The Incarnation of Love – Adi Da Samraj



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Part III


The Humor of Loving when It Is Most Difficult

The Way of the Heart establishes the foundation of human
sanity, which is the re-orientation to the relational
condition itself, rather than to the reactive condition of
subjectivity, contraction, the avoidance of

* * *

It has come to My attention that one of My devotees has
sought counseling to alleviate life-problems she feels are a
result of abuse of her as a child. I must emphasize that the
Way of the Heart in itself is sufficient practice.
Counseling and other therapies need not be added to it.

This woman is completely capable of going beyond her
limitation this very day, if she will simply resort to Me
with her whole heart and allow her life to be conformed to
Me through the practice I have Given her. If she simply will
enter fully into feelingContemplation of Me and allow her
devotion to Me to purify and change her life, then her past
experience will have no power over her whatsoever.

The devotional relationship to Me is not based on the
presumption of any problem at all. The devotional
relationship to Me is the Circumstance that inherently
transcends all problems, and, therefore, all limitations and
all obstructions. Whatever the experiences of the past, the
heart is not even in the slightest touched by them.
Therefore, the devotion My every devotee feels for Me in his
or her heart has no limits, no problems, whatsoever.

The disadvantage of clinical therapy of any kind is that
it presumes a problem, and even meditates on it. This woman
reports that she values being involved with others who had
an early-life experience similar to her own. In other words,
because she is involved in her “case”, she looks for the
company of others with similar difficulties. People who
presume problems pursue the “bad company” of those with like

Instead of meditating on her problem, she should live in
My Liberating Company constantly, pursue the “Good Company”
of My devotees, and relinquish the orientation of problem
and “case” through the clarity of her real heart-devotion to
Me. If she will go to the meditation hall and spend an hour
or an hour and a half with Me, magnifying her devotion to Me
for real, she will immediately be set free of any need to
continue to be involved with this problem.


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