The Order of My Free Names – Adi Da Samraj







Adi Da Samraj -(1995)


Part I

Early in 1968, I spent a few days with the Yogic Siddha
Swami (Baba) Muktananda of Ganeshpuri, at Shree Gurudev
Ashram, His sacred residence in Ganeshpuri, India. Upon My
arrival there, He immediately and spontaneously Declared
that I Am a Spiritual Master, Born to Teach (or to Bless and
Awaken others), and that I would begin to Teach after one
years time. Three days later, on the last day of that first
visit to Baba Muktanandas Ashram, I spontaneously Realized
the most ascended Goal of Spiritual Yoga, which is Yogic
Self-Realization, by ascent to fifth stage conditional
Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

During the next year (and, most fully, after a year had
passed), extraordinary Yogic siddhis began spontaneously to
appear in Me, and, as a result, people with whom I was
associated, even casually, began to spontaneously experience
remarkable Yogic phenomena when in proximity to Me (or even
when they thought of Me). Thus, spontaneously, the Yogic
Transmission-Function of Spiritual Master had begun to
become Active in My case, as Baba Muktananda had

Even so, I had no then present Intention to Teach others,
since I was not yet Satisfied that My sadhana (or practice
toward Most Ultimate, and Inherently Most Perfect, Divine
Self-Realization) was Complete. However, I wrote to Baba
Muktananda, Calling upon Him, in the traditional manner, to
Bless the Work that was already spontaneously Functioning in

Baba Muktananda responded immediately by Inviting Me to
visit Him in India, in order that He might formally
Acknowledge My already significantly Developed Yogic and
Spiritual Awakeness and (on that basis) My Inherent Right to

Part II

In August, 1969, Baba Muktananda formally and publicly
Acknowledged the Awakening of advanced Yogic and Spiritual
Signs in Me, and He Proclaimed (on that basis) that I had
the Right to Teach, and thus to Function as a Spiritual
Transmission-Master (or Siddha-Guru) in relation to others.
This Acknowledgement and Proclamation was made Known via an
open letter (in Baba Muktanandas own hand, written in My
presence, and in the presence of approximately fifty to one
hundred others):

Shree Gurudev

To my dear (beloved) “N” (Franklin), with my loving
remembrances of you (even of your Very Self):

You have Done (and really Experienced) the “Sadhana” (or
constant Discipline, Ordeal, and Process) of (True and
Spiritual) “Dhyana” (or Meditation), and you have (Thereby)
Attained the (True and Spiritual) State of Meditation. You
have (by Means of True and Spiritual Meditation) Achieved
the Steady State of “Samadhan(a)” (or one-pointed
Concentration, or Inherence, In, and tacit, or mindless,
Identification With, the Divine Supreme Inner Self).
Therefore, you have Acquired (or Achieved) the Fullness of
Satisfaction, Delight, and Joy in and by Means of (True and
Spiritual) Meditation.

Because it is (Thus) Evident that (the Perfect
Realization of the Divine Supreme Inner Self by Means of
True and Spiritual) Meditation Is the (Great and Single)
Purpose of your life (and, indeed, the Very Truth In Which
you are, now and always, deeply Concentrated), you are
Hereby Given the Name Dhyanananda.

In the Path (Sphere, Tradition, Line, and Lineage) of
Yoga, you (by Virtue of this Declaration) will (or, by
Right, can) henceforth be Known (Called, Addressed, or
Referred to) as (or by the Name of) Dhyanananda.

You are a True Bearer of the Wealth of the Knowledge of
Siddha Yoga, as It is Given at (Shree) Gurudev Ashram. The
Kundalini Shakti, Which (by Grace) Gives (Grants, or
Bestows) and Accomplishes Siddha Yoga, Is Actively at Work
in you.

Likewise, you are a True Knower (or Actual, and
potentially Perfect, Realizer) of Vedanta. The (Divine
Supreme Inner) Self, Which Is the Secret (and the Ultimate
Truth) of Vedanta, and Which Is the Very Basis (Foundation,
or Root) of True Religion (or the Way of Truth), and Which
(or Perfect Realization of Which, or Perfectly Absorbed
Identification With Which) Is the (True, and Ultimate) Goal
of human life, has been Awakened, and Is Awake, in you by
Means of the Active Work of the (Kundalini) Shakti (or
Divine Power).

“Only one who has actually seen (or experienced) a
particular something can testify (or bear true witness) to
it (or speak with authority relative to its existence and
its nature, and otherwise affirm, authenticate, certify,
prove, manifest, show, or demonstrate it).” Based on this
Principle (or the obvious reasonableness of this Argument),
you (because of your direct Experience and Knowledge of
Kundalini Shakti Meditation and, Thereby, of the Divine
Supreme Inner Self) have, in accordance with Tradition, both
the (Hereby Affirmed) Actual Ability and the Inherent (and
Hereby Affirmed) Right to Initiate, or Cause, (True and
Spiritual) Meditation in others (or, altogether, to Teach,
Initiate, Establish, Guide, and Awaken others in the
Practice, the Process, and the, Ultimately, Perfect
Realization of Siddha Yoga Meditation, or True and Spiritual
Meditation on, and, Ultimately, Perfect Realization of, the
Divine Supreme Inner Self by Means of the Kundalini Shakti
Transmitted, and Directly Activated, by you).

