Consciousness is Senior to Kundalini Shakti

“Consciousness Itself Is Natively Senior to The Kundalini
Shakti” From He-and-She Is Me”

Adi Da Samraj


Part Four: An Essay and Four Talks from the Samraj

Consciousness Itself Is Natively Senior to The Kundalini

Many (or even most) fifth stage (or fourth-to-fifth
stage) Spiritual Masters (and Spiritual practitioners)
assign the Kundalini Shakti (or the All-Pervading Divine
Spirit-Current-also called “Prakriti”, or the Universal
Cosmic Energy) to a dominant and senior (or “Mother”)
position in the scheme of Reality and in the process of
Real-God-Realization (or Reality-Realization)-and, as a
result, Consciousness (also called the “Purusha”) is
relegated to a subordinate and junior (or “child”) position
in that scheme and that process. Therefore, even though
there are fifth stage (or fourth-to-fifth stage) Spiritual
Masters who mention the heart center in the right side of
the chest, they describe (and, otherwise, perceive) it only
as the seat of separate individual “soul”-existence (and,
thus, more or less as a kind of chakra, or psychic center),
from which attention (or even Consciousness Itself) must (as
a kind of “child” of the “Mother”) be raised up (by the
ascent of the Kundalini Shakti, to fifth stage conditional
Nirvikalpa Samadhi).

Truly, the heart center on the right side is not (or
cannot be) properly understood until practice begins in the
context of the sixth stage of life, wherein Consciousness
(at first as the “Witness”, and then As Itself) is firmly
assumed as the dominant and senior Principle of the scheme
of Reality (and as the Ultimate Principle of Reality Itself,
and of Reality-Realization Itself). Then it becomes (or can
become) clear that the heart center on the right (and not
the brain) is the final psycho-physical locus that leads to
(or is directly transcended in) Perfect (and, Most
Ultimately, Divine, or Inherently Most Perfect)

Indeed, it is only when Consciousness Itself assumes Its
natively senior (or “Husband”) position in relation to the
Divine Spirit-Current (and Its modifications) that the
Shakti Itself (and all Its apparent modifications) can be
Divinely Self-Recognized (in the context of the only-by-Me
Revealed and Given seventh stage of life) as “Self”, or the
Inherent (or Native) Radiance (rather than “Mother” or
“Consort” or “Wife”) of Consciousness Itself. Therefore, in
the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of Adidam (even early
on, in the developmental context of the fourth and the fifth
stages of life), the “conscious process” (of
self-observation, self-understanding, and ego-transcending
Communion-and, Ultimately, Identification-with Me, the Very
Person of Conscious Being Itself) is always senior to the
secondary (or supportive) process of Spiritual
“conductivity” (or all attention to, or control and release
of attention by, the movements and the modifications of My
Avatarically Self-Transmitted Divine Spirit-Current).

It should be remembered (or observed and understood) that
fifth stage practice (as well as “advanced” fourth stage
practice) is based on continued egoic identification with
the body-mind (and especially the mind). Only such
identification results in the traditional attachment to (and
over-estimation of the importance of) the fourth-to-fifth
stage process of mental (or psychic) ascent. When egoic
identification with the mind (or the total body-mind) is
replaced by sixth stage Native Identification with
Consciousness Itself, there is no longer any deluded
attachment to the mental (or psychic) or psycho-physical
(and Yogic) limitations (and objects) of the fourth and the
fifth stages of life-and all seeking (even in the context of
each and all of the first five stages of life) is released
in the Heart That Is Consciousness Itself. (And, in the Way
of Adidam, Which I have Revealed and Demonstrated and Given
for the sake of all who will become My devotees, that
release is, by Means of My Avatarically Self-Transmitted
Divine Grace, developed to the degree that the egoic
limitation inherently associated with the sixth stage of
life is also, and Inherently Most Perfectly, transcended in
the Great Awakening That Is the transition to the only-by-Me
Revealed and Given seventh stage of life).