Mind is Artificial Intelligence

Mind is Artificial intelligence

Mind is the first “robot” that human beings ever made. In the usual discussions of such matters, artificial intelligence is presumed to be something generated by computers.

In actuality, however, language is the first form of artificial intelligence created by human beings.

There is no mind. Mind is a myth. There is language, which is programmed by brains, and which, in turn, programs brains. However, there is no tangible existence to “mind” itself, absolutely none.

Nevertheless, human beings identify with the “mind” as “self”, and thereby invent destiny for themselves, and even project that “self”-imagined destiny into an idea of time and space beyond the present physical lifetime. Mind is an interior projection of a language-program that, in its imaginative elaboration of itself, conceives of purposes and ideas, in the realm of illusion, for which there are no corresponding physical data. Human beings are all living in a “virtual world” of mind. Human beings are, characteristically, egoically “self”-identified with a “robot”, an artificial intelligence. Real Intelligence is tacit, or intrinsically wordless, living existence.

~ Adi Da Samraj from “The Aletheon


When one becomes free of the drama of Narcissus, one begins to discover that the mind is quite different from what they might have supposed previously. And so they might make statements like those made by Adi Da, “There is no mind” or “there is no thought when I am speaking, “there is no thinking going on apart from the speech.”

What He is pointing to is there is no longer that problematic, dualistic contact with the mind that assumes the separate self. The so-called mind is fundamentally a spontaneous display of conventional communications like, “Let’s go to lunch.” It does not in itself involve self-meditation, illusion, suffering. It involves none of that. It is an amusement. But in one who does not understand, the mind is identical to self-meditation like everything else he does, including going to lunch.