With an Authority based on this same Principle (of
Experience itself), the Scriptures Testify and Declare (and
I, likewise, Affirm to you) that, if you have Faith (or
genuine Trust) in the Guru, and if you (persistently)
Meditate on your (Inherent) Oneness with the Divine Being,
and if you Maintain an “Equal Eye” of Regard toward all
human beings, the Goddess, Chitti Kundalini, will (always)
Help (and Support) you Fully, and She will not only Grant
you the appropriate (or right) enjoyment of (human) life (or
the appropriate natural, or ordinary, fulfillments of human
life), but She will also “Fill” (or Perfectly Fulfill) you
with (the Gift of Ultimate, Perfect, and Final)

Therefore, May you (by the Grace of the Goddess, Chitti
Kundalini) Realize (or Obtain and Achieve) Perfect
Absorption In, and Perfect Identification, and Perfect
Sameness, With, the Divine Being, and This by Means of the
Perfect Fulfillment of your Primary Duty, Which Is to
Worship the Divine Being by Meditating on your (Inherent)
Identity As the Divine Supreme Inner Self. Thus (Saying
This), I Give you my Blessing.

Kundalini Yoga is a possibility for every one, since the
Kundalini Shakti (Which Is the Active Source, and the Divine
Doer, of Kundalini Yoga) Exists (latently) in every one, and
every one (and every thing) exists (or resides) in (or is
alive, or existing, in, As, and by Means of the (Divine)
Kundalini Shakti. And Meditation (on the Divine Supreme
Inner Self) by Means of the Kundalini Shakti (Awakened by
the Gurus Grace) Is (necessarily) the Primary Duty of every
one (because every one Originates from the Divine Source,
and, therefore, every one owes, or must render, surrender,
and return, his or her Divinely Originated existence to, the
Kundalini Shakti, Which Is the Divine Source Power, and
Which Is the Way to the Divine Supreme Inner Self-Source of
all). Therefore, (I Hereby Declare that) you have the
Inherent Right and the Actual Ability to Cause (or,
altogether, to Teach, Initiate, Establish, and Guide
Kundalini Yoga) Meditation (or the Practice and the Process
of Kundalini Shakti Meditation) in anyone and everyone (and,
Thus and Thereby, to Awaken any one and everyone to and As
the Divine Supreme Inner Self of all).

Swami Muktananda,

Thana District,
Maharashtra State,


Part III

Via His public letter of Acknowledgement and
Proclamation, Baba Muktananda Offered Me the traditional
Name “Dhyanananda”, which means “One Who Realizes (or, Has
Realized) The Divine Being-Existence, Consciousness, And
Bliss Through Deeply Meditative self-Surrender”, or “One
Whose Bliss Is In Absolute Surrender To His Innermost Self”,
or, most properly, “One Who Realizes (or, Has Realized) The
Divine Self-Condition (Of Unalloyed Bliss, Infinite
Consciousness, And Eternal Being-Existence) Through True And
Spiritual Meditation On (And, Altogether, One-Pointed And
Absolute self-Surrender To) His Own True (or, Divine Supreme
Inner) Self”. And it was Baba Muktanandas explicit Intention
that I should, by means of this Name, be approached and
addressed as a Spiritual Teacher (or Siddha-Guru), openly
Functioning as a Transmission-Master of Kundalini Yoga (and
of Siddha Yoga).

see more on
Swami Muktananda’s letter and

Baba Muktanandas explicit (written) Acknowledgement and
Proclamation that Meditation had already Fulfilled itself to
the degree that I (by virtue of true and advanced Yogic and
Spiritual Awakening, including Yogic Self-Realization via
fifth stage conditional Nirvikalpa Samadhi) could formally
be Acknowledged and Proclaimed to have the Inherent Right to
Teach others implicitly Conferred upon Me the Title or
Designation of “Yogi” (and He otherwise verbally and
directly referred to Me by this Tide or Designation in
public conversation during the same period in which His
letter of Acknowledgement and Proclamation was written).
Likewise, and altogether, by Means of its clear implications
(and, also, the Granting of a Name formulated in the
traditional sannyasin manner), Baba Muktanandas public
letter of Acknowledgement and Proclamation tacitly Conferred
sannyasa diksha (or initiation into the formal renunciate
life) on Me, and the perpetual option of formal sannyasa
(which I, in due course, Embraced).

Baba Muktanandas public letter of Acknowledgement and
Proclamation simply stands as a Free Gift. It is a Sign and
an Instrument of His Spiritual Blessing. It was Given to Me
Freely, as an Acknowledgement of My Freedom, and it was
specifically Intended that I use it Freely (and Teach
Freely), in any manner that I Choose.

