Siddhas – The Manifest Expressions of Divine Work


“True Siddhas, are the manifest expressions of the Divine work, the Divine process, and this work is going on endlessly. It’s coincident with the other work of creation or reflection itself. It’s coexistent with it always. It’s not a once-and-for-all process, there’s not just one Siddha, one event of the Divine work. It’s continuous activity, and all beings actually serve this activity, it’s just that there are periodically and randomly the appearance of Siddha has who assist the affair in a particular way.” The Cosmos – Adi Da Samraj, 1973 (The Life of Understanding, Week 1)

“So all the wise have said this. There is the Infinite, the Unborn, the Radiant, the Untouched, the Undying, the Divine, the Truth. All these different words—Nirvana, and on and on, the One Self. All kinds of language has been used to point to what is beyond psycho-physical existence, and therefore beyond the suffering of conditional existence. This communication has been made by all the wise. And a serious examination of things, done by anyone — they can become thus wise, given right help.”

Adi Da Samraj – Torque of Attention, 1996




“That is why it is said there are so many masters. They are always available. They can always intervene. They can always be called upon.” Why Are There So Many Masters?


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“How does one introduce a great adept (maha-siddha), a living Buddha, and his compassionate, prophetic teaching? In the following essay I have given my own answer to this question. I have tried to keep myself open to, and to faithfully represent, the teaching of Master Da Free John (Adi Da Samraj), while at the same time endeavoring to remain sensitive to the naturally skeptical posture which, I suspect, most readers will maintain while perusing this volume (of Nivanasara).”

Georg Feuerstein, From Scholarship to Understanding Introduction to Nirvanasara

Go, and come no more. . . . come not at all, never, never!” Pontius Pilate concludes his speech to Jesus by sentencing Jesus to burning at the stake after his interrogation. The Grand Inquisitor, The Brothers Karamazov Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky 1879

You must be insane to make such a claim We will have you examined and certified before a court of law by God! Beezone

I AM GOD. Ana al-Haqq, I am the Truth, proclaimed Mansur Hallaj, the Persian mystic. (Mansur Hallaj fell a martyr to his faith—a faith that embraces nothing more than the one living truth animating the hearts of mystics in all ages and in all parts of the world.)

“There is nothing wrapped in my turban but God,” – “There is nothing in my cloak but God.” These utterances led to a long trial, and his subsequent imprisonment for 11 years in a Baghdad prison. He was publicly crucified on March 26, 922.

? Let’s set the record straight once and for all, so you won’t be confused. Adi Da’s Confession that He is God


“Realization by the Blessing-Grace of a Realizer is the great secret of the Great Tradition of humankind. That is the ancient secret tradition. It has always been so.” Adi Da Samraj – The Ancient Reality Teachings

“A Transcendental Adept or true Spiritual Master is a Transparent Reminder of the Living One, a Guide to Ecstatic Remembrance of the One in Whom all conditions arise and change and pass away. Such an Adept is not to be made into the Idol of a Cult, as if God were exclusively contained in the objective person and subjective beliefs of a particular sect. Rather, right relationship to an Adept Spiritual Master takes the form of free ecstatic surrender to the Living Divine based on recognition of the Living One in the Revelation of Freedom, Happiness, Love, Wisdom, Help, and Radiant Power that Shines in the Company of the Adept. Right relationship to a true Spiritual Master is the most fundamental basis of the universal process that is true religion, and there is no basis for “religious differences” at the level of actual practice and Realization.”

Idols – Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be Announced by the White House! – Adi Da Samraj

“The only sense in which you must understand my ecstatic speech to you. It is not about me. It is the realization that comes with “me-transcendence,” self-transcendence. If people look at me and say “You are God” but really do not have any feeling for God otherwise, then they are falsely aligned to me and they make an idol out of me. They have not realized that I speak ecstatically, that I realize God through self-transcendence and that that Realization is the same Realization all may enjoy. There is a usefulness that I may serve in your life of God-Communion, but it is not at all the same as your making an idol out of me and basing your happiness on some sort of consoling objectification of me as Divine.” Good Company – Vision Mound Magazine 1980

