Hole in the Universe and Humanity

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Scientific Proof of the Existence of God 
Will Soon Be Announced by the White House!

Prophetic Wisdom about the Myths and Idols of mass culture and popular religious cultism, the new priesthood of scientific and political materialism, and the secrets of Enlightenment hidden in the body of Man.

By Da Free John.

Only edition: 10/80.

The Transcendental Vision


The Hole in the Universe Is in the Heart of Man

Adi Da Samraj


The mind does not exist in space.

The mind exists only in time.

The body does not exist in time.

The body exists only in space.

The body-mind exists only as a temporary and dependent pattern.

If “I” try to find some Great Consolation “I” am confounded and disheartened.

All experience is self-limited.

All my parts are always changing, disappearing.

Every part of the whole is temporary, threatened.

There is no Immortal in me.

“I” can find no hope in the Realm of Nature.

“I” find no consolation however deep or high “I” look.

“I” am only changes changing.

What hope is there in all my experiencing and repeating?

When “I” is understood there is only Happiness.

There is a Great Hole in the Realm of Nature.

It stands in the heart of the body-mind, at the root of the awareness that is “I.”

This Hole must be found by intuitive insight.

When (and if)

Then fear, sorrw, and anger leave the body-mind


Humor and Love is restored.

So be it.


The Hole in the Universe Is in the Heart of Man

Adi Da Samraj

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