Righting Wrong Views


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The following is an exchange that is no longer possible. Why? Because the Guru is no longer present to address wrong views.
Read the following exchange to see what can no longer happen.


At that time, Mahamati the Bodhisattva-Mahasattva who was previously requested by Ravana [to ask the Buddha concerning his self-realisation], feeling pity on him, and knowing the minds and thoughts of the assembly of the Bodhisattvas, and observing that beings to be born in the future would be confused in their minds because of their delight in the verbal teaching (desanapatha), because of their clinging to the letter as [fully in accordance with] the spirit (artha), because of their clinging to the disciplinary powers of the Sravakas, Pratyekabuddhas, and philosophers, which might lead them to think how it were that the Tathagatas, the Blessed Ones, even in their transcendental state of consciousness should burst out into loudest laughter.

Mahamati the Bodhisattva asked the Buddha in order to put a stop to their inquisitiveness the following question:

“For what reason, for what cause did this laughter take place?” Said the Blessed One:

“Well done, well done, Mahamati! Well done, indeed, for once more, Mahamati! Viewing the world as it is in itself and wishing to enlighten the people in the world who are fallen into a wrong view of things in the past, present, and future, thou undertakest to ask me the question.

Thus should it be with the wise men and women who want to ask questions for both themselves and others.

Ravana, Lord of Lanka, O Mahamati, asked a twofold question of the Tathagatas of the past who are Arhats and perfect Buddhas; and he wishes now to ask me too a twofold question in order to have its distinction, attainment, and scope ascertained – this is what is never tasted by those who practise the meditation of the Sravakas, Pratyekabuddhas, and philosophers; and the same will be asked by the question-loving ten-headed one of the Buddhas to come.”Lankavatra Sutra


“Beloved I’m in communion with you”….”How do you know?”


DEVOTEE: You once told us that if we wake up in the morning with fear and anger, then we should eat them for breakfast.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Right. Realization is not the absence of such things. Realization is heroism, Divine Power, beatitude, in the context of such things, perhaps, that is all.

The only thing Real, the only Happiness, is right Where you Stand. The outer games go through all kinds of changes – if we can use the word “outer”, because Reality is not a matter of outer or inner. It is Where you Stand, and Where you Stand is Prior to inner or outer, Prior to inside and outside, because it is not based on identifying with the body and looking within or identifying with the mind or the body and looking without.

Reality is not a gesture. It is the Prior Condition, Prior to self-contraction. The practice is the assertion of that Realization, the expression of it in a manly form, male or female, with great integrity, great strength. You must demonstrate the Way and not permit yourself to fail at the demonstration. You must do tapas. You must do whatever it takes. It is a very difficult, very creative, and profound matter. Nothing consoling is worthy of distraction from that obligation.

What about you two one’s, then? [addressing two people who earlier had confessed to practicing at practicing stage one]

How does your sense of life and your experience differ from what we have been discussing? On its own terms what is it? You say you have not heard. The insight that is the fundamental basis of the practice, and that is true of the others here by their confession, is, by your confession, not true of you.

What is different in your case altogether? What is the basis of your daily life? What is the context of your existence? I guess it is not hearing. I guess it is the body-mind itself.

DEVOTEE: Well, I feel it is self-transcendence every day.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: In that case you would have heard me. Your point of view must therefore be conditional. It must be the body-mind itself, the contraction itself. If you have not heard me, you have not understood that yet. You are being the point of view, not the Realization. You are just the body-mind.

DEVOTEE: I am not just the body-mind.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: You are just me.

DEVOTEE: I am not just that.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: What else are you? What other principle can you resort to?

DEVOTEE: Well, I am also in Communion with you.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: How do you know?

DEVOTEE: Because I feel it.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: On what basis?

DEVOTEE: Well, in terms of receiving your Spirit-Baptism.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Anybody can get some energy off me. What is your point of view?

DEVOTEE: I don’t feel that I am just my body-mind.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Are you sure?

DEVOTEE: Yes. You showed me in my relationship to You that that is not all I am about.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: What else is it?

DEVOTEE: It seems that when I identify with just that, that is what I become.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: When who identifies with it?

DEVOTEE: When I am contracted, that is what I identify with.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Who is the “I” that contracts? It is the body-mind, isn’t it? Because whether you choose to contract or not, you are still just being the body-mind, not something prior to it. Someone who has not heard is not anything else than the contraction itself going through its changes, with no superior position for real, just living the drama of the ego. You may be listening to another consideration, but what are you being? Do you truly have a resort other than the body-mind, or are you just being that and listening and considering and watching and observing?

DEVOTEE: I feel that I have a resort to something greater.



ADI DA SAMRAJ (amused): No, really.


ADI DA SAMRAJ: Why do you not do it, then? Why have you not heard, then? You do not have any resort if you have not understood.

DEVOTEE: That is the process that must be evidenced in me.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: That is what I am saying, but you are saying no. It seems to me also that you are tending to be a little befuddled by consideration itself. You as a personality tend to animate a non-intellectual quality, as if you are confused by ideas. As you know by just a couple of confessions we heard here tonight, the process of insight is not necessarily associated with mental discipline or an intense conceptual process. I think we only heard two confessions, and neither Frans nor Greg described such intellectual consideration.

You tend to reflect the sense that the process must be some comprehension of ideas. You think that to listen you must bear down on an incredible mass and variety of intellections, thoughts, mental input. When you take that position, you get more confused. You have almost no facility with ideas at all!
Does this mean you cannot hear, you cannot understand? No, it does not mean that. But if you think that understanding is about going through a sort of graduate-level thought process, then you are barred from it forever. Not that there are no ideas to consider, but nonetheless, to reduce sadhana or listening to an intellectual process is to burden yourself with an ideal you are never going to accomplish. You are never going to understand me on that level! And you do not have to, either! You are not going to come to understanding that way. Neither are you going to pick up The Basket Of Tolerance and read all the books from cover to cover.

You are already playing a game. You are already the befuddled non-intellectual who assumes that to get to this understanding you must go through an intellectual process, and you are constantly being frustrated by the fact that you do not have the facility for it. Your energies are moving differently. No – the process of hearing in your case will have to occur otherwise, somehow differently. It will require your complete participation – a little thinking, a few ideas, yes, but your complete participation must be greater. It will naturally have a unique emphasis based on your own character.


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“It’s not enough to know something about “Samraj Asana” in Yogic terms as I have Given it to you. You have to do it for real, responsively – and then you have to do it profoundly, consistently. Over time, for real, altogether, such that the cup gets full.

It’s not enough for it just to be a cup – it must be Filled. Realizing all that’s Realized in the in-Filling and Pervading, including being beyond this cup. Realizing that by demonstration is the real Process. It’s not a technique. It is a relationship. This relationship is the Way of Adidam.” The Overnight Revelation of of Conscious Light, Adi Da Samraj, 1998.