Klic Klak – Section V


Klik-Klak: The Pattern Patterning

A Gathering “Consideration” with Beloved Adi Da Samraj
at Free Standing Man, Quandramama Shikhara, January 31,

The gatherings that began at the Mountain Of Attention
Sanctuary continued when Adi Da Samraj arrived at
Quandramama Shikhara. He gathered with those devotees who
had travelled with Him from California, and a small group of
devotees from Hawaii. The gatherings were held at Free
Standing Man, His Residence at Quandramama. Beloved sat on a
futon couch, surrounded by the Quandra Mai.

Night blended into day, and hour after hour the Divine
Lord Granted His direct and spontaneous Word to those
gathered with Him. He sat cross-legged, His Body sometimes
rocking slightly as He Spoke, drawing all present into the
Sphere of His Samyama.

Though He had begun to develop the “consideration” of
klik-klak and the pattern patterning on previous nights, it
was on the night of January 31st that He elaborated it
fully. This gathering is printed here almost in its
entirety. In His Masterful unravelling, Adi Da conveys the
nature of conditional existence and the Truth of His Divine
Revelation, entirely beyond the realm of all appearances.


SECTION V – In The Pattern of

DEVOTEE: We must truly enter
into the Way in our diaries, so that they become like Water
and Narcissus .

ADI DA SAMRAJ: What about that?

DEVOTEE: Today, Beloved, I
was reading Water and Narcissus , and throughout the evening
and while I was reading it, I was “considering” Your
“consideration”, and what that looked like.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: You mean as compared to your diary?

DEVOTEE: Yeah. Exactly.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: What if you did your diary every night
here as My devotee, and it turned out to be Water and
Narcissus? [Adi Da chuckles.]

Yes, it is a good example of a way in which a kind of
diary – or journal – means of making use of the observations
of the process are written, and as a sign that the process
was profound. And so it should be in your case. Of course,
in your diaries, you are called to “consider” very specific
things. You have a form of questions that you make use of in
order to constantly address all of the matters that belong
to your appropriate and necessary “consideration” from day
to day, and so on. You are called to address it in specific
terms, questions that particularly pertain to the practice
that you have embraced and the details of it are as they are
at this very moment, and so forth.

So that is a different kind of a journal, more rightly
called a diary, than in My Case. I didn’t have a daily
diary, an obligatory “sit-down” with it. I wrote in it a lot
more than once a day. It was continuous and random, but many
times a day, particularly in the early years of My Sadhana.
In the writing Sadhana, as we usually refer to it, it was a
matter of writing twenty-four hours a day. And not a diary
every night, or even as during the period in which that
group of things now called Water and Narcissus was written.
There was no obligatory form to it, or frequency for writing
in it, or presumption of what I should write in it. But it
didn’t have to cover all kinds of practical and cultural
details as you all do. There was no such a thing. Water and
Narcissus makes it possible for you to do those things. It
is not something for you to measure up to, but to use for

But also at the time, it was not as the years in which I
was doing the so-called “writing Sadhana”. Because in the
Water and Narcissus years, I was doing Sadhana in all kinds
of other terms, and then at random would write – not in the
daily diary form, or anything like that. I would just have
something to write in, verbalize the moment of
“consideration” as it kept going on and on.

The writing Sadhana years, though, were a literally
writing twenty-four hours a day spontaneously generated
Sadhana. The writing, then, was an element of a total
Contemplation, if you will, or “consideration” process, in
which I was constantly focused, twenty-four hours a day.
Even in so-called “sleep”, it was a thread of
“consideration”, a pressure, a pressing forward, breaking
through, that constantly went on. And I always kept what we
now call My “slate” right at arms reach. It was always right
there. I could just reach over in the dark, even – either on
the nightstand or, if the bed was really low, I’d have it
right on the floor there, with a pen on it. And I would
write randomly throughout the night, or whatever was
observed. A moment of “consideration” would go on during the
night. I didn’t just do it in the waking hours. I would
proceed with it always. I got to the point where I would
just write in the dark. And then, if necessary, the next
day, I would improve it slightly so I could read it

After a while, I didn’t even do that. It didn’t make any
difference. It was the act of participation that was
associated with My also coincidently writing that was the
point of usefulness. Eventually I just burned it all.

