The Incarnation of Love – Adi Da Samraj

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Release Guilt

SRI DA AVABHASA: Guilt has no place in the Way of the Heart. Discipline, however, has a great place in the Way of the Heart. You have not originally sinned. You are not priorly guilty. In the circumstance of this life, suffering this life, you not even knowing what it is and not having created it, how can guilt be suggested? Responsibility is suggested! Discipline of Submission to Delight, to Happiness, to Bliss – that is suggested. I am to be noticed! Forget guilt and blame and self-consciousness! These are man-made, I Say. My Heart-Blessing does not merely Answer you. It Relieves you even of your questions. Through feeling-Contemplation of Me, you move into a different place, luxuriate in another Process.

This practical discipline should be fulfilled by you to whatever degree you find the capability in yourself. To whatever degree you fail or find yourself unable to fulfill this discipline at any time, simply observe yourself, be easy, be full of enjoyment, make your actions at least an indulgence that does not harm others, and continue to turn to Me and with feeling-devotion, from the heart. The more you mature in My Company, the more you will fulfill this discipline. The more you fulfill it, the more you will see of your turning from the Divine Self-Condition That Is Incarnate before you. And the more you see of this turning away, the more responsible you will become for your turning to Me.

* * *

As My devotee, you must constantly surrender all concerns for what you have done in the past, or what negative tendencies, accumulated from past actions or experiences, you feel to be lingering within yourself in the present. All conditions must be observed, but they must be simultaneously released via devotional and responsive feeling-Contemplation of Me.

The Divine Being, Truth, and Reality is Love, Wherein everything that is merely true is Outshined by What Is Truth. Therefore, all beings are tacitly, or in every moment, forgiven, or Liberated from the past-if only they will turn (or “repent”) from the tendencies of the past and enter whole bodily into present and Ecstatic Communion with Me.

* * *

Whoever loves in the present is not bound. This is the Divine Law. Where there is love, there is release of karma, or the effects of the past. To love is to be “forgiven”, or released from past un-love and the destiny past un-love creates through accumulated reactions and the tendencies established by past experience.


Table of Contents



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