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Enter Fully into the Spiritual Life-Sphere of Love


SRI DA AVABHASA: Love is feeling-Contemplation of Me, and that is the summary of the Way of the Heart. Live it under all conditions.

Simply to give Me your regard, simply to feelingly Contemplate Me, should be the moment of ecstasy that draws you naturally into feeling-response to Me, the mood of love, devotion, freedom from mental bondage, physical bondage, relational bondage. Thus ecstatic, you are naturally capable of incarnating this love, through all the forms of practice I Give you, including your love-relations and friendships.

* * *

What Is Necessary (and Also Possible) Is To Enter Fully Into The Spiritual Life-Sphere Of Love. In The Way Of The Heart, This Is Done By First Entering (By Heart) Into My Company (and, Thus and Thereby, Into The Company Of The Divine Person), and (Therein) To Submit To The Divine Embrace Of Love, Wherein Not Only Are You Loved, but You Are Love Itself. Then You Must Magnify That Love-Radiance In the world of human relationships.

* * *

When the contraction does not take place, when it is not meditated upon, when it is no longer a matter of concern, when there is simply this unobstructed relationship, there is no dilemma. Then there is no one superior to the other, no problem, no jealousy, no distinction. There is only enjoyment. And where life is constant as that enjoyment, there is the Infinity of Liberation, the Perfect Consciousness of Truth, the Siddhi of the Real. But it is always simply that basic enjoyment, that unobstructed, spontaneous, moment to moment existence as relationship. It is what is called “love”. It is simply the Force of the Heart, the Real, which is unobstructed, unqualified existence. When there is no resistance, no contraction, no separation, there is just this ease of pleasure in one another. And where there is that ease of pleasure, there is no problem. Give it a name, if you like. It is simply your natural state.

* * *

“Love” is perhaps the most abused word in at least the Westernized world. The ego wants to call lust “love”. Lust is not love. Attachment is not love. Liking what somebody does to you is not love. Do you not know this? True love is an expression of going beyond your separate and separative self, going beyond what consoles you. Ultimately such love is magnified universally. It goes beyond your house, your castle, your egoic “self-possession”, your underwear. Do you know this?

You do not love someone because you are attached to the person and like what the person does for you. That is not love! Do you not know this? All such consolation must be understood and gone beyond. Then there is love. Then you serve another’s sacrifice, anther’s Realization-and that is “true intimacy” in the Way of the Heart.

Positive socializing is what you call “love”. But that is not love. That is just lust and vital energy, congeniality, satisfying the vital personality and its purposes and desires. Love is a sacrifice of the ego in feeling-Contemplation of Me in all relations and under all conditions. Therefore, the primary manifestation of love is Ishta Guru-Bhakti Yoga.

Love is not mere attachment, or any kind of fascination with objects or others that represent the possibility of self-fulfillment. Love itself is renunciation of separate and separative self, in relationship to another.

* * *

Love is the disposition of uncaused Happiness in the moment. You always are natively certain of what it would be to look, and feel, and be, and act completely Happy in this very moment. Love is to do just that, and to do it effectively toward all relations, whether apparently within or apparently without, so there is no recoil, no separation, no self-definition, but only the Divine Self Condition Which precedes these.

* * *

To love requires a great transformation. It requires your absolute Realization of the fundamental Nature of your True Condition, Which is not this separate one.

* * *

Love is relational action rather than the action of one who is egoically “self-possessed”-but love is action, or real availability, not a merely subjective attitude of mind and emotion.

* * *

What you call loving people very much does not amount to much. Real loving changes your life. It changes your action. It eliminates your patterning, your egoic tendencies, your game.

And you cannot avoid pain. The avoidance of pain is a primary part of the motive to be superficial and mediocre. You do not want to feel the difficulty, so you will never address it. Therefore, you just smile and say [Sri Da Avabhasa speaks in a very squeaky, superficial voice and forces a superficial smile] “I love you.” Devotion must be suffered. Intimacy must be suffered. A unique kind of suffering Awakens you. It is joyous if you suffer it most profoundly. If your life is to be transformed by it, then you must go beyond pain.

Love has a wall of pain in it. If you do not endure that pain, then you make love into a social convention and your so-called loving does not amount to anything. Everybody is smiling at one another and shaking hands and speaking pleasantries. That is not love. Love is very serious, even when it laughs.

Divine Self-Realization is not the avoidance of the pain of life but it is to suffer it to the nth degree, to the point of Awakening, to the point of Freedom, to the point of being utterly transformed, in effect, by love, to murder the murderer, to be Free of limitations but not by evading them.

The ego-transcending point of view actively acknowledges the principle of love. My devotee who is functioning in an ego-transcending fashion-even to the degree of Divine Enlightenment presumes himself or herself to live in a world of love. In the world of relations, that one is alive in the Domain of Love.

Love is the principle of human functioning. It is the principle of relationship. Love is what is to be Realized and expressed. You must overcome all limits upon it. Spiritual life is many things, but at the level of human relations, its essence is love.

* * *

Love is what you are all struggling with, you see. You would sit in meditation in a cave for twelve hours a day long before you would begin to get serious about the matter of love. You do all you can to see that you are pleasurably situated in your sexual relationship, in your work, in your household, or in your automobile. You work very hard to study and read about and think about and imagine and even perform meditative exercises. Yet love is the most profound, and the most difficult, activity to do. And love is the one single act that you are most reluctant to perform-whether in public or in private.

* * *

All My devotees should be able to bring the principle of love into active manifestation in daily life and eliminate all the rituals of un-love, all the mediocre versions of love, all the ceremonial affirmations of love. Actually live love in feeling-Contemplation of Me.

Express love all day. Do not allow the conventions of egoic worldliness to suppress love’s expression. Contemplate Me with your feeling-devotion, and make your love of Me the principle of all your acts, and change everything. Take a look at all the ceremonies of un-love you have built into your life and eliminate them. Change them however you must, so that you manifest actual love, its real, verbal, physical, human expression, and its practice altogether, Spiritually, ultimately.

You can never truly be anyone’s friend, or lover, or husband, or wife, or father, or mother, and you can never be My devotee, until you decide to surrender to Me. Until that time, you are wandering in your attention, and you cannot really be trusted. You cannot be faithful, you cannot make agreements, you cannot love, you cannot persist as love.

* * *

If, as My devotee, you would transcend the ego, you must deal with the emotional gesture of the feeling-being from moment to moment. Transcendence of the ego is entirely an emotional matter. Thus, there is no transcendence of the ego until love appears, until there is self-transcendence via emotional sacrifice of the body-mind in feeling-Contemplation of Me, the Incarnate Divine Person, the Adept of the Living One, Who is Expressed as everything and Who absolutely Transcends everything.

As My devotee, you must choose this sacrifice, this loving gesture. If you will choose it, if you will make this emotional commitment, then all experience becomes Divine Revelation to the point of Ecstasy and the Transcendence of everything in Self-Existing Divine Being and Self-Radiant Love-Bliss.

* * *

You cannot idealize this great Love-feeling and say that from now on this is how you are going to live. You will discover, as you have discovered on countless occasions previously, that you do not do that. You cannot merely make love an ideal, in other words. You must first become involved in love by finding That Which Is Love, Which Comes to you as Love, and Which Is Supremely Attractive.

Acknowledge That One, know That One, and allow yourself to respond to That One in love.

The Way of Truth, then, is not merely to love. The Way of Truth is to be the devotee of the One Who Is Love.

Incarnation of Love

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