So it was a means, very similar in some respects then to
the use of a mala as a physical touch-point, associated with
the rest of the totality of the Contemplation. It is how I
gave the body in Ishta-Guru-Bhakti Yoga. I kept it involved
through this. I also do this in My painting, then, as I have
described to you recently – eye-to-the-object orientation,
rather than eye-to-the-hand. But nonetheless, the hand is
controlled by that process.

After a while, though, that ceased to be necessary –
writing that way, that twenty-four-hour occupation as it
was, and even writing down descriptions of walking down the
beach, of the objects and so forth as they go along, just to
be constantly participating in this kind of focus. Perhaps,
then, this is the reason why, when I was at Seminary, when
that event began (it happened while I was in a classroom in
a lecture situation), that I immediately began to write
everything the teacher was saying. It was a way of keeping
the body focused in this disposition of feeling beyond the
phenomena that are generating here, which could be chaotic.
It was a way of not allowing it to become chaotic
altogether. It was an immediate form, asana, or mudra, that
I made use of in that moment. The writing Sadhana years were
like that.

But then, as I said, although writing continued from
then, even today – although I
rarely do now ever write – weeks could pass, maybe months,
before I write anything down anymore. So this is not going
on at all really, anymore. And what I write down is usually
just something I want to talk to somebody about or something
like that – because if I had anything really important to
write down, I’d have to put it in a book or something.
[Devotees laugh.]


In fact, I did recently.
Something occurred, as it does, and I wrote it, and there it
was. What do I do with things I write these days? I can’t
add them to some book I’m writing, because I am not writing
any books, unless it is something for The Basket of
Tolerance . But I was, however long after that – that very
day, I think I was, in fact-sent the Manuscript of The Adi
Da Samraj Upanishad with the things I’d asked to be added
for Me to “consider” for it. So I began to work on this
thing that I had written immediately. I saw it was useful
for the Prologue, so I added it to the beginning of


But then, in the writing Sadhana, it was writing
constantly, twenty-four hours a day.


DEVOTEE: Beloved, the other
night You asked how would things be different if You had’nt
burnt the Manuscripts of Your writing period. And I was just
feeling, if You hadn’t burnt them, would they have been made
available to devotees just to study?


ADI DA SAMRAJ: Well, they’d be in the archives. There is
a lot of material in the archives now of just random this
and that, that hasn’t been published yet. It is not that it
necessarily has any reason to be published – a lot of it,
perhaps. Or at most, down the line, some specialized guy
goes through the archives and links up everything of a
certain kind, finds these thiss and thats and “blah-blahs”
about it. So My writing from that period would just have
been more of that kind of thing and from that early period.
So it would simply be examined in terms of everything that
is in it, and all the different kinds of uses it could be
put to. That would be done.


It wouldn’t be just the whole thing from page one to the
last, printed in a book and just passed out.
[chuckling] Who the hell would be interested in
that, anyway? Except somebody with a very elaborate
interest, if you look at all that, just that way.

DEVOTEE: I was just very
curious about what you were actually observing.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Everything! Everything was in that, all
kinds of things. But you could say, it basically had
fulfilled something of its basic purpose. And then,
thereafter, was starting to wind down. It was starting to
become something other than that Sadhana. And instead I
began doing some other kind of Sadhana, and this just became
an element of putting My “consideration” on paper over time,
here and there.

And so that was basically the conjunction of events that
occurred at the time of leaving California: The dream of the
three boys, and then there is the Jungian text about a
person having an out-of-body experience, and the visions of
Rudis store, and the Great Storm. There was a whole sequence
of signs around that time.

