.

Therefore, practice of the Way of the Heart is the practice of relationship to Me, but also the practice of the condition of relationship itself. That is why I Give practical Instruction in the form of life-demands. The Spiritual Master must be the Master of actual conditions. Thus, I am always bringing My devotee into appropriate conditions, to test and mature him or her. In every circumstance, My devotee will either function in relationship openly, effectively, wisely, and with love, or My devotee will observe his or her own resistance, understand, and gradually restore himself or herself to the relational condition in that area of his or her functional life.

The practical living of the conditions of relationship is of fundamental importance, and it is a fundamental expression of the process of true practice at every developmental stage of the Way of the Heart.

Love all your friends. Love all beings. Through devotional submission to Me as your True Heart-Master, be Liberated from all otherness, which is painful, a form of suffering, something to be Liberated from entirely. How can you be Liberated from otherness? Only through feeling-Contemplation of Me.

You must become responsible as love in all relations, under all conditions, and as early in your life as possible, so that you can transcend the repetitive destiny of the ego, of separation, of the avoidance of relationship, of un-love, of “you don’t love me”, that keeps you out by the pond, meditating on yourself like Narcissus. Then you can go on to fulfill the Destiny of Divine Self-Realization while alive.

* * *

Every being must fulfill the Law, regardless of his or her past. It does not make any difference how difficult it is for you. The Law remains the Law. The Law is unobstructed feeling-attention, or love, under all conditions and in all relations until Divine Translation. If you are obstructed in feeling and attention, you fail to fulfill the Law. That is why you suffer, and why you stop growing.

* * *

If you understand My Wisdom-Teaching of the Way of the Heart, you understand that the ego that is to be transcended exists only in the context of relations. The ego is the body-mind in the state of contraction. Therefore, it is effective as contraction in the field of relations. And, therefore, among the primary disciplines in the Way of the Heart, among the most fundamental disciplines, are those in the domain of relations.

* * *

Those who Fail To Practice The Sadhana Of Love In their intimate emotional-sexual relationships, and In human relationships Generally, Will, By That Failure, Turn Away (or Contract) From God (or The Great Condition That Is Reality Itself).

The Dawn Horse Testament

* * *

Practice of the Way of the Heart is always demonstrated functionally and in the plane of relations. Therefore, it is always obvious whether or not you are practicing the Way of the Heart. If you are Contemplating Me with feeling-devotion, your practice is obvious. If you are not Contemplating Me, that is also obvious. You know whether a person is transcending the ego-bond by how he or she appears in life, in the moment of relations. Of course, the Way of the Heart is not about relations. It is simply lived in the context of relations. The Way of the Heart is about feeling-Contemplation of Me, or Divine Communion. But it cannot be lived except in the plane of relations.

* * *

Among the fruits of the life of understanding are human ones. Your functional humanity, your ability to love and live in relationship, is a real test of your self-understanding. To live in relationship is simply a process of unobstructed energy, fullness, happiness. Until you become happy with others, your Spirituality is garbage. It serves no purpose whatsoever.

Self-transcendence is consequential for humanity. It is not an experience of phenomena that transcend humanity. When the quality of unreasonable Happiness, prior Fullness, or genuine life and love is present in an individual, you are certain of that person. You are healed by that person’s presence.

If you are about Spirituality and you are not about love, then you are only deluded. To live without love has nothing whatever to do with Spiritual life. I have known many people who were very Spiritual, so-called, and who did not know the first thing about love, had no interest in it, had no capability for it. They could shine out a little love selectively here and there, but anyone can do that any libertine does that. I have known many people who claimed to be involved in Spiritual life who could not grasp this principle of love. They could not incarnate it, could not live with it, could not make humanity out of it, could not make human life out of it.

Such people want to be celibate and wear all the trappings of religion, but they cannot love. There they stand in their ridiculous costumes, their eyes rolling up in their heads, swooning in the Yogic perfume, and they are nothing but self-obsessed egos. They cannot love, they cannot submit to love, they cannot accept being loved, and they cannot love others consistently. They cannot bring Spirituality into life, into relationship. Therefore, they are dramatizing the same problems that all egos suffer and at the same time they are calling themselves “Spiritual”.

I have “Considered” this with you on many, many occasions. There is no true Spiritual life without incarnate love that is demonstrated in very practical terms.

