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Serve All Others

SRI DA AVABHASA: The condition or demand of service is
the condition or demand of love. Love and service are
identical, and they are fulfillment of the Law, which is

To truly serve is not merely to be nice, or to fulfill
conventional moral imperatives, or to develop a conventional
social personality, or to try to save the world-or to
animate any similar obsession. Rather, service is an
expression of the self-transcending disposition, an
expression of Ecstasy in feeling-Contemplation of Me. And it
is a profound discipline.

Be truly a servant in the world and be nothing else.
Enjoy no other disposition than ecstasy and ecstatic

* * *

The Basic Disciplines Relative To Service Involve The
ReOrientation Of social activity, work, money, and, Indeed,
Even all activities, To The self-Transcending, Cooperative,
Inclusive, and other-Serving Disposition, and, Altogether,
To An Intention That Is Characteristically (and Always
Positively, Rather Than Insipidly) Harmless and Basically
Non-Competitive (and Otherwise Only Most Positively
Competitive, or Competitive Without Negative, or Loveless,
Intentions, and Competitive Only In circumstances that
Either Strictly Demand Or Rightly Expect Competitiveness).
And, In The Process Of This Re-Orientation, There Must Also
Be The Effective Relinquishment Of The self-Serving,
Exclusive, selfFulfilling, Basically Competitive, and
Otherwise Negative, or Loveless, and (Characteristically)
Not Positively Harmless, Disposition. And All Of This Is To
Be Accomplished Simply By Engaging all activities
(functional, practical, relational, and Cultural) As
Sat-Guru-Seva (and, Thus, As self-Surrendering,
self-Forgetting, More and More self-Transcending, and Always
Directly and Really Felt Devotional, and Truly
Me-Contemplating, Service To Me, and, Thus and Thereby, To
The Divine Person and Self-Condition That Is Only, all, and

Service is an orientation to others. It is not an
orientation to oneself in the presence of others. To have
some sort of ulterior motive is self-meditation. The
obligation of service shows you exactly how your presence
with others is a form of self-meditation. It is not that
when you are present with others you must always be doing
something-such as trimming their toenails! Just be present
in a natural way.

The demand for service, because it is a demand for
natural attention in the company of others, for functional
presence in their company, is a continuous criticism of what
you are tending to do in every moment in relationship.
Service is an orientation toward relationship, rather than
an orientation toward subjectivity. It is in itself a simple
condition, but it is a demand, and in every moment its
reflection in you is different. There may be times when you
are frustrated by the condition of service, when you are
very awkward iii fulfilling it, or when you are
super-active, or super-inactive, or even apparently
successful. It is a test in every moment. It is a demand for

The mature individual in the Way of the Heart is active
as love, under all conditions. Such a one always primarily
grants love and attention, rather than seeking, or watching
for whether or not he or she is being given love and
attention. It is not that the mature individual does not
enjoy or need the love of others and the SpiritBlessing of
the Divine Being, but the mature individual enjoys such love
and Spirit-Blessing as the Happiness that arises in the
midst of a life wherein he or she is perpetually responsible
to love and to be a personally, morally, and Spiritually
responsible sacrifice in God.

All action must become service. All service must be
Guru-Seva. All Guru-Seva is Guru-Contemplation. Action, or
service, then, is GuruContemplation. In the Way of the
Heart, Sat-Guru-Seva is to abide in that
feeling-Contemplation of Me constantly in the midst of
activity. In the Way of the Heart, service, like meditation,
is a form of sadhana, and both service and meditation are
about feeling-Contemplation of Me, each through a somewhat
different apparent design.

The secret of service, and of meditation, is to remain
always in feeling-Contemplation of Me.

* * *

As a practitioner of the Way of the Heart, you are
obliged, by your devotional relationship to Me, to express
your commitment to self-transcendence in all your relations
and under all conditions. And you are obliged to do so
constantly. Such service to Me is practice of the Way of the
Heart. Such service to Me is participation in the reception
of My Grace. Such service to Me is the God-Realizing Way of

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