But the root of the pattern-showing all those different
signs, and then moving on to New York – was on that deep
level on which I was constantly engaged in that
“consideration”, twenty-four hours a day, that had preceded
that move. I, by that process, had entered into the
pattern-level, consciously entered into it, was functioning
with awareness at the pattern level, and not simply at the
gross level, or any functional level itself. I was being
aware, sensitive, noticing, allowing things to be observed
and to be written in such a way, so freely, that I was just
observing the pattern. I wasnt introducing anything
whatsoever, or anything that made any difference.

In other words, in that process, the entire pattern that
is patterning, whether it is internal or external, in its
gross sphere of demonstration, is, at some level, just one
pattern. There is just a pattern that then gets, so to
speak, spread out in psycho-physical terms. But at the point
of the pattern itself, which is the root of all of that,
there is just pattern. And there is no difference at that
point between inside and outside. There is no reference to
inside, no reference to outside. There is just pattern.


So that was the nature of how My Samyama developed. It
became a profound Contemplation – in which I was constantly
established, then, such that it didnt even require the
writing concentration as before-of direct participatory
awareness in the pattern that is patterning, the ability to
observe it, and feel, function, notice, and so forth, in
that profound Yogic manner.


And one of the inherent noticings associated with it is
that there is no difference between inside and outside. You
experience them as you do, of course, but there is one
pattern. If you truly are attentive then, to what is
arising, without making differences – something gross,
external or perceptual arises, psychic thought, whatever it
is, you don’t pay any attention to evaluating inside/outside
or anything else, it is just whatever it is right now – you
begin to observe (this is what I did observe), that there
was a kind of similar story, so to speak, in the flow of
patterning from day to day, including all the little
incidentals of life, but also principal dramas and whatnot.
And that is the pattern. It has the insides going on with
that, and the outsides going on with that, both.


And there are constant correspondences, then, between
so-called “inside” and “outside”. Sometimes something
outside comes first, and then the inside. Sometimes
something inside comes first, and then the outside. Or they
complement one another. Something happens outside, then
something inside, then something outside, and it is only the
combination of those three that are the sequence. There is
something seen on the street, then a flash of vision or a
dream, and then something else happens on the street. It is
only the dream that connects those two incidents on the
street. They are otherwise, at best, somehow similar. But
the reason why they are associated is not known. It is the
inner one that connected them. Sometimes it is the inner
events that are the other side. Something dreamed, something
happens in the daytime, another dream, and those two dreams
are connected and are flowed to one another because of
something external.


I observed also that all the so-called “external” things,
if I would just observe what would happen from day to day, I
would see the correspondences with internal matters.
Knowings in advance, for instance. It becomes even trivial
things. But you notice the inside/outside – I was noticing
the inside/outside correspondences. A thought of a cat – a
second later, dead cat on the road as you drive. A revery,
and then something external, so to speak, that continues it,
a pattern like it. Just all this pattern patterning was


DEVOTEE: It was clearly


ADI DA SAMRAJ: Yes, so that was the basis, then, on which
all these other things occurred, these breakthroughs to the
physical domain of these noticings coming out in dreams,
visions of the store, and on and on. All the movements of
the time. They all suddenly began to happen. And this motion
to find a teacher. All of these things. Being given this
occult literature by some guy at a party – a sacramental
fashion party. [laughter] The whole mass of things
themselves corresponded to a pattern prior to the physical
events in which I had become fully and directly established
through this spontaneous Yoga of the writing period. And so
that was the foundation for going on from there.

The one-liner view of what I was up to would be something
like, I walked around the beach, wrote a bunch of things,
burned them up, and got involved with a Greenwich Village
Spiritual cult leader. [laughter] But it wasn’t
that. The ridiculousness of such a reference to My writing
Sadhana and My Sadhana with Rudi is so obvious as to be
absurd. There is no one-linerism about it. You have to
understand what a profound matter all of it was, and
remains. I really did mean it when I said earlier, being in
the position as I was – having thoroughly made this
submission to the point of identification with the body-mind
in this world, not knowing what Consciousness Is, not
knowing what any thing is, all that – I could not smile on
TV. There is no way I could live the usual life. And I
absolutely did not do so. So, I am not just talking about –
like My father, “someday I am going to have a cattle ranch”
kind of thing, you know? Always said he was going to have
one someday. So I am not talking through My hat when I talk
to you about prapatti and all those things. This was a
profound and constantly focused matter. Never has been


