Nirvanasara – Chapter 21

Transcendentalism and the Introduction of Advaitayana
Da Free John (Adi Da Samraj) – 1982

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Advaita Vedanta, Classical

and the Way of Radical


Advaitism: Meditate on (or invert
attention upon) the essence of self (or witnessing
consciousness) until all objects are excluded and the
Transcendental is Revealed.


Buddhism: Meditate on (or clearly
observe) all presently arising objects until the self (or
the conventional sense of consciousness as individual and
independent of objects) is overcome and the Transcendental
is Revealed.


Advaitayana Buddhism: Understand and
directly transcend the contraction that generates the sense
of self and of objects as conventions of limitation
(independent of one another and of the Transcendental), and
so in every moment recognize self and objects (and the
binding power of self and objects) in the Transcendental (or
That which is always already Revealed).

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