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You Must Become Human Before You Can Become Spiritual

SRI DA AVABHASA: Be willing to straighten out your life and handle your life-business as the basis for receiving Me. This is what it takes.

People think that the first thing they are supposed to do when they enter into the Way of the Heart is to become Spiritual, socalled. This is absurd. People who are full of suffering and fundamental misunderstanding about themselves one day, think they are “Yogis” the next. What is first required of an individual is not to become Spiritual and manifest Spiritual phenomena, but to become human.

Your social presentation of yourself, or your manner of participating in relationships, is to be “considered” at the beginning of your practice because the Way of the Heart begins not in the context of the larger Process of Wisdom but, rather, in the ordinary context of the first three stages of life. The beginner’s practice, therefore, has very much to do fundamentally with social relationships. The social personality must be observed and understood and disciplined, even from the very beginning.

* * *

The Spiritual process rests upon the moral foundation of responsibility for the egoic action of un-love, or the avoidance of relationship. Only through responsibility for the disposition of


“I love you” may you continue to grow in the ordinary, evolutionary way and at the same time be God-Realizing in your disposition.

There cannot be a beginning to life in Satsang with Me and to the Spiritual process in My Company until you are fundamentally responsible for the strategies of your childishness. Deal with one another openly, simply, with humor and love, and do not dramatize any strategy at all.

What if you did not do that any more? Really, even that would amount to nothing. It seems like a giant step for mankind, like the first footstep on the moon, as if it were so profound. But truly it is only a paper route!

As long as you have a problem with the incarnation of the Divine Principle in Satsang with Me, you will have problems with sexual intimacy, problems with friendships, problems with community, and problems with living sanely and happily every day. You have such problems primarily because you do not acknowledge the Divine Reality, Who I Am and Whom I Reveal, and you do not submit yourself to Me. Secondly, problems arise for you because you do not incarnate That Which is Realized in Satsang with Me humanly, and you do not allow your devotion to Me to humanize you through love.

But as soon as you Realize this Principle, as soon as you are submitted to It, as soon as you allow yourself to incarnate your devotion to Me and allow it to humanize you, your life gets straight.

* * *

In every moment you are obliged first to handle things with your neighbor, that is, to establish stable, ordinary conditions in this body-mind and its relations. Only then are you prepared to go to the holy place, to enter into sacred occasion (such as meditation or My physical Company)-even to realize this moment in Truth. Therefore, the natural and obligatory life-conditions of the Way of the Heart are primary and necessary in every moment. Otherwise, even though the moment itself is Only-God, your own face will hide the Truth of it.

I do not Call you, as My devotee, to conform to the world. I Call you to conform to Me. The entire purpose of Divine Enlightenment is that you conform all your parts, all your moments, the whole display of your limitations, to the Divine Reality. That is how I did it. Of course, I did not take so long at it as all of you, because you are justifying your reluctance and I did not. I was just as aware of reluctance as you, but I did the sadhana-not just sometimes but moment by moment. I did not refuse it. I dedicated My entire Life to it.

That is what it takes to make the course as brief as possible. Then soon-as soon as you can manage it-your practice of the Way of the Heart exists on a different plane, in the domain of Spiritual life with real Spiritual responsibility.

It cannot be so without your handling your life-business. It just cannot be so. You can get a taste of such mature sadhana here and there, but it cannot be so steadily and responsibly until you handle your life-business and endure the original sadhana of being purified in the context of ordinary life.

* * *

Notice what is affecting you. In one fashion or another, through the Grace of Truth Itself, you must handle business-even after the fact, at a later date. You must. You cannot continue to grow, you cannot move on in the Way of the Heart, until you handle your business, until there is nothing left over, nothing unforgiven, nothing unspoken, nothing unthought. You must be physically, emotionally, and mentally purified of memory, of insult, of moments of pain and separation. You must be. You can make great leaps in that process, because Truth is a great Force, but nonetheless you must endure it. You must handle your personal business, the business in your past, the business in your friendships, the business in your blood relations, the business in your intimate relations, the business in your friendly relations, your business with the world.

You are suffering many concrete things in life, and others are also suffering. By the power of Truth erase what you and they are suffering. That is the Way of the Heart, and nothing else, nothing less, at all. You have very real things to do, very real things, very human things, even very ordinary things. You must do these things. There are conversations you must have. There are things you must say and things that must be said to you. Energies must be released, feelings must be exposed, thoughts must be expressed, bodily signs must be given. New society must be generated. The entire culture of My devotees must be changed by this exercise. Do not tell Me I am Free to give you My Native Sign until you do that and give Me your sign.

You can see what a cave the ordinary life is, what a wilderness it is, what tapas it is, what sannyas it is, what self-mastery it requires, what manliness it requires, male or female. It is in precisely those moments that you must make the great Choice that is the measure of My devotee.

Especially in the beginning of your sadhana in the Way of the Heart there is so much gross, petty nonsense. Because you are only at the beginning, you are dealing with all the ordinary, first-threestages-of-life stuff. But do the real sadhana and it becomes-I would not say “easier”, necessarily, but it becomes more straightforward, subtler, more refined, more profound. You must endure that beginning, the handling of life-business, and be purified of the grossest part, which is there at the beginning.

* * *

Notice everything, notice every insult, be sensitive to everything. This has always been My policy. I have suffered everything. I have relieved My Self of nothing. This Body will not die with unfinished business, absolutely none, for its sake-and I am not even it. One must be sensitive and do the work. You kill your egoic “self’ with it but “you” must die from something. Therefore, die from the sadhana, die from Truth, die from nothing less than the Truth. Invest yourself in the Truth absolutely. Handle all business. Exhaust yourself in the process. It is better than nothing. It is better than failure, and it is at least on the way to Realization.

Handle all business, and set yourself free, by the power of Truth Itself. And let nothing be left over. This is not only how you serve your own Realization. This is how you will serve all beings. Fulfill the Law by handling all business. This is love. To suffer reality is love. And to handle business, you cannot indulge yourself. You simply cannot.

* * *

Incarnation of Love

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