DEVOTEE: It is interesting,
Beloved, all that observation that began on the beach of
seeing how things that You would see in visions and so on
would then correspond, and then, after the Vedanta Temple
Event, seeing Your devotees, bringing Your Teaching to all
of them.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Yes. All kinds of events happened then
that are about this same getting to the depth of the pattern
patterning. I’ve mentioned one to you recently, but
“consider” how remarkable it is, again:

I decided to get a motorcycle – this is when Nina and I
lived on Tunitas beach – and went to get it. I’d never
driven a motorcycle in my life. The guy took me around the
block for 15 minutes. So then I drove the motorcycle for, I
dont know, a couple or three hours – across main bridges,
highways, through the city, back woods, down trails, main
highway, beach highway, all of this. And you could imagine
the physical stress, exhaustion, all those circumstances,
[chuckling] weaving around the middle of highways on
bridges and all this – the kind of exhilaration, exhaustion,
focus in on that for all those hours out there, physical
condition, just as I came in to the dirt roadway to go to
the cabin at Tunitas beach.

So, I am in this sort of ball of energy of that
concentration for three hours, and I drive in the gates,
slow down – at that very instant, or actually the slowing
down itself, just as I entered, was due to two dogs running
at Me, in addition to the fact that I was coming to the head
of the roadway. So, I particularly had to be slowing down,
but I was slowing down from quite a fast speed. The two dogs
yapping, barking, leaping up – each of them sets their teeth
in My calf, just above My boots, and are hanging off My
legs. And I could feel the blood trickling down My legs.


You know what you would normally would do next – stop the
bike and get the dogs off you and so forth. But just at that
same moment when I would be about to do that, three people
came walking toward Me, each of them separated by a space of
maybe 30 to 50 feet or so. But none of them had been aware
that the others were there until that very moment when they
all saw Me. One of them was there to see Me – had tracked Me
down somehow, and had come there to see Me, as I recall. The
other two, though, just happened to be there and were
looking at the beach, or something or other. These were all
three people that I’d known in the past, and all in the same
place – when we were in summer stock in New York.


DEVOTEE: And they were there
in California?


ADI DA SAMRAJ: None had seen one another since. Except
this one person who had come there to look for Me, they
didn’t have any reason to be there at the same time. And
only one of them had any expectation of seeing Me at all. I
stopped short. The dogs are hanging off My legs, the blood
flowing down, all that pain, all that thing of the
concentration of the hours, these three people, sudden
recognition of them, they suddenly recognizing Me, suddenly
recognizing one another. [laughter]

All of the thiss and thats that have to happen – it just
shows you how strong the pattern patterns – brought about
this remarkable coincidence.


So that was another thing that happened in that time.
There were lots of these remarkable coincident moments of
the pattern somehow breaking through stronger than the usual
way things run.


It would be like if you went out and sat in the carport
now, and everybody whom you’ve ever known in any intimate
way suddenly appeared there – all your relatives, whatever.
Suddenly, right there in front of you, you saw them all,
just for a moment, and they were actually there, and then
they disappeared. And you came back in.

Events don’t work that way usually. So when you see some
extraordinary combination of things – I mean it is one thing
to bump into somebody you used to know. But see what a
complex matter, how the pattern is revealing itself, to have
four people independent of one another, who knew one another
previously, meet coincidently – not on the street even. You
have to really do some driving to get to the spot that we
were in. [Adi Da laughs.] Not like we bumped into
another among a mass of people on the street. So this is
extraordinary – just that itself.


Many such things started happening. In other words, a
kind of eruption of all kinds of things demonstrating
remarkable coincidence between inside and outside began to
appear. And so also then, the visions of the art store in
New York where I would find a teacher.