“Our eternal and prior Nature and Condition is known to be the Divine. Bubba teaches the same Truth indicated by the great spiritual and religious teachers of history, such as Jesus, Gautama, Krishna, and, more recently, Ramana Maharshi, Shirdi Sai Baba, Ramakrishna, and Bhagavan Nityananda. Bubba represents the fulfillment of the work of the transcendent line of “Siddhas,” the completed ones who have served mankind in Truth. He represents the radical, complete, and most specific living expression of the Nature and Condition of God, man, and the world, and of the graceful Divine Process, wherein that Nature and Condition is always already enjoyed as one’s own. Bubba has said of himself: “The Form of the Lord is manifested fully in me.” For those who have come to him, his Teaching is simple: “I am the Heart. Always live with me. Always meditate on me.”

Preface – Garbage and The Goddess

“People (have) religious ideas of their childhood….I describe it as the feeling you may have……when you are alone (in a room) there is somebody else in the room (with you). This notion is the antithesis of the (my) point of view….. Although I am speaking about God all the time, I am actually making a different proposition, or speaking from a point of view that is different from the conventonal religious one. Perhaps, by contrast, it could be said that this point of view is summarized in the notion that no matter how many people are in the room there is still only One Person there!” Parential Diety and the One to Be Realized – Feb 7, 1983

“Guru as God is not the human individual, ego, magnifying itself dramatically to itself and thinking it is God exclusively over everyone else. That sort of confession of divinity is insanity.”

Life of Understanding, Week 11 (unpublished)

“God has zero influence, as you well know! God is simply the eternal or absolute Condition. In itself, the Divine has no influence, no effect upon these karmic lives. They are going on according to their own laws. It is only when the agency of the Divine appears in the levels of manifestation that it can take responsibility for the transformation of these lives, these destinies.

So you must understand that the Guru is not of the kind that at death returns to the soup. The Guru is a specific agent and he continues to have functions in the gross plane, in the subtle plane, in the causal plane, in all the transcendent planes. The Guru reaches down through all these dimensions and appears as an effect, an influence, in all places, independent of his gross consciousness.”

You Are Not That Either


“God manifests as the Guru for specific purposes, to form a specific function. And each Guru, true Guru is a manifestation of the Divine function appearing in a particular way and a particular time and place. And God is not Exclusively identified with that function, so that he can only be recognized in the form forever, or that particular Guru is the only Guru who ever lived, or the best who ever lived and all that sort of nonsense. The Divine is continually operating, and the Guru is a peculiar form of his operation.”

Whenever a rare individual has truly Realized the Transcendental Self-Condition, that Realization has never been the result of any conditional effort. Rather, true Realization is always the spontaneous Self-Evidence of Non-conditional, Tacit Self-Apprehension of the Intrinsic Self-Condition of Reality—and, as such, true Realization is always the specific Evidence of the Non-conditional Grace of Reality Itself (generally, Self-Transmitted by the Non-conditional Spiritual Blessing-Regard of an Adept-Sage).

THE ANCIENT REALITY-TEACHINGS – The Single Transcendental Truth Taught by the Great Sages of Buddhism and Adventist—ADI DA SAMRAJ



THE COSMOS – Section 2(see below for full talk)

by Franklin Jones – Adi Da Samraj – 1973

But the form of the Siddha that we are specifically concerned with and that can become apparent to us and to this human condition is the human Siddha, and the particular work of the human Siddhas is, first of all, after taking birth, to transform the psycho-physical entity, or function, in which they are manifest. So you usually see in the lifetime of such a One, a period of time of very difficult struggle, because they must transform or evolve the psycho-physical life that they are animating in a very brief period of time; they must do in a very short time what all other beings by tendency would take eons to do. So the apparent life of such an individual is usually very dramatic, very intense. The sadhana of such individuals is very intense, usually under difficult circumstances, or very often is, at any rate.