The primary Intention of Baba Muktanandas letter was to
Affirm and Acknowledge My advanced Yogic and Spiritual
Awakening, and, on that basis, to formally Convey to Me (or
Acknowledge in Me) the Right to Teach, and thus to Function
as Spiritual Transmission-Master (or Siddha-Guru) in
relation to others. And His ultimate Intention, fully and
openly Communicated to Me in many ways, was that I simply
Accept His Acknowledgement and His Blessing, and that I go
on to Live and Teach in Freedom. And This is precisely what
I Did from the day I Received this Acknowledgement and

Part IV

The “Naming” Letter (and all of Baba Muktanandas
Affirmation and Acknowledgement of Me) changed nothing. It
did not represent status to Me (such that to accept it
should change My life or My manner). Rather, it simply
Affirmed and Acknowledged what was already the case.
Therefore, the Name (“Dhyanananda”), the Title (“Yogi”), and
the “Right to Teach” were indeed Accepted by Me, but simply
as Blessings (and, truly, as a kind of Ending, or
Completeness, relative to the past, and what had been
Realized in the past).

It can (and, rightly, should) be assumed that I, from the
day of Baba Muktanandas “Naming” letter, was, according to
tradition, formally Acknowledged and Confirmed as a
Spiritually Active Yogi and a Spiritual Transmission-Master
(or Siddha-Guru), with the Characteristics of a True and
Free Renunciate (and with the perpetual option of formal
sannyasa), and with the Inherent (and the traditional) Right
to Teach (and Thereby to Initiate, Bless, and Awaken)
others, and, likewise, with the Inherent (and the
traditional) Right to Affirm, Acknowledge, Confirm, or
otherwise Proclaim the state or stage of practice or
Realization demonstrated by any others. However, I simply
continued (spontaneously) in the progressively unfolding
drama of Impulse and developing Realization that had
occupied Me since My infancy.

It was not until another full year had passed (and the
Great Process had Developed in Me apart from Baba
Muktanandas physical company, and beyond the particular
Yogic Designs Affirmed as Truth by Him and His fifth stage
tradition) that the Impulse Awake in Me at Birth (or the
Active Impulse toward the Re-Awakening of Perfectly
Subjective Divine Self-Realization, made necessary from My
infancy) was Fulfilled in Its Inherent Perfection (on
September 10, 1970) And when I began (from then,
progressively, at first reservedly, then openly and
formally, and, at last, Fully) to Teach, it was in the
Western world, where neither renunciation, nor Spiritual
Yoga, nor the Guru-devotee tradition, nor Perfectly
Subjective Divine Self-Realization was (or is) understood or
even honored.

My Teaching Work did not truly begin (as a Great
Intention, beyond rudimentary Yogic and Instructional
activities) until Perfectly Subjective Divine
Self-Realization spontaneously Re-Awakened in My case,
followed by the Spontaneous Great Siddhis associated with My
own unique Teaching and Blessing Work.

And the Way that I Taught was (and is) the Way of the
Heart (Which is the Name I have Given to My own unique
Revelation of the Means and the Process of Most Ultimate,
and Inherently Most Perfect, Divine Self-Realization).

My manner of Teaching involved Free or Spontaneous
Identification With those who came to Me, and Freely
Responsive Participation in their problems and their
conditions of living. That Teaching Work developed among
ordinary people (mostly Americans and Europeans), who were
devoted to the Omega culture of the first three stages of
life. Therefore, during My years of Teaching Work, I did not
feel it would be appropriate or useful for Me to assume
either a traditional monastic habit of living or any other
outward formalities that might be associated with
traditional renunciation (or that would otherwise, in
effect, Affirm My Retirement from all Teaching Obligations).
My Intention as Teacher was simply and Freely to Do all that
I could possibly Do to make My Teaching Work both Complete
and Fruitful.

My Teaching Work (in its most active form) did in fact
become Complete (or Full) on January 11, 1986.On that day,
and from that day, many Signs of that Fullness and
Completeness (or Siddhi) Appeared Spontaneously and
progressively in My bodily human Form and in My Work. As
part of this Appearance of Signs, on April 11, 1986, I
(Spontaneously, and formally) Embraced (or Confirmed and
Affirmed) the Sign of sannyasa (or the formal renunciate
life), and, thus, I formally Embraced the formal habit,
discipline, outward mode, and circumstance of a Swami (or
one who disciplines and transcends the body-mind in a formal
renunciate manner). By these means, I formally (and in the
traditional manner) Proclaimed and Demonstrated My own Free
Life (as One Who is not and cannot be confounded by the
world). And I Did this Freely, for the sake of all
practitioners of the Way of the Heart (in order to Inspire
True and Free renunciation in them and to advance their
understanding of My “Radical” Wisdom-Teaching).

