Heart Conversion Talk Series – Adi Da Samraj – The Blessing in Your Life

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Volume 1, Number 11


The Blessing in Your Life

A Discourse Given by Sri Da Avabhasa on November 26, 1992

SRI DA AVABHASA: [to a departing retreatant] Let Me remember Your face. Come here within a year and tell Me your story then, tell Me then how much better it is. There will be no heaven on Earth for anyone. All of this dies. But that so much weight oppresses a few is not acceptable to Me. It is not! No Divine Law requires it. Therefore, I will not eat it! You enjoy Blessing in your life from now on.

There is so much suffering. Do you think God makes it? There is no such God who makes your suffering. It is just your own stupidity, all your contraries. It is unacceptable to Me that such poor people, such poor people, should suffer so much. All over the Earth there is suffering and-no, I do not want to talk about it, but I will not accept this oppression of the poor few.

I will take the weight from here.

I cannot endure the suffering of My devotees. I can make it lighter. Even in This Body such suffering is lighter than in yours. I will not accept your suffering. What do you know about it? You really do not know anything about it. Therefore, I will not talk about it.

To be naive and free and giving-that is the sign that humankind should give to one another, especially in so dreadful a time on Earth. There has not been a time as bad as this. There has not been. It is a very flexible time. Everything on any day can go one way or the other. People on Earth are dying every day, yet what do you know about them? These are not good times. The time is coming when the practice of esoteric prayer, esoteric Communion with the Divine Being, will not be tolerated. The time is coming when you will have to endure such intolerance.

All of you living in the community of My devotees have the potential, the possibility, of dealing with your practical requirements vigorously and directly to relieve one another of so much of the burden of your daily obligations. This is the sign that I am looking for in the communities of My devotees, which are not about the idealization of communalism, as I have said many, many times. The communities of My devotees are about relieving each and all of some portion of the burden of ordinary life so that your energy and attention are released for Contemplation of Me, for Divine Communion. This is the sign I am looking for among you.

But not yet – it has not happened yet. You are not urgent enough yet. You are not. You are still relatively complacent, relatively self-satisfied in your egalitarian, bourgeois calm.

All over the Earth people are murdering one another. All over the Earth people are starving, murdering, dying-all over the Earth, even in mighty America. All over the Earth. If only for the sake of humanity, cooperate with one another. And that will be the beginning of a new era. At least cooperate as My devotees. It is the Kali Yuga, you see, when even esoteric Communion, esoteric prayer, is already against the law somewhere. How much longer will you be allowed to engage in the practices you now take so lightly? It could be that soon it will be against the law even to make such gestures. You will be obliged to seem to deny publicly all esotericism. It could be that you will be obliged to be exoteric, public characters.

Here on this Island of Naitauba it is My determination to make a Sign unlike the world. It is My determination to make this a place where the Dharmic Law is manifested clearly, so that every time you come here, dropped out of the world for a short time of retreat, you will find a unique place on Earth. While I am here bodily and after This Body dies, it is My determination that this Island be such a place, so that forever My devotees can come here and find a unique circumstance of retreat from the world. Those who live here, who are Blessed with the possibility of being in residence here, must accept the unique discipline of being perpetually on retreat – for the sake of the whole world.

This is My Admonition. This is what all are Called to incarnate here. That is My Intention. Sri Love-Anandashram is My Great Hermitage Ashram, a unique place of renunciation. Those who live here must therefore make a unique gesture. You cannot live here in the usual way. And when you come here on retreat, you make a unique gesture of renunciation for awhile, for a few weeks.

If you have some understanding of the direction of the world then you will understand My Admonition that this must be a unique place. It must be so, so that when My devotees come on retreat they enter a unique place and they see in everyone here the signs of renunciation-not necessarily monasticism but renunciation for real.



Table of Contents