DEVOTEE: Beloved, what happened to the dogs?

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Oh, nothing happened to them.
[chuckling] I shook them off My legs and put
peroxide on it, or whatever it was. They were the caretakers
dogs there. There was a dog incident later, though. I was
driving down a road up in the hills and a man there, turns
out, trained dogs. I guess he had been in the German army or
something. The implication was World War II, or who knows
who he did it for. I don’t know, didn’t really look into it
a lot. It was just a couple of rumors.

But I was driving on the country road, and there was a
large property with fence along it, and dogs were barking
loudly. He trained Great Danes as attack dogs and such. It
was a huge property, I guess. So as I am going by on the
motorcycle, they are starting to bark. They are annoyed by
bikes, I guess. And luckily I could see the tail light of a
car that was way up ahead of Me, showing it was slowing
down, so I slowed down a little more than I would have

This guy had left his gate open. So the dogs ran out into
the road, and one of them, an immense powerful dog, came
curving around toward me – top speed, mouth wide open with
its teeth flashing out at Me, roaring at Me practically, and
there was the roar of the motorcycle, too. But luckily I
must have had it down to something like 35 miles an hour or
something – 40 or whatever it was. But not full speed. And
this dog just wouldnt quit, you know. But it all happened in
a flash [Adi Da snaps His fingers], just like that.
He was so huge, he actually did grip the front tire of My
bike. He was so aggressive, and he was so massive, that the
bike stopped short, like on a dime – just like that. And
broke the dogs back as I flew over the top of it, apparently
wheeling through the air, I don’t know how many times – Evel
Knievel style. [Exclamations from devotees.] And the
dog must have gone yelping off, pulling itself on its front
legs briefly. I don’t know. I didn’t see it after that. But
I did hear that it died. But then I was sprawled out on the
road there.

But as it turned out, I was totally undamaged. [Adi
Da chuckles.] Almost totally. A little abrasion on My
shoulder or something. There was probably something lasting
about it. Something mechanical in the shoulder slightly
affected by it.


But I have no outstanding injuries or anything. And they
were very happy for Me to sign to have My bike completely
fixed. And I settled for it. But we could have made a big
deal out of it, I guess. I preferred to lie low. I wasn’t
there for that kind of game. I didn’t want to go down and
get back at people.


Very unfortunate for the dog. It wasn’t an avoidable
situation. It was just an instant.

I discovered touring around the hills on a motorcycle,
that dogs are very much activated by motorcycles. I thought,
well, this was going to be so great to go around in the
countryside and so forth. [laughter] And it is
exactly there that you find so many dogs. I was chased by
dogs, run at by dogs, howled at by dogs, these endless dog
sounds wherever you go. I thought I would get out to hear
some quiet!

The last time I did it, I took Nina on the back, right on
Highway 1, right straight down the Highway. I wanted to see
how fast we could go. And then I slowed down, and I took her
slowly back to the house and sold it. [Adi Da
chuckles.] Because I knew – the bike had rolled over in
just pebbles and so forth – it was very unstable, really. It
was generally stable on a flat highway, so you would just
sort of want to feel the speed, you dare to do it. You feel
you have some control over it. But there could have been

So, I saw that there was just nothing rational about it.
When it came down to it, the pleasure that was there to be
taken required putting people in danger, including this Body
here. I never drove it again. Called some guy, called
people, people would come to look at it to buy it. I think
the most I did was drive reasonably slowly to show somebody.

So what were we talking about before, then?

DEVOTEE: We were talking
about the writing of Water and Narcissus .

ADI DA SAMRAJ: The coincidence of inner and outer was
basically the matter, right?

DEVOTEE: Beloved, I have a
coincidence from something that happened back in the 70’s. I
read a book, and then contacted the area study group. I was
living in Vancouver at the time, and they directed me to a
study group in north Vancouver. I went there. I remember I
wasn’t too impressed about the guy who was running the study
group. I sort of shrugged my shoulders about whether or not
I was impressed by the event.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: This is a Way of the Heart event?

