The Essential Matter


“I hate to tell you this, but when you really get down to the core of the Teaching you begin to realize that you are not going to be given any answers at all. There are no answers contained at any level in this process. But there is a certain influence that will destroy your questioning. I certainly hope you can make contact with it. As a matter of fact, I am it.”

Adi Da Samraj

“There is no ultimate answer, no perfect analysis, description, or experience. Truth is in the transcendence of the question itself. The ultimate or spiritual process is not a matter of the exploitation of mind or body – but it is a matter of the intuitive and self-transcending understanding of the active body-mind. The body-mind-self is itself, inherently, a dilemma. It is in the form of a question, an illusory or futile motion toward rest or release. There is no exploitation of this problem-based motion that ever becomes rest from it. It is this observation or insight that is the foundation of true understanding.”

Losing the Thread – Adi Da Samraj – 1981


(If there is a question then,) “the real question is the state you are in. And the real answer is not in the form of a verbal response to verbally expressed dilemmas, or even apparently actual life-dilemmas. The real answer is the transcending of your self-contracted state.

You will continue to seek (by all possible means) to be free of the dilemma as you perceive it, until the forms of your seeking all of which are reactions to the root-condition (or dilemma) that is your suffering-cease to occupy you. When you come to the point where the force of your life is no longer fully captured by your search, when you know that your search is failing, that your search does not produce salvation, when you fall from ordinary fascination into a crisis, a form of despair, of doubt – then, at that point, you have become deeply available”
No One Survives Beyone That Moment

Are You in My Room?

A Discourse Given by Sri Da Avabhasa (Adi Da Samraj) on February 4, 1993


SRI DA AVABAASA: Which room are you in tonight? Are you in My Room or your room?

DEVOTEE: The confession of all Your devotees is that we are willing to surrender our rooms so that we can be in Your Room.

SRI DA AVABHASA: Surrendering your room is one thing. Being in the Room Where I Am is another. Most of you do not know what room you are in. You are imagining yourself, to be in a construct of existence made by your own contraction. You have never comprehended or experienced the space you are actually living in. You have only been living in that rather hallucinated enclosure made by your own egoic act and its consequences.

When there is no contraction, then What there is obvious. When the self contraction is arising, you are unaware of What is, or of Where you are. Thus, your questions to Me propose an answer. They are already a structure of expectation. It is possible for questions to be wrong, all wrong, in some fundamental sense, just as the answers that follow questions can be wrong in some fundamental sense. Every question designs a particular kind of answer, constructs an answer, proposes an answer, for its satisfaction. You puzzle until you acquire the answer and relieve yourself of the question, and then you ask another. And all the while that you are asking, seeking, you are presuming yourself to exist in un-Reality, or a version of existence that, although perceptually like what others claim to be the space where they are, is not real, not true, not Divine.

The presumption of separateness creates a comprehension of perception that is untrue. As long as, that contraction exists, you do not perceive the Space you are in. You go on and on asking and answering – seeking – and all the while struggling within this construct of your own making, until there is Most Perfect Understanding and Realization of What is always already the case.

I think then, that you are not in the same Room that I am in. Maybe you are in this apparent, perceived building here, as I am, in some sense but we are not in the same Space, the same Reality. If you ask Me a question, therefore, I am not going to address you through your question because you are already proposing an answer and I do not think the answer will necessarily change anything fundamentally for you. My “Consideration” with you is not merely My relating to your questions and coming up with the answer that you are already proposing. My “Consideration” with you is My way of breaking through the limitation that is your question, or your proposal, this limit in you.

Real “consideration” is about just such undoing of egoic limitation. What you may otherwise call “consideration” is just a social diversion. Real “consideration”‘ is a kind of play. It is a paradox, the undoing of the game of your own proposition. Therefore, in real “consideration” with you I am not merely straightforward. My “Consideration” with you is ‘Crazy”, artful theater of breaking through the presumption that is your own illusion.

The “consideration” has to begin somewhere tonight, so I guess your questions are as good a place to begin as any. We could just as well begin with the answers! It is all the same.

DEVOTEE: My Lord, this is especially clarifying about our, questions. They do not release the separate being but just keep confirming it.

SRI DA AVABHASA: The questioner basically wants to be consoled. The question wants an answer. But the expected answer is not Realization. You have been asking questions all year long. You have even received all kinds of answers. But your questioning has not become Realization yet.

Mark Twain once said that he knew a man who knew more than any other man he had ever met. The problem was that most of what he knew was not true! You are in that same position in your questioning. Your question is the expression of the self-contraction. The answer is not exactly what you require. Nor am I here to address your apparent, question. I am here to Address you. The question simply provides the circumstance. That being the case, what are the, questions? [to the man who has been speaking] Go on:

DEVOTEE: In our conversations and “considerations” – with You, my Lord, the final so-called answer to all the questions that we ask is surrender to You.

SRI DA AVABHASA: And you cannot altogether do that surrender, either. You, must be Attracted beyond your own knot. So, do you have a question, or is someone else going to ask Me?

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“…and that intelligence has no answers. It has no questions. That State without answers and without questions is the True State. From that State, the “creation” of marvels begins.”
The Method of Siddhas

“The Mystery of our existence is not a problem to be solved. The search for an Answer implies that the Mystery of existence is a Question. And when individuals become bound to the presumption that the Mystery of existence is a Problem or a Question, their lives become a search for Solutions or Answers in the form of experience or knowledge. But the motive of all seeking is release from the felt dilemma that is the ultimate Problem or Question itself. And all experience and knowledge are nothing more than continuous meditation on the fundamental Problem or Question that constantly remotivates the search.

The only ultimate release from the presumed Problem or Question of existence is Realized in the transcendence of that presumption itself. The presumption of the Problem or Question of existence is a reactive contraction and conception of the body-mind. It is a reaction of the psycho physical self to the Mystery of its own existence and the Mysterious existence of thoughts, knowledge, perception, experience, and the various objects or relations encountered by the body-mind.”

The Transcendence of Attention


If there is an answer is comes in the form of:


Satsang with Me is the answer. Satsang with Me is the process and Condition wherein the dilemma is undone. No spoken or written word, but (rather) the very relationship to Me, the Living True Divine Heart, is the Real answer. The answer is not in the form of an ego-serving method, a strategic technique, or a conceptual system that addresses your particular notions of human existence. The answer is the Self-Evident Manifestation of Truth, and that answer undermines that very structure in your conscious awareness that supports your entire search.”