The Incarnation of Love – Adi Da Samraj


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Be Served

SRI DA AVABHASA: The ego is capable of knowing an
infinite number of offenses. And these offenses serve until
the ego is undone. If, as My devotee, you are smart, you
will allow such offenses to serve you. You will be happy to
let the world become totally offensive. You will allow the
world’s offenses to show you the dimension of your own lack
of wisdom, and you will learn from it.

* * *

Negative circumstances in your life, including encounters
with negative people and negative forces, provide a
circumstance of creative struggle whereby you must come to
understand that you cannot be snuffed out or destroyed, that
a greater Power is available to you than any negative
circumstance represents, however strong the negativity may

Your encounters with negative forces and negative
individuals may be difficult, but such encounters serve you.
The reactions they awaken in you are expressions of your
present psycho-physical technique that you must overcome.
Merely to encounter difficulties does not justify egoically
“self-possessed” frustration and the abandonment of your
practice of the Way of the Heart. Rather, you should accept
the lessons provided by difficulties and, in
feelingContemplation of Me, surrender the negativity in
yourself that is stimulated by an encounter with what
frustrates you. That is one dimension of your dealing with

The next dimension of your dealing with difficulties is
positively to meet negative conditions with the disposition
of surrender and, through feeling – Contemplation of Me, to
create an opening for the Divine Force so that It may
Accomplish changes.


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