DEVOTEE: There was one guy . . .

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Well, first of all, I was talking earlier
about the things that you all found interesting, or find
satisfying, in your search. If you were serious, yourself,
and this was the first point of contact you were able to
make or manage relative to something or other that you
thought could be interesting, what difference would it make
what kind of an event it was? Or how good the lecturer was?
Or how impressed you were by anybody ?

DEVOTEE: It didnt.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Well, right. But just to emphasize the
point. I mean, you were talking as if one should expect it
to be such and such a way, and if it isn’t, you go on to the
next organization. As if that has anything to do with it. It
may have something to do with some kinds of doings in life,
but when it comes down to this Great Matter, it hasn’t got
anything to do with anything. And what does She say?

DEVOTEE: The Laughing Mama?
The Laughing Mama says, “Your objections to any thing dont
mean shi-it!”


Well, this is a Great Matter. You could raise an
objection and not be satisfied by the event. It doesn’t mean
shit. It is not about anything related to the Great Matter.
So if that is what you are interested in you think there is
maybe something associated with it, your only contact point
with which is some kind of an organization. What do you care
what it’s about, what you find when you get there in your
first superficial lookings? Why should that turn you away,
if you are serious? You know about klik-klak, and you know
about people, and you know something about your own game,
and you press until you really find out.

DEVOTEE: Beloved, memory colors it.


ADI DA SAMRAJ: Yes. Tcha. It makes you prefigure
expectations and then you use them to measure what is going
on in front of you. And in some sense that is just all a
matter of taste, or reaction, or not, and so forth. But even
so, that’s neither here nor there. If you are there for a
serious purpose, whether the event was good or bad-or lets
say even if it was good – that doesn’t mean that it has
answered anything that you are there to be serious about.
You still have to get on with it, if you are serious. Do it
all profoundly.

DEVOTEE: Well, I went
running. [laughter]

ADI DA SAMRAJ: [in an affected Irish accent:] “Oh
dear, we almost lost you! Is that it, Brian-y?”
[laughter] “Could have been swallowed up in the
streets. We all have been fretting ever since!” [Adi Da

No, no, of course not. And so?

DEVOTEE: Well, anyway, there
was one guy at the event who I remembered being impressed
by. The following day I went to take my car to be repaired.
I went to this place about 20 miles south of where I lived
to get my car repaired. And while my car was being repaired,
I went into the mechanics living room. And this person who
had been at the study group the night before was sitting
there. He had apparently made an appointment for his car

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Ah, tcha.

DEVOTEE: It was 20 miles
away. And so I spent an hour talking to him about You and
Your Work. It was a key event in drawing me to the Way of
the Heart.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: That’s good.

DEVOTEE: I could see that

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Good. [long pause]

Also, if you observe the characteristics of the Siddhis
associated with My Manifestation, perhaps now you can
understand a little something better about how it works, so
to speak. In “considering” this sign of the writing Sadhana,
and what I just said about it, and have said before of
course – not only this matter of the coincidence of inner
and outer, but what I said about this matter of being
established at the pattern level, this most direct focusing,
even prior, then, to the gross level of appearance and
functioning, and such. So many aspects of the uncommon
signs, generally called siddhis, function from the pattern
level, rather than from the outside, the gross level,

When you want to do something ordinarily to change
something, you do something physical, or something in the
realm of your functional, psycho-physical existence. Of
course, you see this Body functioning in that context of
Doings, but with respect to what is called “Siddhi”.
Whatever other Signs may appear to accompany the fundamental
“Gestures” (if you will) and all of that, it is a Work at
the pattern level, a Glance at the pattern level, whatever
it may be according to the Sign that arises. But it is an
Ability to be effective at that level. So that is the level
which you try to reach when you do the Devotional Prayer of
Changes-that is what you are trying to affect, the pattern
that precedes all the gross events. At that level, whatever
pictures, thoughts, or feelings, are associated with
generating that, or making the pattern (whatever it is)
there. You want it to be straight, so that whatever comes
out in the gross plane is as you would have it. So, in the
Devotional Prayer of Changes, effectively, then, you are
reaching to the pattern level, or at least trying to affect
it, through (let us say) a visualization.