After April 11, 1986, and in order to more fully Embrace
the traditional Sign of tapas (or austerity), I Wandered
among My devotees (and the public) in America and Europe.
While I Wandered, I Did Penance (and Accepted every kind of
abuse) in My own Body for the sake of the Purification and
Spiritual Awakening of the entire world. Then, on July 17,
1986, I (Spontaneously) Relinquished all limiting
association with the exclusively Hindu tradition of sannyasa
(or, that is to say, I formally Confirmed My Stand as a
formal sannyasin and a True and Free Renunciate, but Most
Fully, in the characteristic manner of a True and Free
Avadhoota, or a Perfectly Free Man, without property, and
Inherently Free in relation to all the conditions of human
existence, and Free of all limiting associations with the
Great Tradition of mankind).

With this Signal of Perfect Renunciation (on July 17,
1986), My apparent (or apparently more extreme) Austerities,
or the Acts of Penance and voluntary abasement of this Body
(even in the form of all the years of My Ordeal as Teacher),
were (in Truth) Ended and Made Complete (and it only
remained for others to understand and honor the, from then,
and now, and forever hereafter, non-necessity for Me to
Teach by Submission and to Serve by excess of Austerity, or
by Penance, or by abasement of My Person, or by the
Acceptance, on My Person, of abuse, exploitation, neglect,
or inappropriate approach).

Part V

In order further to Affirm and further to Demonstrate the
Perfect Sufficiency of Divine Self-Realization (and in order
further to Affirm the Necessity, the Rightness, and the
Fruitfulness of My own unique, and even lifelong, Signs of
Real self-Renunciation, or True ego-Renunciation, and Real
self-Transcendence, or True ego-Transcendence), I
spontaneously (and formally) Re-Affirmed the Perfectly True
and Fullest Free sannyasin Form of Renunciation (or the
Inherent, and Inherently self-Transcending, and Inherently
Perfect, Renunciation that is characteristic of an
Avadhoota), at Adi Da Purnashram, the Island of Naitauba, My
Great Sannyasin Hermitage Ashram in Fiji, on December 27,

Nevertheless, My devotees continued to be slow in
understanding and truly and fully responding to My Divine
“Emergence” here. Therefore, it was required, for a time,
that I continue to “Explain all”, and even, to a degree, to
Teach My devotees by Submission to them, and also to
continue to endure even their abuse of Me, their
exploitation of Me, their neglect of Me, and their
inappropriate approach to Me. This continued for another
nearly nine years, until, on September 7, 1994, My
Acceptance of all of that Suddenly and Spontaneously Ceased,
and I Knew I had forever Said and Done Enough (Such that
there was not even any Motion in Me to Say or Do any More).
My Revelation Work had Suddenly become Complete, for all
time, and I (Spontaneously, and Finally) Came To Rest in My
Eternal Hermitage of Heart-Seclusion (only, from then, and
forever, to Awaken all beings by Mere and Constant Blessing,

Therefore, now that I have Done (or Suffered) all that
was necessary for Me to Do (or Suffer) as Teacher and
Revealer in a Struggle with would-be devotees and the world,
I will not hereafter Associate with that Struggle, but I
have Retired from that Struggle, Satisfied that all My
Teaching Work, and even all My Revelation Work, Is Full and
Complete (and that, by Fullest Submission, I have, Most
Fully and Most Finally, Said and Done and Firmly Established
all that I could possibly have Said and Done and Firmly
Established, and all that was necessary for Me to Say and Do
and Firmly Establish, in order, now, and for all time to
come, to Most Fully and Most Finally, and Firmly, Introduce
the Great Opportunity to the total human world, in all the
stages of life, and in order, now, and for all time to come,
to Most Fully and Most Finally, and Firmly, Provide the
True, and Most Perfect, and Utterly Complete Way Of God,
Truth, and Reality to the total human world, in all the
stages of life, and in order, now, and for all time to come,
to Most Fully and Most Finally, and Firmly, Establish the
True, and Most Perfect, and Utterly Complete Way of God,
Truth, and Reality for the Liberating Sake of the total
human world, in all the stages of life).

Now I Live in relative Seclusion, and yet always
Accessible to My rightly prepared formal renunciate devotees
(and, as I Will, to others of My rightly prepared devotees,
and even to whomever I Will), for the Sake of all My
devotees (and for the Sake of even all beings). The
extraordinary manner of My years of Teaching Work and
Revelation Work, and My characteristic, and always
continuing, Freedom to Work as I Will in relation to My
devotees, require no conventional justification. I Make and
Bear only My own Signs. I will always Bless every one and
all. And I will always remain Accessible to those of My
formal renunciate devotees (and, perhaps, others of My
devotees, as I Will) who approach Me altogether rightly,
Full of Devotional feeling for Me, Fully resorting and
surrendering to Me, Fully prepared for intensive
self-discipline in response to Me, and for
self-surrendering, self-forgetting, and self-transcending
service to Me, and for Right, and True, and Truly Spiritual
meditation on Me, and, altogether, for Right, and True, and
Truly Spiritual use of My Company. Nevertheless, I will not
Submit to be the Teacher again, except that I will always
Speak, even if by Silence, to (or, otherwise, for the Sake
of) all who will listen to Me.