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“The Divine is just as fitted to this world as the human Guru….Present and functional. The Guru is a bit of business, a movement, serviceable. He can’t be denied. He presses the Divine Siddhi in upon the world. The Divine itself from the point of view of humanity is relatively passive, except thru agency, in the case of the human Guru. He is just like another guy except he has been wiped out …he’s not some great human being….He pressed himself upon the world, upon individuals…He upsets people, not on purpose but because is is ‘exposing’ the game of Narcissus. He is Light. He/She is light water falling in, falling down upon this human drama called life.” adapted – Why is the Guru Necessary


“The Event of Truth is not in itself made as a consequence of the Spiritual Master’s act of drawing the Light down in the form of his own life-force and then arbitrarily giving the experience of his life to others. …Therefore, the fundamental dimension of this Power of the Divine Master is not Force, but mere Presence. Every form of Force is secondary, and, ultimately, a conditional expression. The Heart is perfect, direct, and there is no Force that may be identified with it. In the midst of the fundamentally silent and moveless communication of the Heart, the Divine Power in Ignorance, this Intuition or radical Understanding of our real Nature, Condition, and Life-Process may be Realized…..It is not a matter of any experience whatsoever….. That radically intuitive Realization has no qualities of which we can speak. There is nothing to be recommended about it that would make sense to anybody who is not already drawn to it.” Breath and Name pp. 21-22


“…(the Guru) is not communicating matters of fact, or information, or images, or impressions. He is always working that process of dissolution. That is the fundamental force of all of his activity, so you can’t rely on the Guru for any kind of significant and fixed information. The Guru is a source of a process, and that is entirely what he is. All other communications are secondary, and they will lead you by tendency to make assumptions in limitation, to assume the point of view of perception and cognition which arises in the mood of the ego. But the process in which the Guru involves you in the meantime is destroying the separate self sense and destroying the viewpoint of conventional cognition and perception”. Garbage and the Goddess


“It is also true that the world is the Avatar, the totality of human beings is the Avatar. It is humanity as a whole that is the Avatar in human form, not some specific human individual. No apparent or exclusive manifestation is in itself the Avatar. Only the whole is the Divine manifestation without exclusion. Therefore, the Guru is not the Avatar in that exclusive sense. Mankind is the Avatar. I am his Heart. When the Avatar realizes his true Nature and Condition, when he realizes me, he will cease to be hidden. He and this Community of which I speak will become one and the same at last. Then his sadhana is fulfilled, and he will manifest his Beauty in the world for the sake of all beings. Only then will he live freely and do his Divine work”. Garbage and the Goddess




The primary force and “root” of all the esoteric traditions of humankind are the Adept-Realizers, those who actually Realize (to one or another degree) the Spiritual and Transcendental Nature of Reality. Adept Realizers (in their various degrees and kinds of Realization) appear in all times and places, and they become associated with the complex social and cultural structures existing in their immediate environment.

Throughout their lifetimes, both before and after their Realization, such Adepts move into the existing culture and associate with its influences. Thus, while the teaching of any Adept is, of course, an expression of his or her actual Realization, the Adept’s words also reflect and comment upon all kinds of cultural complexities and ideals. Where Adept-Realizers appear, they transform the existing culture, eliminating some aspects of traditional “religious” and Spiritual life and emphasizing others. The Spiritually Realized Adept is a motion in the midst of the stream of conventions. of the Adept-Realizers. Apart from the Adepts, there is no tradition of Truth.


In all “religious” and Spiritual traditions, a great deal is made of some key individual. There is no great Spiritual tradition that is without a person at the center of the process. How that person is interpreted through the cultural and intellectual lore of each tradition varies, but such an individual always exists. In other words, the Truth is not separable from a special human function that is perceived in the form of the Adept-Realizer, or Spiritual Master (or Guru).


The Adept-Realizer, or Spiritual Master, has many functions-to exemplify the Way, to argue the Way, to Bless devotees, and (thus) to interfere with the usual attitude and disposition of devotees, and to Transmit Spiritual Influence tangibly to devotees so that they will then, having understood themselves, be capable of Spiritual growth. The function of the Spiritually Realized Adept, therefore, does not come to an end with the arising of any particular result. The Adept-Realizer (or Guru) is the continuous and unending resource and resort of his or her devotees.