So that is the level on which I was already focused long
ago. You see, that’s “previous Sadhana in the Body to
conform it to My Self” activity. And why did it result in
that particular focus and begin to start showing remarkable
signs, after which remarkable signs always were happening,
and even now? Of course, it is more and more magnified,
complex, and all the rest of it, as it unfolds. But, for the
Vehicle with which I am associated to function as extension
of Me, it had to be Conformed to Me in all kinds of ways,
which required a Great Process, “Bright” Yoga – and struggle
with the gross level to Conform it.

So that itself was the Ground of Siddhi, as well as the
Ground of the Process being able to continue. It is this
capability to function effectively in the context of the
pattern that is patterning. It is the Pleasure Dome
capability, ultimately. So it spontaneously manifested in
the course of the “Sadhana Years” in My own Case, and had
its purpose there for that. But then, as I told you, as soon
as that Yoga was done, to Conform that Body-Mind to Me –
that would be the context of My Fully Awakened

Just at that same time, when the “Machine”, so to speak,
had done Its Work, the Machine Itself – Which is a kind of
pattern-persisted, such that what I noticed immediately next
is that I am “Meditating” others. I noticed that the field
of My “Meditation” is, in fact, expanding, and the conscious
associations, or the associations altogether, of My Samadhi,
now Realized, extend to all. I was exercising exactly the
same functions already developed in the course of the ordeal
of My Sadhana. Those, continuing as a pattern for Me,
remained, in the Awakened Condition in all the years

Why would you then expect, necessarily, to Awaken to the
seventh stage of life as My devotee, and all of a sudden
have a lot of siddhis? What does that Awakening have to do
with having a lot of siddhis? Well, because of Spiritual
Fullness and so forth, there may be some. But basically it
is, as I said, a Transfigured existence of Divine
Recognition that becomes Indifference. It is not about
developing any kind of siddhis, you see. So why would any
appear, if any did? Why would anything unusual at all
appear? Well, there would have to have been the process of
conforming the body-mind to Me, in your relationship to Me,
such that there was this clear Awakening at the pattern
level, a course in which that Awakening begins to display
remarkable signs in the more grossly patterning

There are a great many things that become self-evident
from the pattern point of view. That is Wisdom, you see. And
likewise there are, in a glance from there into the daily
life, spontaneous noticings that you are effective, more
remarkably, because your gesture is made from the pattern
level rather than at the gross level. It is a much more
direct way of being positively effective in the context of
all aspects of conditional existence.

I actually can see the pattern, the pattern itself.
Through the ordinary natural features of this Body, I see
what you see, generally speaking, as you describe it – the
sense-perceptions and all of that. But My Sensibility is at
the pattern level as well, and primarily there in terms of
functioning in this context. I don’t function from the Body
in. I function from Me to you. [Devotees

So I Am not the Body first. I Am Appearing through this
Body. I Am Appearing through this Body. Body covers
everything – everything gross, subtle, causal. Therefore,
all kinds of associations in the plastic ether.

So, you all know something about this as it goes on in
Me, as Me, around Me, and so on. So it becomes rather
routine, then. If there is anything going on in the weather,
everybody always tells Me about it. But not only do they
tell Me about it, they send Me detailed reports that may be
useful as points of contact for Me in My Regard of it – just
so that I will basically just get the feeling of it, what it
is, what that structure is, and simply intend positively
about it.

DEVOTEE: Beloved, is that part of why You listen to the
news every day?

ADI DA SAMRAJ: That is part of why I do everything.

