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Stanford, Thumbs and LSD


The Avadhoot and the

Nina Jones


Crashing Down of My Divine Grace

First stage of the ‘Seeing’ Process

Dawn Horse Testament
– chapter 23

“In the body-mind Of Man, The Descending or Frontal Line
Of The Circle Passes Through The Left Side (or The physical
and lower psychic Region) Of The Heart.”

Dawn Horse Testament
– chapter 22

“The Blessing of the “Bright” fully Manifested throughout
the conditional domain is My unique Sign. “The Thumbs” is an
extension of It.”

The Divine Descent is not about the Circle of the
body-mind, but about the Divine Pressing down

My devotees do not experience “the Thumbs”, or My fullest
Manifestation, merely by experiencing natural energies
coursing down and around the body…

Sign of My Brightness


In 1962, he had been a volunteer for psychedelic drug
experiment at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital in
Mountain View, California. During a six-week period, he
ingested mescaline, psilocybin, and LSD, separately for 3
sessions and one session combining the 3 hallucinogens. Alan
Watts similarly in the late 50’s experienced LSD; when asked
about LSD, Alan said: “When you’ve got the message, hang up
the phone.” After ingesting the drugs, Franklin had various
kundalini experiences which made him feel more conscious,
alive and loving. The force of energies moved upwards from
the base of his spine through the “centers” (chakras),
exactly as described in ancient Kundalini Yoga texts. When
Franklin felt this intensely tangible energy in his heart,
he was overcome with emotion and wept. Franklin said he also
re-connected with some experiences he had in childhood
seizures resulting from illness.

Path of No-Seeking
– Morgan Zo Callahan

Getting to Cry is Shaped Like a Sea-horse

“The “bright” was the Amrita Nadi. The experience in
college was the sudden awareness of reality in the heart,
generated as the Amrita Nadi.

Even during the drug-experience, when I said “getting to
cry is shaped like a seahorse” I was knowing the heart and
feeling the expression of the Amrita Nadi.”

The Knee of Listening – Chapter

THE SEAHORSE: The Hidden Structure of All Experience

of Instruction

In 1957, Jones entered Columbia College in New York,
studying philosophy. During this time, he wrote, he first
began to experience the visions that would lead him to
investigate the spiritual life he thought he possessed.

After his graduation in 1961, Jones enrolled in Stanford
University in Palo Alto. He also began experimenting with
drugs. He wrote that the drugs were “profoundly useful” in
his search for all “that prevented the ‘bright’ of simple,
direct and unqualified awareness.”

Eventually Jones volunteered to be a subject for a
drug-testing program.

The drugs he was given were mescaline, LSD, and
psilocybin – all hallucinogens. At one point he was given a
mixture of all three.

Jones wrote that during one of these sessions he imagined
something inside of him that caused him sorrow.

“It rose from the heart,” he wrote, “through the throat,
up the back of the head and culminated in what appeared to
be a massive dome in the crown of the skull…In the midst
of this experience I had a thought that seemed to be the
equivalent verbal and symbol for the whole event: ‘Getting
to cry is shaped like a seahorse.'”

To Jones this was the image of his birth.

“…I was not only experiencing the fully conscious
body,” he wrote, “…but I was also experiencing my own
prenatal state.”

The Mill Valley Record/April 3, 1985

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