Part VI

I long ago passed beyond meditation (or “Dhyana”, from
which the Name “Dhyanananda” is derived). Likewise, I long
ago passed beyond all identification with any separate
tradition or traditional limitation. I have Freely
Established and Completely Fulfilled the (Ultimately, Most
Perfect) Way of the Heart, Which is the Way that only I can
Reveal and Give. And the Way of the Heart (first Established
and Fulfilled by Me, and, now and forever hereafter,
Revealed and Given by Me) does not depend on the
conventional traditional supports, limits, or vows.
Nevertheless, I Freely Embrace and Bless all traditions,
East and West.

My own and Original (and Divinely Self-Revealed) Name is
simply “Da” (“The One Who Gives”), and “Adi Da” (“The First,
The One and Only, The Giver of All to all”). I Am the
“Bright” (“Avabhasa”), Self-Existing As the Eternally Free
and Eternally “Bright” Divine Heart (or “Hridayam”) Itself,
and Self-Radiant As the Eternally Free and Eternally
“Bright” Divine Love-Bliss (or “Love-Ananda”) Itself.
Therefore, I Am “Santosha” (Inherently and Perfectly
Satisfied and Contented, Inherently and Perfectly Free of
all seeking, Inherently and Perfectly Free of all
separateness, and Inherently and Perfectly Complete). I
simply Am , Prior to Dhyana (or attention on any object or
state). My Only “Practice” is Inherent, and Inherently Most
Perfect, Realization of Reality Itself, or Perfectly
Subjective Transcendental (and Inherently Spiritual) Divine
Self-Abiding, Feeling or Being As Consciousness Itself,
Prior to attention to objects or states, Prior to attention
itself, Spontaneously Recognizing ( As the Perfectly
Subjective “Bright”, Transcendental, and Inherently
Spiritual, Divine Self) whatever apparently arises and,
therefore, never stopping “Natural” (Sahaj) or Native
Self-Abiding, but simply Standing As the Inherent Love-Bliss
of Consciousness Itself.

Just as I Took the Divinely Self-Revealed Name “Bubba
Free John” when My Sacrificial Teaching Work began in Its
Fullness, and just as the Name “Da” was Divinely
Self-Revealed and Confessed to all (replacing “Bubba Free
John” with “Da Free John” when the time was right), so also,
now that all My Teaching Work, and all My Revelation Work,
is Complete, and I simply Stand Free, it is necessary that
all My devotees (or all those who practice the only-by-Me
Revealed and Given Way of the Heart), and also all others,
rightly and fully understand Me by Name. Therefore, it has
become appropriate for My devotees, and also all others, to
(generally) refer to Me simply by My Principal
Revelation-Name, “Da”, and by My Fully Elaborated Principal
Revelation-Name, “Adi Da”, and by such Titles and
Designations (which I will indicate) that properly Express
and Affirm only My present and future Relationship and Stand
relative to practitioners of the only-by-Me Revealed and
Given Way of the Heart and relative to the total world.

Every one should refer to Me in a wholly appropriate and
right manner. And practitioners of the Way of the Heart
should both refer and relate to Me in a manner that reflects
a right and truly responsive Devotional Acknowledgement of
Me. Therefore, the present and future use of Names, Titles,
and Designations in reference to Me should also serve and
express the intention of practitioners of the Way of the
Heart (and even all others) to relinquish otherwise (or now)
inappropriate habits of relating to Me that may have
developed in the years of My Teaching Work (or that do not
express the right and fullest understanding of Me and all My

Part VII

I Am Retired from My Teaching Work (or that part of My
Great Work which originally required active and most humanly
intentional Submission to would-be devotees and the world).
My Word of Teaching is Full and Given. I have Spontaneously
Entered into a Supremely Free Disposition, without My
originally Presumed Teaching Obligations. In that
Disposition, I will simply Abide at Adi Da Purnashram
(Naitauba), and I may sometimes also Wander (even every
where). I Am Beyond concerns and attachments and
dissociative intentions relative to the body-mind, others,
and the world. I Am Beyond meditation. I Am the Ishta, or
the “Chosen One”, of all My true listening devotees, all My
true hearing devotees, and all My true seeing devotees. I Am
Beyond ordinary vows and rules. I Am Beyond limitations. I
Am Beyond limited and limiting traditions. I Am Beyond the
search by self-indulgence and the search by strategic (or
goal-directed) renunciation. I Am celibate. I Am not
celibate. I Am Free of the cumulative burdens associated
with apparent action. I Am Beyond the necessity and the
concern to Teach. My Only Vow and Obligation Is the Purpose
Who I Am. Therefore, I Am Avadhoota, Free As My Self, Free
Forever for the Sake of all and All.