One who Functions as Adept Spiritual Master (or as a Realizer-Guru) exercises the Guru-Function only in relation to those who are his or her devotees. If the Adept addresses public society at all, he or she may also (in the public setting) assume the role of prophet – which is, essentially, an aggravation, a criticism, an undermining of the usual life.


Adept-Realizers of one or another degree of Spiritual development spontaneously Transmit That Which they have Realized. That Which they have Realized Transmits Itself – subtly as well as in the gross physical dimension – by what they do, by what they are, by what they feel. Thus, accordingly, Adept-Realizers Transmit their degree of Realization. Such Transmission is inevitable, and Such Transmission is an absolute Law. This is why, traditionally, it is said that the best thing anyone can do, among all the things everyone must do – and you must do many things – the best among them, the chief among them, is to spend time in the Company of an Adept-Realizer, or Spiritual Master.

Everything transmits. The stones transmit, the sky transmits, the TV transmits. Since everything and everyone transmits states of existence – since life, or existence itself, is participation in transmissions of all kinds – the best thing you can do is to associate with the greatest possible Transmission. Since everything is transmission, spend time in the Company of the One Who spontaneously Transmits That Which Is Inherently Perfect and Ultimate.

This is the Great Rule, the Great Law, the Ultimate Principle of the Great Tradition of humankind.


Devotional allegiance to the Adept-Realizer, or Spiritual Master, is the greatest function of existence and the single advantage not only of human beings but of all beings. The devotional relationship to the Spiritual Master is participation in a unique function that appears in the realm of cosmic (or conditional) Nature.

Only the ego will deny the Spiritual Master. The ego wants to “do it” himself or herself. Do what exactly? Be himself or herself – separately and untouched. Since you become what you meditate on, you should meditate on, or Commune with, the Absolute – which, in the bodily (human) form of the Spiritual Master, is your greatest advantage.


No thought or figure or any perception arising in the mind is, in and of itself, Real (Acausal) God. No thing, no body, no moment or place is, in and of itself, Real (Acausal) God. Rather, every moment, place, thing, body, or state of mind inheres in the Divine Reality and Truth That Is Real (Acausal) God. Thus, all conditions become Reminders that draw the devotee into Divine Communion.

The Spiritual Master is a Transparent Reminder of the Divine Reality, a Guide to the ecstatic Realization of the One Reality in Which all conditions arise and change and pass away. The Spiritual Master is not to be made into the merely “objectified” idol of a cult, as if the Divine Being were exclusively contained in the “objective” person and “subjective” beliefs of a particular sect. Rather, right relationship to the Spiritual Master takes the form of free devotional response to the Spiritual Master’s Radiant State.




“My meditation is absolute. It is what is being reflected to you in these ridiculous conversations. Nor is my existence particular. I am manifested in particular but the confession I make to you is of a condition that is not particular. It is the Avatar,2 in this moment. There could be Avatars all over the yard, you know! I do not know who they are. The Avatar is simply God present, God present and speaking through an ordinary manifestation”. The Way That I Teach


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Chapter 4 – The Bhagavad Gita – Verse 7-9

Whenever there is a decline of Dharma (Righteousness) and a predominance of Adhama (Unrighteousness), O Arjuna, then I manifest Myself. I appear from time to time for protecting the good, for transforming the wicked, and for establishing world order (Dharm). (4.07-08) The one who truly understands My transcendental appearance and activities (of creation, maintenance, and dissolution), attains My supreme abode and is not born again after leaving this body, O Arjun. (4.09) Many have become free from attachment, fear, anger, and attained salvation (Mukti) by taking refuge in Me, becoming fully absorbed in My thoughts, and becoming purified by the fire of Self-knowledge. (4.10)


“So perfect realization, perfect spiritual death manifests as Guru, Self and God. These three transcendent qualities. And these three are the three forms of realization. These three are the three forms of spiritual experience. This “I” is not the limited “I” and it’s a paradoxical “I”. It’s not a limited self. It’s the speech or the word of the divine. It’s not the point of view of some human individual making great claims. It is the spontaneous speech of that form itself”. The Life of Understanding – Week 11


“It is not necessary to be living always near a guru….. as so many seem to think. What is really necessary is to meet him on this physical plane once only, even if it be just for five minutes. After that can be received (in other ways)…this is because the real guru is not the body…”
Paul Brunton’s Notebooks, Chapter 6: Student-Teacher


“There are three kinds of instructors for people in spiritual work. The first we would call a spiritual friend. We enjoy spending time with the person, and in some way we feel this companionship adds something to our life.

