Adi Da Samraj – The First Thing You Should Do



Adi Da Samraj:

The thing that makes you unhappy is your own contraction.
That’s it, absolutely! Have I always said this? (audience

That is it. That is it entirely but it is a terrible
effort, a terrible joint that separates you from God. You
MUST hear this because it separates you entirely from
everything given and mankind has never been denied this
force, this grace. Human beings are attached to this effort
as reflected throughout their body minds. The first thing
you must do is understand my argument.

You are devoted to this effort of Narcissus, this
reaction, this vital shaft which shuts you down so that you
cannot experience something greater.

So the first incidence or spiritual act is to hear the
argument of the Adept. But to hear it you must observe
yourself through the word communicated by the Adept to the
point of understanding this contraction. You must observe
it. You must see it. You must observe it to the point of
seeing. It’s not happening to you. It’s just like moving
your mouth, blinking your eyeballs like the movements of
your intestines to a rhythm that you have become habituated
to. It’s really very simple but you must observe it. You
must understand this thing.

So this is the first office of spiritual life. The second
office, having heard this teaching, is to become responsible
for this effort. This contraction that is your self and
every aspect of your body mind is to receive my blessing
which is always given, always given. Give in your attention
at any given moment and you will receive this grace. It is
always pouring through this body mind which is no longer a
person you see.

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