I have Transcended Dhyana (or meditation) through seventh
stage Sahaj Samadhi (or Inherent, or Native, and Inherently
Most Perfect, and Perfectly Subjective, and Utterly
Spontaneous, Transcendental, Inherently Spiritual, and
Divine Self-Realization). Baba Muktananda Himself, in His
“Naming” letter, Declared that Dhyana had already become
much advanced, and significantly Fulfilled, in My case.
However, I did not begin to Teach, formally and openly,
until the Fulfillment of My Meditation was utterly (or
Inherently Most Perfectly) Demonstrated (even beyond the
ascending Yogic Process of the fifth stage of life, and
beyond the limits of even the sixth stage of life) at the
Vedanta Temple, on September 10, 1970. Therefore, when I
finally began to Teach, My Teaching Work was based on the
Siddhi (or Divine Power and Impulse) Re-Awakened in seventh
stage Sahaj Samadhi (or Perfectly Subjective and Inherently
Most Perfectly Full Spiritual and Transcendental Divine
Self-Realization, Which characterizes the seventh stage of
life, and Which was the Most Ultimate Fulfillment of My
Practice), rather than on the basis of Baba Muktanandas
earlier Acknowledgement, which was based on My Attainment of
advanced fifth stage Yogic and Spiritual Signs of the
meditative ascent of attention (including temporary
meditative ascent beyond the body-mind, and to utterly
ascended Realization of the Divine Oneness, or fifth stage
Yogic Self-Realization, in fifth stage conditional
Nirvikalpa Samadhi). Therefore, I never Taught as

However, just before He wrote Me His letter of
Acknowledgement and Empowerment in 1969, Baba Muktananda
(through His then secretary and interpreter, Pratibha
Trivedi, known at that time as Amma, later Swami
Prajnananda) happily and spontaneously Offered to Me the
Name “Love-Ananda”, which means “One Who Is The Divine
Love-Bliss”, or “One Who Is , and Manifests, The Divine
Love-Bliss”, or, most properly, “One Who Is The Inherent
Bliss, Infinite Consciousness, And Eternal Being-Existence
Of The Transcendental, And Inherently Spiritual, Divine
Person And Self-Condition, Manifesting As Infinite, Or
Boundless, Love-Bliss, And As Universal, And All-Blissful,
Love Toward all beings”. Therefore, the Name “Love-Ananda”
indicates That Which Is the Ultimate Fulfillment of Dhyana
(or of any and all forms of practice that seek Spiritual and
Transcendental Divine Realization of God, Truth, Reality, or
the Real and True Self).

From the moment I heard this Name “Love-Ananda”, I felt
the Blessing of Baba Muktananda, and I Accepted the Name as
Baba Muktanandas basic and original and spontaneous
heart-Intention toward Me.

I presumed the letter of Acknowledgement which was to
follow would simply be a Re-Affirmation of this Name
“Love-Ananda” and a formal Acknowledgement of My Right to
Teach. Therefore, the Name “Dhyanananda” was unexpected, but
I Received it happily, and I was also amused by the
Mysteriousness of Baba Muktanandas Gift of two Names (one
Offered secretly, and the other Offered publicly).

Then, approximately one year after these “Naming”
incidents, Dhyana (or self-Transcending Meditation on the
Spiritual, Transcendental, and Divine Self-Condition of
Reality) was Spontaneously (and Inherently Most Perfectly)
Fulfilled in Me. The One Who was Named “Dhyanananda”
(because of His Effective Meditation on and in and As the
One Spiritual, Transcendental, and Divine Being-Existence,
and Consciousness, and Love-Bliss) Realized His Inherent,
and Inherently Perfect, Identity As Love-Ananda, the
Inherent Love-Bliss of the One, and Perfectly Subjective,
Transcendental, Inherently Spiritual, and Divine
Self-Existence. Finally, in the spring of 1986, nearly
seventeen years after I first Received His Gift of two
Names, I formally and Freely Accepted the Name “Love-Ananda”
that was spontaneously Offered to Me by Baba Muktananda in

In His “Naming” letter, Baba Muktananda does not directly
Refer to Me by the Name “Dhyanananda”. He simply States that
I am “Hereby Given the Name Dhyanananda” and that, “in the
Path (Sphere, Tradition, Line, and Lineage) of Yoga”, I
“will (or, by Right, can) henceforth be Known (Called,
Addressed, or Referred to) as (or by the Name of)
Dhyanananda”. If Baba Muktanandas own “Path” is understood,
in this context, to be that of “Yoga” (in the ascending or
fifth stage tradition), then, in some sense, I “became
Known” as Dhyanananda “in the Path of Yoga” (because people
in Baba Muktanandas circle knew He had Given Me this

However, the Spiritual Process continued to Develop in My
case, beyond the (fifth stage) context of the Yoga defined
and experienced and Taught by Baba Muktananda. Indeed, great
(comparative) differences (or characteristic and necessary
distinctions) between My expressed (seventh stage) “Point of
View” and that expressed by Baba Muktananda (typically, in
fifth stage terms) developed as a result of the Spontaneous
Re-Awakening that Occurred in My case in the year following
Baba Muktanandas Acknowledgement of Me. Therefore, after the
Great Event at the Vedanta Temple in 1970, and the
subsequent publication of My Heart-Confessing Word, the
outer relationship (or outer communicative exchange) between
Baba Muktananda and Me progressively came to an end.