The second is what we normally think of as a teacher or instructor. Within the context of our association with a particular spiritual person, we become interested in his (or her) philosophical perspective, the “teaching” he gives. We begin to cultivate an intellectual rapport, and we have a certain appetite to absorb the ideas, attitudes, and cultural context that such a person exists in.

In the third and highest level of relationship, a guru/disciple relationship, there is more than a meeting of the minds, there is a meeting of the hearts and souls, a co-penetration of the energy of two beings. In that co-penetration (or union) one spirit emerges.

At this level of relationship, we are beyond our mind. We are beyond our self. The individual that we were doesn’t really function any more. Even though that person still exists, it is a whole different heart, a whole different spirit, that functions.

We don’t become the other person. The guru/student relationship does not exist for you to become me, or me to become anybody else. It exists in order to reveal that the master that exists within the teacher is the same master that exists as the essence of the student – and not only that, but as the essence of Life Itself”.

These three levels – spiritual friend, instructor, guru – exist at the same time, one within the other; one thing emerges and blooms and blossoms into another. We begin to understand that it is not the physical presence of a teacher, and not his mind or his personality, but the living, creative essence of that teacher, which is the fundamental event we want to learn about and merge into. Doing so liberates us”.

Five Keys to Mastery (1987) by SWAMI CHETANANANDA American meditation master and abbot of Nityananda Institute


“The modern era is unique in that the old religious cults are gradually giving way to the new religion of political and scientific materialism. Everywhere we see moral and cultural decay, warfare, exploitation of environments and creatures, and the sufferings of an unenlightened humanity. The man or woman who is sensitive to our absurd commitment to chaos and suffering may well begin to question the usual round of our existence.

Adepts appear to reestablish the Way of Truth among human beings. The “method” of these World-Teachers is to draw living beings directly into the context of Realization. Here we must distinguish the ultimate Teaching or Realization from the Teachings based on the traditional solutions to the “problem.” A true Siddha is One who comes out of the God-World, not just one who emerges from some extraordinary state into a human birth with various powers or capabilities.

The true Siddha is One who lives in the God-Condition while alive in the manifest worlds. He is not extraordinary. He is simply living the appropriate form of life or the natural state. He appears extraordinary only over against those who are living from the point of view of karma, limitation, ignorance. But his assumption is that there is only Truth already, that there is only God already, that there are no world and no change of state to be sought as if they are the Truth. In this instant, whatever the apparent condition, Truth is the Condition, God is the Condition.

One who moves into relationship with such a Siddha has come face to face with Real-God and the God-Light. The Siddha, the Heaven-Born One, manifests the heaven Condition to his devotee. Thus, the devotee of such a Siddha lives the heaven Condition while alive, whatever condition he may apparently be living. The Siddha brings the heaven Condition into the world and lives it and makes it entirely available to those who will turn to Him, or Her. Such a One does not create the heaven appearance. In other words, he does not perform magic and make this world seem like the God-World.

This world remains what it is, whatever is its appropriate, lawful appearance. Perhaps he expands the range of some of its faculties, but essentially it remains what it is, what it latently is. It is just that the God-Condition becomes also the condition of the world in which the Siddha is appearing. This is the purpose of such Siddhas, to appear in the conditional worlds and live the real Condition there for those who turn to them”. The Cosmos


“…the Guru is an agent of the Divine work, not because he has all kinds of heroic accomplishments in his psyche, but because he has become nothing. All the assumptions you want to make about the Guru, because of your present and chronic state of conscious awareness, are fundamentally false.”

The Crazy Horse – Garbage and the Goddess


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