This Body is Yogi. It conformed to What I am here to Do.
It is Conformed to My Constant Resolution in terms of
Associating here, in the pattern level. So you sense
something about this, because you show Me these weather
reports. Not because you think I then go to My room,
[slow and dramatic] close the curtains, take off My
dhoti, revealing a solid gold body [laughter] (say
it is a hurricane approaching Naitauba or somewhere, from
some direction), and then I fly, in this gold body – or I
run out the back somewhere [laughter], when I get
someplace that I am not seen, then I fly – and I go out,
over the ocean in the South Pacific somewhere, and blo-o-ow
My exhalations really big, and affect the storm very
directly, physically, that way [laughter], and then
fly back, somehow creep back in unobserved, put My dhoti and
shawl on again, and walk out and say, [shouting] “Do
you have that weather report yet?!” You don’t think that is
how I do it. [laughter] [tongue in cheek]
Yes, that is precisely how I do it!

No, you don’t tell Me the weather report, of a hurricane
coming or whatever it might be, because you expect I will do
something like that. You don’t know quite how it works
altogether, but you know that it does work. I assume people
are generally sure it doesn’t happen the way I just
described it, but that there is something else, something on
what doesn’t look like the physical plane kind of level of

But if it is a matter of some effectiveness required in
the gross, then there has to be association with the pattern
within which everything gross appears. In other words, it
can’t be a matter of some activity somewhere, somewhere
“beyond, beyond, beyond”, that affects this. The pattern has
to be affected at some level. You don’t presume that it is
likely I go out there in some physical form, impervious like
Superman or something, and actually physically blow the
winds around and so forth, and that that is how the weather
gets affected positively when you tell Me about the weather
beforehand. So you don’t really presume that I do anything
physical about the storm in that sense. So you must be
presuming I am doing something else on a level that is
subtler than the physical storm. And it is something like
that people would generally say is about as much as they
know about it. Something like that. So that is why you tell
Me. And then if there is something significant, I may ask
for frequent reports or updates whenever they occur.

Over and over again this exercise has been gone through,
and it has been actually documented in the Archives. And
then all these positive weather changes happen.

And then, it is remarkable, with this hurricane here
[Adi Da is referring to Hurricane Iniki, which hit Kauai
in 1992], I wasn’t told about it until it was so huge
and close that the gross pattern is happening faster than
the patterning level of patterning can affect it within the
space of how things happen in the usual conjunction of gross
events. So this is why I had to criticize how it was done. I
should have been told in advance – if this is ever possible.
Sometimes, maybe its not. But if it is possible, obviously,
and you want Me to somehow have My Regard relative to this,
you should be telling Me beforehand, because the pattern
that is patterning has to be affected. You presume I am
going to affect it at the pattern level, because you don’t
think I am going to go fly down into the ocean.

So, right, it is a matter of regarding the pattern
directly. It is a very complex matter altogether, but it is
basically that: being able to affect the pattern level
directly by Regard. You do the Devotional Prayer of Changes
based on the same principle. This is the technical side of
it. The pattern side of everything that is grossly appearing
can itself be concentrated upon and affected even by various
means without going there directly. As I said, you can
picture, as in the Devotional Prayer of Changes, and affect
the pattern. That’s how it works. If it works that way, you
can use the principles of the plastic to work for you that
way. And you don’t have to go directly to the pattern level
itself, but you can affect it very directly.

And it is not all black and white magic, either-like
“snicker-snack”, and be in charge of the world, merely by My
Intention. No, it is not possible. It is not that kind of a
thing at all. Yes, to Bless all, fine. Be able to do the
Work that I Do, yes. But it is not about being able to
become klik-klak, you know? It has nothing to do with that,
at all – any more than you can make everything perfect,
according to your will, by doing the Devotional Prayer of
Changes in your position.

DEVOTEE: Beloved, a year
after that big hurricane, we had another one coming towards
us. And it got really close – in fact in a high stage of
alert. That one we did inform You about. You probably
remember, You made it turn around.


I’ve told you about the grid-hm? That is an aspect of the
pattern level. So to be functioning at the pattern level is
something like that. It is possible to be anywhere in that
context merely by intending it. Likewise, if you are in My
Position, it is possible to Bless every thing and every one,
simply by that Gesture – and be felt by every thing and
every one.



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