* * *

The true test and proof of a human being is not whether or not he or she can attain mystical experiences, or “out-of-body” experiences, or even sophisticated scientific knowledge and power over the world. The true test is whether or not any individual human being will exist as love and persist as love, transcending himself or herself in the midst of all experience and all knowledge, even when all experience and all knowledge press upon the individual to be less than love.

You may fantasize that Spiritual life is about living in caves, wearing your robes, and renouncing everything. Such a notion is just a dream. It is nonsense. True renunciation is here, in the body, suffering it, becoming Illumined by submitting to be a human being. The practice of such true renunciation is the agony of selfknowledge and knowledge of another.

That practice uses you up, burns you out, and kills you eventually. But it is better to die from that than from bacteria or old age or a rotting liver or something to do with your intestines. Die from the heart-stress. Die from love. That is what I am Doing. And anybody who follows or fulfills the Way of the Heart must do the same.

You literally depend on other beings for your continuing existence in this form – not your ultimate existence, or even your mere vital existence (except that you do depend on the sexual play of others for your birth), but your human existence. You cannot exist as a human being for one more moment without participation in the life that other beings give to you, and that the whole grand affair of the manifested world gives to you.

When you realize your dependence on the conscious communication of life from others, then you see the reasonableness – or, rather, the unreasonableness-of love. Then, in spite of what the other person seems to be, you bring your life to him or her in the form of real energy, real intensity, real attention. The person is enlivened, then, literally. The person is fed.

The food that you take through the mouth is gross and secondary. The food that you take through the nose is gross and secondary. These are also necessary forms of food, generally, but they support a lower organic form of existence. Many people eat well enough and breathe well enough, but they are depressed and insane because they do not communicate through the eyes and through the heart. They do not enjoy the life-process in its subtle form. To be present with life to other beings, and to expect their presence to you, is merely intelligent, not moralistic, not even a matter of Yoga. You are present to other beings in the form of a righteous demand for life. You should absolutely demand life from other people. And you should finally discover what it is you are demanding of them. It is life, intensity, love, conscious energy. You absolutely need it to survive.

Therefore, you should cut through all the garbage that you tend to give other people and absolutely demand that exchange of love. Settle for nothing less, and settle for nothing less in yourself. And submit to that righteous demand from others. To bring your own presence as life to other beings and to demand it from them is simply an appropriate discipline, just as it is appropriate to take meals every day.

But you tend to settle for less than life. A smile, a bit of sex, or a cigarette is sufficient. You do not really require life from others, yet that is what you need. You cannot survive in your truly human functions without it. If all of you here were busy truly loving one another, truly being present to one another without complication, without making any assumptions about one another or yourself, you could live for a long time. Even if you lived for only 20 years, you would be happy, at least on the ordinary human levels. You would be feeding one another, and you could die happy-if some day you happen to have to die-because everybody would be with you. Everybody would be holding your hand and shooting you full of conscious life. You would be loved, free, not prevented from Truth. And who cares about death then?

* *

To love is to share principal food, to share the energy of manifested being. The mind is simply a modification of the conscious elemental, and it does not move down into life. Only in loving do you permit the life-force, the life-energy, principal food, to manifest on the functional human level.

Therefore, you can think all you like, but until you love you do not make the life-force available, you do not feed others. If your common life, your social life, is unsatisfactory, it is because there is no communicated life-force, you are starving, you do not love. Loving is not just a psychological and personal affair. It is not just good for psychological health and society. Loving is absolutely essential for life itself, because it is the functional manifestation of the life-force, or principal food.

There cannot be any withholding, for any reason whatsoever, without violating the fundamental functional demand of human life. Love is not a petty affair. It is not just better if you love others. It is an absolute demand and responsibility to love and be free. Only thus do you make available in human terms the Divine process, and only thus is anything like the realization of truly human existence possible. Such true existence depends on love. Then human life can become elemental and alive. Then the bodies can be improved and all the rest. But until love is established as the communicated theatre of human life, there is no evolution of humanity.

Do not just live a moral life. Live a life of love.

Love is Unqualified Divine Self-Radiance, without center or bounds. Since it is without center (ego-self) or bounds (body, thought-conception-perception, world), Love may not be willfully presumed or generated. It is a Process Realized by Grace, progressively, until it is altogether True.

The Hymn Of The True Heart Master,

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Incarnation of Love

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