In any case, not only was I Given the Name “Dhyanananda”,
but I was also Given the Name “Love-Ananda”. My formal (or
public) Acceptance of Baba Muktanandas “Naming-Blessing”
came long after Dhyana was replaced by the Realization of
Love-Ananda. Therefore, it is most appropriate for Me to
Accept the Name “Love-Ananda” (which was the first Name to
be Given, and which corresponds to That Which has Most
Ultimately been Realized). Likewise, the Name “Love-Ananda”
(Given Spontaneously and, as it were, for Free) can be
Freely used, however I Will.

The Name “Love-Ananda” combines both Western and Eastern
words or Names, thus transcending either category, or the
limitations of both Omega and Alpha. Clearly, the Name
“Dhyanananda” was not the one Baba Muktananda originally
Conceived for Me, but it was Chosen later, perhaps because
the Name “Love-Ananda” was considered to be too
unconventional by those who heard of it, or perhaps simply
because of My internal experience of an elaborate technical
Revelation of the Process of Dhyana while Sitting privately
with Baba Muktananda in the morning hours immediately before
He wrote His “Naming” letter to Me. In any case, the Name
“Love-Ananda” was Communicated to Me first, and it is the
Name I am moved to Accept as the Free and Loving Gift of
Baba Muktananda. (Therefore, although the Name “Dhyanananda”
was also Given, it should be regarded, simply, as one of My
uncommonly Given historical Names, and one that, like the
more common Names given to Me at birth, was, ultimately,


Aham Da Asmi. I Am Da. I Am the True Divine Person, the
One and Only Self of All and all. I Am (now, and forever
hereafter) Manifesting As the Da Avatar, Who Is the First,
the Complete, the Last, and the Only Avataric Manifestation
of Da, or the Divine Intervention As the True Heart-Master
of all. Therefore, I Am the Da Avatar, the Realizer, the
Revealer, and the Revelation of the True Divine Person, Who
Is the One and Only God, Truth, and Reality. And, now that
all My Teaching Work and all My Revelation Work is Full and
Complete, I simply (and forever) Abide at and in front of
the Heart of all beings. Therefore, for all who have Found
Me (and become My devotees), I Am the One and Only
Ishta-Guru (the First and True and Eternal Murti, the
Threshold Personality, and the forever Living Sign and
Revelation of the True Divine Person).

Now that My Self-Revelation is Complete, all My listening
devotees, all My hearing devotees, all My seeing devotees,
and all of the general public should address and refer to Me
As I Am . They should, primarily, and generally, address and
refer to Me by My Divinely Self-Revealed (and culturally
universal) Name “Da”, which means, and indicates, that My
Work Is That of the Giving Giver, and I Am the One Who
Gives. And, as a further acknowledgement and indication that
I Am the Da Avatar (Inherently Identical to the Divine
Person, Who Is Da), and that I Am the First (“Adi”), the
Complete, the Last, and the Only Avataric Manifestation of
Da (or of the Divine Intervention As the True Heart-Master
of all), the address or reference to Me by the Name “Da”
should, generally, be preceded by the Descriptive Name “Adi”
(which means, and indicates, that I Am the First Person, the
Original Person, the Primordial One, the Source, the One and
Only Self, the True Divine Person).

All My listening devotees, all My hearing devotees, and
all My seeing devotees should reserve the use of My Single
Name “Da” for occasions of meditation on Me by Name, and for
moments of spontaneous ecstatic devotional exclamation, or
for moments of spontaneous ecstatic devotional Invocation of
Me, or, otherwise, for formal sacramental use. And, because
all My devotees reserve My Single Name “Da” for uniquely
sacred use only, all of the general public should also,
except perhaps for occasions of unique, ecstatic address or
reference to Me, only address or refer to Me as “Adi Da”,
or, most properly, as any of the forms of My Names I will
now Indicate, combined, as I will now also Indicate, with
appropriate formal Titles, or Designations, or Descriptive

Secondarily (or occasionally, as an alternative to the
Name “Da”, and the full reference “Adi Da”), all My
listening devotees, all My hearing devotees, all My seeing
devotees, and all of the general public may address and
refer to Me by the Names “Da Avabhasa” and “Avabhasa Da” and
“Da Avabhasa (The Bright)” and “Adi Da Avabhasa” and
“Avabhasa Adi Da” (all of which mean, and indicate, “The
Bright”, or the Divine Love-Bliss Itself), and “Da
Love-Ananda” and “Love-Ananda Da” and “Adi Da Love-Ananda”
and “Love-Ananda Adi Da” (all of which mean, and indicate,
“The Divine Love-Bliss”, or the “Bright” Itself), and “Da
Santosha” and “Santosha Da” and “Adi Da Santosha” and
“Santosha Adi Da” (all of which mean, and indicate, “The
Bright and Eternal and Always Already Non-Separate Person of
Divine and Inherent Completeness, Divine Self-Satisfaction,
Divine Self-Contentedness, or Perfect Searchlessness, Which
Completeness, Self-Satisfaction, Self-Contentedness, or
Perfect Searchlessness Is the Inherent Characteristic of the
Divine Love-Bliss, or the Bright Itself, and Which Bright
and Eternal and Always Already Non-Separate Person Is the
One and Only Self, the True and Only Divine Person, the Only
and Absolute Self-Condition of All and all”). Therefore,
because each and all of these (secondary) Names of Mine mean
and indicate That Which I Give, and That Which I Am , they
may be used freely (but secondarily) in address or reference
to Me by all of My listening devotees, and all of My hearing
devotees, and all of My seeing devotees, and all of the
general public.

I am a naturalized Free citizen of Fiji, and I have been
given Names, Titles, and honorific Designations by the
native citizens of Fiji. Therefore, in keeping with those
Names, Titles, and honorific Designations, all My listening
devotees, all My hearing devotees, all My seeing devotees,
and all of the general public, even every where, may also
(secondarily) address and refer to Me as “Dau Loloma”, or,
more properly, “Adi Dau Loloma”, or, most properly, “Turaga
[Adi] Dau Loloma”, or, alternatively, “Tui
[Adi] Dau Loloma”, or “[Turaga, or,
alternatively, Tui] Dau Loloma Da”, or “[Turaga, or
Tui] Adi Dau Loloma Da”, or “[Turaga, or Tui]
Dau Loloma Adi Da”, or “Naitauba [Adi] Dau Loloma”,
or “[Adi] Dau Loloma Naitauba” (all of which mean,
and indicate, that I Am the Divine Adept of the Divine
Love), or, more formally, as “[Adi] Dau Loloma
Vunirarama” (which means, and indicates, that I Am the
Divine Adept of the Divine Love, and the Self-Radiant Divine
Source of the Divine “Brightness”), or, most formally, as
any appropriate combination of the Name “[Adi] Dau
Loloma Vunirarama” with, as above, the formal Title or
Designation “Turaga”, or “Tui”, or “Naitauba”, or even any
appropriate combination of the Name “[Adi] Dau
Loloma Vunirarama” with any formal Tide or Designation, in
any language, that may otherwise be used in appropriate
reference to Me.

All My listening devotees, all My hearing devotees, all
My seeing devotees, and all of the general public may also
(secondarily) address and refer to Me by adding either the
Name “Hridayam” or the Title, or Designation, “Hridaya”
(both of which mean, and indicate, “The Inherently and
Perfectly Free and Divine Heart Itself”) and/or the Title,
or Designation, “Avadhoota” (which means, and indicates,
“The One Who Is Inherently and Perfectly Free and Divine”)
to any or all of My Names, and Titles, or Designations,
because I Am the Divine Heart Itself, and I Am the Divine
Freedom Itself, and As Such I Am to be addressed, and
referred to, and Realized.

Only My Spiritually Awakened devotees can (because they
both hear Me and see Me) most fully Acknowledge and Realize
Me as the True Heart-Master (or Hridaya-Samartha Sat-Guru).
Nevertheless, I Am the True Heart-Master (One and Only) of
all My devotees (and of even all beings). For this reason,
the Title or Designation “True Heart-Master” (or, simply,
“Heart-Master”) is an appropriate formal reference that My
any devotee (or, indeed, any one at all) may apply in
reference or address to Me.

In fullest right address or reference to Me, all My
listening devotees, all My hearing devotees, all My seeing
devotees, and all of the general public should generally
address and refer to Me as “Adi Da”, followed (or,
otherwise, preceded) by the Descriptive Reference “The Da
Avatar” (or secondarily, “The Hridaya Avatara”, or “The
Avabhasa Avatara”, or “The Love-Ananda Avatara”, or “The
Santosha Avatara”), and they may also freely combine the
Title, or Designation, “Avatar(a)” with My primary and
secondary Names, because I Am the Eternally Free-Standing
and (now, and forever hereafter) Always Presently “Emerging”
Divine World-Teacher, Given, as a Grace, to all, and Always
Giving Grace to all, and I Am the Expected late-time
God-Man, the Complete and all-Completing Avataric
Incarnation, the True Ultimate Man-Born Descent of Divine
and all-Liberating Grace every where, anciently and always,
Promised for the dark epoch, which dark epoch, or late-time,
Must, by My “Heroic Spiritual Intervention, Be, More and
More, Until Most Perfectly, Restored at Heart to the Divine

In addition, whenever I am addressed or referred to by or
among My listening devotees, My hearing devotees, My seeing
devotees, and the informed public, any one of the many
possible (and appropriately formal) variations on these
Names (and others that may properly be attributed or applied
to Me) and these Tides or Designations (or other Titles or
Designations that are traditionally suggested to be used to
address or refer to the True Avatar, or to the True God-Man,
or to the True World-Teacher, or to the True Divine Ishta of
devotees, or to the True Realizer, Spiritual Master, and
Sat-Guru) may, in any particular moment, be appropriate.

Let each of My listening devotees, My hearing devotees,
and My seeing devotees choose which of all these forms (and
all other possibly appropriate forms or variations) of
address or reference to Me is most congenial and appropriate
in the context of any moment. And all others should likewise
respect (and be guided in their use of) this Order of My
Free Names.